TANW Chapter 58

Chapter 58 – Distinguishing Between the Real and Fake Bells

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Topic: What Does Everyone Think About the Case of the Real and Fake Bells Last Night?
Poster: Scout
Content: There’s too many suspicious details about Bell, they’re both sticking to their side of events, so who’s telling the truth? Who’s lying? Welcoming avid discussion.
1L: In my opinion, the Bell in the past 6 months has been different from the past, but exactly how she’s different, I also can’t describe it, since I didn’t interact much with the both of them.
2L: Half a year ago Bell said that she was in a car accident and lost her memories, now she again says that she was in another car accident and her account was stolen. I feel this is strange, even if account stealing is very common, but how can there be so many people who got amnesia after a car accident? Am I the only one who thinks that this is such a rotten excuse?
3L: I don’t know if you guys have discovered this, Bell was originally a holy light archetype, but when she appeared again she suddenly became a druid type, is this considered a clue?
4L: Replying to above, you’re not even allowing other people to reset their skill tree? I’ve reset my skill tree so many times myself.
5L: According to what Bell said last night I went to investigate, I did find information about the account being sold on 3715 [Image]
6L: The image uploaded by above is very convincing.
7L: Everyone, don’t you all feel that the key point of this incident is no longer whether which Bell is real or fake, but it’s about Night Wolf’s public declaration last night? I think that’s the most dramatic thing of the whole situation, am I the only one?



Gnawing on the carrot with nothing to do, LingYang wanted to go online. However, after trying to log in, the system alerted him that his password was incorrect.
He thought he had entered it wrongly, so he retyped it, but it was still an error.

He carefully recalled the new password he changed to last night, then checked his caps lock button, entering it for the third time, the screen still showed a message saying that his password was incorrect.
“Fuck!” He scolded, could it be that Brother Hacker had stolen his account again, this time changing his password as well. What an outrage, no, he had to go to the community and complain about him!

“You’re online,” YeLang spoke from the bed.
“What?” LingYang was shocked, he quickly jumped onto the bed, leaning onto YeLang’s back and looked at his screen.
Now that Bell was no longer Night Wolf’s wife, she was listed in Night Wolf’s friend list, her name was lit up.
“Pm him and scold him, what’s going on, why is he stealing my account again!” LingYang was furious.
However, before YeLang could whisper him, that account whispered him instead.

[Whisper] Bell: Husband, it’s me.
[Whisper] Bell: I’m back.

YeLang exchanged glances with LingYang at close range, then LingYang sourly repeated, “Hus… Band…”
“If you have time to get jealous, why don’t you think of ways to save your account? The property is still under your name now.”
“Ah!” That reminded LingYang, there were all sorts of rare items and materials in the storeroom, they were worth at least tens of thousands of gold, if they were all stolen it would be a tragedy.

He quickly returned to his computer, logged into LuoMing Shadow and searched for Upright Gentleman, luckily he was online.
LingYang told him the situation, Brother Hacker was a frank person, he immediately assured him that he could handle it, asking him to wait and see. LingYang then relaxed a little, seemed like knowing a hacker came with some benefits.
But he was not completely relaxed, why did Bell come back suddenly, did something happen after that night when she bumped into YeLang?

“Look at global.” YeLang suddenly said.
LingYang switched over to the global chat, Bell was making an announcement there.

[Global] Bell: My account was stolen in June this year, I’ve only got it back now, the person who has been online is not me.

The following messages expressed the audience’s shock.
“What, has Bell even been online the past few months?”
“My friend is from Passionate Sword, I’ve never heard him mention that there was a change of owner for Bell’s account. The person above don’t try and include yourself in the conversation, your news is outdated already.”
“But then again, in the past Bell had always been pretty low profile, most of us only know her as Passionate Sword’s MT’s wife. However in the past few months it’s been different, there has been so much gossip about her.”
“The last time she said that her account was stolen, now her account was stolen again? She thinks everyone’s an idiot? Could she have scammed money again and is looking for a scapegoat?”

[Global] Bell: After my account was stolen, the thief sold it on 3715, everyone can check July’s cache, there’s information about the sale of this account.

“Faint, she makes it sound so real, I’m already starting to believe her.”
“Does that mean that someone else has been using this account all these while? Even if other people didn’t know, how is it that Night Wolf wouldn’t know? When Bell returned it was even Night Wolf who came out to guarantee for her.”
“That’s right, how could he not know if his wife changed? It’s impossible, it’s too ridiculous.

[Global] Bell: The person who bought the account clearly wanted to borrow my identity to cheat my husband. It’s because my husband found out about it that’s why he divorced him. But later the fake Bell then married someone else with ‘Love is Stronger than Gold’, he is definitely thinking of cheating that person’s money!

Hearing this, the global chat started speculating, some of them believed it, some of them did not. There were also people there just to watch the drama, and finally someone questioned.
“You said your account was stolen, why did it take so long for you to get it back?”
“Yes, yes, why?”

[Global] Bell: Because I got amnesia after a car accident!

LingYang finally could not take it anymore.

[Global] LuoMingShadow:
Rotten excuse!
[Global] Bell: It’s not up to you to decide if the excuse is rotten! People can decide for themselves!
[Global] LuoMingShadow:
Then how did you suddenly remember?
[Global] Bell:
My friend told me about it!
[Global] LuoMingShadow:
Why did your friend only tell you half a year later?
[Global] Bell:
That’s because I was participating in the 20XX Annual HuShuai Cup World College Students’ Judo Tournament China Division Girls’ Judo 48kg Weight Class competition!
[Global] UncleHe:
What the fuck! That is true!

LingYang’s hands froze, he suddenly jumped up a few seconds later, and rummaged through his room.
“What are you looking for?” YeLang asked.
LingYang did not have time to reply him, he finally pulled out a book from under a pile on his table, then jumped onto his bed. YeLang saw the title of the book, it was <A Person Should Be Honest>.

LingYang shook the book, a few pieces of paper fell out.
“What are these?” YeLang picked up one of them to take a look.
“Little Antelope’s Notes Series,” LingYang placed the notes according, reading them one by one, then lifting his head and staring at YeLang in shock, “Oh god, I’ve created a person out of thin air!”

YeLang looked at his notebook, Bell was actually calling out to him on global.

[Global] Bell: Husband, I know you’re here, please come out and say something. I believe you won’t abandon me based on our previous marital relationship.

Others also started calling out for YeLang to say something.

[Global] NightWolf: Sorry.

The chat quietened down, everyone in anticipation for what the male lead would say.

[Global] NightWolf: The person I like now is your husband.

Cross-legged, LingYang sat in front of the notebook, his body rocking in laughter, pleased as punch. Next to him, YeLang watched him coldly, “Is it fun confessing to yourself?”
LingYang clasped his hands around YeLang’s neck, “My husband won’t confess to me, so I could only do it myself. How, did it sound like you?”
“Not at all, I’m not as stupid as you.”
“Wuwuwu, Husband can’t you just praise me? I’m an alien who will die without praises~~”
“You’re an alien who would die without a beating.” YeLang attacked him without any mercy.

Brother Hacker was very efficient, before Bell could react to Night Wolf’s confession she went offline. LingYang returned to LuoMing Shadow’s account to take a look, Upright Gentleman had sent him the good news, not only had he taken the account back, but he had secretly messed with that person’s computer. It was unlikely that this person would be able to use his computer for this period of time.
LingYang hurriedly changed his password for the third time. However, but when he recalled that this account had originally belonged to Bell, and with her ID card and email she could get the account back anytime, his satisfaction deflated.

He climbed back onto the bed, disheartened, feebly rubbing at his own husband’s thigh asking for consolation. YeLang hesitated, “After that day, I saw Bell again.”
This was the first time LingYang had heard of this, he immediately straightened up, “When?”
“The next day after the gathering, when we went to buy a new phone.”
“Ah, Husband, why didn’t you tell me, you must be keeping a secret from me,” LingYang’s mouth pouted as though he was about to cry.

“She gave me her mobile number.”
“You even exchanged numbers?!”
“It was one-sided, but I’ve never called her before.”
“Wuwuwu, that means there’s still a possibility of calling her.”
YeLang shook his head, “Although that day she also told me that she had lost her memories in a car accident, but the feeling today is very different from the other day.” He pointed at the screen, “I think things are not as simple as we think it is, there must be something under this.”

YanShan’s A Milk Tea Shop today welcomed a customer, he ordered one of every drink available in the shop, placing them in a row in front of him, he tasted them one by one.
When someone else entered and saw this, that person really did not want to acknowledge him.
“MuRong?” That person forced himself to go over, sitting across him.
“Sakka? Glad to see you, you want some tea?” MuRong pointed at the cups in front of him. “This one, this one, and this one, these are the ones I prefer.”
“No thanks,” WeiShi did not want to embarrass himself like him. “If you have anything to say, just say it.”

MuRong knew that he was a very direct person, and so did not continue his small talk. He passed a piece of A4 paper over to him.
WeiShi only needed a minute to look through it, “What do you want?”
“Sakka can even unravel the spiderweb to get the location of Azure Buckle, to investigate this person shouldn’t be difficult for you.”
“You previously said that you wanted to help Night Wolf settle his accounts with the gang of three, what is this now, you’re starting to side LingYang?”
MuRong laughed, “I did say that before, but I only wanted to teach the three of them a little lesson only. I’ve heard about it, you were the one who instigated that Bai fellow to look for our MT right? If you only did it out of revenge, then you’ve achieved your goal. You were there that night as well, you also saw how Little Antelope suffered because of you. Now that the two of them are finally together, out comes a gold-digger. You’re also classmates with Little Antelope who see each other everyday. Treat it like you’re helping him out of goodwill.”

WeiShi snorted, “Can I understand why you this overprotective parent have already accepted LingYang under your wings?”
“Of course, after all, he’s also part of Passionate Sword.” MuRong gestured.
“I can help you, but it’s not because of you, and not because to help LingYang,” WeiShi stood up, ready to leave. “Don’t forget, I’m now also an official member of Passionate Sword, you’ll also need to protect me, Guild Leader MuRong.”
When he left, MuRong then shook his head and laughed, “This fellow is really not cute at all.” He then lifted another cup and sipped, “This type of taste isn’t bad too.”

With the finals approaching, all sorts of activities in the game was put on hold. However, in real life it was approaching the end of the year, there were many festivals, the most important of them being Christmas.
There was a tradition in the college town, on the night of every Christmas Eve, everyone would gather in the central plaza and participate in a sport that was good for both their minds and bodies —— Hitting people.
This time every year, all sorts of blow up toys would be available for sale —— Do not misunderstand, they were not blow up dolls, but blow up hammers, blow up batons, blow up maces etc.

LingYang would definitely not miss this kind of bustling group event. At that moment he had a blow up baseball bat in his hand, running into the crowd, no matter whether it was someone he knew or not, he swung at everyone. Very quickly, the crowd counterattacked, some of them ganging up against him.
XuXian was just behind him, he was holding on to a blow up hammer. Originally he wanted to help his friend out, but seeing that there were too many enemies, he realised that his side was too weak, and decided to change sides, joining everyone in hitting the antelope.

LingYang’s two hooves were nothing compared to the crowd’s claws, he was finally defeated. He covered his head and fled, returning to YeLang. The crowd saw that he had ran off, and so no longer chased after him, dispersing to look for other targets.
XuXian also returned, when LingYang recalled how he added insult to his injuries, he started attacking him. XuXian hurriedly countered him, the two of them running and hitting each other. Following them was YeLang and BaiLong, the four of them reached a secluded area, XuXian suggested a truce, as LingYang had the same idea, he immediately agreed.

Without anything to do, LingYang suggested that everyone recite a joke to liven up the atmosphere. XuXian and BaiLong immediately agreed, while LingYang just wanted to see YeLang do it, as he really did not look like a person who would recite any jokes.
As expected, YeLang frowned. “I don’t know any.”
XuXian quickly reminded him, “You know one, that one with 5 words.”
“A joke with 5 words?” LingYang was curious.
“Oh,” YeLang also recalled it. “That’s because it’s easy to remember.”
“Tell us tell us,” LingYang swung YeLang’s hand.
YeLang spoke seriously: “Painful? Yes. Forget it? Don’t.”

A cold wind blew past, the three of them could not help but shiver.
After listening to YeLang, LingYang then remembered he had heard this joke before. However, the effect of the joke then was completely different from this one.
BaiLong solemnly spoke, “Let’s just not recite any jokes.” The other two hurriedly agreed.

BaiLong suddenly remembered something, whispering into XuXian’s ear. XuXian’s expression got a little shy, the two of them excused themselves to go buy water and escaped, leaving LingYang and YeLang alone.
Looking down, LingYang immediately noticed the square-toed Harley Davidson boots on YeLang’s feet. They were pure black, with grey laces, two attractive leather straps crossing at the ankles, with metal studs along the sides, silver buckles on the straps, the tips of the boots curved sexily, with small shiny metal tabs on the top of the boots. LingYang really wanted to know what was written on those tabs.
LingYang was a person who would get excited by boots, now that these pair of boots were on the feet of the person he liked, this allure made it very difficult for LingYang to control himself, even his breathing became a little rapid.

“Where did they go, why haven’t they return after so long?” YeLang asked after awhile.
“Don’t bother about them, for all you know, they might be having an outdoor tryst.” LingYang replied absently, his attention had long drifted away.
 “Outdoor tryst?” YeLang doubted LingYang’s speculations.
LingYang actually wanted to suggest that they do that too, but someone suddenly clapped heavily on his shoulder. He looked back, it was a youth with an arrogant face.

“Brother Little Antelope!” The other person tilted his chin up at him.
LingYang considered him, then finally remembered who this was, “Why are you here? Didn’t you go overseas?”
This person in front of him was no other than the original owner of LuoMing Shadow, QiFeng’s little brother, QiYing.

“We’re on a Christmas break, then it’ll be the winter break, it’s a total of three months off school,” He announced gleefully.
“Hai,” LingYang shook his head regretfully. “Clearly  there’s not many future prospects for these foreign flowers, having so many breaks during the best time of their youths.”
Facing this sarcasm QiYing countered, “I heard Brother Little Antelope had used my account and became the third party of your own relationship? How impressive! I’m full of admiration for you!”
LingYang was gloomy, why did QiFeng even tell this kind of things to little children, also, would this unmentionable history follow him forever?

Two people came over, they were QiFeng and T.Rex.
QiYing saw the two of them, calling out happily, “Sister-in-law!”
“Sister your head,” T.Rex gave him a knock on his head mercilessly. “I’m your brother-in-law.”
No one knew how QiFeng had explained LingYang’s and YeLang’s relationship to T.Rex, but this time when T.Rex saw LingYang, he no longer had such an ugly expression on his face.
Instead, it was LingYang who was very friendly towards T.Rex, even taking the initiative to greet him. T.Rex only gave him a simple acknowledgment.

An idea occurred to LingYang, “T.Rex, I want to go to the sports school to play in a few days time, can you bring me around?”
“Why do I have to bring you around!” T.Rex was somewhat unwilling.
“Ah, because I want to observe the training of the judo majors, but I don’t know where the judo training site is. Tell you the truth, I’m actually a fan of girls’ judo!”
T.Rex’s expression immediately improved, joyful yet trying to conceal it, only after awhile he replied awkwardly, “Ok ok, it seems like I have no choice but to do so.”

“Brother MuRong!” QiYing called out again. LingYang looked up, the person heading towards them had his hands in his pocket and his feet shuffling across the ground, who else could it be but MuRong.
“How lively, why are you here?” Unhappiness could be detected in LingYang’s voice. He had wanted to be alone with YeLang, but gooseberries were appearing around them as though they were free.
“I’m here to look for our MT,” MuRong tilted his chin towards YeLang. “Have you called the person you’re supposed to call?”
YeLang who had been silent this entire time nodded, “Called already.”
LingYang asked him curiously, “Who did you call?”
There was no need for YeLang to reply, LingYang saw the answer walking towards him, it turned out to be Bell who had tossed YeLang over her shoulder that day!

“What’s up with this situation?” LingYang was shocked that YeLang would actually call Bell to come, and that MuRong was the one who asked him to do so.
“A situation where the truth would be brought into the light.” MuRong smiled mysteriously.
Bell walked over, as a judo practitioner, out of habit she bowed to everyone.
LingYang got scared, if they really ended up fighting, he really could not be considered a rival for this girl who belonged to the 48kg weight class.

Bell lifted her head, speaking solemnly to YeLang, “My friend told me, it turns out you’re really my husband, we’ve been in an online relationship for the past six months, why didn’t you tell me this the last time?”
“Hey,” LingYang was unhappy, “You can’t randomly call people your husband, and don’t use the excuse of losing your memory in a car accident to deceive people, I’ve used this excuse before.”
“I really lost my memories,” Bell turned towards LingYang, her eyes shining with sincerity, “Although my friend told me about this, but I still cannot fully remember who he is.”
She turned back,  “But I’m willing to work hard to remember our past, can you give me this opportunity?”

LingYang was about to go crazy, this girl is so outspoken, I’m still here, is she treating me like air?
But she was really the original person, when LingYang remembered YeLang’s tendency for nostalgia, he felt that his future was uncertain.

“Sorry,” As LingYang was filling his own head with nonsense, YeLang spoke. “I feel sorry about your situation, but I’ve already expressed my thoughts in the game already, my apologies.”
In the game already? LingYang thought about it, wait, but that was what I sent using Brother Lang’s account!
Bell’s face was uncertain, “In the game?” She shook her head, “I’ve never gone onto any games.”
“Ah?” This time LingYang was startled, that person posting those messages that day wasn’t her?

At this moment a few other guys appeared around them, seeing Bell they all surrounded her. Everyone referred to her as their wife, asking why she disappeared suddenly, and even nearly started fighting with each other.
Bell was in the center of the crowd, she was perplexed, her face terrified. “What are you guys doing? I don’t know any of you!”
“I’m afraid the wife you’re looking for is this one,” Only then did LingYang realised MuRong had left somewhere and came back, in his hand was somebody’s collar, it belonged to that wretched-looking guy they saw that day.

MuRong pushed the wretched-looking guy into the crowd. “This guy is a repeat offender, previously he had already been doxxed once and taught a lesson. He has always been using the identity of his girlfriend,” MuRong looked at Bell, “Which is you, and scammed money by being a ladyboy in the game. However, he did not lie to you about being your boyfriend.”
“At first, you didn’t know that he was using you to do things like that. After knowing about it, you got into a dispute with him, and then got into a car accident.” MuRong shrugged, “Sorry to have disappointed you, but life can occasionally be so predictable, with such rotten cliches everywhere.”
The wretched-looking guy lowered his head obsequiously, when those guys who were pestering Bell heard the truth, they all surrounded him to settle their accounts with him. Gloating, LingYang looked at YeLang, “Aren’t you going to protect your ex-wife?”
YeLang snorted.

Bell’s face was also full of disappointment, but she still bowed again to YeLang and LingYang. “I’m really sorry, my actions have troubled you.”
“It’s fine, it’s fine,” LingYang hurriedly waved his hand. “You’re also a victim, we can understand.”
YeLang suddenly interrupted, “But there’s still something I don’t understand.”
Everyone turned their attention to YeLang.
“The first time we met, you clearly pointed to me as though you recognised me, why did you do that?”

Bell shook her head, “The person I was pointing at wasn’t you.”
“Not me?”
She nodded, then again pointed her finger at YeLang, “The person I recognised then wasn’t you.” She moved her finger, pointing next to YeLang, “It was him.”
“Me?” LingYang was shocked. “How could you have recognised me, didn’t you lose your memories?”
“I knew you after the car accident, no, I should say that I’ve met you, but you left a very deep impression on me. I’ve only met you once, but I remember it.”

LingYang rubbed at his head, “Why can’t I seem to remember where I’ve met you?”
“YanShan Hospital’s brain department and orthopaedics department are together. That morning I went to get an x-ray, you were there too. There were many people in the waiting room, but why I remembered you was because someone called you and gave you a scolding then.”
LingYang’s face changed.
Bell’s finger gradually moved again, finally landing on QiFeng. “He was the one who picked up the phone call.”
LingYang and QiFeng exchanged glances.

T.Rex suddenly shouted, giving everyone a fright. He also pointed at LingYang, “I remember now, no wonder I always felt that you look very familiar, you’re Little Antelope, you’re…”
QiFeng hooked his arm around T.Rex’s neck, his mouth blocked by QiFeng’s hand.
“We’re leaving.” QiFeng dragged him away, T.Rex struggling, “Wuwuwuwuwuwu…”
QiYing laughed and followed them, then turning around to wave at LingYang, “Too bad I won’t see you in the coming year, Brother Little Antelope, fighting!”

The boisterous crowd disappeared in an instant, finally leaving only LingYang and YeLang behind.
LingYang cautiously looked at YeLang, who was staring at him.
“Your hand…”
“My hand…” LingYang hesitated.
YeLang shook his head, “If you don’t want to talk about it, then don’t. There’s no need to look for an excuse. Just talk to me when you finally want to tell the truth, I won’t force you.”
LingYang watched him, then nodded solemnly.

“But…” From LingYang’s face, YeLang knew he was up to no good.
“But what?”
“If Bell was really the one in an online relationship with you, and lost her memories in a car accident, who would you choose?”
“What do you think?” YeLang cocked his eyebrow.
“Of course you’ll still choose me,” LingYang spoke craftily.

“Where are you getting your confidence from?”
LingYang laughed deviously, “I know you too well, you definitely won’t be able to be with a girl who can easily toss you over her shoulder, right?”
LingYang guessed correctly, YeLang snatched the blow up bat from his hand and knocked it against his hand, “Less nonsense, let’s head back.”
LingYang darted around behind him, “I guessed correctly, didn’t I? Didn’t I? Didn’t I?”
“Shut up!”

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YeLang: I cannot accept girls who can easily toss me over their shoulders. Same goes for guys.

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