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Chapter 31 – Autumn Days, Falling In Love at Second Sight

Sender: Antelope (Little Antelope Has Fallen In Love On Second Glance)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Little Antelope’s Spring Has Returned
Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

Lalalalala, life is so beautiful ~\(≧▽≦)/~


Sender: Hana (Flower@Urgently Looking For Monk To Deal With Demon)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: Little Antelope’s Spring Has Returned
Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

What, again???!!!
Begging for an eminent monk to deal with this demon!


Ling Yang was not sure exactly what the other party knew, and so he could only pretend. “My hand… Why do you ask?”
Xiao Xian said your finger was broken.”
Ling Yang looked down, sighing in relief. Luckily, he had not exposed himself, but why would Flower mention this to Ye Lang?
Also if he mentioned this, who knew what else he had mentioned? What if he said something that was not supposed to be mentioned…
No, he would definitely have to copy some notes from Flower when he went back.
“Oh, that. It was healed long ago. It was only a small injury, and strictly speaking, it also can’t be considered broken. It’s just a fracture.”
“A fracture can also be considered a type of break.”
“Uh, really, it’s not that serious.”
Xiao Xian said you injured it while ice-skating?”
This ice-skating word flashed across Ling Yang’s mind. He then realised something.
Night Wolf had also asked Bell this exact same question. He was definitely suspicious of me!
But why would he be suspicious? Was it because of Little Antelope and Ling Yang?
For the first time ever, Ling Yang felt that he had made a mistake using this name online.
“Yes, I fell while ice-skating, and ended up fracturing my finger against the ice.”
“Why would you choose to do such a dangerous sport?”
“Is it dangerous? It should be fine, it was only an accident. What’s more, ice-skating is a compulsory module in our school.”
“Then you have to be more careful in the future.”
Ling Yang nodded. “Of course.”
“Why did you run away just now?”
“I…” Ling Yang had already forgot about it. With Ye Lang’s reminder, he now again thought about it.
As expected, he came. Was he here to look for me? I don’t know if I was seen by him just now. If I was, Qi Feng should help block him, right? As teammates, that person is still more reliable.
The reason why he did not want to attend today’s meet-and-greet was to avoid these two people. If not for Night Wolf’s words, he would also not have come here despite the risk, and now he nearly got caught.
But luckily, with the help of others, he had managed to avoid the danger. He really had to thank his two benefactors later. 
Ye Lang watched him fall into contemplation again with no warning, and he could not help but ask, “Are you alright?”
“Eh?” Ling Yang became alert. “Ah, sorry, I was distracted again, right?”
He saw that Ye Lang was about to prod some more, so Ling Yang hurriedly changed the topic.
“Right, Flower said that you’re the MT of Passionate Sword?” During a first meeting of two players, this should be the most common topic.
“How impressive!”
“It’s nothing.”
“I admire MTs the most! As one person protecting the whole team, it’s so awe-inspiring!” What a joke, having spent so much time with Night Wolf, of course he would know what the other person liked to hear the most.
“Ok.” Ye Lang’s reply was very controlled. He was definitely the type to be cold on the outside, but full of passion on the inside.
“Ah, I think it’s really tough to play a warrior. They have to withstand so many attacks! It’s especially so in the case of the MT. Following behind the MT really gives me the greatest sense of security!” This opinion was really held by Ling Yang’s and all other healers. Every time they saw the shield carried by the person in front of them while in a dungeon, they would feel very safe.
“You’re a shadow knight, shouldn’t you be behind the boss? Why are you behind the MT?”
“Uhh…” Ling Yang thought quickly, cursing his current identity. “My control isn’t too good, so after a few turns I’ll faint.”
“Then you’ll have to practice more. Most of the skills of the shadow knight should be used behind the boss.”
“…… Yes, I will!”
“How long have you been playing this game?” Since this path was blocked, he would change to another one.
“About half a year.”
“You’re at the max level?” Eh? This seemed obvious.
“… Of course.” The corner of Ye Lang’s mouth twitched.
“Are you married? Ah, I’m referring to within the game.” Ling Yang had changed the topic very naturally, alright?!
The other guy’s steps paused, then continued on as though nothing happened, “I’m married.”
“Ah, so what’s the name of your wife?”
“It sounds pretty… Why didn’t she come with you?”
“She’s shy.”
Shy your ass! Having lived for so many years, I don’t know what it means to be shy!

“Hahaha, what a cute personality.”
“But you mentioned Bell…” Ling Yang pretended to think about it. “I think I heard something about her previously, I just don’t know if it’s the same name…”
Ling Yang asked cautiously, “There seems to be people on global saying that she scammed both money and point cards?”
Ye Lang shot a glance at him. “You heard about this too? Her account had been previously stolen.”
“Oh.” Ling Yang nodded. “The account thief is so evil.”
“But those people who were cheated are also really unlucky.”
“I’ve already helped her return the money.”
“Eh? You’re also not the scammer, why did you have to help her return the money?”
“Because I’m her husband.”
“You’re really deserving of being called a good man.”
“I ought to be.”
How touching.
“But… How do you know the other person really got her account stolen, and she’s not cheating you?”
“I trust her.”
It’s because of your trust, that’s why you got cheated so badly!
“What if… She’s only lying to you about her account being stolen? What if she got close to you because she wants to scam you of your money, or what if she’s actually a ladyboy?”
Ye Lang frowned. “What are you trying to say?”
Ling Yang waved his hand. “Don’t be so serious, we’re only just chatting.”
“I’ve never considered that question.”
Ling Yang looked up towards the sky. “I can tell that previously, you really liked her.”
“What about now?”
The image of someone dragging a line of tildes appeared in Ye Lang’s mind.
“Actually, it’s only a game. There are somethings that don’t have to be taken so seriously.”
Ling Yang stumbled, and Ye Lang instinctively reached out to supported him. “Be careful.”
Ling Yang quickly shuffled through his plans on turning Night Wolf gay.
Should he seduce him with his real identity? The other party was a heterosexual, so this seemed a little difficult. Also, he already had experienced this before, and he truly believed in once bitten twice shy.
Should he use Bell’s identity to seduce him? This plan seemed more reliable. People always said, first come first served. In the novels that he had been reading, many heterosexuals were also turned gay in these online games.
Thinking about this, Ling Yang made up his mind.
“Although it’s only a game, feelings are still reaI. think your wife also likes you a lot.”
Ye Lang was stumped. That person liked him? Thinking about it made him somewhat fearful.
Although that was what he said, nothing he said had ever been the truth.
Just like this matter where he said he was the disciple of Little Antelope…
“Luoming Shadow… Is that your only account?”
“Yes, why?”
“I heard what you guys were talking about just now. That account was given to you by Luoming Wind?”
“Oh, that’s right. He asked me to play together. I told him I can’t be bothered to level a character, so he gave me an account.”
“Aren’t you from Yanshan? How did you meet him?”
“We met online on a forum.”
“What forum?”
Ling Yang was about to mention the school’s BBS, but he recalled that his BBS nickname was Little Antelope. Ye Lang was also a student of the college town, and it was likely that he would go on BBS as well, just probably not on the Homosexual forum. As such, he quickly mentioned another forum to cover it up.
“Oh, it’s a local forum for travelling companions.”
Ye Lang paused for awhile. “If you dislike levelling, I can help you.”
“Really? It’s a promise!”
The both of them chatted, and they quickly reached the lake at the bottom of the hill. There were many couples hanging out there.
There were also hawkers selling fish food and dove food by the lakeside, the koi and doves here were all fed till they were very gorgeous — because they were all too fat1.
“Let’s go feed the doves.” Ling Yang liked all sorts of birds, and he would be very excited every time he saw them. Without thinking, he again grabbed hold of Ye Lang’s hand, signalling him to walk faster.
Ye Lang silently watched as they held hands again. He felt this person really liked physical contact…
“You like doves a lot?” Ye Lang studied those fat creatures on the ground, as he really could not see the need to feed them. He had always thought only children would like feeding doves.
“I like all birds.”
“Because they can fly.”
LingY ang bought some dove feed and started feeding the doves in excitement.
Ye Lang found a stone table nearby. Hooking his thumb in his pocket, he leaned against it, watching Ling Yang feed the doves.
Ling Yang would sometimes crouched on the ground, luring the doves to eat from his hand. The doves here were not afraid of people, all coming to fight for the food; sometimes he would sprinkle the feed outwards, the doves chasing after as they fluttered their wings, surrounding Ling Yang.
Ling Yang wore a t-shirt today. Paired together with a white shirt, with the buttons unfastened, he was dressed exactly according to Ye Lang’s type.
His clothes fluttered in the wind, looking as though he was dancing together with the doves.
Ling Yang stood up, holding out his palm full of feed. A dove immediately landed on his hand. From afar, it looked like he was having a conversation with the bird.
Who knew what the dove told him, and he suddenly turned his head, discovering that Ye Lang watching him. His eyes curved into crescents, his mouth smiling faintly. It was that exact smile from their first meeting, and there were the snow-white doves flying around him.
Ye Lang was struck dumb.
Author’s Note:
The author has stayed up till they’ve vomited blood, pretty much only a will can be dropped. 

LOOT: [Mona Ling Yang’s smile] accessories. When worn: Charm +2. When used: Charm +100, effect lasts for 60 seconds, cooldown 24 hours. An effective weapon to turn heterosexuals gay.
A new character profile has been unlocked, Little Antelope is part of it!

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