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Extra 1.4 Qi Feng X Angry T.Rex

Qi Feng and He Jiawei were both selected for the basketball team. On their first day, the coach arranged for a match between the newcomers and the seniors, aimed at observing everyone’s traits.

Less than one minute into the game, Qi Feng had just crossed the midcourt line with the ball, only to have it snatched away by He Jiawei. Qi Feng had completely not expected that He Jiawei would snatch his ball, and watched blankly as he stole it away.

After he successfully snatched it, He Jiawei was delighted for only a moment before he was stumped. Which direction was he supposed to attack now?

The coach blew his whistle. “Number 14! What are you doing?!”

Everyone, both on the court and off, burst into raucous laughter. He Jiawei smacked his forehead, oh damn, I’ve completely forgotten that I’m now on the same team as Qi Feng! Having been rivals for a whole six years, and even only playing 1v1 after school, stealing the ball from Qi Feng had became something instinctive already.

“Out of habit, got used to it,” He Jiawei gave an excuse for himself as he passed the ball back to Qi Feng. He also did not forget to shoot a warning glare at Qian Cheng who was now rolling on the floor as his stomach cramped with laughter.

The game continued. This time, He Jiawei became more alert, he could not shame himself again. Soon, he managed to jostle his way into a good position under the basket, ready for Qi Feng to pass the ball to him. However, Qi Feng instead shot Qian Cheng, a look. Qian Cheng caught his meaning, and immediately ran to try and get rid of the player guarding him.

He Jiawei was silently furious. My position is so much better than Qian Cheng, Qi Feng is completely taking his revenge on me!Qi Feng’s team had saw his glance, and naturally their opponents would too. So, even the person guarding He Jiawei was ready to run over to where Qian Cheng was.

Qi Feng was about to throw the ball. A second before he released it, his hands suddenly made an imperceptible turn. This insignificant pre-move happened right under everyone’s nose, and He Jiawei was the only one who saw it.

He suddenly recalled, there was a match where Qi Feng had suddenly rotated while passing the ball, and the ball that everyone thought would be thrown to A, landed in the hands of B at the end of its trajectory, and He Jiawei’s team was massacred during that game.

From Qi Feng’s position of getting ready to pass the ball, til the moment the ball left his hands, it only took a blink of the eye. As the flashback played in He Jiawei’s head, he also instinctively took a step to the left, and the ball landed straight in his hands. He Jiawei instantly jumped, and smoothly shot the ball into the basket.

“Nice shot!” Qian Cheng could not help but yell, he had also been fooled by Qi Feng just now.

He Jiawei moved faster than Qian Cheng’s voice. In an instant, he was already in front of Qi Feng with his arm raised high.

Qi Feng was a little surprised, but still lifted his hand and smacked his palm against him. This was the first time the two of them had gave each other a high-five on the court.

Next, their performance thoroughly proved the saying that “your best opponent is your best teammate”. Every single confrontation accumulated during the past six years, now let the two of them understood each other’s movements inside and out. Just a look or a motion was enough for them to know what the other wanted.

Qi Feng’s way of playing basketball was just like his character, very meticulous, and good at controlling the situation, and each attempt at passing He Jiawei the ball was perfect. With Qi Feng’s assists, He Jiawei’s basketball skills were enhanced even further. He got into the scoring zone as though there were no one on guard, and their cooperation were seamless, their score in the lead, and the seniors dared not underestimate them.

Although the team made up of the first years still ended up losing, but the performance of these two people won the recognition of everyone.

This was the first time He Jiawei and Qi Feng had worked together on court. Their teamwork was unexpectedly cohesive, and when they were showering, He Jiawei offered to help Qi Feng scrub his back.

“Hey, why do you never get tanned despite being under the sun?” He Jiawei chatted with Qi Feng as he scrubbed his back.


“As if, why would I be jealous of you? You’re soft and delicate, just like a girl.” Behind him, He Jiawei showed off his biceps. “Guys should be more like me, all tanned and dark!”

Qi Feng chuckled. Only then did He Jiawei remembered, he himself was very clear whether this person in front of him was like a girl or not. Qi Feng, from a martial arts family, had once threw him down with just one hand. Although he had also been training on and off at the dojo for the past few years, but he had never won Qi Feng before. Other than his height, this was the other thing that most vexed He Jiawei.

“I don’t believe it. No one’s perfect, there’s definitely something that I’ll be better than you at!”

“Oh?” The belittlement could be heard in Qi Feng’s voice.

He Jiawei snorted unhappily a couple of times, and he had an idea, “Yes, my dick is definitely bigger than yours!”

He thrust his crotch out proudly. Thickness and length were always something to compare for a man. No matter how much more outstanding a person could be, as long as he lost in this area, then he would have lost completely. This was not the first time He Jiawei had competed in such matters, and he had never lost before.

Qi Feng turned his head and glanced at it. He smiled mysteriously, then continued soaping himself.

No guts to compete, don’t you? He Jiawei was gleeful, but he did not express it. Such moments like this, he should not further damage other people’s confidence!

“I’m done showering, you can go ahead.” Qi Feng did not wait for him, leaving after picking up his basin.

He Jiawei had been waiting for this moment when he would turn around. His eyes were already locked in position, ready for the target’s appearance, and his eyes widened in the next second.

Qi Feng had already left the showers when He Jiawei finally regained his wits.

Fucking hell, can’t that bastard have something that would lose to me?!


Recently, within the department of traditional sports in Luoming Sports Institution had a very popular story going around. During every judo class, there would be a suspicious looking boy peeping from outside.

The school’s training halls were all open to everyone, and even people not from their school could enter and take a look as well. However, there would always be someone, during the day, dressed in black with a cap and sunglasses, crouching outside the window and sneakily peeping at the people training inside.

“Back from being a peeping tom again, Angry T.Rex?” Qi Feng greeted him naturally.

He Jiawei was alarmed, “My disguise is so perfect, how did you recognise me?”

Qi Feng studied him seriously, “Oh, it might be because it’s too perfect…” From head to toe, even the skin that was not covered by clothes was dark as well. If he were to go out at night, he would not have to wear anything for subterfuge, and could just run naked.

It seems like I should really get a mask, He Jiawei determined silently.

Actually, having a passion for girls’ judo was a very positive thing, but He Jiawei’s sneaking around had turned this into something sordid.

And the person who caused this to happen was no one other than Qi Feng.

When their first year just started, He Jiawei already had a schedule of the judo classes in his hands. When it came to their practice, no matter the weather, he would skip both his own classes and training and run to the dojo to watch them. Even the cleaners had thought he was a student of that faculty.

Just as he again described vividly to Qi Feng which senior performed a beautiful shoulder throw that day, Qi Feng realised he had to do something to stop this unhealthy practice from developing further. If not, sooner or later, He Jiawei would not be satisfied with just watching, and would start chatting with them.

When He Jiawei was watching a stream of a girls’ judo competition on his computer with great interest, a hand fell heavily on his shoulder.

“What, Angry T.Rex, you’re actually watching girls’ judo?!” Qian Cheng’s tone was very exaggerated, as though He Jiawei had done something extremely shameful.

“W-what’s wrong with w-watching girls’ judo?”

“I wouldn’t have thought a man like you would have such a girly interest.”

“… Watching girls’ judo is very girly?”

Another roommate added, “Haha, right? I also feel that it’s very girly, but I felt too awkward to mention it.”

“That’s right. I still thought that Angry T.Rex would like boxing or something, ” The two of them started chatting, and the topic soon moved from girls’ judo to boxing.

It had to be stated that He Jiawei was afraid of nothing, except for being called girly. Since Qian Cheng and his roommate had said it like this already, he naturally could not go on watching, and quickly shut his computer. He then pretended to be very interested in their conversation.

After listening to them for a while, He Jiawei could not stand sitting there any more, and found a reason to escape. Not too long after he left, Qi Feng came up.

“Boss, the mission has been completed successfully.” Qian Cheng raised two fingers in greeting.

“You’ve worked hard, ” Qi Feng said.

“It’s agreed that dinner in on you,” The roommate had managed to get such a great deal. “With just a sentence, I can get a free meal. This work is very worth it, remember to ask me next time.”

“No problem.”

When He Jiawei sneaked back, the dorm was already empty.

Seeing that there was still some time before the competition ended, he hurriedly pulled the curtains close, locked the door, and sat down in front of the computer to watch the tournament.

Someone pounded on the door. Nervous, He Jiawei did not switch off the app, and straight away shut his monitor off before opening the door.

It was Qi Feng, and He Jiawei’s flustered manner aroused his suspicions.

“Alone in the room, with the curtains closed and the door locked,” Qi Feng gave a side-eye look at his computer. “Are you watching gay porn?”

“No!!” He Jiawei denied it vigorously.

Without a word, Qi Feng turned on his monitor. He raised his brow, “You’re watching girls’ judo?”

“No! I’m watching gay porn!!!”

Qi Feng laughed, “Forget it, you don’t have to act in front of me. I’ll help you keep it a secret.”

He Jiawei grabbed Qi Feng’s hand, tears rolling in his eyes. “Buddy, as expected, you’re the only one who understands me!”

“Of course, we’re good friends.” The words “good friends” were emphasised very heavily.

“Eys!” Just like the first time he had went to Qi Feng’s place, He Jiawei gave a firm nod of his head.

“Let’s go, you can watch it in my dorm, I’ll keep watch for you.”

He Jiawei pounded his chest, “You’re really a fucking friend!”


Luoming Sports Institution and Senlan Technological University were both referred to as the two monastery schools of the college town. With more males than females, even dinosaurs were elevated to the levels of fairies. And whether they were dinosaurs or fairies, they all favoured the Luoming men’s basketball team. There were often girls from other faculties or even other schools arranging for meetings with them.

Before the meetings, everyone liked to invite Qi Feng along. With his attendance, more girls would come, but during the process, Qi Feng would become every guy’s enemy, as all the girls liked to stay close to him.

Amongst these people, the one whose unhappiness was most obvious was He Jiawei. As he jabbed his fork into the cake, he expressed his thoughts, “Such a big fool like him actually has girls liking him. Looking up at him for so long, aren’t they afraid that they would get cervical spondylosis?”

Qian Cheng pointed out the mistake in his words heartlessly. “Cervical spondylosis is when you look down for too long, looking up is good for cervical spondylosis.”

“Then fine, looking down at the girls for so long, isn’t he afraid of getting cervical spondylosis?” He Jiawei changed his sentence.

Qian Cheng spoke ambiguously, “Angry T.Rex, don’t tell me you’re getting jealous?”

“W-who’s getting jealous over him!” He Jiawei blushed, but fortunately it was not obvious.

“Huh? I meant that you’re jealous of him because all girls are attracted to him. I’m very jealous,” Qian Cheng admitted openly. “How did you construe my question?”

“Oh, y-you mean it like that? M-me, too,” He Jiawei replied incoherently.

“That’s good. Because of your tone just now, I nearly misunderstood.”

“Don’t misunderstand over nothing!” He Jiawei shouted guiltily, then lowered his head and ate the cake.”

“Qi Feng, I like you. Can we be together?”

Hearing this, He Jiawei nearly choked to death on cake. Qian Cheng saw that he was almost suffocating, and hurriedly grabbed him a cup of water.

He Jiawei used the cup to hide his embarrassment, scolding in his heart, damn, girls these days are so outgoing. Under the eyes of so many people, and she still dares to confess, completely without any restraints!

He thought about it in another way, no, this girl is too crafty. Like this, Qi Feng would feel awkward about rejecting her publicly, and might even agree reluctantly!

Behind the cup, he carefully observed the girl across Qi Feng, and after he saw her, he was even angrier — that was a girl from the judo faculty!

Why would a judo girl like Qi Feng? He Jiawei was very unhappy.

He told himself, I’m getting jealous, and I’m getting jealous of the judo girl, not getting jealous of Qi Feng. As he kept this thought in his head, he felt better.

Not too long later, he realised, hold on, I think it should be the opposite

With He Jiawei’s intelligence, there was no way he could deal with something so complicated, and so he quickly became confused.

“Sorry,” Qi Feng’s rejection made He Jiawei feel a little better. However, the improvement of his mood did not last very long. Was there a need to smile so gently when you reject her? She would think you’re playing hard to get!

He Jiawei completely did not realise that he had already placed Qi Feng in the role of a girl, what reluctance, what cat and mouse games, these were all expressions more suited to girls.

Coming back from the gathering, Qi Feng felt that He Jiawei had something on his mind. A person who never had any troubles now suddenly was troubled, he could not help feeling curious about it.

“What exactly have you been troubled over tonight?”

He Jiawei had suppressed an entire night’s worth of words, and with Qi Feng’s probing, he could not hold them back. “That girl confessed to you. Why did you reject her?”

Qi Feng asked in return, “Why do I have to accept her?”

He Jiawei thought about it, “She’s from the judo faculty.”

“Just because of this?”

“I thought she was pretty nice, why don’t you try it out with her?”

“She’s at least 90kg.”

“How can you judge people by their appearance? You’re also 90kg, have you ever seen me discriminate you for that?”

“If a 90kg person confessed to you, would you agree to it?”

“Why not? I’m not as shallow as you, I…”

“Then, are you willing to go out with me?”

He Jiawei was stunned. “Huh?”

Qi Feng spread his hands out. “See, you’re also unable to accept it. In the end, you’re also a shallow person.”

He Jiawei was deeply ashamed of himself.

He Jiawei bowed his head in shame.

He Jiawei was ashamed for ten minutes, then leapt up in epiphany. “Weight was not the issue, ok?!”

He looked around him, and Qi Feng was not in sight.

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