TANW Chapter 65

Chapter 65 – Love is Stronger than Gold Finally Comes to an End

Topic: Servers Combined! DaiShan’s Famous Gods #3 – Sakka & Azure Buckle
Poster: Bai XiaoSheng
Content: Today’s gossip is a bit more special, as the two people today did not get famous because of  their skills. Actually, one of them cannot be considered a god, but because of him, it caused the other person’s name to spread throughout, and they might be even more famous than the three people mentioned before.

Azure Buckle, mage, innately unlucky, mainly famous for his two identities, one as Little Antelope’s disciple, two as Sakka’s wife.
When Sakka and him quietly got married, everyone said that he used his master-disciple relation as a stepping stone, and some also said that it was a contract marriage. Anyway, no one has come to a consensus, and no one has proved anything even now.
Sakka, warrior, mixed-type, before getting married to Azure Buckle, was already a pretty famous god in DaiShan, and also one of the important members of Air Force’s Compound 201’s Group for Extra-Curricular Interests Group, but if not for the things that happened later, he would only be one of the famous players within the server.
After Sakka and Azure Buckle got married, many people criticised them. But they were disregarded others’ criticisms, always appearing together, very affectionate. Slowly, they were acknowledged by others, and became DaiShan’s model couple. However, in May last year Azure Buckle started an argument at Lake ShiWen, and sank into the lake, never to come online again. From then on Sakka fished every night by Lake ShiWen, not moving a single step away. It has been eight months, his actions have moved everyone, and is now hailed as Pale Soul’s Number 1 Love Sick Guy, and Lake ShiWen has now become a popular tourist destination.

In a small dungeon:

[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Husband, mark it.
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: I’m asking you to mark the pie, leave the skeletons to the shadow knight and the moon to the mage, when the skeletons are frozen then you go and apply misdirection.
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Don’t apply it on the skeletons, apply it on your mark!
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: It’s for the MT, not me!!
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Don’t poison them!!!
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Stop shooting repeatedly!!!!
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Ah~~~ I’m going crazy~~~~~~
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife, you’re too fast and saying too many things, I, I, I, I can’t remember them~~ >”<
[Party] Bell:
[Whisper] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Wut to do! Wut to do! I married an idiot!
[Whisper] Bell: You deserve it… Getting married on a whim, you’ve been kicked from the tilde gang to the roaring gang now.
[Whisper] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: In comparison your class leader is so much better than him, at least he’s not stupid.
[Whisper] Bell: Regretting it now? You still have time to repent.
[Whisper] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Who’s regretting it? Thinking about it, although he’s a little stupid, but at least he’s very obedient, unlike someone who decides things by himself.
[Whisper] Bell: … Continue being a nanny then. Right, Nanny.
[Whisper] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: ?
[Whisper] Bell: Your family’s chimpanzee has ran away.
[Whisper] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: !!!!!
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife! Why did my chimpanzee disappear! It was just here, where did it go!!
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Must be because its faithfulness wasn’t high enough so it ran away, didn’t you feed it?
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: I prepared many things to feed it, but it refused to eat them!
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: What did you prepare?
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: <Cold Milk> <Double Lamb Chops> <Winter-Spring Fire Wine> <Little Hairy Paw> <Sticky Slime> and also <Delicious Wind Serpent>, this one was very expensive!!
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: #¥%, it’s a chimpanzee, how could it all these! Are you an idiot!!!
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Ah? It doesn’t eat these? Then what does it eat?
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
Bananas! It eats bananas! Don’t you know chimpanzees eat bananas!!
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: ( ⊙ o ⊙) Oh right! Why didn’t I think of that?
[Party] Bell:

They finally reached the boss, by then, the tank’s armour had lost its effectiveness, and a certain someone aimed at the target and aggro-ed the boss instead. The boss left the MT alone and started running towards a hunter.

[Party] Bell: It’s on over taunt, quickly fake death.
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Fake death? Me? Oh, ok.
[Party] <Wife,TheNightIsTooShort> lies on the ground, going to sleep, zzzZZZ
[Party] Bell:
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: You’re supposed to use your fake death skill not enter the /lie down command!!!
[Party] Bell: Don’t move around.
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: I’ve been stunned, I can’t move, ah, MT is also stunned.
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
Take away your damn cheetah guardian!!!
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Ok ok, I found the fake death skill, I’ll go and die now, Wife,
don’t worry~~~
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Don’t mind me, just go and die!!!

One minute later:

[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife, how long do I have to remain dead?
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Just continue lying there.

Three minutes later:

[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife, do I still have to lie here?
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Just lie there if I ask you to do it!

Six minutes later:

[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife, how come I died for real >”<
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: ……….
[Party] Bell:

The four people killed the boss, and a bow dropped.

[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Great! I’ve really really really wanted this bow!
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: I really really really want to strangle you.

He equipped the bow and fiddled with it for a long time.

[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife, why can’t I shoot anything with it?
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife, teach me how to shoot please.
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife, I really can’t shoot anything!
[Party] Bell: Have you equipped any arrows?
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: No, I equipped bullets.
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
It’ll be crazy if you can actually shoot anything then!!!
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: ( ⊙ o ⊙) So it’s like this! I still thought I’ve been possessed or something!
[Whisper] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: I sincerely feel that your class leader is better!
[Whisper] Bell: ╮(╯▽╰)╭

After the dungeon, LingYang and the two other passers-by speedily left the party. When Little Buckle and his stupid husband exited the dungeon, the latter was suddenly surprised again.

[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: ( ⊙o⊙) Wow! Wife! Good news!!
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: What did you do this time!
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: I found these pair of shoes upon exiting! Is it because I’ve done many good deeds recently, so the system is rewarding me?
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Stop dreaming, you’re only able to do stupid things!

As expected, someone on the map posted a message.
“Which shameless person took my wife’s shoes, how mean! You better return it if you know any better!”
That person repeated the message in the local chat for more than ten times, many people did not like his arrogant tone, and scolded him back.
“You started a fight and lost the shoes, and you don’t let people pick it up?”
“The person who picked it up just keep it, don’t return it to this person with a vulgar mouth!” 

[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Eh? Is this what you’re talking about, <Shiny Clogs>?

“So you’re the shoes thief, look at that disgusting name of yours, return those shoes!”

[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Oh oh, I didn’t know someone dropped it. Fine, I’ll just return it to you, why do you have to insult my name? I think this name is very good, if not I wouldn’t have been able to marry my wife, ok?

“What the fuck, so much nonsense from a rubbish name!”

[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Yo, it’s just a lousy pair of shoes, Husband, why did you pick up other’s crappy shoes, be careful of diseases~~
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife has a point, I’ll throw it away now. 

That person was furious, even after getting his shoes back he did not stop and continued cursing at them. Tang XiuWen’s previous account had grew up in this kind of surroundings, so he was not affected by this at all, he dragged the idiot away.
He went to the nearest waypoint and selected a random destination, only to discover that they landed at Lake ShiWen. In the distance, there was a figure fishing by the lake.
The other two people also came here, as Little Buckle was thinking about moving to another place, he saw his stupid husband running towards the lake.

[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife, I have an idea!

He watched the idiot lure the two people to the lake, then casting misdirection on the person fishing.

It was very rare for Tang XiuWen to get truly agitated, but at that moment he really wanted to enter the screen and hit that person until he fainted.

[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Why are you so stupid!!! It’s useless to cast misdirection on players!!!
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Really?

That couple watching them was about to faint from laughter.
“This person had probably bought his max level account right, how could he be so dumb, it’s killing me~~~”
“An idiot and a bitch, how compatible.”
Hearing that, Tang XiuWen was unhappy, he wanted to start attacking, but someone was faster than him.

[Combat] <Sakka> is enraged!

Those two people had yet to grasp a hold of the situation, only to see Sakka’s fishing rod turning into a great-sword, straight away swinging at the cleric, his sword flashing, with three warrior moves he sent that person to meet God.
The other person finally reacted, returning the attacks clumsily, but was soon quickly defeated as well.
“How is this possible? Doesn’t legend say that Sakka only fishes and doesn’t bother about anything else!” Although these two people were new players, but they had also heard of Sakka before.

[Party] Sakka: You’re not allowed to create trouble here and dirty my territory.

Although they were unwilling, but thinking about his reputation, and that he also had the support of that pervert MadHouse guild, even if they called for backup they would still be at a disadvantage. They might even end up offending Sakka’s fans, and so could only swallow this grievance down and leave.
Seeing their departure, Sakka returned to the lake and changed his sword back to a fishing rod.

[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Hahahaha, so it turns out casting misdirection on a player was useful after all.
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: … Stop being silly.
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife, don’t you think that that person is so cool @.@
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Tsk, that’s called being overbearing and unreasonable, Lake ShiWen isn’t his.
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Don’t know if I can be as cool as him one day.
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: You’re not allowed to create trouble here and dirty my territory.
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Oh~~~ So awe-inspiring~~~~
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
You better continue being dumb, I think that you’re much cuter than him like this.
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Really really? I’ll follow Wife’s instructions (*^__^*)
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Let’s go, we’ll catch another chimpanzee for you.
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Eh? I don’t want a chimpanzee anymore, can we catch a donkey?
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: You’re already as stupid as a donkey, if you bring a donkey around, how am I going to differentiate between the both of you?!
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife~~~~~ T^T

The two of them had only left for a short while before Tan XiuWen received a message from LingYang.

[Whisper] Bell: Preparing to start our lion hunting plan.

Tang XiuWen knew that their opportunity was here.

[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: I suddenly remembered I still have something on, I have to go offline, we’ll catch a chimpanzee tonight.
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Ok TT, Wife must definitely come, I’ll be waiting for you~~~ 

A mage dressed in white robes and carrying a white rabbit rode a two-seater white dragon mount and landed by Lake ShiWen, together with a female cleric. WeiShi did not need to look to know who this person dressed in white was.
Hearing BaiLong’s request, he immediately rejected him.

[Whisper] Sakka: Impossible.
[Whisper] BaiShaoTang: I’ll owe you one.
[Whisper] Sakka: FlowerHouse is LingYang’s co-tenant.
[Whisper] BaiShaoTang: I assure you, if LingYang tries to come and snatch it, I will definitely stop him by all means.

WeiShi knew that BaiLong would never let this matter drop, after much contemplation, he finally agreed to lend FlowerHouse the scissors.

[Whisper] Sakka: Remember what you promised.

XuXian accepted the scissors from WeiShi, this was the only <Love Cutting, Breaking the 6 Bottles of Carnal Desires , A Couple Forced to Part Scissors> in the two HuShuo servers that could sever a ‘Love is Stronger than Gold’ marriage. This was the first time XuXian had seen it, and could not help but look over it.

[Local] Sakka: Hurry up.
[Local] FlowerHouse: Oh oh, sorry.

XuXian double-clicked on the scissors, this pair of scissors was definitely different from the rest, it even came with a five-second countdown, when it ended, XuXian decisively selected on confirm, and an announcement appeared on the screen.  

[Announcement] Even though love is stronger than gold, but they would still get tired of each other, <FlowerHouse>’s arm rises and the sword falls, breaking her affection with <HandsomePeng>, from now on, love is lost, and they’ll never see each other again.

The global chat exploded.
“What’s going on? This is the first time I’ve seen a divorce announcement like this.”
“FlowerHouse and Handsome Peng? Don’t they have a ‘Love is Stronger Than Gold’ marriage? How did they get divorced?”
“Could it be that legendary blah blah scissors has made its re-appearance?”
“There was one in DaiShan, but after a few trades, no one knows who has it anymore.”
“Why do I have an ominous premonition, that with the appearance of this knife, this is not the only relationship it’ll sever.”
Seeing the divorce announcement, WeiShi sent a trade request to FlowerHouse. However, at the same time, the announcement was like a secret signal, LingYang also made his move.
He teleported over.
#Game Mode On#

[Local] Bell: Flower, trade!
[Combat] Sakka is enraged!
Sakka attacks Bell!
Sakka pressures Bell!
[Combat] Bell is enraged!
Bell attacks Sakka!
Bell casts twines onto Sakka!
[Local] Bell: Thanks!
[Combat] Bell casts a wind shield on herself!
[Local] Sakka:
[Combat] BaiShaoTang is enraged!
BaiShaoTang attacks Bell!
Bell drowns BaiShaoTang with water!

Sakka and Bai ShaoTang ran after Bell away from Lake ShiWen, then suddenly ——

[System] <AzureBuckle> is now online.
[Local] Sakka:
It’s a trap! Go back!

Bell still had a cool down on her teleporter, while Bai ShaoTang’s request for teleporting to FlowerHouse was rejected, and only Sakka managed to teleport back immediately with his couple ability.

Sakka has used To The Ends of Earth, and teleports over to Azure Buckle.

When Sakka arrived, he found himself deep in the lake. Azure Buckle had been waiting for this moment, when he came online he had immediately added FlowerHouse as a friend, and now used the Friend Teleporter to move over to him to start a trade.
Sakka’s couple teleporting ability was on cool down, he quickly rushed towards the shore, but Azure Buckle already had the scissors in hand.

Sakka attacks AzureBuckle!
AzureBuckle uses an invincible pill, becoming invincible for 8 seconds.

Azure Buckle used the scissors, and waited for that five second countdown to end.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

[Announcement] Even though love is stronger than gold, but they would still get tired of each other, <AzureBuckle>’s arm rises and the sword falls, breaking her affection with <Sakka>, from now on, love is lost, and they’ll never see each other again.

By then, Bell and Bai ShaoTang were back as well, only to see Sakka and Azure Buckle standing silently by the lakeside.
No one on site said a single word, after awhile, Sakka finally spoke up.

[Local] Sakka:
Good! Good! Good!

He stepped forward.

[Local] Sakka:
Give me the scissors.

Azure Buckle did not want to do a trade with him, and just tossed the scissors over.

Sakka picked the scissors up.

<Love Cutting, Breaking the 6 Bottles of Carnal Desires , A Couple Forced to Part Scissors> has been destroyed by <Sakka>.
<Sakka> is now offline.

#Game Mode Off#
Tang XiuWen exhaled.

[Local] AzureBuckle:
Ah, now I feel so refreshed looking at my head.

XuXian was panicking.

[Local] FlowerHouse:
I, I, I, I was really coerced by them… Where’s the number for the locksmith!

LingYang then realised something.

[Local] Bell:
… Hold up, I haven’t divorced yet!!

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