TANW Chapter 64

Chapter 64 – Little Antelope, the Expert
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Topic: Servers Combined! Daishan’s Famous Gods #2 – Bengal Tiger and Little Antelope
Poster: Bai XiaoSheng
Content:  Today, the second in the series of DaiShan’s famous people, The MadHouse’s two assistant guild leaders.

Bengal Tiger, Warrior, Double Major, defence-type for PVE, combat mage for PVP, assistant guild leader of MadHouse 201, and the MT of MadHouse.
One of the top three tanks in DaiShan, his skills are first-class. Ever since the game was released publicly, he has led the MadHouse to getting the first clear of nearly 70% of the bosses and dungeons, creating many of the MT’s guides to bosses. No exaggeration, many of the newer MTs have all studied and learnt from his guides. On top of that, others have mentioned that he’s a pilot, but that is not confirmed.
Little Antelope, Druidic Cleric, focused on PVE at the start, then PVP at the end, assistant guild leader of MadHouse 201, and the main healer of MadHouse.
At the beginning, he was famous in the server for stirring up trouble. He later uploaded many druidic cleric PK videos, bringing forth a wave of popularity throughout all servers for the druidic archetype, and got rid of the domination of the holy clerics, leading to the progression for various types of clerics. Hailed as the founder of druidic clerics, and because of his amazing PK style, he has countless fans.
Little Antelope’s most famous statement: The druidic cleric is a profession that can draw the power of everything under the sun in one breath.
Bai ShaoTang, Bengal Tiger, Little Antelope, ever since these three people created the MadHouse guild, and formed the Air Force’s Compound 201’s Group for Extra-Curricular Interests Group, they’ve attracted many DaiShan’s experts to join them. All kinds of practical, entertaining and purely random game strategies have been published by them in the free pamphlet that comes with the magazine <Gaming Fundamentals>, which is what we refer to as the little pamphlet. Many <Pale Soul OL> players had subscribed to the magazine because of this pamphlet.
At the same time, these three people was also the runner-ups of the first season of HuShuo’s PK Competition, defeating LuoMing Wind, LuoMing XiaoGe and Second Young Master LuoMing Hurricane. But for an unknown reason, they had forfeited the finals.
After the PK competition, the three of them had vanished from the public’s eye, and no one knew where they went.

[Local] LittleAntelope: I gave him the gem, does anyone has anything to say?

The crowd was silent for awhile, and someone finally spoke.
“… Little Antelope?”
“It’s Little Antelope…”
“What the hell, it’s really Little Antelope!”
“So, this is an alive Little Antelope?”
This news quickly spread to the global chat.
“Am I blind? I actually saw a live Little Antelope.”
“The one above, are you sure you didn’t transmigrate? That fellow hadn’t appeared in over 6 months.”
“Replying to above, the one above you is telling the truth, I’ve also seen Little Antelope over at the crowd near the city gate.”
The news spread quickly, and a large crowd quickly gathered at the city gate.
“Faint, it really is Little Antelope, is it really he himself?”
“I’m so emotional! I’ve actually seen Little Antelope! Begging for we-fie, begging for autograph, begging to date!!!”
“Little Antelope is my idol, it’s because of him I changed to a druidic archetype, previously I was always the holy type.”
“I even moved to DaiShan because of him, in the end, he disappeared when I arrived. I would never have thought that he would appear after the merger, does this mean Little Antelope is making a comeback?”
There were also new people asking quietly who Little Antelope was, but those messages quickly disappeared amongst the spam.
Soon, another group of people arrived together, everyone had a shiny ‘MadHouse 201’ guild crest above their heads, and their words were similar to those who spoke previously:
“Little Antelope?”
“It’s Little Antelope.”
“Confirming that it’s really Little Antelope.”
“There’s no mistake, it’s definitely Little Antelope.”
Then one of them spoke, “So what are we waiting for?”
Another person followed: “Brothers, let’s go!”
Tonight was the second time a group started an attack like this, on the screen flashed a bright red system notice, and the MadHouse guild started attacking Little Antelope all at once.
LingYang had long noticed that the situation was turning bad, just as they started attacking he flew out of the crowd, forming an air shield in midair and ran away. How could the MadHouse people let him go like this, they all ran after him.
As such, all those fans who came to worship Little Antelope could only watch their idol get chased all over the place by a bunch of people, fleeing disorderly, and completely losing his idol image.
LingYang called for backup while fleeing, “Husband, come save me~~”
Behind him, YeLang had his arms crossed and was watching the show, “Appearing like a martial arts expert, then ending up like a rat on the street, this really fits your usual style.”
“Wuwuwu, Husband don’t be mean to me~~”
The four hooves of Little Antelope could not beat the large number of legs, the crowd soon caught up with him. LingYang was a person with limited backbone, after dying twice he started acting cute and begging for mercy on screen. The shattering of Little Antelope’s idol image could be heard throughout the whole server.
The MadHouse people killed Little Antelope over ten times before they were satisfied.
“Are you still going to run away?” Someone asked.

[Local] LittleAntelope: Not running, not running.

“Abandoning everyone and disappearing without a sound, is that proper?”

[Local] LittleAntelope: Not proper, not proper.

“We have been looking for you all over the place, without any news from you for the past six month, don’t you feel guilty?” 

[Local] LittleAntelope: Not guilty, not guilty.


[Local] LittleAntelope: No, wait, it’s very guilty, very guilty.
[Local] LittleAntelope: I feel very guilty very remorseful very ashamed, in the past six months I’ve also been very isolated very lonely very despondent, towards everyone I’ve been yearning and thinking and missing all of you, all brothers please be magnanimous, and don’t be particular towards your little brother anymore~~~

“After you went missing, the guild leader and assistant guild leader had only come online a few times, all to look for you. After they realised they couldn’t find you, they never came back again. They AFK-ed because of you, you’re really the sinner of the guild!”

[Local] LittleAntelope: 555 I’m repenting~~ But didn’t little Bai come online in the afternoon?

“That’s because we made him come online to take a look at the merger, hoping that he would come back to play… Wait, how did you know he was online this afternoon, were you the one that exposed that news?”
LingYang thought, oh no, he exposed his side account again! 

[Local] LittleAntelope: What’s with the stolen gem that that guild mentioned?

“Oh, that, our guild leader had given his level seven gem to their guild leader long ago, saying it was to return a favour or something. Recently that person’s account had been stolen, after you and Assistant Guild Leader Bengal left, there was only this gem left on all servers, no wonder people would be suspicious.”

[Local] LittleAntelope: So it’s like this…

Another spoke, “Tell the truth, what’s your relationship with that warrior?”

Since LingYang’s other account had already been exposed, and he was an alien who would feel uncomfortable if he did not show off, he definitely had to introduce YeLang to his family.

[Local] LittleAntelope: Heehee, let me introduce to you all, this is my husband.

Just nice, at that moment YeLang had flew Night Wolf over. The entire crowd fell silent, then they spoke to Night Wolf:
“Bro, you don’t have to say anything, we understand.”
“I feel you.”
“You must have had a hard time these days.”
“It’s been tough on you.”
“I can understand your pain, you have to bear with it, fighting!”
“If you face any difficulties, just tell us. We’ll help wherever we can!”

[Local] NightWolf: Good of you to say so.
[Local] LittleAntelope: Hey!!!
[Local] LittleAntelope: All of you are colluding with an outsider! Don’t think that I don’t know anything despite not being in DaiShan!
[Local] LittleAntelope: Number three you’re still killing level 30 accounts in Cirrus Valley? When can you improve a little, and move on to killing level 40s?
[Local] LittleAntelope:
Little Willow, each time I’m upset I’ll go to kill that stupid boss with your name, after killing it a few times all my worries would disappear!
[Local] LittleAntelope:
Brother Soar, I’ve heard that you’ve applied for LanXiang Technical School? Dig out your certificate for me to take a look?

That group of people had started to silently prepared their buffs, about to attack. LingYang did not noticed, but continued on.

[Local] LittleAntelope: Sister Su, are you still very strict with your husband? You have to learn from me how to handle your husband, my husband listens to me all the time, at home when I say one he’ll never say two!
[Local] NightWolf:
Shut up.
[Local] LittleAntelope:
( ⊙ x ⊙)

The MadHouse members all went down on one knee to Night Wolf, “I’ve lived for so long, and finally managed to wait for the day when an eminent monk can deal with Little Antelope this demon, I have no regrets this life, no need for explanations, Brother Wolf is mighty!”

“Brother Wolf is mighty!”
“Brother Wolf is mighty +1”

“Brother Wolf is mighty +2”

“Brother Wolf is mighty +N”

“Brother Wolf is mighty +10086”

Little Antelope leapt up.

[Local] LittleAntelope:
Fuck all your uncles!


LingYang knew that there was nothing good about Tang XiuWen asking him to go to his dorm. As expected, he gave LingYang a fright.
“You want to divorce the class leader? You’ve already sank the account of Azure Buckle to the bottom of the lake, and you don’t log into it, is there any point in getting divorced?”
“Of course, each time I recall how my account was forced to get married, I feel uncomfortable.”
Tang XiuWen drank his tea leisurely, “DaiShan has the only pair of scissors that can break the ‘Love is Stronger Than Gold’ marriage between the two servers of HuShuo, both of us know exactly who is holding on to it.”
“I know… But it’s because I know who has it, that’s why I can’t get it!”
The owner of that legendary scissors was no other than LingYang’s class leader, and also his disciple-in-law, WeiShi. With WeiShi’s stubbornness towards the matters of Azure Buckle, how could he easily give up the scissors to break their marriage apart!
“We would not have been able to get it previously, but now that the servers have merged, don’t you think this is the best chance of getting it?” Tang XiuWen reminded LingYang, “Turns out the world is so small, FlowerHouse is actually a couple with our guild leader. You think Bai ShaoTang that narcissist would allow his wife to have another man’s name above his head? He definitely would borrow the scissors from that fellow.”
LingYang did not expect Tang XiuWen to have planned all this so quickly after knowing the relationship between BaiLong and XuXian, “So you’ve already had this in mind.”
“Don’t forget, Bell is still bound to LuoMing Shadow, don’t you want to divorce and re-marry Master’s Husband?”
“Oh,” LingYang was also starting to be interested in this scheme.
Tang XiuWen drank his tea, “To snatch the scissors, this is our only chance.”
LingYang left with Tang XiuWen, and coincidentally met XuXian.
“YangYang?” XuXian studied Tang XiuWen, “This is…”
“Oh, let me introduce my counsellor, Teacher Tang, this is my roommate Flower.”
“Hi, Student Flower.”
“Hello, Teacher Tang, I’m XuXian.” He glared at LingYang, who would introduce a student to a teacher with their online nickname.
Tang XiuWen watched XuXian with a faint smile on his face, XuXian felt a little uncomfortable, feeling a chill down his back.
“Right, Flower, where are you going?” LingYang asked.
“Donating blood.”
LingYang turned to look at Tang XiuWen, the latter eyeing him.
Comprehending, LingYang threw his arm across XuXian’s shoulders, “I care the most about public welfare, come, I’ll go donate blood with you.”
The two of them said goodbye to Tang XiuWen, and went to the mobile blood drive nearest to their school. In this cold winter day, there were still quite a few people in the queue.

They filled in the volunteer form, and waited by the side. LingYang was afraid that XuXian would be nervous, and suggested, “Flower, let me tell you a joke.”
“Ok,” Although XuXian was not nervous, but he really liked listening to LingYang’s jokes.
“Do you still remember the Teacher Tang we just met?”
“Of course I remember.”
“He’s Little Buckle.”
XuXian’s body shuddered, and he vomited a mouthful of fresh blood.
The nurse looked up, “That student over there, we don’t accept blood that has been vomited.”
Pressing his chest XuXian looked at LingYang in pain, LingYang also looked back at him, his face serious.
“Flower, we have a big plan.”
The author has something to say:
Today is slightly shorter… Shorter then shorter, the author is going to celebrate her birthday, hahaha.
Thank you [ScentedSleeve] and [ForgettingThemselvesInJiangHu]’s landmines as presents!
And [AnAn]’s ten times on the grass!
Wishing everyone a pleasant start to their school year 😉
Dropped [Haagen Dasz Ice Cream Cake]
Actually the author received this today, everyone please try it.
There’s also [Cafeteria 2’s Cream Buns], [SenLan’s Snack City Fried Puffs], [LuoMing Cafeteria Natural’s QiFeng’s cake-stewed noodles] and [A Milk Tea Shop’s Milk Tea with Spicy Pearls].
Everyone please come and eat!

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