TANW Chapter 71

Chapter 71 –  A Bloody Wedding at The MatchMaker’s Temple
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OP: I’ve been dating my boyfriend for three years, we have an extremely good relationship, other than the fact that I’ve been hiding this part of me from him. It’s very tough to have to keep this a secret from him despite being together. I’ve decided to ‘come out of the closet’ to him, I hope everyone can give me their blessings.
1L: Good luck OP! Hope your coming out is successful!    
2L: Since you’ve been together for three years and have a good relationship, I think he should be able to understand you, fighting!
3L: If he really loves you he’ll definitely be able to accept all of you, bless~
4L: I really admire OP, I have a bf too, but he doesn’t know this side of me, and I’ve never told him about it as well. This sort of hiding and avoiding sometimes really make me feel like a thief, and when he misunderstands me I don’t know how to explain it as well. Hai, sorry to change the topic, anyway, OP I hold you as a model, if you succeed, I will also sit my bf down for a discussion, maybe it won’t be as bad as I fear. Awaiting your results!
5L: I think 4L’s worries are reasonable, after all we’re a marginalised crowd, to get people to accept us quickly will be tough. Has the OP considered testing the waters first? Like saying, “I have a friend, he’s…” or something like that and see what your bf would say?
6L: Like 5L, I’m not pouring cold water on you. It’s really not easy to take this step, but it’s also very difficult to predict what the results would be, OP really should consider…


When LingYang got home, he felt as though his room was very empty. After looking around, he realised what was missing.
“Where’s the poster of Wu GuanFeng?” He asked YeLang who had been there since earlier.
“It got blown away.” YeLang said placidly.

LingYang’s inner monologue: Fucking hell, such a huge poster and it got blown away, how strong was the wind? And how miraculous for it to only blow away the poster and leave everything else intact, you think I’m an idiot?
YeLang’s inner monologue: Previously I thought you had his poster because you were his fan. Now that I know the true purpose of that poster, you think I’ll allow you to fantasise about another man everyday? You think I’m dead?

LingYang’s attention had been focused on his room, only now did he noticed YeLang sitting composedly at his computer desk, one ankle on his other knee. Just as he was about to ask him why did he not change his shoes before entering the room, his eyes fell onto his feet, immediately losing his breath.
YeLang had often wore boots, but most of them were either round-toed or squared-toed. Although LingYang also liked those, but pointed-toe boots were still the ultimate weapon for people with boots fetish. That pair of oxford boots on YeLang had all the elements of a dominant flavour —— pointy-toed, sleek, curved tip, black and shiny. That narcissistic and historical nation had infused their innate sense of elegance and nobility into its design, even though it was worn on the feet, it still gave people a sense of superiority. Those sharp lines and harsh reflections gave off a feeling of cruel beauty, leaving people in awe seeing them.
LingYang’s mouth dried up after a few glances, he immediately escaped to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and never noticed that his loss in control had been perceived by a certain somebody.
After gulping down a large glass of cold water, LingYang finally calmed down. He poured another glass for YeLang, and got a shock when he returned to his bedroom when he saw YeLang browsing the net on his computer. After knowing YeLang for so long, LingYang was no longer as wary as before, so he did not clear his browsing history. Afraid that YeLang would see something that he was not supposed to, along with his original guilt, he hurried over to interfere. In his panic, he even spilled the water from the glass onto YeLang’s boots.
YeLang looked down at his wet boots, then looked up again, cocking his eyebrow towards LingYang.
“This, this…”
LingYang ran to grab some tissues, passing them over to YeLang. YeLang did not accept them, but continued staring at him calmly.
LingYang knew that he was in the wrong, and could only say, “Then, then I’ll help you…”
He crouched down to wipe YeLang’s boots dry, then stood up and immediately left the room, fleeing to the bathroom and slammed the door close.
Hearing that slam, an unfathomable smile creeped onto YeLang’s face.
When LingYang exited the bathroom, YeLang had already left. For some reason, he was relieved. Today’s YeLang gave off a feeling that was different from usual, but exactly how it was unusual, even LingYang could not think of an answer, and would rather accept that it was only his misconception.
LingYang examined his computer, fortunately he did not find any issues with his browsing history. It seemed like he had to take more preventive measures in the future. Just like usual, he entered Empire’s website, discovering a post about a guy who planned on ‘coming out’ to his boyfriend. In a short period of time, that post had already garnered dozens of pages of comments, most of them giving their blessings, but there were also a number of them that were pessimistic. After all, for their circle to be accepted by the masses was a herculean task, and because of this reason, LingYang still did not dare to be honest with YeLang about this.
Because of his past experience, LingYang was very cautious, and ended up telling YeLang many lies. He understood the pain of not being able to be honest with each other very well, rather than saying he lied to deceive, it was actually to torture himself, resulting in backlash.
If he could help it, LingYang did not want to conceal anything from YeLang again, but there were some topics that were difficult to mention. Once the box was open, it was possible that their relationship would spiral out of control, and this was not uncommon in this circle.
LingYang read the post a few times, then reading the replies one by one, his emotions rising up and down with the encouragement and warnings of the commenters, and his heart struggled.
He finally made his decision after reading all the pages of comments, if the poster was successful, he would also prepare himself and go for it and tell YeLang everything. If YeLang was true to him, he might be able to accept him as a whole, if he could not…
He kept thinking about it, finally also posting a word, fighting.
YeLang returned to campus, only to see HuLi waiting for him at the entrance to his dormitory building.
HuLi had a pair of large sunglasses on, blocking his face. He took them down after noticing YeLang.
“Why are you here?”
“I had to ask many people before finding out that Young Master is staying here.”
YeLang frowned. The atmosphere in the company was very lively, so everyone was given a nickname. His older cousin was called Crown Prince, his younger cousin Third Young Master, as for Young Master this nickname, it had started as a joke, but for some reason it stuck. YeLang did not really like this nickname, but since everyone was calling him that, he could not stop them.
“What’s the matter?”
HuLi was very direct, “I heard that it was your idea for the company to reject signing our band.”
“My idea?”
“This was something a person from the company told me personally.”
“Are you misunderstanding something? Although my last name is Ye, but right now I’m only just an intern, only in charge of doing market research, as for the final decision it’s made by the higher levels during a discussion meeting, my opinion is not enough to affect it.”
“If not for your report, the higher levels would also not have made this decision. You’re biased against us because of Little Antelope!”
“Sorry, I believe that my report is completely objective, it’s a conclusion made after a detailed market research, it has nothing to do with my personal feelings.”
“Little Antelope is not the person who you think he is, he’s a third party, he broke up other people’s relationship, only after getting dumped did he try to get with you…”
“Shut your mouth! I don’t believe a single word you’re saying.”
“I have evidence!”
A person’s words appeared in YeLang’s head.

—— ShenMa: If you don’t believe me, you can ask HuLi. He still has the recording, it’s in that recording pen he uses often.

“Bring out your evidence if you do have it, if you can’t show it to me, what you’ve just said is all slander.”
HuLi hesitated, at that moment, two girls walked past them, seeing him they spoke behind their hands, “Isn’t that HuLi?”
“It’s really HuLi! Why is he here!”
Realising that he was discovered, HuLi hurriedly put on his sunglasses. “I’ll bring the evidence to you.”
After HuLi left hastily, YeLang thought of something, whether it was HuLi or ShenMa, they both called LingYang Little Antelope, that meant that they met LingYang online ?
After opening the game client YeLang discovered it had to be updated, only then did he recall today was a patch day. He went to the Pale Soul website to look at the patch notes, it was the long-awaited alliance war that the developers had been hyping.

An alliance war required a guild to have an alliance in the first place, this sort of diplomatic tasks, YeLang was not good at them, they were usually handled by Mourning Mo and Devoted Couple. YeLang had never asked about it before, but he was also very curious about who would be in an alliance with Passionate Sword.
His curiosity was soon soothed, just as he went online the answer appeared on his screen:

[Announcement] <MuRongFeiTian> has created the <Tripartite> alliance, welcoming people with insight to join them in this journey!
<MuRongFeiTian> and <BaiShaoTang> have signed the alliance agreement, <MadHouse201> has officially joined the <Tripartite>, from then on they’ll work hand in hand to create a bright future together!

The global chat was in an uproar. MadHouse was a famous veteran guild, and usually very mysterious. For some reason after the servers’ merger they would align themselves with Passionate Sword who was infamous for their love affairs. This was also the first alliance between a guild from the old server and a guild from the new server.
“MadHouse and Passionate Sword? How did the two of them get together?”
“So the crazy people from MadHouse are actually able to have alliances with other people? I remember that they always kept to themselves. They have no friends, but many enemies.”
“Passionate Sword? Isn’t this that guild that got famous through gossip? I’ve also heard about them on the old server.”
“What’s the meaning of tripartite? There’ll be three guilds in the alliance? Who’s the other one?”
“Come come, Elder Sister will tell you the truth, the truth is… They’ve united through marriage!”
Everyone was still discussing on global exactly who got married to who when another announcement appeared. They suddenly felt that the previous announcement was nothing special. 

<MuRongFeiTian> and <LuoMingWind> have signed the alliance agreement, <NinthHeavenLuoMing> has officially joined the <Tripartite>, from then on they’ll work hand in hand to create a bright future together!

Global chat:
“The fuck, after that previous announcement I could still heheheheh, now I can only give dots.”
“Who would tell me exactly what’s going on, aren’t these two rival guilds?”
“Are you all stupid? Hasn’t Uncle He long married LuoMing Wind already, what’s so strange about their alliance?”
“Above is telling the truth.”
“After marrying the guild leader he even got the entire guild as a dowry? QAQ I believe in love again.”
“I’m seeking a marriage! All levels, ages, genders are welcome, the only requirement: Must be a guild leader!”

[Loudspeaker] BaiShaoTang:
6pm at the MatchMaker’s Temple, marrying FlowerHouse.

This wedding announcement was very sudden, and YeLang was not prepared for it. He sent a teleportation request over to XuXian, after it was accepted, as expected he appeared at the temple. FlowerHouse was dressed in a Chinese-style wedding attire, a phoenix coronet and robes of rank, while in this rare occasion, BaiShaoTang was not dressed in white but in the bridegroom’s attire, a large red flower on his chest.
The bridegroom was the legendary MadHouse Director, the bride was the one who was known for PK-ing his husband and moving countless people, and a publicly-recognised ladyboy. The coming together of these two people would definitely attract many viewers, players loaded into the MatchMaker’s Temple one after another. YeLang found LingYang in the crowd, but it was with Little Antelope’s identity. He did not enter the venue, but standing guard outside the temple. He was not the only one, all members of MadHouse 201 were all gathered at the entrance, they did not look like they were here to attend a wedding at all.

[Whisper] NightWolf: Why aren’t you coming in?
[Whisper] LittleAntelope: Husband ~\(≧▽≦)/~ Today we’re in charge of the wedding security!
[Whisper] NightWolf: What security?
[Whisper] LittleAntelope: Gatecrashers will be coming.
[Whisper] NightWolf: How do you know?
[Whisper] LittleAntelope: It’s for sure, there’s a guild who has been in disagreement with us for a long time, now that Little Bai is getting married, they would definitely come to try and bath the venue in blood.

LingYang hit the nail on the head, a commotion brought dozens of players with the emblem of LM guild on their heads. They killed their way to the entrance of the temple, everyone of them ready to attack, three bloody knives in front of their names.
The MadHouse had long been prepared, they attacked at once, the two groups clashing together.
A cleric appeared and started attacking Little Antelope. YeLang saw that LingYang was under attack, he instinctively intervened. After getting attacked by YeLang, that person did not fight back, but instead stopped.

[Whisper] Fox: Young Master?

YeLang was taken aback, could this name be?

[Whisper] NightWolf: You’re HuLi?

That person confirmed his identity with that question. He leapt out of the combat zone, and probably sent a message to the guild. Not long after, all the LM members stopped fighting and retreated.
The people of MadHouse did not know what was going on, they did not chase after them, but neither did they relaxed their vigilance, and continued guarding the entrance to the temple.
They seemed to be discussing something in private, and Fox finally sent a message.

[Whisper] Fox: On sake of Night Wolf, we won’t be fighting you today, withdraw.

A group of people left quickly, their speed no slower than their arrival.
Everyone was full of suspicions with that statement, wondering about these two people’s relationship, while LingYang alone leapt around in anger.

[Local] LittleAntelope: This damn stinky fox, it’s impossible for both of us to co-exist!!!


The author has something to say:

If people are going to repost this, the author can’t stop it, but please keep the trigger warning on the first chapter, don’t let people who read so many chapters only to realise that this is a boot fetish/Dom-Sub/SM novel, wasting their time.
Even readers who are not involved would have such reactions to the boot fetish. Imagine how Little Antelope who doesn’t dare to talk to Brother Lang about this would feel.
There are many types of people in this world, we don’t have to be receptive to all, but we also don’t have to discriminate against them.

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    There are many types of people in this world, we don’t have to be receptive to all, but we also don’t have to discriminate against them.”


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