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Chapter 10 – Husband and Wife Can’t Agree About Breaking Up

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It has the taste of bliss ^o^


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Eating bones is good for your bones. Shall we have soybean pig trotter soup tomorrow?


After patiently listening to Ling Yang’s experiences in the new server, Little Buckle was silent for awhile. This was different from his usual chattering self.
Just as Ling Yang was starting to suspect that he had been disconnected, he finally replied.


【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: So, Master, because you bought a ladyboy account, you gained a husband?

【Whisper】Bell:Simply put, you’re not wrong.


Another bout of silence occurred.


【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: This is really…

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Too romantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ling Yang choked.


【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: It’s a god-sent marriage! It’s a destined romance! It’s an unexpected surprise!

【Whisper】Bell: It’s truly unexpected, but whether the surprise is a good one…

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master, I think the 500RMB you spent was very worth it.

【Whisper】Bell: If you like it, just help your master solve this problem. Imagine a scene of a disciple stealing his master’s husband. People love seeing cliches like this.

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: No I can’t. Doing this is so lame. Also, even though the account I bought doesn’t have a husband, but there’s still a lover.

【Whisper】Bell: What???

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master, didn’t you see it in 3715? My account is part of a pair, it’s a couple package.

【Whisper】Bell: I only looked at the cleric ones, didn’t bother with other classes.

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: The other party is an archer.

【Whisper】Bell:What name?

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Wife, The Night Is Too Short.



As Ling Yang was chatting in private with Little Buckle, FlowerHouse was collecting the quest items alone. Suddenly, Ling Yang noticed that FlowerHouse had many debuff icons on his character, and he was surrounded by a red glow. This meant that he was receiving a sneak attack.


【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: The seller also told me that if I bought both there’ll be a discount~

【Whisper】Bell: So, did you buy it?

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Why would I buy 2 accounts? That account will be left for my destined lover!

【Whisper】Bell: You don’t even know how the person buying that account would be like.

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: This is the fun of destiny!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Anyway, I’ve decided. whoever buys that account, I’ll marry him!

【Whisper】Bell: … Settle your previous relationship first!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Right, I forgot to mention this, but the guild leader and assistant leader have both asked me privately on QQ about you.

【Whisper】Bell: What did you tell them?

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: I told them you’re now playing another game.

【Whisper】Bell:Which game?

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: QQ:Dancer

【Whisper】Bell: What the fuck! Don’t destroy your master’s image!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Uh, then what to do, change it to QQ:Big Two?

【Whisper】Bell: They know that I don’t know how to play Big Two!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: It’s precisely because you don’t know, that’s why you need to practice.

【Whisper】Bell:… Fine


Ling Yang saw FlowerHouse’s negative state and knew the sneak attacker was a shadow warrior. Recalling FlowerHouse’s performance in yesterday’s group PK, Ling Yang knew it was bad, and he hurried over.
But he was still too late. By the time he arrived, the other party had already dealt FlowerHouse the killing blow. The poor female cleric fell to the ground with a cry. A beauty passed away, as pretty girls always led unfortunate lives. She was not able to come back up.


【Local】Bell: Why is it you again you literary idiot!

【Local】HandsomePeng: I’m doing my daily quest, what’s it got to do with you?

【Local】Bell: Are you a nitwit? Daily quests would require you to kill people?

【Local】HandsomePeng: Sorry, I said that I’m doing my daily quest, which is to kill this ladyboy. If I don’t come and kill him every time I come online, it’ll truly be a waste of this couple teleportation skill.

【Local】Bell: Fuck, I’ve seen shameless people, but I’ve never seen someone as shameless as you!


【Party】FlowerHouse:Just ignore him, he’ll leave when he’s done killing.

【Party】Bell: What? Flower, you’re just going to let him bully you?!

【Party】FlowerHouse: What other choices do I have? If we fight I won’t be able to defeat him, and I’m also not able to divorce him. His intention is to kill me till I quit the game, but I will never fulfil his wish.

【Party】Bell: Why can’t you get divorced?

【Party】FlowerHouse: We chose the ‘Love is Stronger Than Gold’ marriage.

【Party】Bell: …

【Party】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: See, I told you that this marriage system is out to cheat people!


There were many types of marriages available in <Pale Soul OL>.
The most basic level was the ‘Dew’ marriage. You did not even need to spend money on getting married, and you only needed to register at the matchmaker. All you had to do was answer two questions and you were done. It was easy to divorce as well. The couple just had to buy a pair of copper scissors from the NPC for 12 bronze coins, then with a snip, and they could then separate.
Next, it was ‘A Thousand Silvers’, then ‘As Precious as Gold and Jade’, to cater for different levels of marriages. The higher the level, the more money spent was required, and the more luxurious the wedding. If the couple wanted to get a divorce, a pair of silver or gold scissors would be needed, and their prices would be higher accordingly.
The highest level of marriage was ‘Love is Stronger Than Gold’. You could not get this with in-game currency, and you had to buy a pair of ‘Love is Stronger Than Gold’ rings on the microtransaction market. They cost RMB99.
This price was not considered too high, but for many players who would marry today and divorce tomorrow, the biggest impact was not the cost. It was that once married, they would no longer have the option to divorce.
When the ‘Love is Stronger than Gold’ marriage system was released last Valentine’s Day, to express their undying faithful heart, many players bought their partner a ‘Love is Stronger than Gold’ ring.

But even in reality, there were few relationships that lasted forever, what was more on the virtual internet?
An increasing number of ‘Love is Stronger than Gold’ marriages fractured. Couples wanted to split, but were locked together by the handcuffs-like rings. They were unable to divorce their previous partner, and unable to marry their new partner. Some were forced to delete their accounts, change their accounts, change their server,  or even AFK.
Also, the design of this marriage made it such that the partner’s account name could not be hidden. It was displayed prominently on top of the character’s head, becoming an eyesore to themselves and their new partners.

The developers finally could no longer stand the public’s pressure. They had a lucky draw event during Single’s Day last year, and there was a small chance of winning a pair of ‘Love Cutting, Breaking the 6 Bottles of Carnal Desires , A Couple Forced to Part’ scissors. It was the only thing that could break the ‘Love is Stronger than Gold’ relationship.
But the possibility to win the scissors was too small. On the Daishan server there was only 1, and Ling Yang knew who had it.
As for Linshan server that started only January this year, there was no possibility for the scissors to exist here.
The position of Ling Yang’s disciple-in-law on the old server was like that of LuomingWind on the new server. Everywhere he went, people would call him god.
As a god, there would always be a crowd of girls following after him, and this was the thing that made him most annoyed.
He met Ling Yang in-game, then met each other in real life. They both had similar characters, and thus they naturally became friends.

Little Buckle was the only disciple LingYang accepted, and he was an random recommendation by the server. Ling Yang was too lazy to help level other people. The only reason why he would accept this disciple was to complete the ‘Become a Master’ achievement.
But later, Ling Yang discovered that not only did his new disciple not harass him for levelling or items, and was in fact very independent, he started to have a favourable impression of him. One fortuitous occasion, he introduced Little Buckle to his friend to be his shield. 
As it was an agreed upon contract marriage, when they registered they chose the ‘Dew’ marriage, to allow for them to easily divorce later.
Unexpectedly, they were together for more than half a year. They stuck to each other like glue, and their reputation on the server could be compared to Night Wolf and Bell. However, during the last weekend of the school break, Little Buckle suddenly asked to break up amicably. This made everyone raised their brows.
What was even more inconceivable was, as they had both previously exchanged their account log-in details, Little Buckle’s husband arbitrarily logged into both their accounts and changed their ‘Dew’ marriage to ‘Love is Stronger than Gold’. As such, even if they wanted to get divorced, they would not be able to do so. This really made Little Buckle completely furious. 
This was also the reason for Little Buckle leaving the server and running to hide behind Ling Yang.
Now that he met FlowerHouse, who was also trapped in the ‘Love is Stronger than Gold’ marriage, Little Buckle was so happy as though he had met his kindred spirit.


【Party】Bell: Was your relationship in the past very good? Why spend RMB to get married?

【Party】FlowerHouse: Actually thinking about it now, it wasn’t much of anything. He only chose this option to flaunt his wealth and faithfulness…

【Party】Bell: You’ve never told him you’re a guy?

【Party】FlowerHouse: Shouldn’t it have already been obvious…

【Party】Bell: … True.

【Party】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: What? Someone thought that FlowerHouse is a girl?

【Party】FlowerHouse: See? I’ve only just met Little Buckle, and she knows straight away too  ╮(╯▽╰)╭

【Party】Bell: Flower, why did you choose to play a female account?

【Party】FlowerHouse: To look for a husband.


【Party】FlowerHouse: Actually, you’ve already known this, but you might have forgotten about it.

【Party】Bell: What do you mean, could it be…

【Party】FlowerHouse: That’s right, I like guys.

【Party】Bell:You’re gay?

【Party】FlowerHouse: Yeah… Bell, you wouldn’t start discriminating against me because you lost your memories right XD


Ling Yang cried. He could meet his people even while playing games, this was that thing called destiny!


【Party】Bell: Why would I discriminate against you! I like guys too!

【Party】FlowerHouse: … Uhh, Bell you’re a girl. Liking guys is… completely acceptable?

【Party】FlowerHouse: Also, of course I know you like guys. You’re Ah Lang’s wife after all.


Ling Yang: AH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!


【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: HAHAHAHAHA~~~~

【Whisper】Bell: I hate this identity T__T


【Party】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master will definitely not discriminate against you. Just look at me and you’ll know. Actually, I like guys too~

【Party】FlowerHouse: Little Buckle’s not a girl??

【Party】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: You’re so mean, I’m a 101% male.

【Party】FlowerHouse: …

【Party】Bell: …


【Whisper】Bell: Flower’s so pitiful, I must help him!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: How?


【Party】Bell: Flower, are you free tonight?

【Party】FlowerHouse: Why? I have to buy groceries and cook in the afternoon, but I can come online at night.

【Party】Bell: That works, then I’ll see you after dinner, I’ll take you on a quest.


At night, Ling Yang finished drinking Xu Xian’s winter melon pork rib soup, then went online and added FlowerHouse to his party.


【Party】Bell: You should have done this quest before, it’s a level 60 travelling quest.

【Party】FlowerHouse: Is it the one where you have to go to 12 maps continuously and collect 12 feathers, then you’ll get a consumable item that allows you to fly?

【Party】Bell: That’s the one. This is a repeatable quest, and you can do it over and over again. Each time, you’ll get 5000xp upon completion. It’s how I levelled from 60 to 61.


FlowerHouse was shocked, how many times would the quest need to repeated to level!


【Party】Bell: Of course, the main point isn’t the xp, but that consumable reward. My lifelong desire is to be able to fly, and if I can grow a pair of wings, I’ll do anything you want me to, not to mention running 12 maps.


Bell confidently brought FlowerHouse through all the maps. This quest was also known best for the time spent running around, and many people, after completing the quest once, would never do it again. Only Ling Yang would willingly repeat this quest happily to level.
Running all 12 maps took about half an hour. Although FlowerHouse was a follower the entire time, he also felt as though his feet were aching.
After that, Bell brought FlowerHouse to the game’s highest peak, Mt. KunLun. The scenery was one of the best in-game, with the clouds and mist visible, making people feel as though they had stepped into heaven.
FlowerHouse enjoyed the scenery for a bit with Bell, then the system announced that Night Wolf had came online.
Bell stood up and walked to the cliff. At her feet was an endless and boundless chasm.


【Party】Bell: This comprises of all my knowledge from this game, it’s my lifework.

【Party】Bell: Till now, I’ve never shown it to anyone.

【Party】Bell: But today, I will pass it on to you.

【Party】Bell: You must study it carefully, and always keep it in mind.


Bell leapt down the cliff after finishing her words. FlowerHouse hurriedly chased after her.
In the next second, Bell used the consumable item. A bright light shrouded her, and FlowerHouse could barely keep his eyes open.  
When the light dissipated, Bell had 2 large wings on her back. It glowed with a faint white light, and she was surrounded by drifting feathers.
At that moment, Bell was wearing the white outfit purchased by Night Wolf. She hovered in midair, her wings beating rhythmically. Clouds and mist wound around her, and she looked as though she was part of the scenery.
FlowerHouse had completed this quest before. He had also used this item, and also saw others using it. But it had never made such a big visual impact before, and it was as though he was seeing an angel.


【Local】Bell: I want to let you know, combat is not the only way to solve a problem, but neither is avoidance.

【Local】Bell: Now, I’ll show you my secret book of cheats.

【Local】Bell: <A 100 Ways to Kill Your Husband> – Number 1.


At the same time, Night Wolf who just came online received this notice from the system.


【System】Your wife <Bell> is using the ‘Inseparable Lovers’ skill to summon you, do you agree? Confirm / Cancel


Night Wolf selected confirm without any hesitation.
The next second, he saw an angel.
Thereafter, he saw God.


【Combat】<Bell> used ‘Inseparable Lovers’ to summon <NightWolf>.

【Combat】NightWolf has fallen from above, and lost 1025328hp.

【Combat】<NightWolf> has died.


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