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Chapter 9 – The Chaotic Reunion of the Master and Disciple

Sender: Ironman (Ironman·Melting)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Oh My God It’s So Damn Hot
Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

Anyone knows if the school’s ice rink is open during the school holidays? Even if there’s no ice-skating, going there to escape the heat is fine as well.


Sender: Antelope (Little Antelope Has AC, Blankets and Ice Cream)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: Oh My God It’s So Damn Hot
Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

I can let you know now, it’s not open \(^o^)/~ Both the coach and staff also need their holidays. 
By the way, outside east gate there’s a public bath with a sauna that is open, why don’t you try fighting fire with fire?


When Xu Xian opened the door to Ling Yang’s room, his five fingers were flying across the keyboard as he posted on BBS.
Although it was not the first time seeing him like this, each time Xu Xian saw it, he found it very amazing.
“How did you train this ability of typing with one hand?”
“Envious?” Ling Yang asked, not bothering to look at him.
“To be honest, a little. Looking at your speed, it’s not slower than people typing with two hands. If I didn’t see it for myself, I wouldn’t believe that you’re typing with just one hand.”
“What’s there to envy? It’s so inconvenient with one hand, especially when I want to hit ctrl+alt+shift. How I wish I could use my feet as well.”
“But looking on the bright side, your other hand is free to do something else, like jacking off or something.”
Ling Yang’s hand stopped, “Are you serious?”
Xu Xian as though discovering something, “Didn’t you train your ability this way?”
“What the fuck!!”  

Xu Xian let it go, “I’m just joking.”
Ling Yang raised his left hoof. “If you were like me, you would be able to learn this outstanding skill too.”
Xu Xian took a glance at his fingers and clicked his tongue. “Be serious, how did you become so tragic?”
Without giving Ling Yang a chance to speak, he continued, “Please don’t tell me you got into a car accident.”
Ling Yang rolled his eyes, “As though I will use such a lame reason like that? Didn’t I tell you before? I got injured while ice-skating.”
“Isn’t our ice-skating class happening only next semester?”
“We can’t ice-skate if there aren’t any classes? You can register with your student ID, it’s free.”
“I couldn’t tell that you’re so into this sport.”
“You want to go together? I’ll bring you along when school starts again.”
“Looking at your pathetic martyr image, I think not.”
“There’s a senior who’s a part-time coach at the ice rink, he’s the pretty-boy type.”
“When are you going next? Remember to invite me.”

Ling Yang: “…”  

“By the way, when will your antelope hoof recover?”
“It’s been a hundred days, it should be soon.” Ling Yang wiggled his fingers. “Actually I feel that it’s near full recovery already, but the doctor still doesn’t want me to stress them, afraid that they’ll heal wrongly or something.”
“I think you should listen to the doctor. Take care of it. It’ll be troublesome if there are any repercussions.”
“Yeah, why else would I be so pathetic.” Getting kicked from a raid, and getting bullied by a shadow warrior.
“I’ll stew some bone broth for you tonight as a supplement.” Xu Xian stood up to leave.
“Wa~ Flower you’re really the heaven’s number one virtuous wife! Please marry me!” Ling Yang was starry-eyed.
“In your dreams!”
Ling Yang browsed BBS for a little while before going into <Pale Soul OL>. Just as he came online, FlowerHouse too came online.


【Whisper】FlowerHouse: Bell, do you want to do the daily missions?

【Whisper】Bell: Add me to the party~


Although it was the holidays, students usually preferring staying up at night. It was morning now, the best time to sleep in, and so there were not many guild members online. The party therefore only had FlowerHouse and Bell.


【Whisper】Bell: FlowerHouse’s work-rest schedule is so healthy, sleeping and waking early.

【Party】FlowerHouse: Haha, it’s a habit. Aren’t you the same?

【Party】Bell:I woke up early to steal breakfast… By the way, is my husband’s sleep schedule very bad? I’ve never seen him online in the day.

【Party】FlowerHouse: Eh? You don’t know? I thought you remembered him?

【Party】Bell: Uh, just some parts, just some parts.

【Party】FlowerHouse: He has to work in the day.

【Party】Bell: Work????

【Party】FlowerHouse: … There’s no need to be this shocked, right?

【Party】Bell: Isn’t he a student?

【Party】FlowerHouse: Oh, now it’s the school holidays, he… you can consider it as working part-time.

【Party】Bell: Working part-time??????


Ling Yang was completely startled. Images of a server with an apron and a rag cleaning in McDonald’s, or someone wearing a thick and heavy mascot costume standing on the street distributing flyers under the hot summer sun both popped into his head.
After that that guy would take his hard-earned money and repay the debts that his ladyboy scamming wife owed, protecting her reputation…
Thinking of this, Ling Yang could not help but feel tearful. 


【Party】Bell: Then, Bell, I’m referring to the past me, knew about him working?

【Party】FlowerHouse: Of course. Ever since graduating from high school, Ah Lang had started working, and school holidays are not an exception as well. You still complained that he didn’t accompany you during the school holidays.

【Party】Bell: … What a heartless woman.

【Party】FlowerHouse: What?

【Party】Bell: Oh don’t mind me, I just suddenly thought of my faculty head.

【Party】FlowerHouse: Your thoughts seemed to have jumped a little too far?


Ling Yang opened the character panel. He was still wearing the outfit Night Wolf bought for Bell a few days ago. All these had expiration dates, and each item could only be worn for 7 days. They were not cheap.
He had another outfit in his backpack, in preparation for the current outfit’s expiration. Both outfits were similar. One was cream coloured, the other white, and they were of the young, pure and innocent girl style.

After agreeing to pretend to be Night Wolf’s wife, Ling Yang discovered that the other party really treated him as though he was his wife in the game. He would spend a lot of money on him, but Ling Yang could only dress accordingly to the style Night Wolf preferred.
Under LingY ang’s observation, Night Wolf only liked the pure, classical and fresh types, and he was not interested at all in the sexy and seductive types. There were many scanty outfits available in the game that were very popular, but Night Wolf would never buy those for Bell.
But it was also due to that, that Ling Yang did not have to dress scantily and run around in the game. He thought that he himself would also not be able to stand it.  

Originally, Ling Yang had thought the other person was a rich guy. Dolling up his wife was to satisfy his vanity, so it was naturally for him to accept all gifts.
But now that he accidentally discovered the secret source of Night Wolf’s money, his heart could not help but ache.
One should know that Ling Yang had never spent a single cent while playing games. Spending 500dollars to buy an account was the first time he exchanged RMB for digital goods.
The previous Bell clearly knew that Night Wolf had to work during the school holidays, yet still did such things that wronged him. It really made people’s blood boil!  


【Party】Bell: Flower, tell me the truth. Did you feel that I was very bad previously?

【Party】FlowerHouse: What?

【Party】Bell: Just… Like how I kept pestering my husband to buy things for me, and squandering his money.

【Party】FlowerHouse: Uh, it wasn’t bad. It’s not so exaggerated, and also Ah Lang was more often the one who would take the initiative in buying things for you?

【Party】Bell: I should still have rejected them! I shouldn’t be wasting my husband’s hard-earned money like this!

【Party】FlowerHouse: … No wonder Ah Lang likes you, you’re really considerate of him.


But he doesn’t mind that you’ve spent his money recklessly, he doesn’t have any lack of money anyway, FlowerHouse thought.
Interning at his family’s company should be able to be considered as a part-time job. Also unlike other bosses’ sons only going to work for show, Ah Lang really started from the bottom there.
FlowerHouse still remembered the holiday break after graduating from high school. Ah Lang joined the company as an intern without exposing his identity. His work scope was basically things like buying coffee, photocopying, running errands etc.
Even though now everyone knew who he was, but he was still doing the most basic tasks in the company.
This could be considered one of Ye family’s traditions, every child of their family had to start an internship in the family business from young. There was no exceptions. According to them, only like this they could then completely understand the company processes, and hence manage the company better in the future.
So Ye family’s children were unlike those of other rich men’s high profile sons. They tended to be more low-profile, and they could all endure hardships.


【Party】Bell: I will change for the better!

【Party】FlowerHouse: What?

【Party】Bell:I will be a good wife!

【Party】FlowerHouse: Uh…

【Party】Bell: Watch me change from a scum bottom to a loyal dog in 1 second!

【Party】FlowerHouse: Little Bottom Don’t Run Away’s influence on the guild is really big… 


The two of them continued with their daily mission in the party, until a third person appeared on the map.


【Local】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master~~~~ Why did you d/c when you saw me last night?

【Local】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master~~~~ I’m here to use you as a shelter~~~~

【Local】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master~~~~ Why do you keep ignoring me?


【Party】FlowerHouse: Bell, is that person calling you?

【Party】Bell: Person? What person? Is there someone else other than us on this map?

【Party】FlowerHouse: … Don’t scare me!


【Local】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master~~~~ I’m here to use you as a shelter~~~~

【Local】Bell: Pretty girl, you’ve got the wrong person!  


【Whisper】Bell: Don’t call me master with your disgusting name!

【Whisper】 Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master, you’re finally acknowledging me, 555555~~~

【Whisper】 Bell:What are you trying to do, why did you buy this account!?

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Because there were only 3 accounts available on 3715! One was in leet I don’t understand, the other was called Bin Laden Complimented My Bed Skills~

【Whisper】Bell: It’s Obama Complimented My Looks!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Is there a difference? Anyway they’re all not my style, is this name not good? I think it’s not too bad.

【Whisper】Bell: I don’t know you, bye!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master, don’t (/TДT)/

【Whisper】Bell: Why did you have to buy a cleric? You weren’t playing a cleric previously!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: I’m your disciple, of course I have to be the same as you! I even reset my skill tree on purpose to play the druid archetype too~


【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Only like this can it be seen that I’m your direct disciple!

【Whisper】Bell: But do you know how to play it?

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: I completely don’t know(/TДT)/  

【Whisper】 Bell:You might as well have started a new account!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Who would level me on the new account? Could I expect Master to help level me?

【Whisper】Bell: … No I think that you made the right and smart decision in buying this account. 


Ling Yang was too lazy to even level his own character, he could never bring his disciple to level.
Previously when his disciple was levelling, as his Master, he had never brought him around to level at all. It was always his disciple-in-law taking care of it, and his purpose as his Master was to just chat with his disciple only.
It seemed like these two people’s brain circuits were identical, they could lose themselves in their conversation, chatting non-stop about all and any matters. In comparison, his disciple-in-law was silent as a barn, and Ling Yang did not know how they had managed to spend so much time together.  


【Whisper】Bell: Eh, right. you came over to the Linshan server, does your butcher know about it?

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Butcher?

【Whisper】Bell: It’s my disciple-in-law, my disciple’s husband.

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Of course he doesn’t know, you better not tell him about it!

【Whisper】Bell: I also don’t want to! But he’s a pervert! I have no secrets in front of him!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master! I believe you can withstand the pressure! You’re the best, you can do it!

【Whisper】Bell: I also don’t know what happened between the two of you. Your relationship was clearly always so good, but in the end, one wanted to divorce, and the other refused to do so.

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Aiyah, right from the start, it was because there were too many girls harassing him on the server. Didn’t we fake married so to get rid of them? Master, you were the one who introduced us!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: We had also agreed from the start, as long as I found someone suitable, we could break up amicably. Who would have thought he wouldn’t keep his word!

【Whisper】Bell:You’re not wrong… But I saw that you two were very congenial, I still thought you guys became real partners!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: You’ve already said he was a pervert. You actually pushed me to a pervert, Master you’re so mean!

【Whisper】Bell: … Anyway, I can also only delay your news for about a month. When school starts again, I can’t hide from him anymore.

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Don’t worry, he’ll have forgotten about me by then. Right, Master, do you have a guild on this server? Add me to it.

【Whisper】Bell:Oh right, you join our party first.


【Party】<Husband,PleaseDoItGently> has joined the party.

【Party】FlowerHouse: This name…

【Party】Bell: Let me introduce, this is my disciple. Disciple, this is Flower.

【Party】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Nice to meet you, Flower!

【Party】FlowerHouse: Nice to meet you, Husband… Why does this feel so weird.

【Party】Bell: Uh, just call him Little Buckle then.

【Party】FlowerHouse: Little Buckle ^ ^ What a cute name.

【Party】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: ~(@^_^@)~ Are you a new friend Master met on this server?

【Party】FlowerHouse: What?


【Whisper】Bell: No! He’s a friend of the original account owner!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Huh?

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master, I don’t seem to get it?

【Whisper】Bell: It’s a long story, I’ll tell you later.

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Ok~


【Party】Bell: Uh, can my disciple join our guild?

【Party】FlowerHouse: Of course, but the people in charge of accepting requests aren’t around. Wait for MoMo or Sister DC to come online later, then they can be accepted.

【Party】Bell: Ok.

【Party】FlowerHouse: Or just look for your husband to add him directly is possible too.

【Party】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: What??? Master has a husband???


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