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Chapter 19 – Thanks To Teacher, I Got Out of Danger

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As school just started, there were many people around. Among them were more than a few righteous people, and hearing that someone was yelling about a molester, they naturally were obliged to help out. Ling Yang was quickly caught by two burly guys, and brought in front of the one who was molested.
“Senior, my heroic name had completely been ruined by your hand. Now that everyone here knows I molested a girl, they will discriminate against my sexual orientation,” Ling Yang said, aggrieved.
“Hmph, if you didn’t start running when you saw me, would I have to do this? You think I want to be molested by a little bottom?” The one referred to as senior replied scornfully, while stuffing the flyers she was holding into the hands of those two righteous guys. “Thanks to the both of you for helping me out. This is our Anime Club’s recruitment flyer, if you guys come, I’ll introduce girls to you.”
The both of them took the flyers and left happily, leaving Ling Yang to face the senior with a despairing expression.
“Senior, please let me go, I really can’t do it~”
“Now you’re saying you can’t? The clothes have been made already, and they’re according to your measurement. If you tell me now that you can’t do it, where am I going to find someone to replace you?”
“Aiyah, I’m no longer like the past me, I just want to remain low profile.”
“Low profile? Do you know how to write low profile these two words? School’s BBS famous ID student Little Antelope.”
“Senior, you don’t know, this holiday, I took a master that is low profile, and now I’ve already trained my inner fanatic to become pure and innocent.”
“Stop acting. I don’t care, tomorrow we’ll be recruiting at the entrance of Cafeteria 2. You must be there before noon to put on the outfit and get made up… What the fuck, what happened to your antelope hoof? You played punk and got it fractured by others?”
“Yes yes! Senior, see, I’m injured. I really want to help but I’m not able to do it.”
“Nobody leaves the front line because of minor injuries. Anyway, with your long sleeves, it wouldn’t be seen. By then, just pay a little more attention and don’t expose it. It’ll be fine. Also, there will be an outdoor shoot in the afternoon. Do you have any classes then? If you do, skip them.”
“What the hell? Senior, after one holiday, you’ve become more tyrannical!”
“There’s no point in kissing ass, give me your phone! You think you’ve moved out of the dormitory, changed your phone number and QQ account, nobody would be able to find you? If you can, you should just hide deep in the mountains where there’s no reception. If not, you can also go to the countryside and be a teacher. It’ll be considered as contributing to society.”
Resigned, Ling Yang took his phone out. “Hey, I shine perfectly just by living like this.”
The senior stored his mobile number into her own phone. “If you go and bring all your beaux to me, I’ll make sure that you can skip for a few more days. Remember, tomorrow at noon, the events plaza in front of Cafeteria 2. If you don’t come, just wait for me to mass-send your phone number out.”
“Senior, please don’t~~~~~~~~~~~~”
Ling Yang dejectedly walked to the modern literature department building, where his classroom was. At first, he wanted to find a small corner and hide, but just as he sneaked in from the back door, he saw Brother Bear from his dormitory turning around and waving at him. As though afraid that people would not notice him, he shouted: “Yangyang!”
With that situation Ling Yang had no choice but to make his way there. He decided, he could hide for now but he would not be able to hide forever, and at most, he would just fight it out.
“We haven’t met over the holidays, but why does it look like you’ve withered during the break?” Brother Bear threw his arm around Ling Yang’s neck, knuckling his head with his fist.
“Hey, softer, softer! I’ve just stayed at home for too long and have not seen the sun, I’ll be back to normal once I spend more time outside.” Ling Yang hurriedly begged for mercy.
“Heihei,” Brother Bear laughed sinisterly. Hooking Ling Yang’s elbow, he tugged at it a little. Leaning his head over, he spoke quietly, “Time to confess. Do you owe the loansharks money?”
“How could that be?”
“Don’t keep me in secret anymore! School has only just started, but the creditors have already came a few times. Luckily your brother is loyal enough, and I’ve stopped them all for you. I didn’t let a single detail leak out!” Brother Bear patted his chest, his expression full of merit.
“I knew it, Brother, you’re the kindest.” Ling Yang pushed against the other person’s chest. “Right, so what kind of people have been looking for me?”
“Oh, let me think…” Brother Bear stroked his chin. “There’s one, when he’s serious, he looks like Michael Scofield, and when he smiles he looks a little like Stephen Chow.”
“… Are you still describing a human? What else?”
“There’s still one more, his eyes are like Er Kang’s, his nose like Yong Qi’s, his mouth like the Eighth Prince, and in general he looks a little like Fourth Prince.”1
“What the fuck? Such a horrifying face, and the dormitory manager still allowed him to enter?”
“Oh, and one more… There was also a handsome guy.”
Ling Yang’s curiosity was baited. How handsome would a guy have to be to be described by Brother Bear as handsome? “How does he look like?”
“There, he’s just sitting over there, and he even came by twice. I told him that you still haven’t returned to school yet.” Brother Bear jerked his chin towards the right. Ling Yang looked over and cringed immediately.
“Please, you could have just said it was the class leader,” Ling Yang said feebly.
“Even the class leader is also looking for you. Quick, tell me exactly what offensive things have you done.”
“Bro, you’re the one brother I trust the most, and you’re the only one in the entire class that knows my current address. You must definitely keep this secret for me, just take it as I’m begging you, please~”
“So how are you going to thank me?” Brother Bear started putting on airs.
“I’l treat you to food at Cafeteria 2, ok?”
“No need! I don’t want to go to the hospital just as school is starting.”
Ling Yang and Brother Bear were chatting with their heads down, and they did not realise that someone had entered the class. Only after they heard murmurings around them did they realise something was not right.
“What the fuck, why is it him?” Brother Bear’s voice sounded next to him.
Ling Yang looked towards the front of the class. He also froze for a moment, why was it him?
The person who just entered headed directly to the platform, placing the folders in his hand on the table. Not caring that the audience was murmuring away, he went straight to the point.
“Your faculty counselor is not feeling well, and I will be taking over temporarily for this semester. Everyone already knows me, so I don’t have to introduce myself. Next, I’ll get to know the rest of you. Who’s the class leader? …”
The person standing on the platform was called Tang Xiuwen. He taught Modern Literature Appreciation, and his class was compulsory, so all the students were already familiar with him.
Tang Xiuwen was young, talented and good-looking. Normally, he should be very well-received by the students, but because his character was elegant and aloof, he would never do things like integrating himself with the students. As such, everyone could only describe him as a white lotus that could only be watched from afar, and never to be dallied with.
But this was only with respect to other students. It could be said that there was some sort of background to the relationship between Ling Yang and Tang Xiuwen. In the entire faculty there was only Ling Yang who would dare to get closer to him.
“Wah, it can’t be. Why is the substitute counselor Mr. Tang? He’s the one I’m most afraid of.” Brother Bear rubbed his arm, not forgetting to push his sleeve up and showing it to Ling Yang. “Look, all my hair is standing up upon seeing him.”
Ling Yang looked at Brother Bear, speechless. Brother Bear was called Brother Bear not because his name had a bear character in it, but because of his height and build. He had a height of198cm, rounding up to 2m, and everyone called him by this name until they could not even remember his real name already.
A nearly 2m tall guy with huge muscles saying that he was afraid of someone, how scary was that person exactly?
“You’re over-exaggerating, he’s not as scary as you say he i.,” Ling Yang sucked his lips in. “I think he’s quite approachable.”
Brother Bear looked as him as though he saw a monster. The assistant class leader sitting in front of him also heard him and turned around to join in the discussion.
“Wah, Ling Yang, I have to give it to you. In the entire school, I think only you will use the word approachable to describe Mr. Tang.”
Ling Yang was speechless. “You guys are over-exaggerating!”
“He’s our school’s famous glacier-beauty bottom.” The assistant class leader was a classic fujoshi. “Anything living within ten meters of him will have to die.”
Ling Yang’s mouth twitched, his thought process was definitely different from the others.
Also, what was a famous glacier-beauty bottom? In today’s society, can students now all fantasise so openly about their teachers?
“Talking about this, Ling Yang, you have a good relationship with him. Is it because you already knew each other from before?” The assistant class leader asked.
“Yes, I was close friends with his younger brother in high school.”
“Mr. Tang has a younger brother? Does he look like him?” She started gossiping again.
Ling Yang’s eyes drifted over to Tang Xiuwen. The other person looked towards him as though he could sense it. Their eyes connected, and Tang Xiuwen’s cold gaze made Ling Yang tremble. It seemed like everyone was not wrong.
“No, they look completely different.” Ling Yang shook his head vigorously.
The class leader sitting two rows in front of Ling Yang suddenly turned and glanced at him. This look made Ling Yang shudder. He looked down and pushed his sleeve up, discovering that his hair was also now standing on ends.
Damn, the real glacier should be this guy. Between the two of them, no one knew who was colder.
The best part about changing their faculty counselor to Tang Xiuwen was that he was not naggy. After making the necessary announcements, he dismissed the class, and this made the students that were already prepared to listen to a long-winding speech all sigh in relief.
Ling Yang, who had regained his freedom wanted to run off quickly, but when he had only taken a step, he was stopped by a voice behind him.
“Little Antelope.”
They were only two words, but they were filled with so much lethality that made Ling Yang unable to even move half a step.
He slowly turned around, his face displaying a bright charming smile. “Heihei, Class Leader, I haven’t seen you in awhile.”
“Why are you hiding from me?”
“That’s an injustice, when did I hide from you?”
“If you’re not, would you be running away so quickly?”
“I’m only in a hurry to buy buns from Cafeteria 2. If I’m late, there wouldn’t be any left.” Ling Yang smiled obsequiously.
Wei Shi clearly planned on ignoring his obvious fake excuse, and he wanted to question him some more. His eyes swept across Ling Yang, only to notice his left hand.
“What happened to your hand?” Wei Shi frowned.
Ling Yang raised his hand and wiggled his fingers. “You mean this? Would you believe it if I say I broke my fingers while arm-wrestling?”
“You think I’m an idiot?”
“Since you won’t believe me, then stop asking,” Ling Yang said slyly.
Wei Shi silently stared at Ling Yang, scaring him. He always felt that this person did not need to speak and would still be able to find out all his secrets.
“You didn’t come online at all during the break.”
“My hand is already like this, how would I go online?”
“What about him?”
Ling Yang smiled wryly. “Class Leader, you’re closer to him than I am. The things I know, you know as well, and the things I don’t know, you know them too. If you don’t know where he went, it’s impossible that I would know more than you.”
Wei Shi was about to speak, only to be interrupted by Ling Yang. After all, Ling Yang could also be considered his elder, and looking at him splitting hairs like this, he had to give him some advice. “I say, you butcher, life is short, carpe diem. Don’t keep trying to hold on to a person. If it’s not yours, it’s not yours. Even if you fished up all the fish in Lake Shiwen, so what? The other person will not return. Why don’t you let go earlier? The fishes are innocent.”
Wei Shi studied him, finally spitting out four words straight-forwardly, “I’m not like you.”
Ling Yang rolled his eyes, how come they can always get me involved in this.
“Student Ling Yang,” A voice came from nearby. To Ling Yang, this was heaven-sent!
“Ah, teacher, I was about to look for you,” Ling Yang ran over swiftly.
“Ok, about what?” Tang Xiuwen asked, and then turned to ask the person behind Ling Yang, “You have something to ask too?”
“Yes.” Wei Shi who followed behind replied without a change in his expression.
Ling Yang was dismayed. Why could he not shake him off?
“Then let’s go together.” Tang Xiuwen turned and left, the two following after him.
 While walking, Tang Xiuwen started talking to Ling Yang about domestic things. “My brother called, he asked why didn’t you go back during the break.”
“Ah, there was an exceptional circumstance… New Year, I’ll definitely go back during the New Year. I also miss him a lot. Right, did he say anything else?”
“He said that there was a bastard who called him many times to ask about you.”
Ling Yang choked for a moment. “Although you’re not wrong in phrasing it that way, there should at least be a name attached to the bastard right?”
“There seems to be, but I can’t remember it already.”
When Tang Xiuwen was with Ling Yang, his attitude was clearly warmer. However, in the next second, he reverted back to that cold and distant iceberg image, asking Wei Shi who had been walking next to them. “Did you see the email I sent two days ago?”
“I saw it.”
“Have you considered it?”
“I haven’t finish considering it.”
“Better hurry, Professor Liang was full of approval for the thesis you submitted during your exam. He hopes you can research this topic with him this year. Later, when either a book or a thesis is published, your name will be attached to it, and it’ll be very useful for your future. You know that Professor Liang never accepts students from our department, so this is a very rare opportunity. I hope you can hold on to it.”
“But I saw that that the research project would take at least 3 months.”
“If you’re worried about your studies, I can help you with your teachers. Anyway it’s easy to make up for the classes in your major. If it’s you, there would be no issues at all, whereas for the class duties…” Tang Xiuwen glanced at Ling Yang meaningfully, and the latter immediately shook his head like a rattle.
“The assistant class leader can take over temporarily.”
Next to them, Ling Yang heard everything clearly. He would of course not let go off this opportunity to escape Wei Shi. “Wah, teacher, are you referring to that Shanxi University Chinese Department’s Professor Liang? He’s a famous professor, to be able to work on a project with him is really an opportunity that would only happen once in a thousand years. Who would not treasure this chance? If he had selected me, I would immediately pack my bags and scuttle my ass over there.”
Tang Xiuwen’s eyes swept over him, “How vulgar.”
“… I would immediately respectfully go up to him and ask for pointers.”
“This is more like it.”
“I understand, I will reply Professor Liang as soon as possible,” Wei Shi said.
Having dismissed Wei Shi, Tang Xiuwen again turned his attention to Ling Yang. “Why are you looking for me?”
“Heihei, I want to request for you to help me get some fake medical certificates.”
“Your swimming classes, right?”
“Wah, I’m so fortunate that the counselor has been changed this semester. It saves me from having to make many explanations.”
“I’ve heard my brother mentioned it before. I can be your witness, but you still have to get the fake MCs from the school clinic.”
“Oh, with proof the MCs will be easy to get. Thank you very much!”
Tang Xiuwen wrote a letter for Ling Yang as proof. LingYang took it and waved it at him. “Thanks, teacher, I’ll go now.”
“Bye.” Tang Xiuwen paused, “Student Xiao Lingyang.”
Ling Yang froze. His name was Ling Yang, and his online name was Little Antelope. The worst thing about this was when someone called him Xiao Lingyang, he would never be able to tell if the other person was calling his actual name intimately, or was calling his online name.2
Ling Yang could not fathom what Tang Xiuwen meant. He stood there for a few seconds, but was still unable to come up with an answer, and so he could only laugh awkwardly and run off.
Ling Yang happily left the school clinic with his MC. He had thought that he would meet his death today, but who would have guess there would be a change in the situation, that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, the incident where he was caught by his senior did not count.
Today, he managed to get the MC effortlessly, and he also got rid of a certain final boss. For the next three months at least, he no longer need to live so apprehensively, whereas after the next three months… He guessed what his disciple said would come true, that things would be forgotten by then.
Teacher, you’re really a lucky star in my life!
Ling Yang elatedly hummed a song. His footsteps sped up. He wanted to return home quickly, and share this amazing news with Little Buckle!

Author’s Note:

I don’t know what fillings are in the buns from Cafeteria 2 today. Usually for VIP guests, we would ask Brother Wolf to treat them at Senlan’s Snack City, but this important setting has yet to appear.

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