TANW Chapter 72

Chapter 72 – The Black Bellied Wild Wolf on His Daily Mission

Wild Wolf Empire Community White Socks Section

OP: Heheh, it’s me. I’m the OP from yesterday who posted about coming out of the closet to my BF. Thanks for all your replies, everyone’s encouragement has boosted my courage, I can feel all your hopes and expectations.
But very sorry, I’m bound to disappoint all of you.My BF and I have been together for 3 years. I was the one who went after him first. However after we got together, he was very very good to me, treating me as though I was his dearest treasure.
Everyone says that there’s no forever in the gay circle, but I don’t agree with that. I had thought that my BF and me would be together forever.
Not too long ago I had fallen ill with a high fever. He kept watch over me for 3 entire days without any rest. I felt that this person was truly good to me, and believed that he would be able to accept me entirely for who I am, that I didn’t need to hide from him anymore. Because of this, I now felt that I had the courage to come clean to him, and there wasn’t a need for this barrier between us anymore, that I didn’t have to keep this a secret. So then I told him, I told him everything. For this moment, I prepared a lot of research, and my confession was from the depths of my heart, hoping that he could accept me, and also let him know the existence of people like me in this world.
I’ll never be able to forget that ashen look on his face after listening to my confession, that dead silence, that “pervert” that followed it. That word pierced my heart, drilling into me, completely sentencing me to death.
After he left, this word replayed continuously in my mind, as though someone had hit the replay button with wicked intentions, and it would never stop repeating.

I was born gay, and ever since I hit puberty, my eyes were only drawn to people of the same gender. I like the brightness and youthfulness of guys. At the stadium, I would be attracted to the white ankle socks that flashed in and out of my eyes, so pure, so holy, and I would barely be able to restrain myself. This instinct was born in me, it’s engraved in my soul, such that I’m unable to escape from it, and can only choose to accept it.
As a gay, like many others, I’ve experienced having secret crushes, failed love confessions, and even loved a straight good friend who would never reciprocate my feelings. I’ve persevered through all these, and finally found my happiness.
Every day spent with him was filled with joy. I’m a monogamous person, very loyal to my BF, and never fooled around outside. As for that fetish of mine, I could only bear with it, bear with it, and continued bearing with it, afraid that he would discover that side of me.

However, as time passed, the pressure on me increased, I could no longer bear with it. Gradually, I started living each day cautiously, as though walking on eggshells.

Sometimes I felt, being a gay, I was already on the path of no return, why did I have to insist on continuing down this narrowing path…
I clearly love my BF so much, why was I still so unwilling to give up, and greedily desired for him to accept this degrading part of me, a person who even looked down on himself… This is heaven’s punishment for me, I cannot blame others, it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have wanted too much.

Thank you, friends of Empire. Coming here and knowing you guys, is one of the greatest highlights of my life.
You have made me felt that I’m not alone in this world.
You have accompanied me in the past, as for the future, please forgive me for not being able to continue with you guys…
If there’s a next life, I hope that I’ll be a normal person, one who is able to live in the sun. If I become a girl, I wish to have a boyfriend who would cherish me. If I remain a boy, I wish to be able to get married with a girl, surrounded by children and grandchildren.

“Missing your smile, missing your coat, missing your white socks, and your smell…”
Such a beautiful love, only to exist in a song.
In another world, would there also be such beautiful singing?


XuXian also saw Fox’s message in global, he whispered YeLang.

[Whisper] FlowerHouse: What is going on?
[Whisper] NightWolf: He’s HuLi.
[Whisper] FlowerHouse: That singer HuLi? So he’s playing this too?
[Whisper] NightWolf: I just found out as well.
[Whisper] FlowerHouse: Then what’s with YangYang?

The people from LM had all left, but Little Antelope was still yelling and leaping around, looking unhappy about it.

[Whisper] NightWolf: He’s creating another imaginary love rival for himself again.

Previously it was Bell, now it was HuLi, he had to admit that LingYang was also very imaginative.

[Whisper] FlowerHouse: Faint, HuLi’s words were pretty misleading, won’t you explain it to YangYang?
[Whisper] NightWolf: It’s good to let him have a little sense of crisis.
[Whisper] FlowerHouse: == Ah Lang you’ve gone bad.

XuXian was a little curious, he knew that BaiLong and YangYang did not get along with HuLi, but had never thought that the enmity originated from within the game.

[Whisper] FlowerHouse: Why do you guys not get along with LM?
[Whisper] BaiShaoTang: There’s someone in LM who used to be the wife of our assistant guild leader.
[Whisper] FlowerHouse: Assistant guild leader? Isn’t that YangYang?
[Whisper] BaiShaoTang: It’s the other assistant guild leader, MengHu, you’ve met him before.
[Whisper] FlowerHouse: Ah! Doesn’t that mean she’s… YangYang’s previous love rival?
[Whisper] BaiShaoTang:
I guess you could describe her as such, we’ve never liked her from the start, but we still maintained a superficial relationship. After the two of them divorced, we then became at odds with each other.
[Whisper] FlowerHouse: What a complicated relationship, I still thought that MengHu’s girlfriend was offline.
[Whisper] BaiShaoTang: We know her in real life, she’s also from the same compound as us, the daughter of a commander. She started playing the game because she knew we were playing it.
[Whisper] FlowerHouse: Then why did she join LM instead of you guys?
[Whisper] BaiShaoTang: Her cousin is there.
[Whisper] FlowerHouse: Oh it’s like that…
[Combat] <BaiShaoTang> is enraged!
[Whisper] FlowerHouse: ??? Why are you enraged?
[Whisper] BaiShaoTang: <BaiShaoTang> attacks <MasterPeng>!

XuXian was taken aback, didn’t this fellow left the game long ago?

BaiLong was a wind mage, raising his hand he summoned an enormous tornado, and lifted that person into the air.

[Local] MasterPeng: I’m here to attend the wedding, why are you killing me!

XuXian noticed the problem.

[Local] FlowerHouse: Husband, you’ve got the wrong person! He’s not Handsome Peng, he’s Master Peng!
(T/N: MasterPeng – 彭大师 looks very similar to HandsomePeng – 彭大帅)

BaiLong pulled his hand back, the tornado subsided, and poor Master Peng fell from the sky.

[Local] BaiShaoTang: Sorry, I mistook you for someone else.
[Local] MasterPeng: …… Fuck!

XuXian thought this was over, but who would have guessed BaiLong would again summon another tornado. XuXian took a close look, and nearly stamped his foot in frustration.

[Local] FlowerHouse: He’s also not Handsome Peng, he is Peng’s Too Handsome!
(T/N: Peng’s Too Handsome – 彭太帅)

Peng’s Too Handsome fell down too.

[Local] BaiShaoTang: Ooops.
[Local] Peng’sTooHandsome: …… Ooops your head!

Mistaking people twice, BaiLong still did not learn his lesson, and summoned a third tornado.

[Local] GrandmasterPeng: I knew I’ll be the next victim, it’s really difficult to choose a name in this day and age (╯▽╰)
(T/N: Grandmaster Peng – 彭太师)
[Local] BaiShaoTang: Forget it, since your names are so alike, I’ll just deal with you all at once.

He used his AoE attack, and the area was suddenly full of tornados sweeping through the crowd. As people scrambled around, the already crowded MatchMaker’s Temple dissolved into a scene of chaos.
The gentle XuXian finally flipped the table.

[Local] FlowerHouse: Are we still getting married or not!!!

He had finally realised that BaiLong was a very unreasonable person in real life, and everything had to go according to him. He was even worse in the game, no wonder everyone would say to avoid the people from Madhouse if they ever met them, and never bother trying to reason with them. With such a guild leader, this did not surprise him at all!

As usual, LingYang woke up late in the morning. XuXian’s and BaiLong’s wedding last night was supposed to be held at 6pm, but in the end it dragged till 11.30pm before the ceremony ended. After that was all sorts of activities to tease the couple, and they only finished late at night. Luckily, it was the weekend, and there was no need to rise early.
Deep in his sleep, his blanket was yanked away, and he suddenly felt a chill.

Since young, LingYang did not like wearing clothes to sleep. Even when he was older, he never got rid of this habit. As long as he was at home with no outsiders next to him, he would definitely sleep in the nude.
After his blanket has removed, he felt something heavy land on his chest, pressing against his ribs.

Having been roused from his pleasant dreams, LingYang opened his eyes unhappily, about to curse that person. He then looked down on that thing on his body, and immediately fell silent.
At some point in time, YeLang had moved a chair next to the bed. His fingers were interlaced, resting on his abs, his legs stretched onto the bed, the soles of his boots pressing onto LingYang’s chest.
Those were a pair of brown Dr. Martens, it had been modified with a vintage effect to look bronze in colour, despite being made of  soft leather, it gave people the impression that it was made of metal.

LingYang squinted at it, “Husband, you bought new boots again?”
“Yeah,” YeLang replied lightly. Tilting his head he studied his boots, his feet moving along with his eyesight, as though admiring his own beloved boots from all angles. The movement of his feet caused the soles of the boots to slowly rub along LingYang’s chest, even scraping along certain sensitive body parts.
As though getting shocked by a current, LingYang trembled, he could even track the trajectory of every individual groove on the soles moving along his body.

“You like it?” YeLang asked.
LingYang was not sure if he was referring to the boots or something else, he hemmed and hawed, “I like it…”
YeLang’s eyes swept past him, LingYang followed his line of sight, feeling a strong wave of despair coming over him.
“You’re hard,” YeLang smiled faintly.
“I… It’s morning wood, every guy would have this issue in the morning, you understand…”
YeLang nodded, seeming to believe that this explanation was very reasonable.

LingYang then recalled that the two of them had arranged for a date today.
“Ah, give me a moment, I’ll go get ready.”
“Just continue sleeping,” YeLang exerted a little more pressure with his toes, pushing LingYang back down to the bed. “I came here to let you know that I have something on at the company today, I’ll need to drop by.”
LingYang was speechless, “You only need to text me about cancelling a date, why did you come here personally?”
YeLang pulled his feet back, standing up, he headed out, “To do my daily mission.”

When YeLang left, LingYang pulled the blanket back over his body. Fuck, it was too dangerous, as expected, he definitely had to get rid of this habit of sleeping in the buff.
Daily mission? What is that? Was he teasing me just now, right? He was teasing me just now!
Could it be that he knew about it? He can’t know about it! He really knows about it?
Ah~~~~~ LingYang was about to go crazy.

He remembered the post from yesterday. That’s right, didn’t he decide to confess to YeLang himself if the poster was successful?
Without even wearing his clothes, LingYang wrapped the blanket around him and rushed to the computer. With the fastest speed possible he logged into Empire, going into the White Socks section and found a new post by yesterday’s poster, the post was very long.
He read each line carefully, his reading speed gradually decreased, and his entire body seemed to fall into an endless abyss.
Reading the last word, LingYang shut his eyes. Covering his head in pain, can’t mention it, can’t mention it…

YeLang reached the office, but he did not go in, going into the cafe next door instead. There was already someone waiting for him inside.
“What would you like to drink?” The other party was very enthusiastic, as though he was well prepared for today’s meeting.
“No need, why did you call me here today?”
Seeing that YeLang was so direct, HuLi also went straight to the point, retrieving a voice recorder from his bag.
“Previously you said you wanted evidence, here’s my evidence. Let me tell you now, what I’ve said about Little Antelope? Every word is true, I didn’t lie to you.”

A pair of earphones were plugged in to the voice recorder, YeLang looked at the other person for a few seconds, then slowly put the earphones on. HuLi pressed a few buttons, then leaned back with his arms crossed, he could not help but reveal a satisfied look on his face.
That recording started in the middle of a conversation, the person recording it must have realised the importance of what he had heard, and decided to record down the conversation secretly. Music played softly in the background, although the voice of the person was not very loud, but every word could be heard clearly.
Although YeLang had previously heard about this matter from LingYang and BaiLong, but to personally hear the person he liked confess his feelings to another person, it was entirely a different feeling. Especially so the other person was LingYang’s first love who had sixteen years’ worth of history with him.

The recording was very short, YeLang finished listening to it very quickly. He removed the earphones expressionlessly, “What’s your purpose of doing this? To get the company to sign your band?”
“With regards to that matter, I’ll rely on my own strength to achieve it. I believe in my band, there’s no need for us to use such underhand methods,” HuLi spoke righteously. “I’m just informing you out of kindness, not to be deceived by Little Antelope’s appearance. He’s a shameless third party, he’s completely not worthy of you…”
YeLang stood up abruptly, scaring HuLi.

YeLang had to admit, if he had not been informed previously, and if he had not understood too well what LingYang was like, this recording might really have achieved its purpose of sowing discord in their relationship. Too bad, he was no longer that YeLang who had been led in circles by that trio of Bell and his friends. By now, he was able to see through the layers of lies and deception to LingYang’s true nature.
“I already know everything you want to tell me, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave now.”
YeLang walked out after that. Seeing him, HuLi thought he had achieved his goal, pleased, he grabbed the recorder on the table and left as well.

As HuLi exited the cafe, someone suddenly knocked into him, without giving him time to react, that person grabbed the bag in his hand. By the time HuLi realised he had been robbed, that person was far away in the distance.
HuLi immediately chased after him, “Thief! Stop that thief!”
YeLang had also noticed this unexpected situation. He turned his head to watch as that robber hurriedly escape with HuLi’s bag, about to knock into a tiny girl in front of him.

“Out of the way!” The robber yelled.
In a flash, that girl caught the arm of that robber, throwing him over her shoulder. As the momentum of the robber was very big, this throw caused him to land a distance away, the items in the bag also fell out and scattered across the ground.
YeLang found that action very familiar, observing a little while more, he realised it was Bell.
By then, HuLi had also caught up with them, before he even thanked Bell for her assistance, he quickly started grabbing his items from the ground.
Picking up everything, HuLi continued looking around frantically, as though something was still missing.

YeLang walked over as well. HuLi asked him urgently, “Did you see my voice recorder?”
YeLang looked around, then shook his head.
HuLi seemed to be very worried about that recorder, fearing that it had fallen out along the way, he went back along the path to search for it.
“Ah,” Bell called out, taking out a recorder from the crevice of her own bag. “Are you looking for this?”
She lifted her head up only to release HuLi was no longer there, and saw YeLang there instead. “Eh? It’s you.”

YeLang nodded at her, “What a coincidence.”
“You know that person? Then please help me pass this to him. I have something on, I need to leave now.” Passing the recorder to YeLang, she ran off.

Receiving the recorder, YeLang turned and looked at HuLi who was still carefully searching the ground. He recalled his worried expression, and instinctively knew that things were not as simple as they seemed.
Without a change in his expression, he kept the recorder, crossing the road he returned to the company.

Although it was the weekend, but there were still many people working overtime, they would all greet YeLang when they saw him. YeLang went to his cubicle in the large working space on the second floor, pulling the recorder from his pocket, he studied it carefully.
This was someone’s private belongings, should he listen to it?
He contemplated for awhile, as HuLi’s worried expression when he asked him if he saw the recorded kept appearing in front of him. It seemed as though there was a huge secret in it that he did not want YeLang to discover.
After a long period of consideration, YeLang picked up the earphones.

There were not many files in the recorder, other than the clip HuLi had played for YeLang, there were 3 music clips, the tunes unfamiliar, they were most likely original works.
He had to admit that HuLi was very talented in singing, if not the company would not have spent so much effort in considering him. However, in this industry their company was also very strong. They could even make someone like Wu GuanFeng popular, and this was one of the reasons why HuLi wished to work with them.
Listening to all the contents in the recorder, YeLang did not discover anything worth hiding. If it was to do with that conversation that was secretly recorded, YeLang had already listened it. There was no need for HuLi to be so anxious about it. If it had to do with the songs… Was he worried they would be stolen?

YeLang observed that recorder from all angles, but could not find anything suspicious about it.
A colleague in charge of media, XiaoLiu, walked past YeLang’s table. Seeing that recorder in his hand, he interrupted his thoughts, “Eh? Young Master, you’re using this voice recorder model too? I have one as well.”
YeLang looked at him, “This isn’t mine, is this model very common?”
“Yes,” XiaoLiu walked over. “This model is very cost-effective, many people in our industry use it.”

XiaoLu thought YeLang wanted to get one himself, so he explained in detail, “The two biggest advantages of this recorder are, 1, it’s very good at capturing sound, even very quiet voices can be recorded clearly.”
YeLang thought about that recorded conversation, that was true.
“2, there’s a password lock, you can lock the recordings you don’t want people to hear.”
“Yes, you also know that our industry often has certain classified news that we don’t want others to know about, so it’s very convenient to be able to lock them with a password.”
So it was like this.

“So how do you unlock it?”
“You need to get the password from the person who locked it.”
“What if that person forgot the password? Are there any other ways?”
XiaoLiu scratched his head, “There is, there are experts who specialise in unlocking such devices, but some time will be needed for them to unlock it.”
“You know any?”
“There are some that I’m familiar with.”

YeLang passed him the recorder, “Help me with this.”
“Oh, no problem,” XiaoLiu accepted it, without asking about the origins of the recorder. In their industry, it was very important to be able to read people’s moods. Although the younger generation of the Ye family were on the same level as them in their positions, and they could hang out and have fun together, but when it came to critical times, he was still clear about their actual ranks and positions.
“I’ll need some time before it’ll be done.”
“Sure, thank you.”

When XiaoLiu left with the recorder, YeLang remained on his seat. He closed his eyes, and LingYang’s voice resounded in his ears.

—— I know you’ve married her in the game already, but there are still some things I have to say, I can’t hold them back anymore.
—— We’ve known each other for 16 years already, in these 16 years, you have always been my good brother.
—— Sorry that I’ve lied to you for so long, but, for a long time, I’ve never treated you only as a brother…
—— Tiger, I like you, not as a brother, but another way, do you understand?

The author has something to say:

Although this is one chapter, but it’s equivalent to two chapters *cries*.

There are many new players today.

[Dropped] <Brother Lang’s Oxford Boots>
Fake! I feel that Brother Lang wouldn’t wear such over-the-top boots…
It’s not easy to find suitable images, the boots have to have a curved tip, as well as be of black and shiny leather.

[Dropped] <Brother Lang’s Dr. Martens>
The one above was yesterday’s daily mission, this is today’s, how many daily missions is Brother Lang planning on doing?

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