TANW Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Otakus and Hunks Are Not Compatible

Sender: Ironman (Ironman·Dorm Is Too Hot In Summer)
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Topic: There Were People Fighting Again This Afternoon at Central Plaza
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Seems like it’s because of 2 guys chasing a girl again? Including this it’s the 3rd time this year.
Why is everyone not going home during the break?


Sender: Antelope (Little Antelope Loves Peace)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: There Were People Fighting Again This Afternoon at Central Plaza
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You stayed as well?
These people really take things to heart. Rather than fighting continuously the guys should just hug it out, and they’ll even be good gay friends as well 1╮(╯▽╰)╭


Ling Yang was a very sociable person. Within a few days he had ‘renewed’ his friendships with the guild members. In fact, they were closer than even before the car accident.
Everyone felt that Bell was much more cheerful after the accident. On top of feeling sympathetic for her experiences, they took care of her in every way.
Now that her account was proven innocent, they would trade her any and all of the better gears available.
They would also prioritise her for daily missions, making sure she had a party or had already completed it before forming a party.
Even while farming they brought her along. As her gear was not up to standard, and worried that her injury from the car accident had yet to recover, they only allowed her to tag along. There was no need for her to heal anyone at all. Ling Yang also took advantage of this, leeching off them comfortably.
Only Night Wolf who knew the whole situation was unhappy with him.


【Whisper】NightWolf: We’ll see how long you can continue leeching off others.

【Whisper】 Bell: Until they finally cannot tolerate it and kick your wife out ^_^

【Whisper】NightWolf: That would never ever happen.

【Whisper】 Bell: Now is the time for miracles!


Ling Yang was bored tagging along at the back of the party, so he started chatting with the other guild members.


【Guild】Bell: Btw, why is our guild rivals with LuoMing?

【Guild】CuteEgg: This is an example of actual grievances carrying over to a game!

【Guild】LittleRights: This is a long story…

【Guild】LittleCloth: Even longer than Yanshan University’s hundred years of history.

【Guild】Bell: 囧

【Guild】LittleRights: Most of our guild members are from the same school.

【Guild】LittleCloth: And our school is an engineering college.

【Guild】CuteEgg: Also known as the monastery school.

【Guild】Bell: ( ⊙ o ⊙) Ah!


The few colleges in Hushuo city were all located within the college town. The college town was about the size of a palm, and any news would spread very quickly within it. With their words, Ling Yang understood immediately, but he still pretended not to understand and continued listening.


【Guild】LittleCloth: To help ease the problem of our school’s students’ employment difficulties, we took the initiative to make some connections with the nearby art school and music school with many resources.

【Guild】LittleRights: But of all coincidences…

【Guild】CuteEgg: LuoMing’s members are mostly schoolmates as well.

【Guild】LittleRights: And they’re also from a monastery school.

【Guild】CuteEgg: Who said that, they have girls in their school!

【Guild】LittleRights: The girls in their schools all look like bears!

【Guild】Bell: Pfft—

【Guild】LittleRights: So they also often planned gatherings with other schools.

【Guild】LittleCloth: And ended up getting all the girls from the nearby schools to join them.

【Guild】LittleRights: They say that LuoMing guys are all hunks.

【Guild】LittleCloth: And that we’re all otakus.

【Guild】CuteEgg: It’s really too much!


LingYang wiped his monitor while thinking, but these were all nothing but the hard truths.


【Guild】Bell: Those girls are truly blind╭(╯^╰)╮

【Guild】CuteEgg: That’s right that’s right, Sister-in-law you’re definitely not blind, fancying our Brother Wolf so quickly.


Fancying your Brother Wolf, if they don’t have astigmatism they should have glaucoma.
But if one were to look at this from the point of view of a scammer, getting Night Wolf this treasure chest could also be considered having good taste.


【Guild】LittleCloth: Guys from engineering are very good, they excel both in the office and at home.

【Guild】LittleRights: They can repair your computer and change your light bulb.

【Guild】LittleCloth: They can fix the toilet and deal with a dinosaur.

【Guild】CuteEgg: They can write code and beat up gangsters… Fine, they can beat up the weaker ones.

【Guild】Bell:O(∩_∩)O Haha~


【Whisper】Bell: Hubby, quick come and fix the toilet~

【Whisper】NightWolf: Did you flush yourself down? Sorry, there’s nothing I can do about that.


Ling Yang smiled sinisterly. Turns out you’re from Senlan, that’s not very far from me.
Should I dox him? Ling Yang thought while stroking his chin.


【Guild】LittleCloth: Right, Bell, so what exactly is your relationship with LuoMingWind? You guys clearly never interacted before.

【Guild】LittleRights: You said you were in a car accident, could it be that he was the driver?

【Guild】CuteEgg: Wow, it’s just like watching a drama. The male lead caused the female lead to get into an accident and lose her memories, it’s so cliche!

【Guild】LittleRights: Are you an idiot? Brother Wolf is the male lead, LuoMingWind would at most be the supporting character that couldn’t get the girl!

【Guild】CuteEgg: Oh oh oh! 2 guys chasing 1 girl? I know this one I know this one!


Ling Yang was speechless looking at the chat.


【Guild】Bell: Your imaginations are all too rich!

【Guild】Bell: Actually I’m not very familiar with him, I’ve only met him twice.

【Guild】Bell: Also, I’m not interested in guys who have brawn but no brains, I like engineers like my husband who is smart and intellectual o(*////▽////*)q

【Guild】NightWolf: Good girl.


The guild chat was full of “please be considerate when showing off your love”, “drag them out and burn them to death”, “blinding my eyes” and other protesting comments for a period of time.


【Whisper】Bell: Do you have any medication to treat nausea?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Don’t think that you’ll get pregnant after calling husband twice, I won’t take any responsibility.

【Whisper】Bell: … (ノ`Д′)ノ Hmph


【Guild】Bell: Why does everyone refer to LuoMingWind as god?

【Guild】LittleCloth: Because he’s very godly.

【Guild】LittleRights: Because he’s very skilled.

【Guild】CuteEgg: His PK is very strong.


LingYang could see that despite the hostility between the guilds, towards LuoMingWind the guild members still had some respect for him.


【Guild】LittleCloth: His party is this year’s second runner-up in the arena’s 3v3.

【Guild】LittleRights: It’s second place.

【Guild】Bell: … So it’s second runner-up or second place?

【Guild】LittleCloth: Both second runner-up and second place.

【Guild】Bell: What does that even mean?

【Guild】LittleRights: The first runner-up forfeited the finals.

【Guild】Bell: ( ⊙ o ⊙) Ah!


The people farming were also attracted by this topic.


【Party】MourningMo: LuoMing was defeated by the first runner-ups during the semi-finals. What a waste for that team to forfeit after working so hard to enter the finals.

【Party】Bell: Why did they forfeit?

【Party】FlowerHouse: No one knows.

【Party】Bell: Oh…

【Party】Bell:You guys didn’t participate?

【Party】MourningMo: Our leader participated in 2v2. Our school also had a 5v5 team, but they’re in the old server, leaving the rest of us who are pacifists and don’t really like PK.

【Party】Bell: … Pacifists and yet you still have rival guilds?

【Party】FlowerHouse: Haha, who ask their schools to be in this irreconcilable contradiction /winks

【Party】Bell: FlowerHouse is from a different school?

【Party】FlowerHouse: I’m from the friends and family group ^o^


Ling Yang opened the guild panel and saw that the guild leader was last online seven days ago. This was exactly like his previous guild leader.
And the name of this guild leader… Ling Yang thought, could it be so coincidental?

Ling Yang suddenly felt that he had an “encounter irresponsible leader” halo.
For example, his previous leader would normally come and go like a shadow. After creating the guild, he handed over the control to two assistant leaders and left.
The other assistant leader came from a somewhat special profession, so he was often not online. As such, guild matters were essentially handled by Ling Yang alone.
But Ling Yang was not the patient type who would attend to each and every issue, so the management of the guild was pretty carefree. People would join and leave all the time, and finally the ones left were all perverts.
On the old server, Ling Yang’s guild always appeared with an evil martial sect image — wild and unruly, disregarding common customs. Some players on the same server liked and supported them, while there also were others who hated them. They received mixed reactions.
By the end Ling Yang also could not stand that crazy group. He packed up and ran away without a word. He reapplied for new QQ and YY accounts, even changing his mobile number,  and threw that mess back to the guild leader.
Apparently that leader was also looking for him. Being a robust little antelope, if he wanted to hide, how could they ever find him!
The final boss died, Night Wolf signalled Ling Yang to approach the body.


【Whisper】NightWolf: Loot it yourself.

【Whisper】Bell:You help me do it.

【Whisper】NightWolf: You’ve been leeching all this time, and you won’t even do such a small thing?

【Whisper】Bell: I can’t do such laborious work~~

【Whisper】NightWolf: You’re not allowed to fool around.


Ling Yang spat a mouthful of blood on his monitor, what fooling around, this was clearly acting spoiled!
It was not that Ling Yang was lazy, it was just that his hand was very unlucky. As long as it was the item he wanted he had never gotten it before.


【Whisper】Bell: My hand is broken, it’s so painful.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Your hand is broken but you still can chat so happily? I think it’s more likely that your brain is broken.


Night Wolf bent down to touch the corpse. Two items appeared, one was a pair of bracers, the other a necklace. Both could actually be used by a cleric, and the necklace was also a quality item.


【Party】Bell: Look at my husband’s lucky hand ^O^

【Party】Bell: Love you so much muacks╭(╯3╰)╮

【Party】FlowerHouse: Ah Lang, you don’t have to wash your hand for the next few days.

【Party】MourningMo: Haha, Bell has again taken a step closer to being a stronger cleric.


Although FlowerHouse was also a cleric, he had already graduated from this kind of small dungeons, so the items were naturally given to Ling Yang.


【Party】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: Old Wolf’s claws tend to be luckier, half of mine was grabbed by him.

【Party】FlowerHouse: Eh? That sounds like he has actually grabbed you before?

【Party】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: Shut up, I’m not interested in BG. Also, Bell is here, you wanna die?


【Party】FlowerHouse: (⊙ x ⊙)


After finishing the dungeon, it was now time for guild activities. Passionate Sword Guild was a classic PVE guild, and every night at exactly 8pm they would start a 25 person raid.
This sort of activity naturally would have nothing to do with Ling Yang, He saw the raid leader MourningMo arranging the team, and knew they were about to start. As he was about to leave the party as usual, he was stopped by MourningMo.


【Party】MourningMo: Is Bell free at night? Want to go raid together?


Ling Yang was about to reject, but Night Wolf was faster.


【Party】NightWolf: No, her gear is not good enough, and she hasn’t recovered from her injury. If she goes, I’m afraid we’ll trouble everyone.


LingYang was a contrary bottom sort. The more people did not want him to do it, the more he wanted to do it. However, what Night Wolf said was reasonable, and he could not think of any reason to oppose it.
Also the raid was a thing for twenty-five people. Just because he wanted to spite Night Wolf, he could not waste the time of the other twenty-three people.


【Party】MourningMo: Tonight Clinging Scent had applied for leave, so there’s no other cleric in the guild. Also, everyone’s already very familiar with the first 3 bosses in today’s raid, so 24 people would be enough. Adding her in isn’t too much, and if lucky we might get gear that she can use.


Night Wolf contemplated for a moment.


【Party】NightWolf: That might work, then if something really happens just tell me, no need to be shy.


Seeing that Night Wolf had agreed, LingY ang also pretended to hesitate for awhile before agreeing.


【Party】Bell: Thanks team for trusting in me, I will work hard to heal you all, I won’t leech!  


【Whisper】NightWolf: You should just continue leeching, and follow FlowerHouse closely. Where he stands you’ll stand, if he runs you’ll run. Take care of your own HP, don’t die, don’t aggro, and don’t create trouble.

【Whisper】Bell: Just this?

【Whisper】NightWolf: If you can do this I’ll be very grateful already.

【Whisper】Bell: If I can’t do it?

【Whisper】NightWolf: I’ll remove one of your arms.

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