TANW Chapter 74

Chapter 74 – The Stone Heart of The King of Beasts
<Pale Soul OL> Gossip Section  

Topic Ever Since Sakka and Azure Buckle Divorced, I Don’t Believe in Love Anymore
Poster: Moved By You
Content: I really don’t understand it. A person has been waiting for you patiently for 8 months. 8 months on the internet is like 8 years in real life! Even a glacier would melt, even a stone heart would soften, Azure Buckle, how did you manage to cut this tie so ruthlessly?
1L: Same, when I saw the announcement I was very hurt as well. Sakka has been waiting online for over 6 months, and finally managed to wait till Azure Buckle came online, but this was what he had been waiting for? This feeling is really… Damnit, I won’t say anymore. Whether Sakka will read this or not, I just want to tell you: Let go! That ladyboy is not worth it!
2L: Reply reply reply! I’ll become an anti-fan of Azure Buckle from now on, he’s completely heartless!
3L: You guys keep saying that Azure Buckle is wrong, but how many of you guys actually know the truth? As someone in the know, I cannot hold it back anymore, I must stand up for Azure Buckle! The truth is: The one who accepted the ‘Love is Stronger Than Gold’ marriage with Sakka was not Azure Buckle himself! Sakka was the one who logged into Azure Buckle’s account and forced this marriage. Sakka also did not own the only pair of scissors that could break this marriage at first, he had only forcefully obtained it to prevent Azure Buckle from using it. Disappointed with Sakka’s methods, Azure Buckle could only choose to drown in the lake and go offline. You guys have been criticising Azure Buckle, do you know how much disapproval Azure Buckle has faced since they divorced? How much slander and abuse? There has been people flaming him on global everyday for being a ladyboy that depended on a god, have you guys seen that? When I was with him, we would even get kicked out of small raids, he finally even gave up on joining any raids, and purposely distanced himself from me so that I wouldn’t get implicated. Towards those people who are maliciously speculating without knowing the truth, I want to let you know, you guys completely don’t understand Azure Buckle! I’m Little Bracelet from MadHouse, posting this under my real account, no need for sockpuppets. If I lied about anything, I’ll delete my account immediately!
4L: Looking at the post by the third commenter, I’m now also doubtful about it. If he’s telling the truth, then Sakka has really gone a little overboard.
5L: That’s what I said, it takes two hands to clap. If Sakka hadn’t done anything wrong in the first place, why would Azure Buckle completely severe all ties with him? Now he’s pretending to be a model lover or something, but Azure Buckle doesn’t like you, stop sticking shamelessly to him! Fuck! My entire world view has been subverted, I no longer believe in love as well!
6L: Both sides claim to be right, I don’t know who to believe. How tiring, I feel that I won’t fall in love again…


[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Come on.

ShenMa had a bad feeling when he saw Dummy summon the lion. He was originally willing to let Dummy attack first, but now he changed his strategy. Before Dummy could lay a trap, he first used a fury warrior’s attack — slam.

The slam was similar to the charging attack of the warrior, the only difference being that the charging attack would stun the opponent, while the slam would cause the opponent to stagger and fly back. There was no way of avoiding this attack. ShenMa had aimed his attack such that Dummy would be slammed off the wall into the distance.
Seeing this, everyone believed that the fight had already ended before it could even start. Having been knocked off the wall, the archer was bound to hit the ground, even if he did not die he would be paralysed, as for planting the flag, there was no need to even think about it.

ShenMa was already prepared to announce his victory, only to see Dummy activate his cloud-treading ability. With a leap, he returned to the wall. There was an inconspicuous tiny foothold in the middle to the wall, if not for Dummy’s pause over there, no one would have discovered it.
Just that small foothold was enough for Dummy to fly up with wall with his flying skill. When he landed, he then executed another skill and soared up into the sky, this series of actions were completed effortlessly, so quick that people’s eyes could not take it in. ShenMa hurriedly surveyed the surroundings, only to see Dummy in midair, a bow in his left hand while his right hand pulled at it. His body was outlined by the sun, a golden halo surrounded him, as though he was one of heaven’s gods.
1 second, 2 second, 3 second. The countdown to the skill ended, Dummy released the bowstring. The arrow shot through the sky, piercing ShenMa’s chest accurately. ShenMa was like T.Rex, a fury warrior focusing on increasing his strength as much as possible while neglecting his defence. As such, he could not equip any chest armour, and his defence could not even compare to some clothes made out of plain cloth. Dummy’s arrow had been reinforced, on top of a fury buff, this shot took 1/3 of ShenMa’s hp.
Dummy somersaulted three times in the air, with each somersault he shot an arrow. ShenMa wanted to use his flying ability as well, but his tendon had been injured by Dummy’s lion, and so his movement was limited. The lion was a very aggressive pet, a fury warrior’s defence was nothing to it, together with the bleeding debuff that came with getting bitten by a beast, ShenMa’s hp decelerated very quickly.
ShenMa saw that the situation was turning bad for him. He hurriedly changed his strategy, targeting the lion next to him instead. Even a guardian warrior had to be wary of the strength and attack of a fury warrior, this pet should be nothing to him. He lifted his two axes and swung down, decreasing the health of the lion by half.
As ShenMa was engaged in combat with the lion, Dummy descended gracefully, treading on another cloud before landing, not an injury to be seen on him. With a whistle, the lion gave up on attacking and instead returned to its owner. ShenMa had been waiting for this moment, with the press of a key he shifted his target onto Dummy. He then hit his macro for lunging. Archers were the most afraid of close combat, as long as he could get close to him, he would have a chance to reverse this fight.
However, despite pressing the hitting his macro repeatedly, the system kept announcing that there was no target to be found. ShenMa was taken aback, he had clearly already chosen his target. He then looked closely again, it turned out Dummy had actually used the fake death ability just now. He was about to laugh, this faking death ability was very advantageous in a PVE situation, but in PVP, it was essentially useless. An NPC who was programmed with artificial intelligence would definitely fall for this trick, but how could a live person be fooled by this?
By now, Dummy had already came out from his false death state. ShenMa shifted his cursor, aiming at his target. Now your fake death ability is on cooldown, we’ll see how you avoid getting targetted this time. ShenMa hit his macro for lunging again, immediately rushing towards his opponent, only to stop within 0.1 yards of Dummy. He just needed to be a little bit closer to reach his opponent’s neck with his axe, but was instead stuck in position. A layer of ice rapidly rose from the ground and encased him, even his ferocious expression was frozen on his face.
A frost trap! So it turned out Dummy faked his death not to get rid of the target on his back, but to lay a trap for him. This was clearly a skill frequently used by the hunters, but he had carelessly thought that Dummy just could not differentiate between PVP and PVE, and instead, eager for success, had attacked without further thought. He had actually served himself up on a platter!
Upon getting frozen, ShenMa knew that he no longer had any hope of turning the tide. As expected, Dummy slowly retreated a few steps, as though teasing his prey, he then leapt up, landing on the flag-planting location firmly.
Time ticked by, Dummy seemed to be purposely waiting for the frost trap to disarm. To drag the fight out like this was a psychological torture to the enemy, as though getting pinched non-stop. Once the ice melted, the lion turned blood red in colour and bounded towards ShenMa with a kill order from its owner. It bit the throat of its opponent, while Dummy also aimed his bow at ShenMa. ShenMa, with barely any health left, knew what was coming

[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Goodbye.
[Combat] <Wife,TheNightIsTooShort> has aimed a kill shot at <ShenMa>, causing a fatal blow!
<ShenMa> has died.
[Alliance Battle] <RazeMadHouse>’s flag bearer has died, the alliance flag has fallen onto the ground. Please retrieve it quickly or it will return to its starting position in 60 seconds.

Dummy turned towards the flag-planting area, a 10 second chant sounded. After 10 seconds, the flag on his back disappeared, and Tripartite’s flag appeared at the top of the tower of MaiMeng’s City.
At the same time, a bright red announcement appeared on screen.

[Announcement] <Tripartite> has successful captured MaiMeng City!
<Wife,TheNightIsTooShort> has obtained <MaiMeng City’s Deed>!
[Announcement] <Wife,TheNightIsTooShort> has gained the title <The Lord of MaiMeng City>!

Everyone in the audience was stunned.
“Oh god, how is that possible?”
“I simply can’t believe it!”
“Did I see it wrongly?”
“Does anyone feel that he was so cool just now?”
“You’re not the only one, he’s really too cool…”
“My insides are still trembling.”
“But isn’t he a noob?”
“He got a replacement right?”
“He must have gotten a replacement!”
Dummy walked past by ShenMa’s corpse.

[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Remember what you said, you’re never to come near MaiMeng City in the future.
[Local] ShenMa: ……..

He flew down from the wall, and slowed down to a walk, step by step he walked towards Little Buckle and knelt down with a knee.

[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Previously I was presumptuous, I won’t blame you for the divorce.
[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: I know that you must be very angry now, but this time, there’s no longer any scissors that can cut the ties between us.
[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Maybe my previous method was too forceful, but now I sincerely want to make up for it, please give me a chance.

Seeing this, LingYang could guess what was going on. He covered his mouth in astonishment, oh god, WeiShi was such a proud person, but he actually…

[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Although we’ve married twice, but I’ve never proposed to you before. We’ve never even held a wedding ceremony, I don’t know if it’s too late to make up for it now.

WeiShi requested for a trade, putting the deed to MaiMeng City in it.

[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
I’m proposing to you with the city deed as a betrothal gift.
[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Buckle, please marry me.

Although the crowd was still confused, but they had long been subdued by Dummy’s performance. Now, they were moved by his words, and everyone started reacting energetically.
“Marry him!”
“Marry him!”
“Marry him!”
The other lead in this proposal had not spoken a word from start till end. No one knew what exactly he was thinking about.
Only when everyone else realised something was wrong and finally fell silent, then he spoke.

[Local] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
Sakka… You…
[System] <Husband,PleaseDoItGently> is now offline.

The crowd who was still lost in their confusion froze after seeing the name.
“What did she call him?”
“Sakka? Did I see wrongly?”

“Wife, The Night is Too Short is Sakka? That Sakka who fishes by Lake ShiWen?”
“He just called her Buckle, could she be Azure Buckle?”
“Oh god, what kind of development is this!”
“Ever since Azure Buckle came online and got divorced, Sakka had never appeared again. So it turns out they were both playing on their side accounts?”
“Oh god, I’ve actually done a raid with the god!”
“Me too, I even kicked him out of the party!”
“Husband, Please Do It Gently has been in LinShan for awhile already. It seems like Azure Buckle hasn’t appeared for so long is because he’s changed servers.”
“One changed server and the other followed? Oh god, I believe in love again.”
“Believe your head! Don’t you see that they got a divorce, and this time he also didn’t agree to the proposal? Poor Sakka.”
“I also pity him, Sakka, would you like to consider me instead~”
Dummy silently stood up. Before going offline, Little Buckle had cancelled the trade request, and the city deed had returned to his possession.
He found Bai ShaoTang in the crowd, and traded it to him.

[Whisper] BaiShaoTang: You’ve failed again, are you planning on continuing?
[Whisper] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Of course, if I fail once I’ll try a second time, failing twice I’ll try a third time. Failure does not exist in my dictionary.
[Whisper] BaiShaoTang:
It’s so unlike you to be so clingy. For him, you’re even giving up the dignity of the king of beasts?
[Whisper] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Do you know what azure is mainly made of? It’s silicon dioxide. Essentially, it’s a stone.
[Whisper] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Even if it’s a stone, as long as I patiently sand it, I can turn it into a heart.
[Whisper] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
One day, I will sand off that protective shell of his, only this can be considered to be my dignity.
[System] <Wife,TheNightIsTooShort> is now offline.

The author has something to say:
Actually, the proposal should have happened yesterday, yesterday was Teacher’s Day…
To non-players: The author has already tried her best to describe the battle as simply as possible. But there would still be parts where you might not understand, and they’re also very difficult to describe. If there are parts that you don’t understand, please imagine it.
To players: An archer who can aim, fake death, give a kill order, soar into the sky, and summon beasts, you won’t be able to hurt him. Please don’t insult the author, don’t forget, they’re not playing JX3 nor WOW, but <Pale Soul OL>! (PS A fury warrior who can’t equip chest armour, and holds two axes, if you can guess where did the inspiration come from you’re godly!)
[Dropped] <Brother Lang’s Work Boots>
When Brother Lang was doing his metal-working practical, this pair of work boots was a set with his overalls. By the way, up till now, Antelope still doesn’t know the true meaning of that hammer.

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