TANW Chapter 55 (NSFW)

Chapter 55 – On Probation, No Fooling Around      
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OP: Calling for help! How to quickly and effectively turn a straight guy gay?
1L: Why must it be a straight guy? …
2L: Treasure yourself, stay away from straight guys.
3L: Spread and blow, no further explanations.
4L: Although I don’t condone it, but if you must, the most effective method is to blow him.
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Update: Thanks everyone, we’re now together!  
The little restaurant was the base of Passionate Sword guild. This was not the first time they had gathered here already, MuRong would always book the same room. Without having to ask, everyone headed to the correct venue.
Little Bottom Don’t Run Away was the first to enter the room, behind her was Mourning Mo and the rest. Guild leader MuRong was already sitting there with an unknown boy, seeing that most of them were here, the both of them stood up.
“Is this the new classmate Boss mentioned?” Little Bottom Don’t Run Away asked, thinking that this new classmate looked familiar, it seemed like she had seen him somewhere before.
LingYang was about to reply, but was stopped by MuRong, “I’ll introduce him when everyone is here.”
“Ah, Boss is so mean, keeping us in suspense.”
“The main lead is not here yet, why are you in such a rush,” MuRong tilted his chin up, “You guys order first, I have something to say to this new classmate.”

MuRong brought LingYang out, a few pairs of eyes followed their backs. After the door closed, these people huddled together and started whispering.
The door opened again, an icy wind blew into the room, everyone shivered unconsciously.
YeLang coldly swept his gaze across the room, “Where’s LingYang?”
Behind him, XuXian quickly put a finger to his lips. Everyone in the room saw it, but no one dared to ignore YeLang’s question.
“Who, who is LingYang?” Little Bottom Don’t Run Away gathered her courage and asked.
“Has the new classmate arrived?” YeLang asked again.
“Yes… He has,” She cautiously pointed out of the door, “He just left with Boss, I don’t know… Where they went…”
YeLang immediately turned around. XuXian, caught unaware, bumped into him.
“Stay here, and don’t call anyone.” YeLang’s voice was intimidating, which made XuXian felt fear rising from the bottom of his heart. He would not dare to go against him.
MuRong brought LingYang to the washroom, “You’re so impressive, it was only a confession, but in the end you stirred up such a huge commotion throughout LinShan. Next time if you were to propose a marriage, would you end up making the whole server collapse?”
LingYang also did not understand, “I also didn’t know what happened, he suddenly suggested a divorce.”
MuRong thought about it, “Could it be because he misunderstood my words?”
LingYang was alarmed, “What did you tell him?”
“I hinted to him that you didn’t dare to confess to him because you had some misgivings… But I was trying to imply that you were apprehensive about being Bell. Could it be that he thought you were apprehensive about him having a wife?”
LingYang covered his head painfully, “Boss, Brother Lang’s imagination is too creative, are you trying to do me a service or a disservice.”
MuRong innocently raised his palms, “I also don’t know how it ended up like this. You’re quite pitiful-looking now, want a hug?”
MuRong spread his arms open, ready to embrace LingYang. He suddenly felt a murderous air around him, looking up, he got a fright.
“That, I don’t think I’ll hug you already. I suddenly remember I still have something on, I’ll leave first. The two of you take your time to talk.”
The two of you? LingYang did not understand, he turned his head around, and also got a fright.
YeLang was standing at the entrance of the washroom, staring at him expressionlessly. He did not know why, but YeLang looked very aggressive today. LingYang subconsciously swallowed.
Not right, this person was not YeLang, it was Night Wolf, and it was an enraged Night Wolf!
YeLang slowly walked in, this was also the first time MuRong had seen his junior like this. Although he had never feared anyone before, at that moment he also felt an inexplicable chill.
He left the washroom, helping the two of them to close the door. After some consideration, he shifted the cleaning sign nearby in front of the door as well.
YeLang stopped in front of LingYang, he did not speak, but stared at him.
LingYang was scared by his imposing manner, and also did not say a single word.
Oh no, could it be that he heard his conversation with MuRong? He knew? LingYang realised that this situation was far from good.
The two of them stared at each other in silence for a long while, YeLang then slowly spoke, “Don’t you have anything you want to tell me? My. Dear. Wife?”
LingYang’s heart clenched, he knew!
He knew! What to do!
 Numerous plans flashed past LingYang’s mind, and he quickly vetoed them.
What to do! What to do!
LingYang steeled his heart, it was time to risk it all!
He gave a charming, yet slightly wicked smile.
In the next second, LingYang suddenly leaned over, blocking YeLang’s mouth with his own mouth. Taking advantage of the other’s astonishment, he slipped his tongue in, deftly teasing YeLang.
YeLang had never expected the situation to progress like this. He was taken by surprise, and as such, allowed LingYang to take such liberties.
When the kiss ended, LingYang rapidly straightened, then leaning lazily against the wall, he watched him with eyes curved with a tinge of amusement, as though nothing had just happened.
YeLang recovered his senses. His first reaction was, being a man, he could not believe that another person had actually forced a kiss on him!
He could tolerate this event less than he could tolerate getting deceived! His chauvinistic self-respect was immediately roused!
YeLang seized the other person’s collar, and returned the kiss. This time, the kiss was longer than the previous one, it was more intense, with both of them fighting for dominance. The scent of a male wafted past YeLang’s nose, it did not make him feel disgusted, but instead stimulated his testosterone, his desire to shove the other person down occupied his entire brain.
When the second kiss ended, both of them were panting slightly.
LingYang still had that flirtatious look upon his face, lifting his thigh he rubbed it against YeLang’s crotch. With a teasing smile, “Husband, you’re hard.”
When he heard the word “husband”, YeLang felt himself getting even harder, feeling uncomfortably trapped in his tight jeans.
Without waiting for his reaction, LingYang pulled him into one of the cubicles and pressed him against the wall.  Using one hand to close the door and the other to undo his jeans skilfully, YeLang could feel that his desire had escaped its shackles and was now raging freely.
“What are you…” The last word was swallowed back by YeLang, in amazement, he watched LingYang knelt down in front of him and burying his head between his thighs, swallowing down his desire. The intense pleasure from both the visual and physical stimuli crashed onto him, capturing him in an instant, making him unable to resist the other person’s actions.
At that moment he finally understood why people always said that guys were animals who thought with their lower half of the body.
What could arouse a guy’s possessiveness and desire to dominate more than having another guy kneeling in front of him and worshipping his organ below? Moreover, it was towards a male animal like YeLang who had the lust for conquest running through his veins.
YeLang had never experienced such fierce and distinct pleasure in his life, to the point where even his fingers were trembling in excitement, but he still had to force himself to keep silent. In this semi-exposed cramped little space, only a heavy and deep panting revealed this person’s loss of control.
Feeling his desire rising up without stopping, YeLang unconsciously grabbed onto the other person’s hair, pumping himself into the other’s mouth. Suddenly a bright light flashed in front of his eyes, he instinctively shut them, his mind blanked out, his entire body as though experiencing a shock, YeLang reached his climax in LingYang’s mouth.
YeLang opened his eyes and looked down, only to see LingYang’s messy hair that was caused by him. He was unable to see his expression at that moment. The next moment, he felt LingYang’s mouth releasing him, his head turning slightly to the side. From YeLang’s angle, he could not tell if he had swallowed or spit, and he did not know if the strange feeling in him now was rejection or excitement.
After the passion, rationality returned. LingYang stood up, he could not think of how to face this situation.
LingYang did managed to take care of him all the way, helping him pull up his underwear, zipped his zipper, buttoned his button, only standing up when everything was properly tidied up.
Seeing YeLang being at a loss and trying to hide it, LingYang flashed a smile, the tip of his tongue even licked at the corner of his lips teasingly.
Seeing that little trick of his, he thought about how his most intimate part had just came into such close contact with that area, YeLang’s assessment of LingYang was only left with: This person needed to be fucked…
“Let’s head back, if not they would all think that I’ve eaten you up.” Keeping a straight face LingYang pushed the door open and left, thinking that he was lucky to have read that post online yesterday. Guys did really fall for this, his predecessors had not deceived him.
LingYang returned to the room with YeLang, XuXian hurriedly shot LingYang a questioning look, LingYang secretly raised his hand in a ‘V’ sign to him.
XuXian was shocked, how was that possible, just now YeLang was furious to the point where he could demolish the restaurant!
He then looked at YeLang who was behind LingYang, he was still expressionless, but there clearly was no longer that murderous air around him anymore.
XuXian’s worries and panic for LingYang all turned to admiration: How exactly did he achieve that?!
Everyone was present, with two empty seats next to MuRong. Seeing their return, MuRong quickly waved LingYang over to sit next to him, then YeLang sat next to LingYang, with XuXian on his other side.
XuXian really wanted to know what happened, but he did not have the courage to ask YeLang, nor did he dare to ask LingYang with YeLang between them, and could only suffer silently.
Out of habit, MuRong was about to place his arm across LingYang’s shoulders. Reaching his arm out, he saw YeLang glaring at him again, so he hurriedly turned his arm around in the air and raised the glass in front of him.
MuRong thought, Fuck, what was this situation, has the wolf started guarding his food already?
MuRong cleared his throat, “Let me introduce to everyone, this is the new classmate I mentioned previously, LuoMing Shadow.”
This name crashed down onto the group, other than the few people in the know, the rest of them were dumbfounded.
But LingYang was very open, although he could not match the people present to their accounts, but it seemed like everyone was very friendly, on top of that he was born sociable, no matter how big the crowd was he would never be shy. Although his identity was a little peculiar, but he did not feel awkward, “It’s nice to meet all of you, you can call me YangYang.”
XuXian also quickly helped ease the situation, “YangYang is my co-tenant, we’re both from YanShan, but we only realised that later in the game.”
Passionate Sword guild members gazed at each other speechlessly, thinking about the experiences in the past five months, including that savage bomb last night, everyone’s reaction was, What the fuck! If this person wasn’t Bell I would take my head off and let old Wolf use it as a stool!
An “Ah” suddenly sounded from Little Bottom Don’t Run Away, “I remember it now, you’re that Sheep Baa Baa, I’ve seen your photo on weibo, at that time old Wolf was there as well, so it turns out that he went to YanShan was to see you!”
LingYang sneaked a peek at YeLang, the other person was also looking at him, “Ah, haha, was it like that?”
Mourning Mo also recalled something, “That night I also saw you in old Wolf’s dorm, so it turns out you’re not his classmate.”
Night? Dorm? The minds of everyone simultaneously went into the gutter.
MuRong hurried interrupted everyone’s rich imaginations, “Since everyone has met so serendipitously, why don’t we all have a drink and welcome our new classmate!”
Passionate Sword guild members were all battle veterans, they quickly left their shock behind, and the atmosphere slowly regained its liveliness.
Throughout the entire time, XuXian had been observing the two of them, LingYang was still his same old self, able to share a conversation with everyone present, and even managed to constantly place food onto YeLang’s plate, a little as though he was fawning over him.
Although YeLang still had a poker face and did not say much, but he still ate all the food LingYang gave him.
Little Bottom Don’t Run Away saw their interactions, and started whispering agitatedly to Devoted Couple who was next to her.
Everyone ate till very late, but their enjoyment did not diminish, they wanted to continue with a karaoke session.
YeLang and LingYang were at the back of the group, it was the first time they were alone since they left the washroom, LingYang immediately reverted to his nature.
“Husband, aren’t you thirsty?”
“Husband, aren’t you hungry?”
“Husband, aren’t you tired?”
“Aren’t you annoying!”
LingYang put on a modest act, “Husband, it’s all my fault, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have hid it from you, I’m guilty, I’m ashamed, I’m repenting, don’t be angry~”
Running in front of YeLang he put his hands together and shook them slightly, “Forgive me~ Forgive me~, ok~”
“I’ll observe first!”
LingYang’s eyes brightened, “Does that mean you’ll forgive me?”
“I said I’ll observe.”
“Observe, ok, observe. I will definitely perform well and strive for success, I won’t let the organisation down!” LingYang bounced around YeLang, “However, how long will the observation period be? Half a year? Three months? One month? A week? Can it be a day please~~”
YeLang glared at him, LingYang immediately stopped bargaining.
“Ah, I knew Husband you’re the best~~~~”
“No fooling around!”

LingYang choked, he wanted to laugh but did not dare to do so, covering his mouth and enduring for a while, “Ooooh, Husband when you say this phrase in real life it’s more impactful, can you repeat it again?”
YeLang was both angry and amused, just as he was about to turn his head and scold him, someone suddenly appeared in his sight, his steps slowed down.
“What happened?” LingYang saw that he had suddenly stopped and was staring at a delicate girl of about 160cm in the distance, and so asked curiously.
YeLang rushed over, reaching out to grab onto the other person’s elbow.
Just as YeLang came into contact with the other person, that girl suddenly grasped onto YeLang’s hand, and unexpectedly tossed the 183cm, 80kg YeLang to the ground.
Seeing this LingYang got a fright, he ran over quickly, supporting YeLang, “Why did you do this?”
That girl saw that she had caused trouble, she hurriedly apologised to YeLang, “Sorry sorry sorry, out of habit I…”
“You don’t know me?” YeLang’s voice was incredulous.
The girl looked up, studying YeLang, “Should I know you?”
LingYang’s heart called out, Not good, this conversation was too familiar!
That girl’s eyes moved between YeLang and LingYang a few times, she suddenly pointed, “Ah, you’re…”
A wretched-looking guy walked towards them, seeing YeLang who was lying on the ground, his face changed, he left hurriedly, pulling that girl along.
LingYang completely did not understand what was going on, he anxiously shot a questioning look at YeLang.
YeLang watched the two people walked off, then turning his head towards LingYang, his face in disbelief, “She’s Bell.”    
The author has something to say:
The author with a conscience wishes everyone a happy 7/7! Let us all watch yesterday’s battle records together!

[Battle] Just threw landmines x3!
[Battle] Ji threw landmines x2!
[Battle] Pure Indigo~ threw landmine x1!

[Battle] Pure Indigo~ has dealt Little Antelope a deadly blow!

[Battle] Little Antelope is dead.
[Drop] <Antelope Skin>

[Party] PureIndigo~ Hahahaha! Having done this dungeon so many time, I finally got a drop that isn’t Cafeteria 2’s buns or Cafeteria’s 2 buns and also not one year’s worth of coupons for Cafeteria 2’s buns!!! All things definitely come to those who wait! Thank you god author!!!

[Party] NightWolf picked up <Antelope Skin>.
[Party] PureIndigo~: Nani?????
[Party] NightWolf: Sorry, I’m the MT, I’m going to take this.
[Party] PureIndigo~: … Based on what!!!!

[Party] NightWolf: Since you contributed, this is your compensation.

YeLang waved his hand coldly, shaking out a small piece of paper, it slowly drifted down to Pure Indigo~’s feet, picking it up, it was actually—-
<A Lifetime Supply of Free Cafeteria 2’s Buns>

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