TANW Chapter 54

Chapter 54 – The Truth Comes Out  
3rd of December, Saturday, 18:00
—— Tang XiuWen’s Dormitory

“Why, you’ve made a decision already?” Tang XiuWen sat lazily next to the table, two mobile phones in front of him. One belonged to him, and the other belonged to LingYang.
“Yes,” LingYang nodded. “I’m going to give up Bell’s account, and start a new cleric account. Although I’m a little regretful as she has accompanied me for so long, but that’s still someone else’s account. This is a little unfair to XiaoGe, as our rank in the arena will be reset. I’ve seek XiaoGe’s opinions this morning and he has agreed to it. As for QiFeng, he has no choice but to agree. Anyway there are no more raids, at most we’ll just do more matches.” 
“What about my master’s husband then?”
“He had invested quite a bit in Bell previously, and this time he has also given this account many items. To transfer the account to him is expected of me, the spear I crafted for him is still in Bell’s inventory, to leave it there is a waste. Anyway I won’t be logging into that account anymore, I’ll just let him decide what to do with that account, even if he doesn’t want to use it, he can keep it as a mule.”

—— LingYang’s and XuXian’s House

When XuXian opened the door for YeLang, his face was a little dark, with regards to last night’s incident, he was still a little angry with YeLang.
Seeing XuXian opening the door and turning his back on him with a dark expression and not greeting him, in addition to his reaction last night, YeLang was curious.
“Little Xian, what happened to you?”
“I’m fine, rather than showing me concern, why don’t you show some concern to someone else.” XuXian insinuated.

YeLang looked around, “Where’s LingYang?”
XuXian rolled his eyes, you still know how to ask after YangYang, “He’s not here.”
“He’s not going later?”
XuXian completely did not want to tell him, retorting, “Why did you get a divorce out of the blue yesterday?”
YeLang was a little taken aback by the sudden change in topic, “My relationship with Bell is very complicated, it’s not what you think it is.”
“Just tell me why you wanted a divorce.”
“I can’t be with him anymore.”
“The reason being?”

“I like someone else.”
XuXian was shocked, “You like someone else? Who?”
—— Tang XiuWen’s Dormitory

“To my master’s husband, Bell should now be his love rival, as such, how could he accept a gift from his love rival?”
“I can say that I was helping Bell out of compassion, or out of justice, that our relationship was already in the past, now I like someone else.”
“Hai, Master, I really admire you, marrying yourself and being your own third party, divorcing yourself and marrying yourself, getting into a relationship with yourself, when are you going to have a child with yourself?”
LingYang’s face was full of bitterness, “Teacher, it’s already like this, please don’t be sarcastic towards me any more.”
—— LingYang’s and XuXian’s House

“What did you say? You got divorced with Bell because you like LingYang?” XuXian could not believe what he was hearing.
YeLang nodded calmly.
XuXian’s head sunk down, he clenched his fists tightly. YangYang ah YangYang, you’ve caused yourself to be in this situation, you can’t blame anyone else for it.
“Then, then why didn’t you finish hearing out Bell yesterday?”
“I know what he was going to say.”
“You know?”
“When I came online, I received many whispers, some of them congratulating me, others offering to buy something from me. They all offered very high prices, I know Bell wants to give me something, and it’s very valuable as well.”
“I already owe Bell too much, he’s a good person, very good to me. But I will always be unworthy of him, I cannot continue accepting anything from him, and I’m also afraid that he would take the opportunity to say something else, so I needed to reject him first.” 
—— Tang XiuWen’s Dormitory

“So what do you want to do now, will you confess to my master’s husband with the identity of LingYang?”
“Yes, although the misunderstanding between us is very big, but I believe that since it’s a misunderstanding, there would be a day that this would be resolved. I’ve deceived him for so long, coming up with so many lies, to end up like this is also my retribution.”
“But, since I was the one who started this, then I’ll have to take responsibility for it. At the gathering later, I will find an opportunity to confess to him with my own identity.”
His gaze was determined, “I’ve already missed an opportunity once, this time no matter what I’ll never run away from it again. By that time even if he gets angry or disagree with me, I will cling onto him with all my might, until he accepts me.”
—— LingYang’s and XuXian’s House

“Actually last night when LingYang married Bell it wasn’t…”
“It was my fault, I had been indecisive over it, as I couldn’t confirm my own feelings, despite giving him the hammer…”
“You gave LingYang the hammer?” XuXian was pleasantly surprised.
“Although I did give it, but I didn’t say anything. He doesn’t know the intentions of the hammer, and just thinks of it as a normal gift. I’ve missed many chances, BaiLong and MuRong were the ones who brought this up to me. If not for them, even till now I wouldn’t be able to admit this calmly to you.”
His voice was determined, “MuRong says, a man has to take the initiative, so, even if LingYang likes someone else, I will also not give up so easily. Later I will tell him clearly, the person I like is him, no matter who he likes, I will get him back.”
—— Tang XiuWen’s Dormitory

“Tsk, how rare for you to be so determined,” Tang XiuWen picked up the phone in front of him. “Now that you’ve decided, I’ll help you send the message.”
“Send it,” LingYang was calm. “We’ll let Bell become a part of Little Antelope’s unmentionable history, never to let Brother Lang know about it.”
—— LingYang’s and XuXian’s House

At the start when XuXian was listening, he was confused, when did LingYang like someone else? What did this have to do with BaiLong? But after hearing the last part about the confession he was elated, patting the other heavily on the shoulder, “I knew that Ah Lang you’re a brave, responsible good person, you really didn’t disappoint me!”
“YangYang went over to his counsellor’s place, he said he would go to the restaurant by himself. I think he would be very happy to hear what you’re about to tell him.”
The corners of YeLang’s mouth could not help but curve up slightly, “Ok.”
XuXian rushed back into his room, “I still have something to finish up, I’ll be done soon, give me a little time, we’ll go and find YangYang soon!”
YeLang entered LingYang’s room leisurely, his attention again drawn to that huge poster on the wall.
Sitting down in front of the computer, his right hand gripped onto LingYang’s mouse, his thumb brushing against the 12 keys on its side.
He realised he had yet to ask why LingYang was using such a complicated mouse.
His phone in his pocket vibrated, there was a text.
YeLang opened it, it was from an unknown number.

—— Husband, thanks for taking care of me for the past five months, I’ve decided to go AFK from the game, and will never log into this account, Bell, again. Today, I’ve transferred her over to you, I hope you’ll treat her well. Also, Little Antelope was only helping me out yesterday, our relationship isn’t what you think it is, please don’t misunderstand. I’ll call you Husband for the last time. Goodbye, Bell who loves you.

YeLang frowned, how did Bell get his mobile number, did LingYang gave it to him?

His thumb continued swiping down, after the text was Bell’s account and password.
YeLang’s thumb froze.
Awhile later, he expressionlessly bent over to switch on LingYang’s computer and waited for it to slowly boot up. This time it only need two minutes and eighteen seconds to go into Windows, the 360 boot assistant announced proudly, your booting time has defeated 3% of the country’s users.
He double-clicked on game client located on the desktop.
Clicking past the opening video and entering the log-in page, LingYang’s account name was displayed there due to his settings. YeLang had only seen it once, but as he paid a lot of attention to this person, he had remembered it.
He placed his phone next to the monitor, the two account names side by side, one a duplicate of the other.
He pulled out the keyboard, entering the password in the text letter by letter, then hit enter.
Upon confirmation, the game entered the character selection page, on the screen was a very familiar female cleric standing there alone.
YeLang stared at the female cleric for a few seconds, without a change in his expression, he exited the game. From the desktop shortcut he found the game’s original location, he opened ‘My Computer’, then slowly clicked through the folders.
He found the screenshot folder for the game and opened it, and clicked on the first image.
In the screenshot were two unknown male characters, one cleric, one warrior. He flipped through the images, most of them were screenshots of these two characters in all sorts of scenic spots, with the occasional appearance of a third person. After a certain date, the characters in the screenshots suddenly changed, changing to a shot of two other male characters kissing under the moon, one of the character was someone he saw nearly every day…

——7/7 Dungeon, Gender-Changing Pearl.
YeLang continued going through the images, after a few kissing shots, one of the characters became a female dressed in a Little Dragon Girl cosplay, the other character dressed in a military uniform, the background scenery behind the two of them changed non-stop, the angle of the screenshots were very ambiguous.
His finger clicked mechanically, those screenshots appeared like a documentary, the two of them hugging by Lake ShiWen, queueing in the arena, fighting in the dungeons… In five months, there were hundreds of screenshots, every one of them recording Night Wolf’s and Bell’s past.
YeLang finally clicked the X on the top right corner, he closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths.
When he opened his eyes again and saw his phone displaying Bell’s account information, every letter was as though they were mocking him.
He suddenly grabbed his phone, a wave of his hand, the phone shattered against the wall.
YeLang stood up and started to search through LingYang’s room in a frenzy. He pulled open every drawer, opened every cupboard, made a mess out of everything in front of him, finally discovering an X-ray film at the bottom of a cupboard.
He placed the X-ray on the table.
He pressed his left hand onto it.

—— Mr. Cool, are you so cool to everyone? We’re also considered familiar with each other, but you’re still not saying a single word.
—— Why didn’t she come with you?
I think your wife also likes you a lot.
—— Is it very embarrassing to get dizzy near water?
Science has shown that there’s 1 out of 98 people who would feel a sense of dizziness when near water, I know many people like this.
—— How could he be online the entire afternoon!
Why not? She’s been online since the client came online, after that we formed a party, if not it’s our hallucinations?
—— He injured his little finger on his left, it won’t affect anything!
Did you fall for his lies again, Bell’s injury is on his left little finger.
YangYang injured his left hand’s… index finger, middle finger… and ring finger.
—— Who says I don’t come online? I come online everyday!
Sorry sorry, I got used to chatting online with you, I forgot you were just next to me.
My graphics card is very lousy, every time you appear on screen I’ll lag.

XuXian heard a commotion from the room next door, he rushed over to take a look. The room that looked like a tornado had went through it gave him a shock.
“Ah, Ah Lang…”
YeLang slowly turned his head, XuXian was alarmed, he had never seen this version of YeLang before!
“You, you…”
“You know about it right?” YeLang’s voice was colder than ice.
YeLang stood up and walked out without saying anything.
“Ah Lang, where are you going?” XuXian chased after him nervously.
“Going to the restaurant to meet my ex-wife.”
XuXian was distressed, his right hand reached behind him.
“You’re not allowed to make a call!”
XuXian trembled in fear, pulling his hand back.
A voice yelled loudly inside him: What to do! Who would inform YangYang!
The author has something to say:
Next Chapter! Brother Lang who discovered the truth is finally in a rage! Will Little Antelope be safe?
PS. The bj that appears in the novel means blow job, don’t know what that means, go check it!!

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