TANW Chapter 70

Chapter 70 – The Innocent Young Master Awakens    

Sender: Antelope (Little Antelope is Dauntless), Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Got dragged home by Husband during the last gathering, didn’t play enough, let’s do it again!
Location: YanShan University A Century to Educate BBS

This time I’ll definitely find a way to keep it confidential!

Sender: Nightwolf (Night Wolf), Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: Got dragged home by Husband during the last gathering, didn’t play enough, let’s do it again!
Location: SenLan Technological University  The Blue of Sen Sea BBS via 
YanShan University A Century to Educate BBS

Sure. Where will it be held this time, should we go together?

Sender: Hana (Flower@Zoo’s Director of Supervision)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: Got dragged home by Husband during the last gathering, didn’t play enough, let’s do it again!
Location: YanShan University A Century to Educate BBS

Haha, someone’s cards have been exposed, let’s see if the OP can still be so gleeful here!

Sender: Antelope (Little Antelope has Always Been Faithful)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: Got dragged home by Husband during the last gathering, didn’t play enough, let’s do it again!
Location: YanShan University A Century to Educate BBS

This account has committed suicide, we’ll meet again if we’re destined to do so! /ToT)/

YeLang did not have classes nor anything else to do in the morning, so he went to the swimming complex for training. The coach observed and guided him, to him, YeLang seemed more muscular than the previous semester.
“Did you increase your weight training during the break? Your arms are already powerful enough, are you planning on switching over to weight-lifting?”
YeLang shook his head, “It’s not enough, I plan on training some more.”
He had thought that he would be getting a small and delicate girlfriend, but now that he had a boyfriend who was of a similar height to him, he definitely felt that having enough strength was very important now.
During his internship, YeLang had been working out in the company’s gym every afternoon. Other than using the machines, he also trained in combat. Today, although his fighting capacity might not be as good as BaiLong, but against the sports school’s QiFeng, YeLang would definitely not be at a disadvantage.
By the time he got back to his dorm from the swimming complex, it was already ten in the morning. He logged into the game and noticed that LingYang was online.
LingYang created a party with YeLang, and added Little Buckle and his husband into it, then called on global for a random stranger to join them in clearing their daily missions. Today’s little dungeon was very easy, most people would be able to clear it with their eyes closed, but Little Buckle’s husband was not one of them.
Seeing him, YeLang felt that the journey through the dungeon would not be successful. As expected, upon entering, problems kept cropping up. Before the first boss was defeated, the stranger quit and fled. Little Buckle again started scolding his husband in frustration, while the husband continued behaving like an obedient little wife, incessantly repeating that what his wife said was completely true.
Seeing how angry Little Buckle was at the moment, it was unlikely that he would continue playing. LingYang decided to leave the party with YeLang and look for a new one. It just happened that someone in the area was calling for two additional members to join their group of three. After joining them, LingYang realised that he knew two out of three members, one was the hacker who stole his account and also helped him out later, and the other was… Old Gun.

LingYang finally remembered why he found Old Gun’s name so familiar. He had seen this ID in the game before and talked to him as well, who would have thought that he would actually meet that person in real life.
The third member was called Little Road, he was also from the Imperial Dynasty guild. It seemed like they were all from that circle, but LingYang did not plan on acknowledging them as the pressure Old Gun had exerted on him was still fresh in his mind, so he did not want to expose his identity at all.
This time the dungeon was completed successfully. The guy called Little Road was very chatty along the way, Old Gun was quite talkative as well, even his tone was rather polite, completely different from the person LingYang had met that day.
When the dungeon was completed, a low level armour dropped. Most people would usually not need the low level armour from this sort of little dungeon, unless someone had requested for it beforehand, the allocation would be based on the system. LingYang got very lucky and rolled a 99points stat on it. As he was gloating about it, Little Road got unhappy and said that he wanted it.
As the armour was allocated by the system, although LingYang was not going to use it, but there was also no way he could trade it. Little Road babbled on and on, although he did not say it directly, but he implicitly expressed his dissatisfaction with LingYang.

[Party] OldGun: She also didn’t know you needed it, next time if you want it, mention it earlier. There’s no point in talking about it now.
[Party] LittleRoad: I’ve cleared this dungeon so many times but it never dropped before. I thought it wouldn’t appear, so I forgot about it.
[Party] OldGun: Enough, we’ll try again the next time.
[Party] LittleRoad: We’ve already tried so many times, I’m about to vomit blood from the number of times we’ve done this dungeon. Hai, I’m so unlucky, it either doesn’t drop, or when it drops it gets allocated to someone else.

The rest of the people did not chime in, but Little Road continued his insinuations. LingYang started to get annoyed, after all Little Road was in the wrong right from the start, and there could only be this result. What was the point in talking so much? Before he could interject, someone became hostile.

[Party] OldGun: Are you done? I’m giving you face here but you clearly don’t want it. Kneel down!

Unexpectedly, Little Road actually used the actions available in the game to kneel down, his reaction so quick that one would suspect he had the kneeling action ready as a macro. However, in the game a male character would only kneel on one knee, so it did not seem very obviously related to that kind of things.
LingYang was dumbfounded: The fuck, doing this online as well? They sure got into the scene very quickly!

[Party] Bell: Umm…

Bell’s message made Old Gun realise that there were outsiders around.

[Party] OldGun: Sorry sorry, I forgot you were still in the party.
[Party]  <NightWolf> has been kicked out of the party.
[Party] <Bell> has been kicked out of the party.

LingYang was speechless, but since they had already completed the dungeon, it was time for them to leave the party and hand in their tasks anyway.
The hacker also exited the group, greeting LingYang before leaving.

[Local] UprightGentleman: Goodbye, Little Brother Bell! We’ll play together again next time!
[Local] Bell: =。= I’m a girl.

Then he sent a private message.

[Whisper] Bell: Don’t address me like that!
[Whisper] UprightGentleman: Why?
[Whisper] Bell:
What if other people hear you!
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
There’s only your husband here anyway, could it be that he still doesn’t know you’re a guy?
[Whisper] Bell:
He knows! But he doesn’t know that you know!
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
That’s a little confusing, let me work through it…
[Whisper] Bell: Anyway, don’t address me like that! And don’t talk to my husband as well!
[Whisper] UprightGentleman: Why?
[Whisper] Bell:
He’s not from our circle!
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
What do you mean by not from our circle? You should really just quit your guild and join us.
[Whisper] Bell:

YeLang created a new party with LingYang.

[Party] NightWolf: Why haven’t you hand in your task yet?
[Party] Bell: Coming.
[Whisper] NightWolf: Hi.
[Whisper] UprightGentleman: Yo!
[Whisper] NightWolf:
You know my wife?
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
Your wife asked me not to talk to you!
[Whisper] NightWolf:
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
Because you’re not from our circle!

That circle again, YeLang’s face darkened. Exactly what the hell was this damn circle.

[Whisper] NightWolf: I know, but he doesn’t know that I know.
[Whisper] UprightGentleman: That’s a little confusing, let me work through it…
[Whisper] NightWolf:
Actually, I just want to understand him more, but I don’t know where to start.
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
Oh! This is easy!

The other person sent YeLang a few long lines of numbers and letters.

[Whisper] UprightGentleman: This is the current IP address for the community, this is the alternate address. As we run the risk of getting shutdown anytime, if the alternate IP address doesn’t work as well, just send an email to this address with the subject NEWIP, the system will automatically reply you with the new address!
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
You should have tried to understand your wife earlier, how else would you be able to satisfy him? After awhile he would definitely run off with someone else!

YeLang thought, as if he can.

[Whisper] NightWolf: Do you know what’s his ID in the community?
[Whisper] UprightGentleman: Give me a second!

He returned after a bit.

[Whisper] UprightGentleman: It’s AntelopeCannotFly!
[Whisper] NightWolf:
Ok, I got it. With regards to this I want to give him a surprise, so…
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
Don’t worry! I won’t tell him!
[Whisper] NightWolf:
Thank you very much.
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
You’re welcome! This is also my ID in the community, just call me if you need anything! Just speak your mind, and finally ——
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
Welcome to the circle!
[Party] Bell: Husband why are you lagging today, is there an issue with your internet?
[Party] NightWolf: There was a small issue just now but it’s fine now, let’s go.

By the time they handed in their tasks it was already lunch time. YeLang went to the cafeteria for take away, returning to his room he entered the IP address given to him while eating.
Unexpectedly, the school internet loaded this site very quickly, the site name was —— Wild Wolf Empire – The Biggest Chinese BDSM Circle.
Upright Gentleman had only said that this was a community, but YeLang had not expected this community to be so big, with nearly a hundred forums. At the bottom of the page it showed that over a thousand people was online despite it being in the day.
The breakdown of the categories of the forums could almost be considered overly-detailed, but it did not affect their popularity, instead each forum were updated with many new posts.
YeLang scrolled down quickly, the purpose of every forum was listed clearly, allowing people to understand at a glance.
As a healthy young man, YeLang had of course browsed similar adult sites as well. However, those basically consisted of images, novels and movies, those with a more detailed breakdown would have western, Japanese and local categories. They were definitely not as direct as this community, some even reaching the point of being disgusting.
YeLang frowned, this was what LingYang looked at normally?
All the forums were private, to enter them an account was required, and when logging in there was a warning to not let the outside world know about them.
Thinking for a moment, YeLang opened another window for Taobao’s site and searched the name of the community there.
As expected, there were people selling accounts for the site on Taobao. The cheapest was a hundred, the most expensive one was about seven to eight hundred. The more expensive the account, the more content they could access.
YeLang did not need access to downloads, and so he purchased the most basic account available.
He randomly entered an English word for his nickname.
Measurements, required. YeLang did not understand, guys also had to list their measurements?
He had no choice but to ask the seller, and the seller was surprised.
“You don’t know what’s measurements? Are you really a gay?”
(T/N: Measurements usually refers to 三围 – SanWei, bust, hips and waist, but that’s definitely not the case for this site.)
But in the end, the seller still explained it to him, “Height, weight, age.”
YeLang filled them in truthfully.
Normally, the next category should be gender, when registering on other websites the options would be private, male and female. Over here gender was listed as identity, the three options being switch, dominant, submissive.
YeLang thought about it before selecting the middle option.
The rest of the categories were all optional, YeLang took a quick look, it was mainly asking about the account holder’s interests and contents that they could accept. There was also another item, partner (fill in community ID if available).
This time he did not need to think about it, he instantly entered a name, AntelopeCannotFly.
The registration was successful. First he went to the gaming forum, as expected, he saw Old Gun’s announcement about the Imperial Dynasty guild.
He then browsed through the other forums, there was an administrative one, member one, BDSM exhibition one, then followed by a fetish zone. There were many categories available, like leather shoes, sneakers, canvas shoes, uniforms, socks, bare feet… Unexpectedly each fetish had their own forum.
The first one listed in the fetish zone was the boots fetish section, he selected it.
Browsing through a few posts, with his savviness, YeLang understood immediately.
So it was like this.
Finishing his food, with a poker face, he logged out of the site, cleared his browsing history, switched off his monitor and stored the note where he wrote the IP addresses of the website properly, as though nothing had happened.
YeLang had classes in the afternoon, but once he was done with them, he did not return to the dormitory, but headed out of campus.
After a ten minutes walk, he arrived at an apartment. This place was prepared for him by his family, as they feared that he would not be used to staying in the dormitory. However, he felt that it was more convenient to stay within the campus. He would occasionally stay in that apartment over the weekend, but once he was with LingYang, he always spent the weekend over at his place instead, and the apartment was left empty.
At this moment, the main purpose of that apartment was as a storage unit.
YeLang unlocked the door, he entered, closed the door, switched on the lights, and without removing his shoes, he walked towards the bedroom.
The bedroom was huge, with a walk-in wardrobe attached to it, and this was one of the reasons why he decided to buy this place.

There was an enormous built-in cupboard on one of the walls of the walk-in closet, and the two doors of the cupboard tightly closed. Together with the dim light of the place, the place looked very mysterious, rousing a voyeuristic desire in people. 
YeLang’s hands slowly caressed those doors, he remained still for a moment before he gave the doors a push. The doors slid open with a creak, exposing what was hidden inside.
Seeing those items, the corner of YeLang’s lips curved up gradually. If someone saw him at that very moment, they would definitely be fearful, as on his face appeared a strange smile that no one had ever seen before.
In the cupboard were displayed dozens of boots of various styles.  
The author has something to say:
The author had amnesia at Chapter 60, let’s welcome today’s guest —— Our little friend Flower.
XuXian: Hi everyone, I’m Flower, YangYang’s co-tenant, YangYang’s husband’s childhood friend, YangYang’s childhood friend’s wife. As a bosom buddy of the main character, my identity is actually very awkward, my personality can’t be too individualistic such that it’ll outshine the main character, but neither can I be so dull to the point where I’ll be neglected by the readers. It’s a lot of work to play this character, I don’t know if my acting skills have satisfied everyone?
You’re welcome to ask me anything, but anything to do with bed matters, heeheehee, I’m very shy about that ~(@^_^@)~

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