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Chapter 28 – The Husband Who Is Ready

<Pale Soul OL> Website
Good news! Good news! This Saturday, at Hushuo City, there will be a small offline gathering for players. Game developers will be there to collect the players’ opinions on the new content. We’re specially inviting players from both Daishan and Linshan servers to attend. The location is at Hushuo City’s Mt Pagoda’s peak, and the secret code is: I’m a Pale Soul player! For more details, please contact our customer support, hope you’re having fun playing.
<Pale Soul OL> Operating Team

Although the game developers did not plan on creating hype around this news, there were many rumours spreading about the new party dungeon, and more guilds were getting even more aggressive about recruitment.
In comparison to other online guilds, Passionate Sword Guild, which was mostly made up of schoolmates, was quite stable, but they still could not prevent the loss of people like Big Bull who had been introduced by others into the guild.
Night Wolf came online today and received another bad news from Mourning Mo.


【Whisper】MourningMo: Old Wolf, I have bad news.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Don’t tell me someone is leaving the guild when they still owe points.

【Whisper】MourningMo: Although they haven’t left, you’re close…


Night Wolf was about to ask who it was, then he received a whisper from Clinging Scent.


【Whisper】ClingingScent: Sorry, Brother Wolf, I think I should greet you before I leave. I have a few friends who started a new guild, and they want me to go over and help them out.

【Whisper】ClingingScent: You’ve been taking care of me in many ways, and I know leaving now is giving you a lot of trouble. But they’re my friends in real life, and I can’t reject them.

【Whisper】ClingingScent: I’ve already looked for MoMo to calculate DKP. The points I owe, I’ve already converted it to cash and added it to the guild’s treasury. I’ve also stored a few materials there, please consider it my small compensation.

【Whisper】ClingingScent: I’m really very sorry, I’ve created trouble for all of you, and I hope you can find a suitable healer soon.


When Clinging Scent finished typing, she did not wait for Night Wolf’s reply, and said her goodbyes to the guild.


【Guild】ClingingScent: Thanks everyone for taking care of me all this while, my irl friends have asked me to join their guild, and I can’t reject them. I’ve had a lot of fun with everyone, and I hope we’ll still be friends the next time we meet.

【Guild】<ClingingScent> has left the guild.

【Guild】CuteEgg: Ah, why did Sister Clinging Scent just leave like this 5555

【Guild】LittleRights: Leaving during this sensitive period, hai… At least she said her goodbyes, it’s better than Big Bull who just left, owing over 200 DKP.

【Guild】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: The guild Clinging Scent is joining is exactly the one Big Bull is in. Their guild hasn’t even been created for two weeks, but they’ve already poached many people from other guilds. Some are even the core players for the guilds.

【Guild】LittleCloth: Every time there’s a sign of disturbance, those other guilds will start poaching people. Are they forcing us to only accept people from our school in the future?

【Guild】UncleHe: What are you implying? I’m also not from your school, are you kicking me out?

【Guild】FlowerHouse: Uncle, don’t get agitated, Feng Xian doesn’t mean it that way. Anyway, I’m also not from Senlan ^^! But now that Sister Clinging Scent is gone, what happens to Ah Lang?


In <Pale Soul OL>’s 25 men party, it was the norm to have four clerics. While raiding, depending on the situation, it might increase to five.
The one in charge of the MT was usually the holy cleric, with the strongest healing ability. Night Wolf’s healer previously had always been Bell, and after Bell met with an accident, Clinging Scent had replaced her till now.
FlowerHouse was a summoner cleric, and support was his strength. In the party he was usually assigned to the attacking team to buff their DPS.
The other two main clerics in Passionate Sword, one was a destructive type, mainly designated as a healing support. Although the other one was also a holy type, a girl who was pretty sociable and whose skills were so-so, for her to follow the party was fine, to be in charge of the MT was a little tough for her.


【Guild】MourningMo: Uhh, although Bell is no longer a holy light type, everyone has seen her ability. Since she has recovered from her hand injury from the car accident, should we let her return to being old Wolf’s healer?

【Guild】CuteEgg: Seconded!

【Guild】LittleRights: I think that works.

【Guild】DevotedCouple: What does old Wolf think?


Ye Lang was actually the most annoyed person at that moment. This matter of his wife having to go help others because he lost a bet, he would never tell them even under the threat of death, and therefore he could only muddle through some explanation.


【Guild】NightWolf: It’s not very convenient for her. For now it’s still fine, but we still need to recruit someone quickly.


The rest of them understandingly did not ask about it again.


【Guild】MourningMo: Yeah, I think so too. Why don’t we start recruiting on the global chat and forum these few days?

【Guild】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: What? We’ve never had an open recruitment before. Even our online friends can only join with a guarantor. To change our standards like that, it’s very embarrassing.

【Guild】DevotedCouple: Above is right, let’s just continue recruiting the usual way. If you know any clerics whose skills isn’t too bad just introduce them. Most importantly, that person’s character has to be good, we cannot have another person running away owing points again.

【Guild】DevotedCouple: Also, the year 1 students have acclimatised now, and they should have finished setting up their computers. Everyone, start showing their love for their juniors, and get some to join us so that we can train them for the future.

【Guild】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Wah, they’ve only just started their beautiful college life, and Sister DC wants to just drag them down like this, how mean.

【Guild】DevotedCouple: Even if we don’t get them to play Pale Soul, they will also go play other bastard games, there will always be some degenerates attending college. Little Buckle, don’t pretend to have morals, you’ll handle the ones at Yanshan.

【Guild】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: ( ⊙ o ⊙) Oh no!


When Ling Yang came online, he immediately dragged Night Wolf to join the queue in the arena. He could not be blamed. He had been suffering through his injury, and although while wearing the cast he could still type on the keyboard with some effort, he was afraid that there would be consequences left from his injury. As such, he gritted his teeth and took care not to stress his hand.
Now that three months have passed, he was like an antelope that had been cooped up for the entire winter, released into the embrace of the prairie in spring. 
Ever since he “confessed” his identity to Night Wolf, although Night Wolf did not change his way of speaking to him, his attitude was clearly friendlier. Whether Ling Yang invited him to raid dungeons or fight in the arena, he had never rejected him.
There were many types of arenas in <Pale Soul OL>. Night Wolf’s character was a classic PVE one, and in the arena he did not gain any benefits. When he was there, LingYang would usually choose the Zhizhu Gorge map for the capture the flag events.
There was a thirty minute limit in Zhizhu Gorge. Both the red and white teams each had a big home base, and as long as the other team’s flag in their home base was captured and brought back to their own home base three times, it would be considered a win. If the flag was not captured three times within the time limit, the win would be decided by the number of times the flag got captured and the number of people left.
Ling Yang was already very adept with this arena. One group would defend the home base, and the other group would defend the center of the arena. Afew attackers would take the shadow knight along to steal the flag, and finally, Night Wolf and Bell would be in charge of bringing the flag back to their home base.
Their strategy was simple and effective. The attackers went in and did their AOE attacks, while the shadow knight would take advantage of the chaos and sneak in to steal the flag. As long as this step succeeded, their win was assured.
Although Night Wolf’s movement speed was slow, on the server, his gear for the warriors could be considered within one of the top three sets. His hp pool and defence were insanely high, and so together with Bell’s protection, it was really difficult for their opponents to kill him to retrieve their flag.
Under this sort of cooperation, one game could be completed within fifteen to twenty minutes, and each time they would get the full score of three points. The battle rank of Bell this account soon rose rapidly.


【Party】NightWolf: Why are you collecting so many arena points?


Ye Lang could not help but ask while they were queuing.


【Party】Bell: I’m saving the points to buy PVP gear for fighting.

【Party】NightWolf: What fighting?

【Party】Bell: Uh, just preparing them in case.


When Qi Feng had invited Ling Yang to join the new server, it was to get him to participate in the 3v3 competition with them.
Qi Feng’s previous 3v3 team consisted of a fighter type, a fire mage and a beast summoner. The cleric happened to be Qi Feng’s little brother who was now overseas, and there was an empty spot in the team.
Qi Feng had been looking for a suitable replacement for awhile already, as it just happened that Ling Yang had that little incident, so he took the chance to poach the person over.
Ling Yang was originally very hesitant about it. There were only so many PVP experts locally, and they were all familiar with each other’s style. If he agreed to join Qi Feng, once they reached a certain level in the competition, his identity would definitely be exposed.
But having held back for a few months, his hands were itching for battle. Ling Yang’s personality was not the type to be hidden in the world and buried in the deep, so under Qi Feng’s instigation, he finally decided to jump into the pit.
Still, with regards to this matter, right now, he did not want to let Ye Lang know about it.


【Party】NightWolf: Your master


Ye Lang suddenly shifted the topic over to Little Antelope, giving Ling Yang a shock.


【Party】Bell: What about him?

【Party】NightWolf: He’s very strong?

【Party】Bell: Obviously. If he’s not strong how could he be my master =。=

【Party】NightWolf: He’s from your school?

【Party】Bell: ?? Why would you ask this?

【Party】NightWolf: I’m only asking casually.


Asking casually again? Ling Yang really felt that something was wrong.


【Party】Bell: To tell the truth, I have no idea too.

【Party】Bell: Although he’s my master, he’s very secretive. He has never told me about his identity in real life before.

【Party】NightWolf: Oh… Right, I haven’t asked you this. Which finger did you injure?

【Party】Bell: The little finger on my left, why?

【Party】NightWolf: It’s nothing, just showing a little concern.

【Party】Bell: … Hubby, you’re actually concerned about me, I’m so touched T^T


The little finger on the left? Ye Lang would find a day and confirm that with xiao Xian.
The game developers finally released something. On Tuesday, when the game was down for maintenance, news was posted on the website. There was going to be a small offline meet-and-greet for players in Hushuo City during the upcoming weekend. Apparently, at the appointed time, they would show a video of the new content and get the players’ opinions on it. The players on the two servers in Hushuo City were both very excited.
The location for the meeting was to be on a hill. This was not strange. After all, the landscape of Hushuo City was very hilly, and you could see hills everywhere. That was why there were so many things named after mountains, like Daishan server, Linshan server, Yanshan University, Lanshan Music College…1
The hill <Pale Soul OL>’s management company chose was called Mt. Pagoda. The name sounded mythical, but it was actually a slope was barely 300m above sea level. There was also a three-storey Pagoda, its age unknown, built on the peak, and so that was how the slope got its name.
Ling Yang always felt that this name was unlucky, as it was too similar to Babaoshan2.
But after the city developed this slope, planting some ornamental plants, installing a wooden path, and digging a man-made lake at the bottom of the slope, getting some koi and doves, it became a scenic spot. The scenery there was really not bad, and during this season in Hushuo City, it was a good location for a leisure outing.
Once the game client was up, Passionate Sword’s guild chat discussed animatedly about this meet-and-greet.
Although Passionate Sword’s guild members were 99% sure that Bell would not turn up, they still remembered to continue their act.


【Guild】MourningMo: Will Bell be attending the meet-and-greet this weekend?

【Guild】LittleRights: That’s right, Sister-in-law should come along, all of us have yet to meet you.

【Guild】LittleCloth: The previous guild gathering, you didn’t turn up too. This time, you must attend! We’ll deduct old Wolf’s DKP if you don’t, we’ll reset it to zero!


Ling Yang rolled his eyes. During the previous guild gathering, Bell was still a ladyboy, of course she would not be able to go. This time, Bell… was still a ladyboy, so it would only be strange if she went.
He was about to send a message rejecting them, but Night Wolf rejected them first.


【Guild】NightWolf: My wife won’t be attending.

【Guild】CuteEgg: Ah? Why? Those who want to meet Sister Bell speak up >_<

【Guild】FlowerHouse: That’s right, why isn’t Bell attending? I want to meet you too ^^

【Guild】UncleHe: Because she’s participating in the 20XX Annual Hushuai Cup World College Students’ Judo Tournament China Division Girls’ Judo 48kg Weight Class competition!

【Guild】Bell: ^ ^! Exactly the reason above!

【Guild】UncleHe: Bell, fighting!

【Guild】Bell: ……… Yes!


The guild members then left it alone, changing the topic of discussion. Privately, Ling Yang also did not slack off.
If you didn’t say anything at the start, I would also definitely have said that I won’t be attending.
Now that you don’t want me to go, I am going to attend this in spite of you!
Who said that Ling Yang was not a contrary bottom?


【Whisper】Bell: Give me an identity.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: What?

【Whisper】Bell: I want to attend that meet-and-greet.


Qi Feng understood immediately.


【Whisper】LuomingWind: LuomingShadow, a level 72 shadow warrior.

【Whisper】Bell: Your little brother’s account?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Not really. It was originally created for him, but he didn’t like this name, so I was always the one levelling this account. Also I rarely use it, so not many people know of this account.

【Whisper】Bell: That works, it’ll be him then.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: But you know that this event is for both servers right? The people from the old server will be attending as well.

【Whisper】Bell: I’ll just go! I’m not afraid! Are you going?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: I’m going.

【Whisper】Bell: I’ll see you then.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Ok.


The night before the meet-and-greet, Passionate Sword happened to beat the last three bosses of Qielan dungeon. Compared to those cannon fodder bosses at the start, the second half of the dungeon was a lot more difficult.
Exiting the dungeon, they again met their nemesis Ninth Heaven Luoming. Both of them went into group-P simultaneously. There was nothing extra said, and the fight lasted into the night.
On the second day, Ling Yang woke up early on purpose — of course, without the lure of breakfast, waking up at nine was considered very early for him already. He paid special attention to his grooming, and even spent extra effort on picking out his clothes.
Ling Yang’s clothes were mostly bright and colourful. He first chose a blue shirt, then changed to a pink one. Turning back and forth in front of the mirror, he still felt that it was not appropriate.
He was suddenly inspired. Remembering the case of the Little Dragon Girl, he snapped his fingers.
The finally appropriately-dressed Ling Yang looked at his reflection in white with self-satisfaction. He could not help but crow, “The most frightening thing on this earth, is that you don’t know about the existence of your enemy, but your enemy. Knows. You. Inside. Out.”
Ling Yang was about to call out to Xu Xian before leaving, but this fellow had already went out to play early in the morning. There was no sign of him in the house.
Brimming with self-confidence, Ling Yang left the house whistling. Heading towards Mt. Pagoda, he was ready to meet that free gift “husband” that came along with his 500 RMB purchase of that ladyboy account.

Author’s Note:

Let me think what to drop today…

[The Love Triangle Scene that Everyone Is Very Concerned About] — The third party will appear tomorrow, but he’s only just a passerby…

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