TANW Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – The Sleeping Lion is Finally Waking Up

Sender: Antelope (Little Antelope, Going Crazy)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Requesting For Help, How to Get Rid of a Persistent Person
Location: YanShan University A Century to Educate BBS

Rolling on the cold icy ground begging for help!

Sender: Lionking (Sleeping Lion)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: Requesting For Help, How to Get Rid of a Persistent Person
Location: YanShan University A Century to Educate BBS

Just give him what he wants.

Someone silently pushed open the door to Room 737, there was only Brother Bear in the room who was engaged in combat, while yelling in YY:
“Come to the old road, the old road is being guarded now! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck that ranger! I’ve been cursed quickly someone help me dispel it!”
The person stood behind him and watched for awhile, then lightly called out, “Your Uncle.”
“Your Uncle!” Brother Bear scolded back in reflex, after a few seconds, he suddenly felt something was not right. Removing his earpiece and turning around, he got a shock.
“Class Leader, why are you here? Please take a seat.”
“I’m showing some concern for my classmates’ extracurricular interests.”
“Ah haha, what’s there to be concerned about, it’s only online games, it’s not against the rules right?”
WeiShi shook his head, “I didn’t know you’re playing online games too, you didn’t use to play them right?”
“Yes, I’ve only started recently, it’s pretty interesting.”
WeiShi sat down and watched him play for a bit, putting on a casual act, he asked, “This game looks a little familiar, didn’t LingYang use to play this too?”
“That’s right, he was playing this non-stop in year 1.”
“Then… Is he still playing it now?”
“He is, but I also only found out about it recently.”
“What do you mean?”
“He used to be in the old server, I’m in the new server. Originally I thought we were in different servers, but who knew he had changed servers.”
“LingYang changed servers? He went over to LinShan?”
“Ah? Class Leader you also know about this?”
WeiShi’s brows creased.
“So you’re saying that you’re now playing together? Is he still using his old name?”
“You just reminded me, I’ve asked him about it, but he changed the topic, I really need to find a time to properly interrogate this guy.”
“Then how did you know he’s on LinShan?”
“Hei, it’s an amazing coincidence.”
Brother Bear told WeiShi everything that happened last night in the game as well as what just happened in the dormitory, he spoke eloquently and unceasingly, WeiShi listened to everything without a change in his expression, silently filtering the unnecessary things.
“You mean, you set up a fight with someone, reporting your actual address and LingYang saw it. With his character that likes to join in the fun, and as the location happened to be your dorm, so he came to watch?”
“That’s right.”
“Then do you remember if you reported your address in the global chat or local chat?”
Brother Bear was shocked, “How would I remember that?”
“Think about it carefully.”
Brother Bear carefully recalled, “At that time I was arguing with that idiot in the local chat, after that he asked for a real life PK, so I immediately replied him, I shouldn’t have changed the channel… That’s right, it was in the local chat.”
“So it means that LingYang was present then?”
“Should… be.”
“Who else was there at that time?”
“Wa~ Class Leader, there were a few hundred accounts there, how would I remember them all.”
“You think back carefully, and just tell me those you remember.”
Bear thought about it, and clapped, “Right, at that time I thought that grandson would only talk and not dare to come, so I took a screenshot, hold on I’ll find it.”
WeiShi’s eyes brightened, adjusting his chair closer to the computer.
“Let me see, where are the screenshots stored… Ah, it’s this one.” Brother Bear selected the image and zoomed in.
WeiShi’s eyes swept through it, there were really a lot of people on screen, this image was only a part of it.
He quickly looked through the names of the people present.
“This Uncle He is the one who wanted to fight with you?”
“Then do you know where he’s from?”
“I heard LingYang say that he’s some fire-breathing dragon from the sports school?”
WeiShi pointed to someone on screen, “Is this person from the sports school?”
Brother Bear leaned over and took a look, “That’s right, people from the sports school would all have LuoMing in front of their names.”
“Then why doesn’t this Uncle He have it?”
“That I’m not very clear.”
WeiShi stood up and patted him on the shoulder, “Thanks.”
“It’s nothing, but why are you trying to get information about this?”
“To satisfy my curiosity.”
WeiShi walked to the door, and seemed to have thought of something again, asking:
“You said that you guys didn’t fight today was because your counsellor appeared?”
“Yes, what a coincidence.”
“Did he say why he was here?”
“Eh? Wasn’t it to do a spot check? Didn’t he check your room?”
“I wasn’t in my room tonight.”
“Oh… But talking about it, when the sports school people left, he also went downstairs with LingYang.”
WeiShi nodded his head, “Ok, I know.”
WeiShi returned to his dorm and switched on his computer. His roommate returned from his shower.
“Playing games again? What’s the point of fishing online everyday.”
WeiShi did not reply him, “Were you here at around 6 plus?”
“Yes I was, I saw that the cafeteria was too crowded, so I packed the food back.”
“Then you were here the entire time? You didn’t leave?”
“No, I’ve downloaded a month’s worth of an American drama, waiting for today to watch it. You also know that once you start watching them, you can’t stop, I’ve been watching it all the way.”
“Did you know that the counsellor came for a spot check today?”
“What? I was still using an electric kettle.”
“You didn’t see him?”
“I don’t think he came to our room.”
WeiShi’s eyes narrowed.

[Whisper] LuoMingLion: Old He.
[Whisper] UncleHe: ?? Who are you?
[Whisper] LuoMingLion: You went to YanShan today to look for a fight with that idiot?
[Whisper] UncleHe: Yes, I went there.
[Whisper] LuoMingLion: What happened?
[Whisper] UncleHe: Why are you asking this?  
[Whisper] LuoMingLion: Everyone is now saying that you didn’t beat him, and disgraced our school. 
[Whisper] UncleHe: What the hell! Who the fuck said that!
[Whisper] LuoMingLion: It came from YanShan.
[Whisper] UncleHe: Fuck their uncles!
[Whisper] LuoMingLion: So what happened exactly?
[Whisper] UncleHe: Just as I arrived, that idiot’s counsellor had to appear behind me, and
even caused me to be taken advantage of by that idiot!
[Whisper] LuoMingLion: So you guys didn’t fight at all?
[Whisper] UncleHe: Fighting in front of his counsellor? I’m not a gangster!
[Whisper] LuoMingLion: Seems like someone is smearing your name, creating rumours on purpose.
[Whisper] UncleHe: If I find out who that is I’ll kill him!
[Whisper] LuoMingLion: Then you think carefully, who was there tonight that could be the one to spread this?
[Whisper] UncleHe: Who was there? Let me think… That idiot and his counsellor, me and also QiFeng.
[Whisper] LuoMingLion: Just the 4 of you?
[Whisper] UncleHe: Oh wait! There’s still one more! Fuck I know who did it, that fellow had always felt enmity towards me, it must be him! 
[Whisper] LuoMingLion: Is he from our server? Do you know what’s his name?
[Whisper] UncleHe: Duh! Even if he turned into ashes I’ll still recognise him!

LingYang lay on his bed, no matter how he thought about it, he felt something was wrong, like he had missed something, but what exactly was wrong?
As he thought he suddenly sat up, “Aiyah!”

[Whisper] Bell: Uncle Uncle Uncle Uncle!
[Whisper] UncleHe: Bell what happened to you, why are you so agitated?
[Whisper] Bell: I suddenly remembered that you were supposed to fight Your Uncle tonight, so what happened?
[Whisper] UncleHe: What the fuck, can you don’t call him by that name? It’s sounds very awkward!
[Whisper] Bell: Aiyah, that’s not important, tell me tell me, what was the result of the fight?
[Whisper] UncleHe: Why are you asking about this?
[Whisper] Bell: Because I’m a gossip.
[Whisper] UncleHe: Don’t mention it anymore, when I arrived we haven’t even started fighting and their counsellor appeared. He can really pick a timing to appear.
[Whisper] Bell: Then?
[Whisper] UncleHe: Then? Then I left, did you expect me to fight in front of a teacher?
[Whisper] Bell: Oh, it turned out like this..
[Whisper] UncleHe: What’s fucking worse is that the other person even spread rumours, saying that I lost the fight. I suspect that they had actually colluded with their counsellor in the first place. They didn’t dare to fight so they employed such underhand methods.
[Whisper] Bell: Spread rumours??
[Whisper] UncleHe: It must have been that LuoMing Shadow who did it, he better not let me catch him!
[Whisper] Bell: ( ⊙ o ⊙) Isn’t LuoMing Shadow from our school?
[Whisper] UncleHe: No! Who the hell knows where he came from!
[Whisper] Bell: You mean he was there at that time?
[Whisper] UncleHe: Yes! It’s like seeing a ghost! Wherever I go I’ll see him there, as though he’s haunting me!
[Whisper] Bell: .. Maybe it’s destiny?
[Whisper] UncleHe: A destiny with him? Fuck that! But it’s really weird, why are all you guys asking about him today?

LingYang’s heart sank.

[Whisper] Bell: You guys??? Who else is asking about him?
[Whisper] UncleHe: Someone called LuoMing Lion, looks like he’s from our school, but I don’t know him.

LingYang covered his mouth, oh no.
A piece of paper was displayed in front of WeiShi, on it was written: Little Antelope = LuoMing Shadow.
He searched for this LuoMing Shadow in the game, it was a warrior who had yet to reach the max level, without a guild. WeiShi instinctively felt that this was not LingYang’s style.
Although LingYang dabbled in many professions, but he still had the most interest in clerics, especially the druidic cleric, and this was LingYang’s hallmark.
ShiWei went into the forums of <Pale Soul OL>, LingYang was someone who did not know how to be low profile, if he was not playing then forget it, but as long as he was still playing, he would definitely not be able to keep a low profile, WeiShi was very confident about this.
Searching for LuoMing Shadow in the forums, he discovered that this name was mentioned very often recently, there were also four other names that appeared with it at the same time: LuoMing Wind, Uncle He, Night Wolf and Bell.
WeiShi knew this LuoMing Wind, he was Sevenwind on BBS, after LingYang disappeared he was very close to him. He had once asked BaiLong to look into him, but in the end BaiLong got nowhere with it.

Uncle He was the one who wanted to fight with Brother Bear, it also could not be him.
Night Wolf and Bell seemed to be a couple, WeiShi again returned to the game to do a search on them, the two of them, one was a warrior, the other a cleric, both of them belonged to the same guild, Passionate Sword.
WeiShi continued searching the forums for clues on Passionate Sword and Bell, and discovered some interesting old news.
One, this account Bell had scammed money before, and disappeared for awhile. After appearing again she claimed that she was in a car accident and had lost her memories, and her account was stolen at the same time. With her reappearance she also started having rumours spread about her and their rival guild’s leader LuoMing Wind;
Two, Passionate Sword had taken the first kill of Snoring Awareness throughout all the servers, but they did not show how they did it. The players all suspected that they were using hacks, even the GM also investigated it, but it turned out that they did not break any rules in the games, and so this incident was settled like that;

Three, Bell participated in LuoMing’s raid as a foreign aid, and that party became the first one in LinShan to complete the Moon Well dungeon, at the same time she also joined LuoMing Wind and LuoMing XiaoGe to form a 3V3 arena team “Little Wind Chime”;
Finally was the appearance of LuoMing Shadow this ID, he was very close with Bell’s husband Night Wolf, there was an unending stream of speculation about them.
While searching, WeiShi even saw someone uploading a video of the incident last night, selecting it he watched it a few times, and discovered that ever since FlowerHouse started winning it was as though a different person was controlling it, but as this person had never logged off, it meant that if someone replaced him, this replacement was definitely next to FlowerHouse.
WeiShi repeated the video again, this time he focused on the chat window, finally, he found the thing he was looking for.

[Local] FlowerHouse: Little Buckle, revive!

The corners of WeiShi’s mouth curved up.
He picked up his pen, adding another name behind LuoMing Shadow.
—— Little Antelope = LuoMing Shadow = Bell

As for that FlowerHouse, it was most likely the person renting a house with LingYang, WeiShi remembered his BBS ID was…
——Hana = FlowerHouse

As for another person…

[Whisper] LuoMingLion: Hi, are you the guild leader of Passionate Sword?

Upon coming online MuRong received this sort of message, as though the person had been waiting for him online. Every guild’s information could be looked into from the guild administration, whether a person was a guild leader was written clearly there. This person obviously knew his status, he was only finding a conversation starter.
MuRong looked at this account, it was a level one account. 

[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: Yes?
[Whisper] LuoMingLion: I would boldly like to boldly ask you about somebody.
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: Who?
[Whisper] LuoMingLion: Your guild member, Bell’s disciple.

Staring at the screen for a bit, MuRong laughed.
His roommate saw this, “What happened, why are you laughing so mysteriously?”
MuRong lazily replied, “The sleeping lion is waking up now.”
The next morning, WeiShi’s roommate woke up and saw a piece of paper on the floor.
“WeiShi, did you drop this?” He picked it up and took a look, “What formula did you write, how come I don’t understand it?”
There were only three lines on it, the last line was circled brightly, attracting the attention of the roommate.
——Buckle = Husband, Please Do It Gently

WeiShi took the piece of paper back from his bunk, crumpling it up and throwing it away, “It’s useless.”

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