TANW Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – The Madhouse Director Bai ShaoTang      
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Topic: Servers Combined! Daishan’s Famous Gods #1 – Bai ShaoTang
Poster: Bai XiaoSheng
Content:  As you all know, DaiShan is one of the sixteen servers available when <Pale Soul OL> was released publicly, and is one of the biggest, most senior servers. There are gods everywhere, though most of them have disappeared, but many old players still remember their names. Today, let XiaoSheng provide some gossip about the famous gods from DaiShan.

Bai ShaoTang
Wind Mage, Guild Leader of MadHouse 201, Nickname: Young Master Bai, Director
This person is quite mysterious, he doesn’t come online often, often appearing and disappearing like a ghost. A full PVP player, his PK style is very strange. Someone had described him like this before: Career is a mage, moves like a shadow knight, fights as though he’s a warrior, but can’t die like a cleric. He also has a famous quirk, no matter what gear he’s wearing he has to dye them white before he would equip them, and likes to carry around a pure white rabbit pet that is purely decorative.
There aremany legends about Bai ShaoTang, but his biggest achievement should be setting up MadHouse 201, where all the famous perverts from DaiShan gather, turning a bunch of unorganised and undisciplined weirdos into a group with organisation and discipline (=_,=). In the server, they’ve done many good things, but also did many bad things. In conclusion, what people from the MadHouse would do would depend on their current mood. If players from LinShan happen to meet anyone from the MadHouse, don’t try to reason with them, because they’re the reason…

The day of the merger finally arrived. DaiShan players had been anticipating this day, as their old server had been stagnant for a long time. New players would not choose to join the old server, while many of the old players went on AFK, and so they urgently needed an injection of new blood. After being informed of the merger, many old players that had already left returned one after the other, hoping to show off their skills in the game again.
Compared to the players of DaiShan, LinShan’s players were very nervous. As there were many gods in the old server, every step they took they would be able to meet a famous person. Some of them were even infamous: there were those that only killed the smaller accounts, and the amount they killed was enough to circle the world three times; those with the specific purpose of killing ladyboy accounts, and some of them had even killed so many ladyboy accounts that the game developers added them as bosses in some dungeons.
Coincidentally, these people all belonged to the same guild, and that guild was nicknamed by the old server as ‘Guild-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’, that upon naming them their hands would be unlucky for an entire week, what they want they would not get, even after getting it they would be robbed of it. Everyone knowingly referred to people from that guild as “people from that place”.
Before the merge, there were already players from the old server warning the new server:
Go around those people from that place when you meet them;
If you can’t go around them, go along with them;
Don’t try to reason with the people from that place.
On the first day of the merger, New LinShan was full. When LingYang went online he discovered he actually had to join a queue, and this had never happened ever since the game was released publicly.
Finally entering the server, then discovering the huge crowd online, he lagged very badly, his screen stuttered a lot, and he soon lost connection to the server.
LingYang thought about it, and decided not to torture himself like this. He switched off his computer and went out to play.
The second time LingYang went online was 6am of the second day of the merger. To be able to get up at this time, he even set an alarm. However, he ended up sleeping through the alarm, and only when YeLang was woken up by it, he then woke LingYang up. The alarm could still be considered to have done its job.
“What are you doing, waking up so early?”
“Heihei, I’m not telling you. I want to give you a surprise, so don’t look,” LingYang could also not be considered to have gotten up, he was still lying on the bed using YeLang’s laptop to log into the game. However, he did not log into Bell, nor did he log into LuoMing Shadow.
Having not seen this Little Antelope account for over half a year, LingYang found this male cleric somewhat unfamiliar.
He first opened his social panel, as expected, the entire name list was in grey, he did not know if these people just happened to be offline, or if they really stopped playing. Looking at those familiar names, LingYang sighed internally.
But now was not the time for him to express his emotions, he had purposely chose this timing to come online to avoid seeing these people. Seeing the current situation he was very satisfied, after all, this account’s social circle was too complicated, and he currently had no plans on acknowledging them.
Having not played on Little Antelope’s account in the past six months, there were not a lot of valuable items. LingYang looked at his inventory, as expected, there was that thing he had been looking for —— a purple level seven gem. This was the first time he had even seen this gem.
As a prize from the PK competition, the gems were automatically sent to the winners’ accounts. If not for seeing MuRong’s black level seven gem, LingYang would have completely forgotten about it.
LingYang and MuRong were on different teams, and so their gems were meant for different items. MuRong’s gem could only be slotted on a weapon, increasing all attributes by 3%, while LingYang’s gem was for the helm, increasing all attributes by 2%. It was a little weaker than the black gem, but it could still be considered a priceless treasure.
LingYang tidied up his inventory, transferring all the useful items and the gem over to Bell, then sneakily went offline, without anyone discovering that Little Antelope had been online.
Having woke up early, LingYang shut the laptop and went back to sleep, only to be harassed awake by YeLang while he was sleeping. By the time he got up from bed again, it was one in the afternoon, with a gurgling stomach he went to look for food. When he got back online he realised that something had gone wrong online.
By the time LingYang got to Chrysanthemum Valley, Passionate Sword members had already started fighting with the people from MadHouse 201, the effects from the various skills flashing across the screen, and the system announcing XXX had been sent to Hades by XXX periodically. 
Seeing his families fighting with each other, LingYang was anxious.

[Local] Bell: What are you guys doing, stop fighting!
[Local] LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: Bell, you’re here? We’re not the ones who want to fight, it’s that guild who’s being unreasonable!

Through the chaos, LingYang finally understood the situation. It turned out that when Little Bottom Don’t Run Away and FlowerHouse were levelling their side accounts, they met a kind soul who wanted to help them with their quests.
It was fine at the beginning, but as they were completing the quest, a group of players passed by them. These people apparently belong to the kind soul’s rival guild, without a word they started attacking, and so the two side accounts were caught up in it as well.
These sort of incidents often happened within the game, Little Bottom Don’t Run Away and FlowerHouse were used to it, but for some strange reason, the one who killed the two of them was not anyone from that rival guild, but the kind soul himself.
The explanation he gave was, the accounts he was leading could not be killed by others, if they were to be killed, they also had to be killed by him.
These two people were momentarily speechless, but since this kind soul had helped them before, seeing him getting surrounded, they could not bear to let it be, and so logged into their actual accounts to help him out.
By then, the kind soul had also called for backup, quickly getting rid of that rival guild, then Little Bottom Don’t Run Away called upon Flower to change back to their side accounts and continue levelling.
Who would have known that from the backup, someone called Bai ShaoTang, after hearing this, would immediately attack FlowerHouse.
Although Little Bottom Don’t Run Away kept explaining that FlowerHouse was not from their rival guild, and was here to help the kind soul, but the other person refused to listen. Hearing the news, Passionate Sword members ran over as well, after discovering that the other person was so unreasonable, it finally exploded into a battle between the two guilds. During this battle, Bai ShaoTang focused solely on FlowerHouse, killing him over ten times.

[Local] Bell: You’ve killed FlowerHouse more than 10 times??!

LingYang’s question was clearly directed at Bai ShaoTang, although he did not know who this Bell was, but he still replied.

[Local] BaiShaoTang: His nickname annoys me.
[Local] Bell:
You’re even annoyed about this? Only your wife can be called Flower, other people can’t?
[Local] BaiShaoTang:
Yes. But how did you know my wife is called Flower?

LingYang flipped the table.

[Local] Bell: That’s because FlowerHouse is your wife!

Everyone present was dumbfounded…
XuXian was the first to react.

[Local] FlowerHouse:
What the fuck!

He immediately hit Bai ShaoTang with the sceptre in his hand. The latter stood there accepting all the blows, and did not resist.
The people from the MadHouse saw that their boss was not fighting back, and together with that alarming statement, they too did not dare to make a move.
Naturally, Passionate Sword members would not make a move as well…
A group of people watched as a guild leader slowly got killed bit by bit by a cleric with a sceptre, all of them swearing internally.
After Bai ShaoTang died, he did not revive, nor did he speak.

[Local] FlowerHouse: Where is he?!
[Local] Bell:
I think he’s on his way here…
[Local] FlowerHouse:
You’re not allowed to open the door for him!
[Local] Bell: He has a key…
[Local] FlowerHouse:
Call someone to change the locks!

Then these two people also stopped moving.
Leaving two groups of people who did not understand to face this crazy situation.
LingYang and XuXian simultaneously ran out from their rooms.
“What’s the number for the locksmith!” XuXian shouted.
“What, you’re serious?” It was rare for LingYang to see XuXian so agitated. “But you’ve been together for so long, you didn’t tell him that you’re playing this game?”
“It’s not that I don’t want to tell him, it’s that I don’t dare to tell him!” XuXian ran around in a panic.
“Why?” LingYang did not understand.
“Have you forgotten the label on my account?”
LingYang’s jaw dropped, he then finally recalled that Handsome Peng’s name was still above FlowerHouse’s head!
Do not look at Little White Dragon’s playboy image, in private, he was as traditional as his military general father. He did not care if you were the ex-husband or the mistress, he would be equally unreasonable!
LingYang was also in a panic, he ran to the door to look through the flyers, “Where are the locksmith numbers?!”
In the end, the locksmith did not come, but BaiLong did.
LingYang wanted to help, but he was unable to defeat him, and could only watch as BaiLong marched XuXian into his room, ready to have a ‘discussion’ with him.
LingYang stood outside the door, praying for XuXian as he drew a cross on the door, Flower ah Flower, no one is able to help you this time, you have to seek your own blessings now.
When YeLang arrived home at night, the two of them had yet to finish their discussion. LingYang had already expected that no dinner would be prepared tonight, and ordered take out for four people.
YeLang did not comprehend this issue of XuXian’s strike and having to eat take out, LingYang solemnly reminded him: Don’t listen, don’t think about it, don’t ask, every family has their own skeletons in the closet.
There was something else he did not mention, and that was to never conceal anything in the game from the husband. He was a real life example of this, but he did not know if XuXian’s improvisation ability was as good as his.
After the meal LingYang pulled YeLang to the computer with a mysterious expression, logging into the Night Wolf account, YeLang discovered a purple light emitting from his head.
“What is this?” YeLang did not 
“A present from me, take a look.”
YeLang opened up his equipment page and realised the level six gem on his helm had been replaced with a purple level seven gem, “Where did you get this?”
“It’s a secret.”
“Are you going to sing Little Dragon Boy again?”
LingYang laughed.
The light from the level seven gem was too eye-catching, as though a thirty thousand watt lightbulb was on his head. Standing by the city gate, YeLang soon attracted the attention of many people.
“Wow, level seven gem, so cool.”
“If I didn’t see wrongly, he has two of them, one on his head, the other on his spear.”
“Aren’t level seven gems not for sale? I remember they were only given out during the PK competition last year. Where did this person come from, how come he has two of them?”
“I’ve never seen this name before, could he have stolen them?”
“You guys are from the old server right? Night Wolf is famous for being rich in the new server, it’s most likely that he bought them.”
“What a joke, you will never be able to buy these gems with money. Previously our guild leader offered a thousand dollars to buy an orange one, the other party didn’t accept it. What’s more, he has a black and a purple one, these were only given to the champions and the first runner ups.”
“Players from the old server don’t be stupid, don’t think that only you guys have PK experts. Don’t forget that the 2V2 champion is from LinShan, and is also the guild leader of Passionate Sword. Can’t the guild leader give his prize to his MT?”
“The players from the new server are the stupid ones, you can track the existence of each of these gems. You said that the black one was from their guild leader, then what about the purple one? There are only a total of three purple ones available, they’re all in the old server. We’ve only merged for a day, where did he get it from?”
A gem had instigated an argument between the players of the old and new servers. Just as the fight was about to escalate, a group of people suddenly appeared, surrounding Night Wolf, insisting on an explanation from him.
“You stole our guild leader’s gem.” The leader sent a message.

[Local] NightWolf:
Your guild leader’s gem?

“The purple level seven gem on your helm, there’s only three of them in DaiShan. Two of them had disappeared long ago, and the last one was given to our guild leader by the original owner. A few days ago our guild leader’s account had been stolen, for you to have one now, isn’t it obvious what happened? You’re either the one who stole the account, or you bought a stolen item, I hope you will realise it and return it!”
YeLang looked over at LingYang, the latter was fully at ease, so he sent a message:

[Local] NightWolf:
Sorry, this is not a stolen item, it’s a gift from a friend.

“How funny, what friend of yours is so impressive? Can you drag him out for us to see?”

[Local] NightWolf:
Be more polite when you speak.

One of them spoke up, “Assistant Guild Leader, why are you being polite to a thief? Just kill him a few times and he would become honest.”
Another one spoke, “If you don’t return the gem, don’t blame us for not letting you off.”

[Local] NightWolf:

With Night Wolf’s ‘heheh’, that whole group starting attacking, aiming all sorts of skills towards Night Wolf. No matter how much hp Night Wolf had, he would also not be able to withstand the attacks from so many people, and so his hp depleted quickly.
Just at that moment, a figure flew over from afar, with a few strokes in the air he fully healed Night Wolf, then ran into the crowd, running past every single one of them. A wave of his sceptre, blood red flowers bloomed across the ground, that was the ultimate attack of a druidic cleric —— When Everything is Gone.
Seeing the name of this person, everyone was stunned. People who did not know the situation would have thought that a martial arts expert had frozen everyone at the scene.
After circling the crowd, that person took a leap, landing next to Night Wolf, standing shoulder to shoulder with him.

[Local] LittleAntelope:
I gave him the gem, does anyone has anything to say?

The author has something to say:
The author has class on Friday, it’s difficult to update, standing on a little base, if you see another update later, it’s just a correction.

[Green] [herosly11] [XiaoQiMo] threw a landmine!
[ScentedSleeve] threw landmine x2!
[TeaBag] threw a hand grenade!
Dropped [Little Antelope’s Autograph]
*Behind is written: It’s worth a lot!
Little Antelope has finally appeared with his real identity, does this martial arts expert’s appearance measure up to his high-profile style?

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