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Chapter 14 – Broadcasting Brokeback Mountain on Chinese Valentine’s Day

Sender: Ironman (IronMan·I Want to Bomb the Power Station)
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Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

I was halfway done with my essay last night and the fucking power cut out before I saved it!!!
So frustrating ah ah ah!!!


Sender: Antelope (Little Antelope Only Wishes to Be a Good Person)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: Frustrated!
Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

What the fuck bro, people stay back in school during the break to play games, but you’re actually writing essays?? Do you have to be so hardworking?!!


Ling Yang leapt up and went out with the help of moonlight. As he left, he accidentally kicked the doorframe.
Xu Xian also ran out from the room. He was a lot calmer than Ling Yang, and he did not forget to use his phone as a torch.
“What’s happening?” Ling Yang asked loudly.
“I don’t know! It seems like the power cut out in the entire region!” Xu Xian ran to look out of the window. They were surrounded by the dark, and there was no signs of man-made light.
“What the fuck! Of all times to cut out, why must it be now? I still have things to do urgently!” Great, now his spy label was definitely engraved onto him already.
“Me too!” Xu Xian echoed, “I also don’t know if my CPU was fried.”
Ling Yang gloomily returned to his room and lay on his bed. On this rare occasion where he actually wanted to perform well, who would have guessed that even the heavens would not help him.
Night Wolf and him had just hugged and kissed like that, only for him to be stabbed in the back by Qi Feng. He had originally wanted to express his sincerity with his actions, but who knew that after teleporting over to Qi Feng, the power would cut off at this time!
How was he going to explain that the only reason why Luoming Wind accepted Bell’s friend locator request was because of his own arrogance, and not because they were an adulterous couple like what Luoming Wind said?
Everything was too coincidental, and this time, Ling Yang’s actions were really inexcusable.
In the other room, Xu Xian was on a phone conversation.
“Yes, the power went out here.”
“I don’t know what happened.”
“It seems to be out in the nearby area too, at least from where I can see, there’s no electricity.”
“Where am I? I’m at school.”
“Didn’t I tell you already? I don’t want to go home during the break. It just happened that I rented a place, and I’ve even paid the rent.”
“Then how? I also don’t know when the power would return. Look for someone to replace me then, weren’t you with your wife just now?”
“What? 3 clerics disconnected at the same time??”
Ling Yang took his phone to scan through Weibo. The power still did not return, but his phone was running low on battery. With no choice, he could only go to sleep.
When he woke up on the second day, the power was back up.
He went onto BBS to take a look. There was a huge commotion there already, as there were many students who stayed back during the break. All of them were complaining about the power failure.
​It turned out that Yanshan University’s internal power station had malfunctioned, causing the all locations within the campus to be out of electricity. The electrician on duty only managed to repair it after midnight.
For this to happen, it was only a very small possibility. But for it actually happened to Ling Yang, he could only sigh emotionally that this was a joke made by destiny.
On the second day the game was down for maintenance, as well as content updates. By the time Ling Yang could go online, it was already at night. He was prepared to get kicked out of the guild.
If he was lucky, he might also receive a notice of divorce?
With this current situation, he did not know if that guy would continue finding a reason to protect Bell’s reputation, or be completely disappointed in him. He might not even want to fake the appearance of being a good husband…
After all, he had an affair in front of his husband. During the guild battle, he even conspired with the enemy to trap him. If this spread out, it would be like two harsh slaps on his face. A chauvinistic guy like him would not be able to accept it.
Right from the start, Ling Yang had been forced to be Night Wolf’s wife. As such, he had always complied outwardly but rebelled inwardly, even creating trouble on purpose to anger him. His motive was to make Night Wolf take the initiative in dissolving the agreement.
But now, when it really came to this, Ling Yang felt aggrieved for some unknown reason.
Was it because he did not want to be misunderstood?


【Whisper】NightWolf: You’re here.


Ling Yang had imagined many possible scenarios after going online, but he did not imagine this one.
What did this two casual words mean?


【Whisper】NightWolf: You’re from Yanshan?

【Whisper】Bell: !!! How did you know?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Seems like it.


Ling Yang got a fright. He thought about it. The other guy was from Science and Technology, and he might be a psycho from the Computer Science department. It was not impossible that he went through some illegal means to dig up information on him.
But this was still too much!
I’ve only done a small thing that I’m sorry for towards you during the guild battleFurthermore, I was framed, and yet you just doxxed me like that?


【Whisper】Bell: Last night wasn’t what you thought it was!

【Whisper】NightWolf: I know.


Ling Yang had just started typing his wordy explanation, but was stopped by the other party’s two simple words.


【Whisper】Bell: You know? What do you know?

【Whisper】NightWolf: I saw you take the robot out.

【Whisper】Bell: Really?

【Whisper】NightWolf: I’ve been bombed by you once already. Just looking at the robot, I knew what you wanted to do.



It seemed like his decision to demonstrate to FlowerHouse how to kill his husband was extremely wise!
Ling Yang thought happily, as expected, heaven is treating me nicely, the plot is turning back to my favour!


【Whisper】Bell: I didn’t succeed in bombing him because my power went out suddenly!

【Whisper】NightWolf: This I know as well.

【Whisper】Bell: You even know about this?


Could you be the one who pulled the cord?


【Whisper】NightWolf: Last night, our three clerics disconnected at the same time.

【Whisper】Bell: What??

【Whisper】NightWolf: FlowerHouse, you, and your disciple, you all went offline together.

【Whisper】Bell: … !!!


Who could come and explain this situation to him now!


【Whisper】Bell: Flower is from Yanshan?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Yes.

【Whisper】Bell: So you guessed that I’m from there too?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Yes.

【Whisper】Bell: And I should be schoolmates with Flower?

【Whisper】NightWolf: It seems like it.


It seemed like FlowerHouse and himself really were fated to know each other, but the problem was…


【Whisper】Bell: Little Buckle is also from Yanshan??

【Whisper】NightWolf: Isn’t he your beloved disciple? How do you even not know this?

【Whisper】Bell: Fuck! He has never told me about it before! He actually kept this a secret from his master!


Ling Yang recalled that when he first met Little Buckle in the game, he had just started his first year in college, and he had never kept the name of his college a secret.
It was during November last year, when students of Yanshan University from the Daishan server had a meet up. Lingyang had discovered the identity of his disciple-in-law then, and Little Buckle also knew about it. Still, he still did not mention that he was also from Yanshan.
This damn fellow, he actually kept this secret for so long. If not for the power failure this time, who knew how long more he would keep it a secret!


【Whisper】NightWolf: This power failure let me realised something.


Ling Yang’s intuition told him that it was not going to be anything good.


【Whisper】Bell: What?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Birds of a feather flock together. As expected, your school is full of weirdos.


These three female clerics, all three were ladyboys, their brains were short-circuited, they were all childish, when together they had a lot of nonsense to talk about, when they did anything it was always off the mark, and most importantly, it was likely that all three of them liked guys.
All three of them made up the Yanshan population in Passionate Sword Guild. No matter how one thought about it, the conclusion was still the same.


【Whisper】Bell: … I really cannot find strong evidence to rebut you.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Maybe because it’s the truth?

【Whisper】Bell: Although I’m also a victim, no matter what, I’m responsible for this. To cause everyone to lose this guild battle, I’m really sorry.

【Whisper】NightWolf: We won.

【Whisper】Bell: We won???


Losing three clerics and they still won, what kind of reversal was this?


【Whisper】NightWolf: Your conspiracy with Luoming Wind somehow got found out by Uncle He, then it seemed like Uncle He went to yank out the other guy’s internet cable. What happened after that we have no clue, but the both of them disappeared.

【Whisper】NightWolf: The opposing leader ran away, so the system judged that we won.

【Whisper】Bell: …

【Whisper】Bell: Evil will never prevail over good, it is known!


LingYang gave Angry T.Rex a big thumbs up!


【Whisper】NightWolf: Let’s not talk about this already. You go gather your short-circuited group, and go find another two girls.

【Whisper】Bell: What for?

【Whisper】NightWolf: The 7/7 raid. Didn’t you see the website?


Ling Yang really did not see it. He had spent the entire day thinking of an explanation for last night, but who knew this would pass over so easily? What happened after had struck him so hard that he lost his ability to think.
After hearing Night Wolf’s words, he hurriedly went onto the webpage.
The content of the new update was not a lot, but was not too little.
Mainly it was to coordinate with an important festival in reality, the Chinese Valentine’s Day.
Other than offering a few Valentine’s Day daily quests, the annual dungeon event was also available.
The 7/7 dungeon was available once last year. Ling Yang had participated, but for the players on the new server, this was a new experience.
This dungeon needed five male and five female players to form a party. There was a maze with seven levels, and each level had seven different staircases. Only one was the right one.
Other than entering the maze, the players also had to collect tokens along the way. Every level had a specific location for each pair to meet and exchange tokens, and only with the tokens could they proceed onto the next level.
After completing the seven levels of the maze and forming pairs, they would then be able to continue to the last mission.
After completing the mission, they would receive the 7/7 achievement and label, and there were also pretty decent gifts awarded.
Every character could only complete this raid once, and there were many more male characters than female characters. Because of this, many male players could not experience this raid last year. They complained, and so this year, the developers offered a new item. Upon wearing it they could temporarily change the gender of their character.
Everyone felt that this set up was very amusing. Able to change from a male to a female and a female to a male, they all had fun with it.
Night Wolf had already gathered a group of guys. Other than him, there were Uncle He, Mourning Mo, Little Rights, and Little Cloth.
Bell first added FlowerHouse and Little Buckle to the party, then called for Little Bottom Don’t Run Away in the guild chat. However, there was no one else to fill in the last slot.
The other female members of the guild had either completed the raid already or they had dates. After that Little Bottom Don’t Run Away suggested to add a male account and get him to change his gender, Ling Yang thought about it and agreed, so the party was quickly filled up.
By the time the party of girls arrived, the guys had been waiting for a long time. Luckily for them, in this kind of situation, the guys had to have a gentlemanly attitude. Even if they did not, they would also have to pretend they did.
But someone did not pretend.


【Local】UncleHe: Why are you here!

【Local】LuomingWind: I’m here to do the dungeon.

【Local】UncleHe: Why would you do it with our guild!

【Local】LuomingWind: This is an event dungeon, and not a guild dungeon. Why can’t we do it together?

【Local】UncleHe: I don’t welcome you!

【Local】LuomingWind: That’s fine, I’m not in the same party as you. Bell was the one who invited me.


Qi Feng’s typing speed was really very fast. He was also chatting with Ling Yang at the same time privately.


【Whisper】Bell: What a pity, your scheme last night did not succeed!

【Whisper】LuomingWind:I feel regretful too, I still thought your labourer would definitely kick you out of the guild this time.

【Whisper】Bell: Hmph, I know what you’re planning. You just want me to get kicked out and then join your guild.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: I’ve received insider news from the developers. A new party dungeon will be released soon, so I want you to come over and display your skills.

【Whisper】Bell: Customer, I’ll sell my body but not my skills~

【Whisper】LuomingWind: If you stay at Passionate Sword, there also won’t be a position for you in the party. Why would you choose that?

【Whisper】Bell: I’m sorry, I’m a casual player now ~\(≧▽≦)/~ lalala

【Whisper】LuomingWind: I’m serious. Luoming wants to be the first to complete the new dungeon. If by then you didn’t manage to join that raiding team, why don’t you consider working part-time for me? Your DKP will be calculated the same as other actual members, and you’ll also have the first priority for the drops.

【Whisper】Bell: You said it yourself yesterday, I’m a little handicapped person!

【Whisper】LuomingWind: The new dungeon will only be released next month, by then your hand will be healed.

【Whisper】Bell: My labourer will not agree XD

【Whisper】LuomingWind: And if he agrees?

【Whisper】Bell: Then I’ll consider it.

【Whisper】LuomingWind:You said this yourself 🙂

【Whisper】Bell: I know I know, you didn’t force me, you never force people.



Why QiFeng would come and participate in the Valentine’s Day mission, LingYang was very clear about the reason. As such he feigned an innocent appearance and asked a question to the party.


【Local】Bell: Then, shall we swap one of the guys over?

【Local】Bell: Luoming Wind has done this dungeon before. If he were to lead the guys it would be faster.

【Local】Bell:  Angry T.Rex, why don’t you come over?

【Local】UncleHe: I don’t want to become a girl! And don’t call me Angry T.Rex!

【Local】LuomingWind: If you’ve never done this before you can just look at the guide online. I don’t mind changing to a girl, so why don’t we just maintain the status quo?

【Local】UncleHe: Wait!


【Whisper】UncleHe: Are you planning on being in the same party as her?!

【Whisper】UncleHe: Night Wolf is my bro, stop trying to seduce his wife!

【Whisper】LuomingWind: You’re getting jealous over nothing again.

【Whisper】UncleHe: Who’s getting jealous!!!

【Whisper】LuomingWind: If you’re so worried, you can swap with me.

【Whisper】UncleHe: Fine, we’ll swap! This is me swapping my life for my bro!


【Party】UncleHe: Night Wolf, I’ve sacrificed so much for you alreayd. If you still don’t watch your wife, you should just castrate yourself!

【Party】NightWolf: ?


【Local】UncleHe: We’ll change, I’ll go over!

【Local】Bell: WELCOME~~\(≧▽≦)/~


【Party】<LuoMingWind> has left the party.

【Party】<UncleHe> has joined the party.

【Party】Bell: With Little Bottom Don’t Run Away as the representative, all of us bottoms GOGO~!

【Party】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: Bell, you’re pretending to be a bottom too?

【Party】FlowerHouse: Now that Bell has become like this, you have to take the majority of the blame XD

【Party】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: I have to say that the reason for that is very mysterious O(∩_∩)O

【Party】UncleHe: I’m not a bottom!!


Author’s Notes:

Battle Records:
[Battle] Just threw a landmine, the author loses 3258hp.
[Battle] Just threw a landmine, the author loses 3571hp.
[Battle] Just threw a landmine, an explosion occurred, the author loses 3571hp. 
[System] The author has died.
[Local] Just: <100 Ways to Kill the Author> – Number 1.

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