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Chapter 29 – When They Meet Face to Face

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Mt. Pagoda? Buses 4, 7, 21, 112…
Why are you going there???


<Pale Soul OL>’s offline events tended to be more casual. Rather than saying it was a meet-and-greet for players, they might as well call it a gaming club. In consideration, this was the usual style of the developers. The players were long used to it, and they actually quite like this sort of freedom.
The event was located in one of the pavilions on the peak. There were a few developers interacting with the players, and those who wanted to keep an ear out for any news would all stay within the pavilion, while those who preferred a quieter crowd would hang out outside. Everyone’s main purpose of attending this event was still to meet up with their online friends.
By the time Ling Yang reached the location, there were quite a lot of people there.
The biggest crowd was in the pavilion. Ling Yang looked from afar and saw that a group of people were surrounding a few staff wearing <Pale Soul OL> t-shirts asking questions. Outside the pavilion, there were also small clusters of people chatting away.
Ling Yang also did not know where Night Wolf would be. If he happened to be within that huge crowd, it was going to be tough looking for him.
He realised in dismay, he did not even know Night Wolf’s real name, how he looked like, what he was wearing… How was he going to recognise him amongst the few hundred participants?
His identity currently also did not have any relations with Passionate Sword guild. To pretend to be friendly with them was not within the scope of reality.
Ling Yang was morose.

Luckily, Ling Yang was an optimistic person. If he could not find him, then he would just forget about it, and take it as though he was here to see the scenery. There were quite a few good looking people standing around. For example, the one over there was not too bad.
From where Ling Yang was standing, although he could not really see the build of that person, he could still tell that the other person had broad shoulders. His arms slightly longer than the average person, his legs straight and well-formed, and if he was an athlete, it was highly likely that he was a swimmer.
His eyes were blocked by his fringe, so they could not be seen clearly, but his nose was very straight. People usually said guys like these tended to have very strong desires.
The lips were a little thick, and they looked very sexy. That was completely Ling Yang’s type, and he awarded him full marks.
As for his clothes, he was dressed in a black shirt, black pants, black leather boots… Bro, you’re really cool!
Wearing just one colour, why was it so suitable on him? Especially those military boots on his feet, they ticked all of Ling Yang’s criteria.
Ling Yang had a tiny secret that no one knew about, and that was he had an incurable love for boots.
This love of course, was not as simple as just loving to wear boots.
On the contrary, Ling Yang himself never wore boots, and he only wore canvas shoes. He had a boots fetish, but these boots had to be worn on someone else.
This was how he explained it — many guys like maid outfits, but have you ever seen them wear those maid outfits themselves?
Ling Yang’s boots fetish had this exact same reasoning.
Ling Yang was extra interested in the heavy duty type of boots like military boots and motorcycle boots. These heavy type of boots could not be pulled off by everyone. For example, if someone of LingYang’s build were to wear them, he would only look extremely lopsided, and extremely discordant.
Only people like this guy in front of him, so muscular with long legs, would look good wearing this style of boots.
Although Ling Yang looked like he did nothing but played games all day long, during his puberty, his eyes had been protected as though they were pearls from the deep sea. When other boys were hanging out in computer cafes, he was always forced by his friends to look at green plants, and forced to eat carrots, resulting in his perfect eyesight today. Even from a distance, he could still see all the details on that pair of boots.
Those were 8-hole military boots, round-tipped and of middle height. The boots were pure black, the material unclear, but it should be made of leather. This quality and thickness was perfect for the current weather in Hushuo City, as it was neither too warm or cold. 
The serration on the soles of those boots was very distinct, and you could practically imagine the exhilaration of having those extreme grooves pressing upon the skin.
Recently, what Ling Yang was interested in was exactly the style of military boots on that person’s feet, where the front of the boots were designed to curve up slightly, creating a sexy arc from the ground. It look as though at any moment, it was ready to lightly step on something, and it was full of eroticism.
Ling Yang licked his lips unconsciously, the rate of his heartbeat even somewhat increasing.
To finally meet a guy so suited to his taste, Ling Yang was determined to see the guy’s face. As such, he pretended to calmly stroll towards the direction of that guy, his eyes glued to that attractive pair of boots.
Just as Ling Yang was nearby, the owner of those boots retreated a little, revealing someone who had been blocked by him.
Just as that person moved, the other person who was standing behind him thus saw Ling Yang, who happened to be heading towards him. He called out in shock, “Yangyang!”
Ling Yang was completely focused on the feet of that person. To suddenly hear someone call his name, he jumped in fright. Lifting his head, he could not help but yell, “What the fuck!”
Ling Yang bounded towards him emotionally. “Flower, why are you here?”
“I’m here to attend the players’ meet-and-greet.” Xu Xian was pleasantly surprised by Ling Yang’s sudden appearance.
“The meet-and-greet for players of <Pale Soul OL>?”
“That’s right, could you actually also be a Pale Soul player?” Xu Xian asked excitedly.
“You’re the bastard player! Oh wait that’s not correct, I’m a Pale Soul player! Flower, you’re actually also a Pale Soul player too?!”
“Yes yes, I’ve always been a Pale Soul player! This is such a coincidence! You’ve never mentioned it before!”
“You’ve never asked me about it before! I still thought you’re a good baby who didn’t play computer games!”
“My friend started playing first, then he introduced me to it, so I started playing, and I found it quite fun.”
Ling Yang looked up and studied the two friends next to Xu Xian. He happened to recognise both of them. The one on the left was Angry T.Rex, and the one of the right was none other than the one he fell in love at first sight with, Xu Xian’s childhood friend, Brother Ye.
That day, at the entrance of Cafeteria 2, Ling Yang had only met the other person once. Today LingYang had not been able to see this person’s face, then being distracted, he did not recognise him on the first glance.
Ling Yang, who thought he was all alone at the venue, had now met three people that he knew. He was very emotional, as finally, he could try to sniff out some news about his husband.
“Right, Yangyang, are you on the new or old server?” Xu Xian asked.
“I’m now on the new server.”
“Really? Us too! What class are you playing, what’s your IGN? Who knows, we might have met before!”
Since the other party was Xu Xian, LingYang did not plan on hiding anything. About to tell the truth, he heard XuXian continue, “My IGN’s FlowerHouse, and I’m a cleric.”
Ling Yang, “…”
“Yangyang, what happened to you?”
“You’re FlowerHouse?”
“That’s right.”
“You’re from Passionate Sword?”
“You know me?”
“Isn’t Passionate Sword a Senlan group?”
“Eh? You know about this as well? Ah Lang is from Senlan, ao of course I’ll be in the same guild as him.” Xu Xian pointed to the person next to him.
“… So it’s like this.”
Ling Yang face-palmed. How stupid he was. Seeing them with Angry T.Rex, he should have thought of it already.
However, the key point in what Xu Xian said was…
“What did you call him just now?” Ling Yang followed Xu Xian and pointed towards the person next to him.
“Ah Lang.”
Night Wolf was the childhood friend of FlowerHouse, and Ah Lang was the childhood friend of Xu Xian. If Xu Xian was FlowerHouse, then…
“So he’s…”
“You mean in the game? He’s our guild’s MT, Night Wolf.”
Crash! Lightning struck, and stars appeared in front of Ling Yang’s eyes.
“Yangyang, Yangyang, what’s going on with you?” Xu Xian asked in concern.
Ling Yang held his forehead, “It’s nothing, I’m just feeling a little giddy. Maybe the altitude’s too high, and I’m getting a little altitude sickness.”
“… You can get altitude sickness at 200m above sea level?”
He finally calmed himself down, nodding towards his own ‘husband’. “Hi, we meet again.”
Ye Lang nodded back, “Daozhang is very polite.”
Ling Yang, “……”
Xu Xian gestured towards Angry T.Rex next to him. “This is…”
Ling Yang waved at him feebly. “I know, Angry T.Rex right?”
“Who’s Angry T.Rex! Angry T.Rex your ass!”
The crowd, “……”
Xu Xian said excitedly, “Uncle He didn’t come for the previous gathering, so it’s also my first time meeting him. Yangyang, don’t you think he looks very familiar?”
“Uh… A little.”
“He’s #14, LuoMing’s #14! That day, they came to our school for the basketball competition. Do you remember that we also went to see them?”
“… Ah~~~ Yes ha~~~ What a coincidence!”
“Right, right?!”
He Jiawei frowned and asked Ling Yang, “Have I met you somewhere before?”
“Yes, that day during the basketball competition. Although I was standing in the crowd, maybe it’s because my face is too outstanding?”
“No, that’s not it, I was referring to even before that.”
“No no, it’s definitely not possible. You must have remembered wrongly, actually my face is very ordinary and plain.”
“Ah!” Xu Xian remembered what he was about to ask, “Yangyang, what’s your IGN?”
“I’m called…” Ling Yang tried to remember it. “Luoming Shadow. That’s right, I’m called Luoming Shadow, I’m a level 72 shadow warrior.”
T.Rex’s face immediately darkened. Of course, he was originally already very tanned, so there was not much of a difference that one could tell.
Xu Xian was stunned as well. “You’re from Luoming?”
Ling Yang nodded awkwardly. “… I… Guess… So.”
For rival guild members to meet in real life, they wouldn’t force-P me right? Tears were dripping in Ling Yang’s heart. There were three of them there, and Angry T.Rex by himself could already fight ten people.
Xu Xian was still amazed by the wonders of fate.
“No wonder last night you asked how to get to Mt. Pagoda. I still wanted to ask you, but I forgot about it after the dungeon.”
“Yeah, going through Qielan dungeon is too brain-consuming.”
“Eh? How did you know we were doing Qielan dungeon last night?”
“I… Didn’t we start fighting once you guys left the dungeon?”
“You’re right, but I didn’t see you. How come as a level 72 you could also go to Qielan?”
Ling Yang started sweating, how could he make this lie work?
“It was mentioned in the guild channel, I saw it there.”
“Oh oh! It’s like this!”
“Right, Yangyang.” Xu Xian again thought of something important. “How come you’re with Luoming? You know people from the sports school?”
He had yet to explain, but he suddenly felt someone approaching behind him. Without waiting for his reaction, under the eyes of the crowd, two arms embraced him from the back.
Ling Yang’s body stiffened. He was about to struggle, but then he heard a gentle voice whispering softly into his ear.

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