TANW Chapter 73

Chapter 73 – The Height of Confrontation at MaiMeng City      
<HuShuo’s Evening Paper> Society Section
(Reporting) In our city, a young male tried to commit suicide by turning on the gas at home yesterday. He was discovered by his roommate, and sent to YanShan University Hospital for treatment. The patient is currently still in a coma, and his life is still in danger at the moment. It is reported that the young male had left a suicide note online before committing the act. On that day the police had received many calls from his online friends, but due to the lack of real life information the police was unable to do anything about it…
<HuShuo’s Evening Paper> Entertainment Section
(Reporting) The popular campus idol singer HuLi was robbed at the entrance of Ye’s Entertainment yesterday. Fortunately, a passerby helped out and stopped the robber, and the robber is now in the hands of the police. News about HuLi’s contract is now flying around, and there are reports that many management companies have reached out with their olive branches. Now that HuLi has appeared in the vicinity of Ye’s Entertainment, does that mean he’ll be joining them? From the photographs taken by passersby, one of the young masters from Ye’s Entertainment also appeared on the scene of the robbery. According to sources, the two of them had met alone at a cafe nearby, people cannot help but wonder about their relationship…
HuLi walked back in rage, then a person suddenly appeared from an alley, giving him a shock.
After recognising the person, he got even more furious, “What are you doing here!”
“Money has been tight recently, I’ll like to borrow some from you,” Although the mystery person called it borrow, but not a single trace of politeness could be heard from his tone.
HuLi glanced around him vigilantly, seeing no one around, he lowered his voice. “Didn’t I just give you some a few days ago?”
“My previous source of income had been disrupted by you, now I can only rely on you.”
“I have no money,” HuLi coldly rejected him.
That person changed the topic, “I heard you’ve been getting really popular recently? Will you be signing with a company soon? I keep seeing you on the entertainment papers every other day.”
HuLi glared at him, he finally grabbed all the cash from his wallet and threw it at the person’s face, “Fuck off! Don’t come and disturb me again!”
HuLi returned to the practice room, the more he thought about today’s incidents, the angrier he got. Losing that money was not a big deal, but to lose that recorder, if YeLang found it…
In his violent mood, he wanted to destroy things no matter what they were, and he kicked everything at his feet. ShenMa entered and saw him going crazy. “Fuck, my drums!”
ShenMa hurried over to stop him, but it was too late, the drum skin of his bass drum had been damaged by HuLi’s kicks.
“You…” Seeing HuLi like this, ShenMa could roughly guess what happened. “That person came to blackmail you again?”
HuLi remained silent, and ShenMa knew he was right. “Want me to help you teach him a lesson?”
HuLi’s eyes narrowed, it seemed like he was seriously considering ShenMa’s suggestion.
ShenMa held onto HuLi’s shoulder, giving off the image of a close big brother, “Trust me, there won’t be any problems. Look at Little Antelope, see how obedient he is after the lesson, he doesn’t even dare to say a single word. Don’t worry and let me handle it, ok?”
Although HuLi still had some misgivings, but he really could no longer tolerate that blackmailer, and finally nodded his head.
ShenMa grinned and patted him on the shoulder, “It’s ok now, don’t be angry anymore. Tonight’s the Alliance battle, let’s go grind those crazy guys from MadHouse into dust.”
<Pale Soul OL> was having its first Alliance battle in their history, all of them rubbing their hands in anticipation, vowing to bring honour to their guilds.
There were 12 available cities in the game to be captured, and Tripartite was aiming for the biggest one of them all – MaiMeng City.
(T/N: MaiMeng is a homonym for the Chinese translation of acting cute.)
There were many other alliances targeting MaiMeng City, and one of their strongest rivals would be the “Raze MadHouse” alliance, created by LM and consisted of other guilds who had enmity with MadHouse as well.
The strategy committee of Tripartite had been formed a few days ago. At that moment, all members of the three guilds were in Passionate Sword’s YY, listening to MuRong explain the tactics for the upcoming battle and waiting for him to assign positions.
The rules was that whichever alliance’s flag got planted at the top of the city wall first would win the battle. Any player could carry the flag, and throw it to other players within 50 yards of him. However, upon throwing the flag, he would receive a 5 minutes debuff, and cannot carry the flag again.
As a prop, the alliance flag too had a health bar. If the player who was carrying the flag was killed, the flag would fall onto the ground. The other players from the alliance could pick it up, and rival players from the competing alliance could also attack it. Once the health bar of the flag was depleted, it would automatically return to its starting point.
As such, all the guardian warriors from the three guilds were in charge of carrying the flag. If their lives were at risk, they would have to quickly pass the flag to someone else, preventing it from falling to the ground and letting the rival alliance attack it.
LingYang was still using Bell’s account. There were 2 reasons, 1st was that although Little Antelope had disappeared for nearly a year, his reputation did not fade away, no matter where he went, he would be surrounded by onlookers; 2nd was that Little Antelope had never raided the new dungeons, and so his equipment was not as good as Bell’s current gear.
Tonight, YeLang stayed over at LingYang’s place. This way, it was very convenient for them to co-operate during the battle. He was still using that helmet and spear slotted with the level seven gems, and it looked like he was carrying two lightbulbs of over thousands of watts. Amongst the crowd he looked like a lighthouse, boosting the morale of his team as well as exerting and oppressive aura onto their rivals.
Little Buckle and his husband — now affectionately known to everyone as Dummy — were also participating in the battle. They had been assigned to the mobile team, and were also granted permission to move around freely. To make that clearer, it meant that their presence did not matter to the battle at all, and they could do whatever they like.
Ever since the start of the battle, Dummy had been running around all over the place. At the start, Little Buckle was still able to catch up with him, but after that, he lost sight of him. Also, there were too many people in the map, many people would start attacking once they realised the player was not part of their alliance. After getting killed repeatedly, Little Buckle who had been abandoned had no choice but to return to hide behind their forces, and there was no time for him to pay attention to that idiot.
Unsurprisingly, LingYang and YeLang had been assigned to be vanguards, attacking the gates with most of their forces. Over there, they met the forces of Raze MadHouse, both groups rushed in at the same time, and the bloodbath was inevitable.
YeLang’s taunting skill was useless in PVP. As a cleric, all firepower was drawn towards LingYang. In this group-P, no matter how skilful a person was, there was only so much they could do, and a continuous flow of people was sent back to the rebirth point. Both sides were comparable in strength, reaching an impasse, neither could gain an advantage.
The vanguards had tried six times, but their best result was only bringing the flag to the second floor. However, the progress of their rivals was similar. Just as they were getting ready to try for the seventh time, someone suddenly called out.

[Local] LittleCloth: Oh god! Look at the top of that city wall!

Everyone simultaneously turned their heads towards the wall. When everyone was trying their best but failing to enter the city, there were two people who somehow managed to climb up there, one of them was a warrior called ShenMa, and the other was an archer, it was actually Little Buckle’s husband Dummy!
The crowd fell silent, and the two people on the wall discovered the change within the crowd. Dummy happily greeted them.

[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife~~ I’m here~~ Can you see me?
[Local] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: …… How did you get up there?!
[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Wife, I also don’t know, somehow I just got up here >”<
[Local] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
I faint……

The crowd below broke down in laughter.
An idea popped into LingYang’s head. “Pass me the flag.”
YeLang happened to be the one holding onto the flag at that moment. Although he did not know what LingYang was planning, but he still passed the flag over to him.
Carrying the flag, LingYang ran towards the city wall. As the others were still discussing how to climb up the wall, they did not notice that a cleric had already reached the base. A light smoke cloud emerged below his feet, LingYang flew up with QingGong, and at his peak he flung something at Dummy.

[Local] Bell:

The flag of Tripartite suddenly appeared on Dummy.

[Local] Bell:
Plant it at the top!

LingYang shouted as he landed.
The people from Raze MadHouse were immediately enlightened, Fox shot off like a cannon, flying up and throwing their flag to ShenMa. Each carrying a flag, the both of them were side by side at the location where they had to plant their flag.
Earlier on, ShenMa had been pushed to the moat, and discovered a secret tunnel there. Although the opposing alliance also had someone who somehow managed to ascend the wall, but this person was the infamous Dummy of the server, it was a cinch to defeat him. In this case, gaining control of MaiMeng City was a foregone conclusion, thinking of this, he became arrogant.

[Local] ShenMa: Hahaha, even the heavens are helping me. You think a noob like you will be able to defeat me?
[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: The flag hasn’t been planted yet, how do you know you’ll beat me?
[Local] ShenMa: You? Do it? What a joke!
[Local] ShenMa:
I’ll say it here and now
[Local] ShenMa:
If I lose to you today, our alliance will never try to lay our hands on MaiMeng City in the future!
[Local] Fox:
Don’t decide things all by yourself!
[Local] ShenMa:
Hey, why do you have so little confidence in me!

The people below also responded. Although ShenMa was not considered one of the best players, but he was still an expert. As for the other, just looking at his name it was stupid enough, he even had an even stupider donkey next to him, and his gear only looked so-so.
Everyone knew that he was a newbie who bought an account. He did not know how to control the character, and no party wanted him even in small dungeons. Everyone knew clearly how this fight would end.

[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Wife~~ Should I agree to fight him?
[Local] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: You can’t embarrass yourself any further, what are you afraid of?
[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Wife is right~~
[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Then fine, I promise you, if I lose, we will also not lay a hand on MaiMeng City in the future.

Seeing this sentence, the people from Tripartite were about to go crazy, the other party had not requested this from him at all!
As for the people of Raze MadHouse, they were about to die from laughter.

[Local] Fox: This is what your people said, don’t go back on it.
[Local] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: I will make this idiot delete his account as atonement.
[Local] Bell: Forget it, at most we’ll try for other cities next time.
[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Wife~~~ I won’t disappoint you~~~~
[Local] ShenMa:
Less nonsense, let’s settle this now!

The two of them stood on top of the wall face to face, as a crowd gathered below. Even other alliances stopped what they were doing and were watching them. Those who were not in the know would even think that this was a face off between two martial arts experts.
If this was a scene in a movie, there would definitely be magnificent music playing in the background, the baleful sound of wind repeating periodically, creating little storms of dust, their clothes billowing in the wind, setting the whole atmosphere off to a thrilling climax.

[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Hold on~~~~!

Having gotten himself in the mood, ShenMa was interrupted by this sentence. He was filled with anger.

[Local] ShenMa:
What the fuck do you want to do now!!!

Dummy seemed to have been frightened by his intimidation, even stuttering in his typing.

[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Can, can, can I change my pet first…?
[Local] ShenMa: There’s no use even if you have 8 pets!
[Local] ShenMa:
Hurry up and change it when I’m still willing to play along with you!
[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Oh oh, give me a minute, let me see.
[Local] ShenMa:
What the fuck…..

Dummy was motionless for a long period of time. It seemed as though he was really researching on how to change a pet. The crowd started laughing mockingly. This was too stupid, with his level, he actually dared to clamour for a fight?
He finally found the skill to recall his pet. The donkey next to him faded away, obediently returning to its pen.
He then whistled, and a lion appeared in the midst of the crowd. That lion was all white, its crimson mane looked like it was on fire.
The crowd was stunned.
“It’s the Icefire Lion!”
“The Icefire Lion from the summit of Mt. KunLun!”
“This lion is a silver beast, it only appears once a week, and the chance of capturing it is minuscule. Many archers have tried for months with no luck, how is he able to get one??!”
LingYang also did not dare to believe his eyes, “He he he, how did he get the lion? Isn’t he a dummy?”
“Maybe it came with the account?” YeLang guessed.
“That’s impossible, if he had it right from the start, why did he take it out before?”
“He either doesn’t know the value of the lion, or…”
Seeing YeLang dragging out the suspense, LingYang urged him, “Or what?”
“Just like you, broke his fingers in a car accident.”

“There’s a third possibility, it’s that we’ve all been fooled by him. This person has only been pretending to be stupid right from the start.”
Dummy raised his right hand, a red hunting arrow appeared on top of ShenMa’s head. The Icefire Lion seemed to sense his master’s call, it rushed towards ShenMa with a roar, assuming an aggressive stance.

[Local] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort: Come on.

The author has something to say.
Head hurts today, what a mess.

Declaring here that every time the author describes a pair of boots, it’s according to her fantasies. Images found may not be the same as the description, and can only be used as a reference.
[Dropped] <Brother Lang’s Motorbike Boots>
Brother Lang wore this pair during Valentine’s Day when he picked Little Antelope up on the motorbike. It’s a red and black pair with thick soles.

[Dropped] <Brother Lang’s Punk-style Boots>
Brother Lang wore this pair when he went to the bar to catch an antelope. There are many chains and rivets on it, Flower complained that looking at them would make people’s balls ached.

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