TANW Chapter 69 (NSFW)

Chapter 69 – The Unmentionable Boots Fetish    

Sender: Ironman (Ironman·Silly People Buying Tickets to Watch Me)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: New Semester, New Beginnings, Let’s Have a Gathering
Location: YanShan University A Century to Educate BBS

I booked a table at our usual place, just text me if you’re joining, those without my number just PM me.

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Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: New Semester, New Beginnings, Let’s Have a Gathering
Location: YanShan University A Century to Educate BBS

Me me me, count me in! How can there be no Little Antelope involved in this ~\(≧▽≦)/~

ShenMa: “Little Antelope also has another secret that you probably don’t know. He’s actually a pervert, he’s in that circle.”
YeLang’s brow creased faintly, this was the second time today he heard the term ‘circle’. The first time was in the hall, when he vaguely heard the two people discussing this. It was also common to hear this ‘circle’ term in YeLang’s workplace, but of course he was not naive enough to think that this circle referred to the entertainment circle.
“What circle are you referring to,” YeLang asked ShenMa.
ShenMa sat back, smiling in contempt, “I can’t say it. If you want to know, you better ask him yourself.”
“I heard that you’re in that circle?” YeLang suddenly asked on their way home.
LingYang was alarmed, even stuttering, “W-w-w-where did you hear this? W-w-w-what circle?”
“Just wanted to know what kind of circle you’re in.”
“… I can’t tell you.”
“It’s shameful.”
“Just say it, I won’t laugh.”
“I can’t hear you.”
“Audio-drama circle.”
YeLang held onto his shoulder, his face solemn and serious, “LingYang, you’re so shameful.”
(T/N: Audio-drama circle is translated from 中抓圈 (ZhongZhuaQuan), which is a circle of people involved in amateur audio-dramas, and mostly BL works.)  

School soon started, LingYang the social butterfly would always be busy attending all sorts of social gatherings during this period of time. Last semester, LingYang had hibernated at home to remain in hiding, but this semester he had completely turned to a wild joyful antelope, going wherever the fun was.
Not seeing LingYang at home after classes for the past three days, YeLang was getting unhappy. In his mind, a wife should stay at home and wait for the husband to come home, not running around like this all day long.
“Where did LingYang go this time?” He asked XuXian.
“A gathering.”
“What gathering?”
“A gathering of people from our school’s BBS.” And they were from the homosexual sub-forum, but XuXian did not mention that.
“Why didn’t you go?”
“I don’t like the bar environment.”
“What kind of BBS gatherings meet in bars?”
XuXian gave a mirthful smile.
Seeing his expression, YeLang knew there was nothing good about it.
“Do you know which bar will they be at?”
“Yeah, why are you asking, you want to go too?”
YeLang did not deny it.
XuXian was amused, “If you keep too firm an eye on your wife he would run away.”
“If I don’t keep an eye on him he’ll get into trouble.”
XuXian thought about it, this statement was not wrong at all.
“Oh, it’s not easy to find that place, you want me to bring you there?”
“But you’re going there dressed like that? You don’t plan on changing?” XuXian knew that YeLang had a place near school. On the surface it was a house, but in actual fact it was a huge closet. It might be due to his work environment, YeLang had an extraordinary amount of clothes, and there was not enough space in his dormitory to store them.
YeLang looked at himself, “Is there a problem?”
“You’ll need to dress up when going to a bar, you look too casual now.”
YeLang thought about it, “Fine.”
“Remember to dress a bit more stylish, YangYang likes punk style boots.” XuXian suggested.
Half an hour later, XuXian was stunned by YeLang’s attire.
“Are you sure you’re going to the bar to pick your wife up, and not to hook up with other boys?”
YeLang frowned, “Didn’t you ask me to dress a bit more stylish?”
“I did say that…”
But your outfit is now beyond stylish! Your leather attire is so outlandish it can appear on the cover of GayMan magazine already! And this super tight-fitting leather pants, only dominants would wear them!

Also, what boots are you wearing? They’re so shiny they can be reflectors! Look at those metal buckles and chains! That frightening ring of rivets look very painful! If you kick someone in the balls, their balls would probably burst!

“Where… Where did you get this outfit?” After XuXian’s internal monologue, he had to ask YeLang this question.
“Last time when I had to go to a bar for work, someone in the company prepared it for me.” YeLang rarely bought clothes for himself, but his company had people in charge of buying clothes, and would often arrange some for them, so YeLang had all sorts of attires for different functions.
“Are you sure you’re going to the bar to pick your wife up, and not to hook up with other boys?”  
YeLang was a little impatient, “Just bring me there, you don’t have to go in.”
“… I didn’t plan on going inside in the first place. Looking at you dressed like this, I definitely wouldn’t dare to go in, I’m afraid of becoming cannon fodder in the eyes of other people,” XuXian pretended to be scared. “Right, remember to check that YangYang is the person you’re bringing out, and not someone else.”
YeLang shot him a look, as though telling him that he did not need that reminder, but XuXian was rolling his eyes so he missed it. He grabbed his keys and headed out, wondering if he should text YangYang a warning not to get caught.
Turning his head back he saw the ring of rivets around YeLang’s boots, XuXian shivered. Forget about it, he would just give YangYang a surprise.
XuXian immediately left upon bringing YeLang to the bar. YeLang entered, instantly attracting the eyes of many people.
Because of work, YeLang had been to such places many times. Towards the kind of situations that could happen in a bar, he was already prepared for them. People did try hooking up with him before, but they were all girls, now, it was all guys… By the way, what kind of BBS would hold their gathering in a gay bar?!
YeLang silently swore, he was determined to find out exactly what this was about when he went home.
After rejecting the third man with a dark face, YeLang swept his eyes across the bar, but he did not see a glimpse of LingYang at all. There was a table of what seemed to be college students playing truth or dare, but LingYang was not with them.
All sorts of people could be found in a gay bar, both decent and unsavoury ones, some without limits and moral integrity. Knowing that LingYang came to such a place to fool around without his permission, and also could not be found at the moment, YeLang was started to get angry.
YeLang did not want to keep standing in the crowd and let them watch him, he went to the bar counter and took a seat, one foot on the floor, the other on the bar stool step, searching through the crowd impatiently.
A man walked towards him, a drink in his hand. YeLang thought that he was here to accost him, and so was about to turn around and ignore him. However, that person slipped and fell onto the ground, the drink splashing onto YeLang’s boots.
“Ah sorry sorry, I’ll clean it for you.” That person apologised continuously, pulling out a handkerchief and wiping YeLang’s boots.
YeLang felt that it was too strange for a stranger to kneel there and clean his boots, with a “No need”, he stood up and headed for the washroom.
Walking past that person, he glanced at him casually. Unexpectedly, he saw that person with a… lamenting expression?
YeLang walked to the entrance of the washroom, just as he was about to push the door open, he heard voices inside.
“Don’t be so coy, come and play with me, ok?” A stranger spoke.
“Not going.” This time, the voice was very familiar, even though it was just two short words, YeLang recognised it instantly, it was LingYang!
There was a slit in the door to the washroom. Ye Lang leaned over and could observe the scene inside through it. LingYang was standing against the wall with his hands in his pockets, while that stranger stood opposite him. With his current angle, YeLang was unable to see that man’s face.
“Why?” That person asked.
“I have a husband already,” LingYang replied.
After hearing that did YeLang’s mood improved slightly.
“Your boyfriend is from our circle?”
“What’s that to do with you?”
“Doesn’t seem like it then.”
LingYang kept silent.
“When you were looking at me in the bar I knew you were from our circle. I’m guessing that your husband can’t satisfy you, right?” That man suddenly twisted his right foot as though he was grinding a cigarette butt into the ground. Only then did YeLang realised this person was also wearing a pair of punk-style boots, it was very high-cut, reaching beyond the knees.
But… Could not satisfy him? YeLang’s temper flared up again.
“It’s fine if you don’t want to betray your husband, we’ll just play a bit, I won’t go in. Don’t worry, many people are like that, they’ll find a boyfriend outside the circle, and a partner within it. You know Old Gun right, the famous master in Empire, always treating his wife very well at home, but still has a high class harem outside.
“Other people’s business has nothing to do with me. I said I’m not going means I’m not going.”
“Don’t be so sure, I promise I’ll make you feel good.” That person lowered his voice, “You’re exactly the type I like, the first time I saw you, I really wanted you to suck me off…”
LingYang saw that the person was getting more crude, so he stood up to leave.

That person lifted his foot and pushed LingYang back to the wall, his boot landing on LingYang’s crotch.
LingYang’s face changed immediately, “Remove it!”
That person did not remove it, on the contrary, he even twisted it slightly, just like what he did just now on the floor.
“You slut, I’m giving you face here, it’s your blessing for me to actually want you.” That person suddenly changed his friendly attitude, his voice becoming strict-sounding.
LingYang was about to go crazy when someone kicked the door of the bathroom open vigorously. YeLang walked in, his face dark enough to kill.
“Remove your foot!” LingYang swore that he had never seen such a domineering YeLang before. Without even taking action, his voice alone was enough to take a person’s life.
That person trembled in front of YeLang’s aura, quickly pulling his foot back.
He regained his senses, looking at YeLang from top to toe. Noticing his boots, he whistled.
“You want to join in too? I don’t mind…” He turned his head to LingYang, “How, this should be good enough, you’re lucky to get to serve two at once.”
LingYang heard him spewing rubbish in front of YeLang, his face turned pale in fright.
YeLang’s comprehension was not on their level, but from that person’s tone and LingYang’s worsening expression, he could tell that what he said was nothing good.
That person saw that YeLang did not reply and thought that he was unhappy with his suggestion. He did not want to let go of such a high quality product, as in their circles, slaves were everywhere, but a pure master was rare. Most masters tended to be switches, including himself, desiring to both dominate a person and be dominated as well.
Just by looking at this person’s temperament, he definitely had to be one of the rare pure masters, standing on top of the pyramid, never bowing down to anyone, a dream master for all slaves.
He did not mind giving in, “You don’t want to have 2 masters? Then, if it’s you, I can also…”
Without finishing his words, he felt a pain in his jaw, falling to the ground due to a strong external force. In the next second, a boot studded with rivets descended on him, landing on his chest heavily. He heard that man above him speaking coldly, “Shut up.”
He could not help but call out: “Ah~~~~~~”
YeLang: ???
Why was it “Ah~~~~~~”? Should it not be “Ah!!!” or “Ah——!!” after getting hit?
LingYang went crazy, “Fuck, don’t step on him!”
He rushed over, grabbing YeLang’s arm and left.
Only after LingYang dragged YeLang out of the bar did he release his arm, walking in front.
YeLang followed behind, he was not very happy with his actions just now, “Are you not planning on giving me an explanation?”
“What explanation? I didn’t do anything!”
“Playing with you, what did he want to play?”
“One night stand, don’t tell me you don’t understand that!”
“What circle is this exactly?”
“Gay circle, if not you think it’s the entertainment circle?”
“So why am I not in the circle?”
“Aren’t you straight?”
“Am I still considered straight now?”
“Straight for a day, straight for life!”
“That what does it mean by I can’t satisfy you?”
LingYang felt that his breathing was starting to get difficult, even speaking was tough. He tossed his head, trying to get rid of ideas he should not have.
He thought about how unlucky he was today. He had gone for the gathering happily, and took a few admiring glances at somebody. This was just like a married man taking a couple of looks at a pretty girl on the street, he did not mean anything with it.
Who would have thought that he would attract such attention, forget about getting trapped in the washroom and being stepped on, but YeLang had to catch him like that.
As for why YeLang would appear there, he no longer wanted to find out.
Not only did he come here, but he was dressed in such a… Forget it, he did not want to describe it anymore, the more LingYang looked at it, the more he was likely to lose control.
Having been talked to like this in front of YeLang, he was not sure exactly how much YeLang understood.
What was worse was that not only did he beat him, but he still stepped on that disgusting person! He basically gave himself up to that person to be taken advantage of!
But he could not talk about this, and had to drag YeLang away, making it seem as though he was protecting that scumbag…
On one hand, 
LingYang had to withstand YeLang’s allure, on the other, he still had to tolerate his temper, he felt that he was about to become a ninja turtle.

(T/N: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is translated to 忍者神龟 (RenZheShenGui) in Chinese, the 忍 (Ren) translates to tolerate.)  

YeLang saw that not only did he not reply him, but he was shaking his head vigorously. Thinking that he really found him unsatisfactory, his fury built up in him again.
He grabbed onto LingYang’s shoulder, forcibly turning him around to face him.
“Tell me!”
LingYang did not want to look at him directly, so he looked down only to see something else he should not see. He suddenly felt dizzy with breathing difficulties.
“Can we go home and change first before talking?” LingYang asked feebly.
“No reason.”
YeLang recalled his words just now, “You don’t like me to be dressed like that?”
“… Yes.”

“No reason… Fuck! Why do you have so many questions today!”
“Little Xian says you like this type.”
LingYang shut his eyes, he took a deep breath, and another, “Remember, I like flip-flops the most, when you talk to me next time it’ll be best if you wear them.”
LingYang rushed home, collapsing on his bed, he buried his head into his pillow.
YeLang followed him into the room, LingYang heard a strange sound, he lifted his head and took a look, only to start making noise, “Why did you come in without changing your shoes!”
“It’s not easy to remove these boots while standing.”
“Then change in the living room!”
“Why can’t I change in the bedroom?”
LingYang leapt up in anger, “Fine! Change! I’ll leave!”
As he walked past YeLang, the other person suddenly lifted his foot just like the person in the bar, and pressed LingYang against the wall.
LingYang’s legs immediately became weak, only by supporting himself against the wall did he not fall down.
“What, what are you doing?” His voice was clearly not as strong as before.
“At the bar’s washroom, that person stepped on you like this, why didn’t you dodge him?”
“… Would you like to try dodging it when someone is stepping on that body part? I don’t plan on becoming a eunuch yet.”
LingYang still wanted to retort, but his attention was all focused on a certain spot, he was unable to think rationally.
“You, you put your foot down first, we’ll talk properly.”
Hearing that, YeLang slowly pulled his foot back by two centimetres, just as he was about to put it down, he remembered LingYang’s behaviour today, and even dared to provoke him. He was instantly unhappy, his foot unconsciously pressing down again.
LingYang: “Ah~~~~~”
YeLang: ???
He watched as LingYang bent over painfully, his muscles contracting tightly, his left hand supporting himself against the wall, his right hand slowly clenching, even his body was trembling slightly, as though he was really injured.
YeLang thought, I don’t think I used that much strength.
It took LingYang awhile before he gradually lifted his head, his expression gloomy, “Aren’t you going back to the bedroom.”
“Not going.”
“If you’re not going then go and sleep on the sofa.”
“Not possible.”
“I’ll go if you’re not going!”
LingYang grabbed a pillow and ran out.
“LingYang you better come back here!”
With barely any effort, YeLang captured the disobedient LingYang. MTs were best at taunting and piercing through armour. With a few moves he pierced through the clothes on LingYang, leaving him bare, while he could not be bothered to even remove his own clothes. A leg on the ground, the other kneeling on the bed, he undid his belt, pulled himself out and went in.
This was the best method YeLang had come up with to deal with LingYang after being together with him. Also, his temper was raging so furiously that he could not wait to vent it on him.
But YeLang soon discovered something was not right. LingYang’s reaction was very different from his usual. He stopped in surprise, “Why are you so excited today? Did you take drugs at the bar?”
LingYang was panting urgently, he put his arms around YeLang’s neck and pulled him down, “Why are you so talkative today?”
YeLang was pulled down into a forceful kiss, the exchange of breaths made him ignore the issue of his abnormal excitement, continuing what he was doing previously.
This was the first time YeLang was fully dressed while having sex. Although the material did somewhat restrict his movements, and prevented the intimacy of skin contact, but looking down at LingYang who was completely nude, while he himself was armed to the teeth, a sense of superiority rose within him.
Leather, as a symbol of wildness, could arouse people’s subconscious brutality. YeLang who already did not know how to be gentle in bed, was now like a wild animal. His eyes sharp, exhaling harshly through his nose, an occasional groan sounding from his throat.

LingYang completely could not resist a YeLang that was like this. He felt that the other person’s eyes could see through him, including that secret that he had been trying to keep concealed, was all exposed under the eyes of this person. He was tense, as though if he just relaxed a little, he would start behaving out of control.
As YeLang got more aroused, he could no longer think about anything else. He flipped LingYang over onto his hands and knees, while he kneeled on one knee behind him, the other leg stepping on the bed directly. Turning his head, LingYang saw YeLang’s punk-style boot right next to him, those rivets bringing him spiritual pleasure, together with the cold sense of the silver chains and that abnormal pleasure from the tightly bound shoelaces. Those things brought him almost instantaneously to the brink of pleasure. There was no need for any other physical touches or fantasies, LingYang climaxed.
YeLang realised that LingYang had came, and felt even more strange about it, “Wife, you came prematurely?”
After that release, LingYang’s mind became clearer, but only by a little. The sight in front of him cause his body to react helplessly again, he had never got back into it so quickly before, as though he had used a skill to reset all cool downs.
He gasped, “What about premature, it just means I can do it more times, again!”

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