TANW Chapter 75

Chapter 75 – Two Little Bottoms Learn to Play the Flute      
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Topic: After That Proposal at Yesterday’s Alliance Battle, I Believe In Love Again!
Poster: Moved By You
Content: Creating this post for Sakka’s profound love, I hope that Azure Buckle can accept Sakka, and give in to him!
1L: Give in to him!
2L: Give in to him!


NL: It’s not very nice to interfere in the private matters of others, if the person involved doesn’t feel this way… But Sakka’s proposal yesterday was really too moving, you should give in to him!


QingMing Festival was coming, today, all four people were at LingYang’s place. After BaiLong received a call, he signalled LingYang to go downstairs.
“A friend came from afar.”
Downstairs, LingYang saw a military-issued cross country Jeep. The car plate started with a bright red ‘Air’ word. He looked at the vehicle in curiosity, and saw a handsome guy in a sky-blue uniform exit the driver’s seat.

“Little Yang!” That person greeted LingYang enthusiastically.
“Brother XiuWu?” LingYang bounded towards him. “What are you doing here?”
“I’m here to report to school, and also to pass something to Brother Bai.”
“Report? You’ve been accepted to the military school? Congratulations!” LingYang was delighted hearing this.
“Heihei,” Tang XiuWu slapped LingYang on the back. “I’ll also be a student of this college town, from now on there’s Big Brother to take care of you.”
While LingYang was chattering, he was also studying Tang XiuWu at the same time. Ever since high school, he had always thought amongst all the people he knew, Tang XiuWu looked the most handsome in uniform. The last time he saw him when he went home, it was winter, and so he was dressed in the winter outfit. He had not seen this uniform that Tang XiuWu was wearing in nearly a year’s time already, but that handsome image was still deeply ingrained in his mind.
When YeLang went downstairs, he happened to come across this scene. By now, whatever was in LingYang’s head , he only needed to look at him to know what he was thinking about.
BaiLong and XuXian joined them as well. Tang XiuWu greeted BaiLong, “The things you want are in the car boot, take a look, here’s the key.” He tossed the car key over to BaiLong.
LingYang turned his head towards BaiLong in surprise, “What scheme are you cooking up this time?”
“QingMing Festival’s travel plan.”
LingYang’s eyes lit up, “Are you bringing me along?”
“Not bringing.”
LingYang became puppy-like, “Boss, Young Master Bai, Brother Dragon~~~~”
BaiLong ignored this lackey, instead he opened the car boot and inspected the gear inside. Tang XiuWu then remembered his belongings were still inside, and hurriedly went over to retrieve a round three-tiered lunch box out from it.
LingYang also followed, seeing that the lunchbox was very elaborate, he got curious. “What is this?”
“Just some snacks.”
“Let me see,” LingYang reached out to try and open the lid, but BaiLong was faster than him and grabbed his wrist.
LingYang looked at BaiLong, confused. He suddenly realised what it was for, and quickly pulled his hand back. Raising both hands and clasping them in a respectful manner, he apologised, “I’ve given offence.”
Tang XiuWu was fine with it, “Haha it’s nothing. Now that it’s QingMing I’ll go visit my parents with my brother, I’ll treat you next time.”
(T/N: QingMing Festival is when people would pay respects to their ancestors and family members who have passed away. The food in the lunchbox was meant as offerings to Tang XiuWen’s and Tang XiuWu’s parents.)
When BaiLong heard Tang XiuWu’s words, he hesitated. Patting him on the arm, he tilted his chin downwards, signalling him to go one side and talk.
LingYang was still rummaging through the boot. Everything he saw he would open it to take a look, and did not notice the two of them leaving.
“Is there something?” Tang XiuWu saw no one around them, so he asked.
BaiLong looked as though he was very troubled about what he was going to say, and did not know how to start. Seeing this, Tang XiuWu was puzzled.
“Brother Bai, just go ahead and say what you want to say.”
“That… How’s your brother recently?”
Tang XiuWu was taken aback, “When I called him, he didn’t say anything.” He suddenly got worried, “Did something happen to my brother?”
“Don’t worry,” BaiLong quickly placated him. “Actually I’ve only heard someone say it, it might not be true.”
“What exactly happened to my brother?”
BaiLong ran through various sentences in his mind. Ever since he was little, he was very frank, and never had to tell a lie. He really could not be like LingYang who could come up with a lie on the spot. “I heard that recently there has been an unknown person harassing him frequently…”
Tang XiuWu’s expression instantly turned serious, “Alright, thanks for telling me this.”
Seeing that he had believed him so easily, BaiLong felt a little guilty. However, since he had already lied to him, he could not take it back.
Tang XiuWu returned to say his goodbyes to LingYang, “I still have something on so I’ll leave now. We’ll meet up next time!”
LingYang thought that the other was going to handle some school-related things, and so did not ask him to stay. He waved goodbye to him happily.
Only after Tang XiuWu was a distance away from them, BaiLong then took out his phone and dialled a number. “Hello? WeiShi, it’s me…”
When Tang XiuWen returned to the teachers’ dormitory area, he saw WeiShi waiting there.
His expression changed subtly, but soon reverted to his usual look, and coolly walked to his dormitory .
When he walked past WeiShi, his eyes continued looking straight ahead. WeiShi also did not speak, but this instead caused Tang XiuWen to not understand what was happening. He took a few more steps, then stopped and turned around, “Is there something you need?”
WeiShi slowly turned towards him and stared at him in silence. Tang XiuWen’s brows wrinkled, what was he trying to do this time?
Just at that moment, WeiShi reached out and held onto his arm, his voice urgent, “I know that I was wrong to deceive you, but you have to listen to my explanation…”
Tang XiuWen was completely muddled by WeiShi’s abnormal behaviour, he did not know what he was trying to do.
Only to hear a crash nearby, a lunchbox fallen to the ground, and snacks scattered all over the place, and the circle lid rolling around. A young man in a military uniform quickly rushed over, swinging a punch at WeiShi’s jaw. WeiShi’s talents lay in his brains, and his fighting ability was essentially non-existent. This punch made him fall back a few steps, and then he received a firm kick to his chest. WeiShi only felt that all the air in his lungs were forced out by that kick, and could not even breathe. He hugged his chest and fell onto his knees, but Tang XiuWu did not stop, and was about to attack him again. Tang XiuWen realised that the situation was turning worse, with his brother’s strength, to continue beating WeiShi like this, it might result in the loss of a life.
Without thinking, he stepped in front of WeiShi. Tang XiuWu saw that his brother was blocking WeiShi, in shock, he immediately pulled back. But as he had used too much power, he could not control it, and his fist landed onto Tang XiuWen’s body. Fortunately, Tang XiuWen had managed to block it with both his upper arms, and therefore did not get injured heavily.
“Big Brother!” Tang XiuWu called worriedly.
Tang XiuWen felt that his forearms were numb, and could only move them after awhile, “What a ruthless attack…”
“Why did you rush over?”
“I was going to ask you that!”
“Hasn’t he been harassing you?”
“He’s my student.”
Tang XiuWen looked at WeiShi, whose face was as white as paper and was lying on the ground, “Damn, he’s about to die from your beating.”
“… Then what should we do?”
“What do you think we should do? Send him to the hospital.”
“Oh!” Tang XiuWu was about to lift him on his back.
“You can’t carry him like that, didn’t you see that his ribs might have been broken by you? It might have even injured his lungs already.”
“Then, is there a stretcher nearby?”
“Tch”, Tang XiuWen took his phone out. “We’ll call 120. You guys really give me nothing but trouble.”
QingMing Festival arrived. LingYang carried his bag and eagerly dragged XuXian to the arranged meeting place early in the morning. When they reached the location, YeLang and BaiLong had both not appeared yet.
YeLang only arrived awhile later. He was wearing a polished coffee-coloured leather jacket that was only zipped half-way, exposing a black tank top inside, the outline of his pecs visible. Cream coloured pants covered his legs, the parts below his knees all tucked into a pair of high cut police boots. Those police boots were American-styled, with bound with shoelaces. The boots fit as though they were made to measure, fitting perfectly on the calves, emphasising the length of his legs.
In his right hand was a brown backpack, a pair of large-framed RayBans sat across his face, covering most of it, and his expression could not be seen.
LingYang’s heart howled, he pressed his hand against his nostrils.
YeLang strode past him, brushing past him, he said, “Don’t forget to look up when your nose is bleeding.”
LingYang immediately looked up.
BaiLong finally arrived more than ten minutes later. LingYang was about to die from blood loss.
Seeing his sorry figure, BaiLong gloated, “So sorry, there was a jam.”
LingYang glanced at his Jeep with a military-issued car plate, and raised his middle finger at him.
Among the four of them, only BaiLong had a driver’s license. However, the biggest highlight of HuShuo City was that there were many mountains around, once out of the city, there were many good camping grounds available. The one that BaiLong chose was not too far away from the college town, and the scenery was pretty good there as well. There was even a shooting range and an outdoor laser tag area nearby, and getting supplies was convenient as well.
Although QianTang was an air force school, but outdoor survival skills were still necessary. XuXian watched in admiration as BaiLong had no trouble with skills like looking for a water source and starting a fire.
The tent Tang XiuWu provided was a tent used by the military, five to six people could sleep in it comfortably. This type of tent was not as easy to set up compared to the ones used by regular folks, more effort was needed to set it up. Luckily, YeLang had been doing weight training, and the two of them cooperated and quickly set up both tents.
When they arrived at their destination LingYang immediately complained about his hunger. Trying to look for food, he climbed into the boot and rifled through it, creating a mess. Hardtack from the military rations? Ate it since young, about to vomit from eating it; Chocolate from the military rations? It was meant as a calories supplement, too sweet; Beef jerky from military rations? Too hard, can’t chew on it; Luncheon meat from military rations? This was still ok…
LingYang went through everything, and finally stuck his head out from the boot, “Why is it all military rations? Isn’t there any normal food?”
His words reminded XuXian, “Ah, I did prepare some, here it is.” XuXian retrieved many sealed boxes from his bag and passed them to LingYang.
“My Flower is still the most virtuous.” LingYang took them and started eating without any ceremony, still rummaging through the boot.
“Huh, there’s even this?” LingYang found two firmly wrapped bottles. he removed the packaging from one, and it turned out to be a bottle of military-supplied MaoTai. “Is the other bottle a MaoTai too?”
He carefully removed the packaging from the second bottle. There was no markings on the bottle, but LingYang recognised it straight away.
BaiLong saw it too, “It might have been given by the Meng family, they always brew a lot every year.”
LingYang silently studied the wine in his hand, and seemed to be recalling some memory.
A towel landed on his face, waking him up from his thoughts.
LingYang lifted his head. YeLang was standing by the car boot, his right hand on the car roof, looking as though he could read his mind.
“Everyone is busy while you’re lazing around, come and work.”
LingYang disguised his dry laugh, leaving the wine bottle by the side, he stuffed a sandwich into his mouth and squirmed out from the car boot. He hooked his arm around YeLang’s neck from the back, leaning his full body weight onto him, allowing YeLang to drag him along.
Although YeLang had asked LingYang to come work, but XuXian and BaiLong had long got everything ready. When LingYang finally filled his stomach, he felt bad about it, and took the initiative to suggest entertaining everyone with a sideshow.
He cleared his throat, he first placed his left hand on his cheek, then his right hand cupped his ear. Next, he pressed the tip of his middle fingers to his thumbs on both hands, pitched his voice up, and started singing.
“Haughtiness, arrogant laughter, ten thousand waves,” His hand, still in that position, moved to the right.
“Passion burns stronger than the sun,” His fingers slid towards the left.
Then, with Faye Wong’s rhotic accent, he sang in a falsetto, “Guts like iron, bones like steel, the mind is buried,” He held his chest. “Hidden in his eyes,” he touched his forehead. “He strives for improvement, to be a hero~”
(T/N: The hand gesture, google 兰花指 in images to see how it looks like.)
XuXian laughed till he could barely straighten his back as BaiLong groped around for a weapon to knock him out. LingYang ran to hide behind YeLang, not forgetting to boast, “How was it, Young Master, with my standards I’ll have no issue joining the entertainment circle right?”
YeLang sneered, “With this standard? Going off-key, stiff dancing, as for acting…” He tilted his head to the side and considered. “You’re pretty good at that.”
LingYang could not rebut him, and so leaned onto him and chirped, “I can play an instrument as well.”
YeLang whispered into his ear, “Knowing how to play the flute doesn’t count.”

LingYang: 凸>皿<凸

As though through telepathy, BaiLong suddenly spoke, “Come, Little Yang, play the flute for me.”
XuXian happened to be drinking at that moment, hearing that he spat the water out, coughing vigorously. YeLang also looked at BaiLong with suspicions.
However, LingYang did not look embarrassed at all, “If I play it well, would Young Master reward me?”
“We’ll talk about it if you do.”
LingYang laughed and took his phone out. Tapping on it a few times, his hands placed the phone next to his mouth like a flute. He actually looked like he was playing a flute, a melodious tune, beautiful and pleasant, it really sounded similar to a chinese flute.
YeLang never knew that LingYang had this ability, he could not help but find it refreshing. The tune LingYang was playing also sounded very familiar, listening to it carefully, it was the log-in music to <Pale Soul OL>.
When LingYang finished playing, XuXian wanted more, calling him to play another song. Seeing that XuXian was interested in it, he passed his phone over and taught him how to do it. It was not difficult, and soon XuXian could also act along with it.
After the meal, BaiLong and XuXian headed up the mountain. YeLang started tidying up the area, while LingYang sat around and flipped through a magazine, but his eyes were secretly drawn to YeLang’s boots.
Coming out to play was a very good idea. In school, there was no chance for YeLang to wear such flaunting high cut boots, this type of boots that reached the knees were one LingYang’s most favourite styles, imagining them with a police uniform, an aura filled with conquest and aggression, it really made people want to give into submission.
The daydreaming LingYang suddenly found the pair of boots he was staring at stopping in front of him, he looked up in puzzlement.
“The book is upside down,” YeLang spoke coldly.
LingYang hurriedly adjusted the book, then looked down again. Eh, not right, now it was upside down!
“I lied.” YeLang spoke again.
LingYang, “……”
Brother Lang, you’ve became bad! You even know how to lie now! Wuwuwu…

The author has something to say:
[Dropped] <Brother Lang’s Police Boots>
This is the one pair that the author pays the most attention to amongst all of Brother Lang’s boots. She’s seen people wear it before on WeiBo, it’s very pretty.

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