SH Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 — He Still Doesn’t Know A Thing (3)



Lin Mu put down his phone. His ears burned, but still he pretended that nothing had happened. Turning his head, he saw Xu Yilu’s expression, looking both interested and strange.

Xu Yilu had probably been listening for quite some time. As his vision was poor, his eyes shifted in confusion between the two people. He was not the sort that was very interested in gossip, but everyone loved being on the sidelines watching a good show.

Only after Lin Mu calmed down did he feel that he had revealed a little too many flaws just now. Lu Rong did not sign, and Lin Mu could use the excuse that Lin Zhao could read lips. However, it happened too many times, and Lin Mu could not remember exactly how many times it occurred. If he was actually Lin Zhao, she could not have managed to read Lu Rong’s lips correctly every time.


By noon, the sun was blazing.

Xu Yilu and Lu Rong had both brought along an umbrella each for shade, on the boat, they opened the umbrellas up. Due to the heat, Lu Rong pedaled for a while and then stopped, letting the boat drift gently by itself.

Lu Rong and Lin Mu did not speak again for the rest of the time. However, Xu Yilu was still rather curious, his eyes wandering between the two people until the boat reached the shore. Lu Rong then started to help them all out of the boat.

Lin Mu was the last to step back onto the shore. He saw Lu Rong holding out his hand towards him, and hesitated for some time before placing his hand in Lu Rong’s palm. The boy’s palm was dry, and his strength was astonishing. It seemed as though Lu Rong did not manage to control his strength when pulling Lin Mu over, and so Lin Mu stumbled forward. Reaching out with his other arm, Lu Rong incidentally wrapped it around Lin Mu, and the older boy essentially fell into his arms.

Slightly shocked, Lu Rong probably did not expect that would happen. After a moment of silence, he said, “Please excuse me.”

This time, Lin Mu was not looking at his face, and he could only pretend that he did not hear.

Standing by the side, Xu Yilu had a look of anticipatory eagerness on his face. He clearly was unable to see anything distinctly, yet he looked just like a middle-aged woman watching a midnight soap opera.


For the rest of the walk, Lin Mu was not sure if it was his misconception, but there seemed to be a lot more physical contact between Lu Rong and him.

Perhaps due to being used to taking care of Chen Meihua, Lu Rong was very meticulous and considerate when doing anything. He bought drinks for them all; he was able to remember that Xu Yilu preferred something sweet, and Lin Mu liked tea, preferring it cold. Lu Rong was extremely diligent, and he did not grumble in the slightest when running back and forth. What Lin Mu saw the most during this walk was Lu Rong’s back — always so tense as though he was shouldering something heavy, looking both strong and powerful.

When they were nearly done visiting the park, everyone gathered for a break. Chen Meihua wanted to go to the washroom, and so Lin Mu accompanied her.

“I’ll come along as well.” Holding onto his white cane, Xu Yilu stood up.

Lu Rong wanted to follow, but Xu Yilu waved him off. “I can go alone; you should rest for a bit.”

Lu Rong did not continue insisting. He sat on a park bench and bench, reminding his grandmother, “Meimei must be obedient, and don’t cause Jiejie any trouble.”

Chen Meihua nodded firmly. “Meimei knows.”

The washroom was a little far. Lin Mu helped Xu Yilu along as he led Chen Meihua there. Halfway, Xu Yilu suddenly turned and spoke to him leisurely, “Lu Rong’s pretty nice.”

Lin Mu had a bewildered look on his face.

Xu Yilu was not bothered by whether Lin Mu understood what he meant. He continued, “He likes you, right?”

Lin Mu was astonished.

Xu Yilu seemed as though he was watching some youth idol drama, his smile shining brightly. “It must be, he’s really too nice to you. Did you not notice it at all?”

Lin Mu was completely shocked.


When Lin Zhao came back from the Go Institute, she discovered that her wig and dress had been thrown casually onto the floor of her room. Narrowing her eyes dangerously, she picked up the wig and went to knock the door of the room next door, suppressing her anger for the time being.

Lin Mu only opened the door after a long bout of knocking. His face was listless as he looked at his sister.

Frowning, Lin Zhao raised her hands, showing the items she was holding. “How many times have I told you not to throw my clothes casually about?”

Lin Mu hung his head, signing perfunctorily, “Sorry, I’ve just came back, I’m a little tired.”

Lin Zhao asked, “It wasn’t fun?”

“It was,” Lin Mu moved his fingers. He thought for a moment, then continued, “I’ll wash your dress for you now.”

Lin Zhao actually had no intentions for her brother to wash her dress, but the other person clearly seemed like he was looking for something to do, and so she let him be.

The chiffon dress had to be soaked first. Lin Mu squatted in the washroom, and Lin Zhao squatted next to him, signing, “Did you admit the truth today?”

Lin Mu was in a daze, and it took him some time before he registered the question. “No… but there’s no longer a need for it.”

Lin Zhao signed a question mark.

“In the future, you’ll go as yourself. I’m not going anymore.”

Lin Zhao was baffled. “Why?”

Lin Mu thought about it, his expression a little complex. “It seems like Little Deer likes you. It’s not appropriate if I continue taking your place.”

Lin Zhao felt as if a meteorite had hit her in the head, crashing through her skull. On her face was written, “what nonsense are you saying”, but Lin Mu did not seem to think there was anything wrong with what he had just said. He was still immersed in his own thoughts, and feigning as though he was unbothered, he patted Lin Zhao on the shoulder. “You don’t have to consider me at all. If he says he likes you, you don’t have to do anything overboard. Just treat him a little nicer, he’s really a good boy.”


Lin Zhao naturally would not believe her brother’s bullshit about Lu Rong liking her. Arriving at school on Monday, she waited for the evening self-study session so as to confront Lu Rong. In the end, waiting for very long, Lu Rong and Chen Meihua did not appear in the evening.

In the group chat she shared with Li Zi and Mo Xiaoxiao, she sent a message. “Where is Lu Rong?”

Mo Xiaoxiao was also in the special education class. When she saw the message, she looked around her. Realizing that Lu Rong was not there, she too found it strange. “He seems to be absent from quite a few self-study sessions already. Have you seen him, Li Zi?”

Li Zi’s reply came in a while later. “He has been bringing Meimei to the sportsground, they should be talking a walk.”

Lin Zhao thought about it and remembered that the swimming pool Lin Mu had been cleaning was just next to the sports ground. Her mood became increasingly more complicated, and she felt that this excuse of taking a walk was very fishy. As such, she stood up and gestured at Mo Xiaoxiao, signaling that she was going out.


Today, An Jincheng still felt as though he was a resistor. He thought the two people should have already made up, but for some reason, there was once again a conflict between the two people on Monday. However, this time, it seemed one-sided on Lin Mu’s side — no matter what Lu Rong said to him, his responses were very obviously perfunctory.

If Young Master An had noticed it, Lu Rong definitely registered it as well.

After speaking a few more times to Lin Mu, Lu Rong frowned slightly as he asked in a quiet voice, “What are you angry about?”

Guilty, Lin Mu dared not look at him in the eyes. He answered falteringly, “I’m not angry… Why aren’t you attending the self-study session?

Lu Rong replied faintly, “Meimei wants to play with water.”

“Oh.” Lin Mu said insipidly, and suddenly he changed the topic. “My sister didn’t go to the Go institute today.”

Lu Rong did not catch the drift. While raising a brow, he asked doubtfully, “So what?”

Lin Mu shot him a quick glance, thoughts like “why did you come here to waste your time instead of cultivating your feelings with Lin Zhao in class” welling up within him, causing his mood to turn sour. He then came to a realization that he was feeling jealous, and he started to wonder who the target of his jealousy was.

At first, Lin Mu had summed up his emotions to having a sister complex. As a little brother, he did not want to see his older sister in a relationship.However, he quickly discovered that even if the person Lu Rong liked was not Lin Zhao, he would also not be any happier.

He could only sigh silently, that the worries of youth were really too complicated and powerful, His heart felt barren, and yet aflame, both like the rain in a desert, and the winter snow in spring.


Seeing that Lin Mu did not speak, Lu Rong gradually felt anxious, and he asked again, “What’s wrong?”

In a dilemma, Lin Mu finally spilled it out. “I know that you… umm, something about Lin Zhao. You don’t have to worry about me, really.”

Lu Rong could not understand what Lin Mu was trying to say. Just as he uttered a word, An Jincheng suddenly interrupted. “What did you guys say about Lin Zhao? What’s wrong with her?”

Lin Mu wanted to clarify everything, but he suddenly caught sight of Lin Zhao standing outside the fence with the corner of his eyes, and her arms were crossed.She was not looking at him, only signing at Lu Rong, “Come out, I have something to say to you.”

Lu Rong’s brows creased. He glanced at Lin Zhao, then at Lin Mu. The brother was crouching by the pool with his head down, refusing to look at him.

“Wait for me here,” Lu Rong spoke after a pause. Although he did not really understand what was going on with Lin Mu, he still quietly spoke, coaxing him, “Don’t be angry with me anymore, alright?”

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