HoG Chapter 2

Big thanks to isalee again for editing this chapter! o/ Isa never fails to amaze me! She’s so amazing!

I’ve read Heart of Glass for countless times now and it still remained as one of the top danmei novels I’ve ever read. The story is just so ordinary…and I feel like I can relate to the ML in so many ways. The reason why I picked up this book to read was because of what she wrote in her notes. It touched me somehow and I can never forget since.

The author wrote this story because she enjoyed writing about ordinary people.

She said,

For ages, I always enjoyed writing about the lives of ordinary people.

They have neither perfect looks nor perfect personalities. They will behave selfishly at times, awkward, a little mean,  and will do things that will cause people to shake their heads as well as possessing flaws that are normally found on people like me or others. What I want to write was precisely the kind where once you finished reading the book, you will feel the impulse to go “Ah, I’ve someone like this by my side!”, “Oh my, I know this person!”, “I felt the same way too before!”, “I did this before.”, or even “This man is an exact copy of me!”.

If you really want to ask me why, I can only answer, “Because I’m just an ordinary human being.”

I’m not blessed with good looks, only an average-looking body. I’m not talented either, nor am I smart. My personality is as timid as an ostrich and I’m self-abased. I can’t face difficulties so it’s easier for me to run from my problems. I can’t do things right either. I’m generally a very weak person, to the extent that I can’t do well if I’m left alone. I’m just an ordinary and frail being. Of course, I do wish that I can become a protagonist one day. If a person like me can even be in a relationship, everyone will probably feel that the world is filled with love, right? 

Honestly, I feel her. I’m sure most of us do. You might not find this to be a big deal, but it is to me.

I’m sorry for blabbering too much! Without further ado, please proceed to the chapter here to read Chapter 2!

Again, apologies!

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