ISMM Chapter 10


Produced by Mao’er and Bianjiang Pictures, and adapted from PEPA’s novel of the same name, a high-budget historical tv drama ‘Song of Waves’ will commence filming soon! The first male lead had already joined the production team! For now, the eagerly anticipated news about the second and third male lead had yet to be announced. Who do you think are the most suitable actors for the roles?











This was an actual post done on Weibo to promote the upcoming ‘I Ship My Adversary X Me’ audio drama!!! Marketing done right! HOORAH!! I personally can’t wait for it!! I hope they do the novel justice!!! The audio drama will be available on Mao’er FM once it’s out!

Anyway, this chapter is edited by Isa, translated by Moe and me!

You can read the chapter here!!

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