PM Chapter 2

So… the rape.

I understand that people are triggered by it, and it’s your right to refuse continue reading it.

However, (at least in my opinion), the author isn’t glorifying rape over here. It’s shown as something terrifying, traumatic, and there’s a reason for it (whether it’s acceptable or not).

The ML later works hard in trying to repair this damage as well, so the impact isn’t glossed over. (this comes in like wayyyyyy later.) Things will take time.

So, maybe, you’ll still like to give this novel a try? It’s really quite a good ABO novel, and there’s even a surprise pairing!


Here’s Chapter 2 of Perfect Match.

3 thoughts on “PM Chapter 2

  1. Actually I’m waiting for this to update.

    Still not liking the gong’s scum attitude but TBH the first chapter was well-written.

    The raep and all was triggering but what I’m focusing on whilst reading it was how it was written. Nvm I think I’m saying some nonsenses again lolol.

    Thanks for the update and I hope the others give this one a chance.

  2. I went and mtl the novel after the first chapter you posted and i think it’s nice novel. I enjoyed it, the ML is disgustingly bad for the a lovely amount of upcoming chapters, but he has issues and he does get his tough time to get the mc back again.

    I am glad you are sticking with the story, I love your translation it’s great and thanks for the sec chapter!

  3. I cannot sleep not knowing what the deal is between the Alpha and Omega, it’s getting on my nerves! And somebody take the pregnant guy to the hospital, I think the baby’s dead. :/ Please do update soon, I know you might find this annoying and that you’ll do it in your own pace but I think that people have to see the MLs better side in order to stay hooked

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