POBE Chapter 83

Tbf, despite loving Renzi A LOT, I can see where Papa Gu’s coming from.

Renzi’s not the type of person to hurt someone deliberately, but sometimes, his thoughtless actions may cause a person harm instead.

Imagine if it was your child dating someone whom you’ve always seen as being flighty and unthinking. I LOVE Renzi, but I can’t deny that the poor boy has his faults.

Gu Xiaoshan is patient enough to guide him through everything tho, and our little darling would listen and obey if it’s explained to him clearly! (This is why they’re perfect for each otherrrrrrrrrrrrr)

Here’s Chapter 83 of A President’s Out-of-Body Experience!

2 thoughts on “POBE Chapter 83

  1. It’s almost over!!😲😱 I cried for Renzi. It’s like things won’t change. Work is number 1. But if work becomes number 1 then maybe that is what Mr. Shi is looking for and might take Renzi away from his hubby. And it’s sad how Renzi understand that work is number 1 when he should be Mr. Gu’s number 1 instead. He’s started to change his habits but he has to go back to his old self. Is he not worried about Renzi feeling loney? Cause he’s very selfless. Not a whole bunch of selfishness.

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