BBTL’s Giveaway Time!

One lucky reader will be able to get their hands on a simplified Chinese official copy of Breaking Through The Clouds Volume 1! (It’s bromance rather than romance though)

Things included:
– Book Volume 1 (Chapters 1 to 42)
– Poster
– Sticker sheet

(Excuse my shitty photos)

Giveaway is open to everyone!

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We’ll be checking the entries, so make sure that you’ve actually left a comment if you want the 3rd chance!

Important Notes:

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  2. Please make sure you have a valid address or able to receive the prizes should you win.
  3. Prizes will take a few weeks or months to arrive. Please be patient! We’ll keep the winner updated!

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The giveaway will end on 1st Sept, 2019 / 12:00AM (GMT +8).

27 thoughts on “BBTL’s Giveaway Time!

  1. I enjoyed readingthe short stories such us Social Outcast, FOUYTO, AFSGTSWM and Seducing Game. Light stories but heartwarming. And I love happy endings. I wish the frequency of the update for YGMACT will be dily because I cant get enough of Adviser Wu and General Guan. Also Muted, I want him to find a man who will take care of him and his new mom. Hays. I can hardly wait. I love BBTL translations the most. I can’t sleelpwithout reading. Thank you to the dedicated translators. ♡

  2. My favorite novel definitely has to be And then I like , , , , , , , and ALL of the Completed Stories! I like the more shameless, sweet, comedic, serious, mysterious, smutty, mix. BlackBoxTL has a lot of angsty stuff that I like but too much angst makes me want to kill some of the characters off(mainly, the MLs), so I lay it off… ^^;

    1. I didn’t realize that the arrows I put in would make it italicized! QAQ
      Here’s my list of Goodies that I love to snack on:
      -The Script is Not like this!
      -Perfect Match
      -Green Dragon Totem
      -You’ve Got Mail
      -Thousand Autumns
      -Time of Our Lives
      -Break Through the Clouds
      -I ship My Adversary X Me
      + All of the completed stories!

  3. I loved reading A President’s Out-of-Body Experience, I looked forward to the daily updates. I’m sad it’s over now but I’m so thankful you translated it all! Now I look forward to A Race to (Be) The Top. Thanks for all you guys do and for the giveaway!!

  4. My go-to site for dogblood and faceslapping! Lol.

    But my faves are the sweet and sugary one:
    You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale~~
    I Ship My Adversary X Me ♥♥♥
    The Antelope and Night Wolf
    A President’s Out-of-Body Experience

    I also enjoy the teasers cos it gives me some recos to MTL like Creatures of Habit~~

  5. (fantasticBeets, lmao)

    PoYun still my fav of all the translations. It’s also one of the first (and best) BL cnovels I’ve read. I also love Lantern, Sword of Galaxy, and Undead (Lantern more than Undead and Sword…prob because I finished Lantern — OMG LANTERN IS SO GOOD. I said on Discord but OMG LANTERN IS SO GOOD)…hahaha basically all the huaishang ones???

    I tend to read more of the angsty nue-shou ones, but usually they’re too plot-y and emotional, I can’t read them while they’re being updated – I need to binge read them. Otherwise I’ll combust.

    OMG I also forgot, I ADORE AWM. Actually! AWM was the first cnovel period that I actually committed and finished through raws for! Drunk+Youth = awsl (lmao I just really wanted to use that bc I see it in MaoEr/Bilibili comments so much and it’s cute). POBE is super adorable too.

    I love that BBTL translates novels that have really good plot too, whether sci-fi, fantasy, crime, etc. There are so many novels here that are A+ romance AND A+ plot. I mean, there is a mix of exciting, funny, and sweet/fluff — lot of variety I feel like. So many translations and “known” novels on novelupdates tend to be romance/”shuang-wen” (definitely all, still lots of good stuff, but I see these a lot).

  6. I really loved reading:
    – I ship my adversary x me
    – the antelope and night wolf
    – the script is not like this
    – my childhood buddy keeps trying to turn me gay

    I really like novels with HE. It’s like a relief for me knowing they have a good life and a good ending.

    Really, thank you for translating all the novels thou. I really need to hurry up and leveling up my reading skills.

  7. I absolutely adore “Breaking Through the Cloud” the most from BBTL right now. It is so well written, translated and engaging! Yes – it is a lot like the “Guardian” except without the confusing supernatural part. They need to make a movie out of this already!
    Other on-going translated Chinese novels I’m reading and loving are “Deep in the Act”, “Advance Bravely” and “Grand Master of Demonic Cultivation”.
    When I have time, I love to read the completed novels that BBTL had done. My favorite is “Love Stops Rumors” because it is sweet, fluffy and funny.

  8. I love, love Breaking through the Clouds, I’m reading it right now! My other faves from BBTL are Thousand Autumns, The Antelope and Night Wolf, Social Outcast (as recc’ed 😊), and Green Dragon Totem. I haven’t gotten around to reading everything yet, but I will, one day… very soon. Major props to the translators behind BBTL, y’all are wonderful people 💖

  9. Hi! thanks for translating this story. Twas kinda sad that it got dropped by someone else but I’m glad that you picked it up. Jia you in your future translations 🙂

  10. One of favourite novels got to be My Mister Ostrich. It was one of the first few novels i read and the storyline made me so sad and angsty that it somehow became one of my OG fav novel.

    Currently, I really like death progress bar and game loading. I like how the plot is complex and there’s an equal balance between plot development, romance, comedy and character development.

  11. I really liked “The Antelope and Night Wolf”! I found this after I read another work of the author, and I also found “A Race To (Be) The Top”, which is an interesting read so far. I found some novels on this site to add to my to-read-soon list, so I look forward to more great stories!

  12. is there a bbtl i DON’T read and love??? wtf
    currently enjoying the horny mess that is You’ve Got Mail u___u”’

  13. [I ship My Adversary X Me !!] those 2 is so cute..
    [Love Stops Rumors]… my Fav… this is the novel that i know u guy and tell my fri this TL-sama we can trust… let join in lol
    and now into this pairs of Heartless Father&Son from [The Elegant Dancing Year]….. did i just dig a hole deeper and Deep??? HELP!!
    Aiya..thank you for reading…idk..>_>

  14. You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale is my favourite ongoing translation by you guys with The Script Is Not Like This as Avery very close second, it made me laugh a lot.

    I’m interested in reading I Ship My Adversary X Me cause it looks cute. Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication in translating all of these Novels.

  15. I got into BBTL bc of The Antelope and Night Wolf, so that’s probably one of my fav too lol.
    But besides that I’m also super invested in TSNLT!, [I ship my adversary x me], i was also joyous when i know that BBTL did some translation on Qizi, until now I’m still waiting for further update, and then i also love YGMCT www :3. And ofc, how can I not mention BTTC.. :))

    I also love some of the short stories that bbtl translated, it was fun~

    Overall i love alot of what bbtl translate and hope that bbtl will continue doing its best!!

  16. right right thanks for the contest
    I came here because someone on twitter posted a nice art work of the leads from I ship My Adversary x Me and well I have read through some of the novels here and ISMAXM is still my fave of all of them. I suppose BTTC is the next one I like but oh dear i just cannot decide!

  17. I love antelope!! It was the first TLed danmei I read whose explicit scenes were actually good. It’s also the first danmei that got me cackling at 3am.

  18. I had no idea how to use rafflecopter and have trouble to follow 😂
    Here’s my twitter: Breaking the clouds really my favourite because it remind me of Guardian. Besides I also like new ongoing series called ARTT too

    I’ll looking forward to new update every once a month if I can remember or free

    And sorry if I got wrong or something during my submission

  19. BBTL has some of my favorite chinese danmei novels at the moment. You guys have such a fantastic selection and they don’t disappoint. Here’s my list of stories that I have read on your site, to name a few:
    The Sword of Galaxy
    My Little Poplar
    A Race to Be The TOP
    A Fox Spirit’s Guide to Sleeping With Men

    Two stories I’m really interested in at the moment is “My Little Poplar” and “A Race to (Be) The Top”. MLP is so interesting to me because the MC is so unlikeable, but I can see his potential to be a good man even just from the first few chapters. He has realistic flaws and his relationship with the ML is also something to be worked on. I like stories where people work to have to build their relationship, rather than an instant “love-at-first-sight” happening. It’s also not sunshine and rainbows; MC has to endure and build his discipline if he wants to survive the army XD

    As for ARTT, I love it because I’m a person who plays a lot of video games as well. I played a lot of MMO’s in the past, so seeing MC go through that is pretty funny. I also like how it’s ambiguous who the ML is going to be. Most stories tell you right away based on the description, but this story leaves me hanging in my seat… all the potential MLs are good tbh. The humor is spot on with the story, and you guys do a good translation to be able to transfer that into English.

    All these stories have really nice plot and the characters have motivations beyond just romance, which is really refreshing. You guys got me hooked on a lot, I’ll probably check out “Breaking Through the Clouds” pretty soon.

    1. woops i put the wrong email on the rafflecopter … smh… so i redid it again. hopefully u guys can see Dx I put the same name.

  20. I think my favorite novel that is being translate in BBTL is YGMCT. I stated to read it because I thought that is was not so deep or complex but now I think that is not like this. The main characters have heavy issues and they are so human (I hope this make sense). But anyways I am really enjoying reading this novel.

  21. My personal all-time favourite is Qizi. I was so happy when they picked it up! ^^ I hope they will continue with it along with ABO – the ever-growing fandom. Reading Muted was pretty sad though… TAT Summer Drowning seems a bit promising although it was a bit too *** for me. >/// < I skipped a few. I do hope the cannon fodder has it's own ending maybe not with the one it was dumped with. 😀

    1. I do have two emails. But pardon the way they have separated. I did not register twice for this giveaway, but on this school laptop, it restricts me to use this email for some odd reason. Pardon for the confusion.

      1. This is my other email. Now showing on the home desktop. I used @Kurs3_ to apply for the social media and ‘Mia’ (screen name) is for my school. But this is the formal one I should’ve used for the giveaway, Mia and Kurs are the same person, which is me. Again, I apologise for the confusion. There are weird blocks on the school laptop.

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