HSAV Chapter 5

“Life grabbed me by the throat, and then slapped me in the face.” Xiao Yu’an finally understood now. He didn’t just get transmigrated… He got transmigrated into a novel.

Read: | Chapter 5: This Transmigration is really Tragic |

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[Please Read: Hey guys, Avocado here. As a translator, I just wanted to announcement in regards of this series.

It is absolutely ok for you to MTL this series for personal purposes and I understand why you guys would want to do so. However please do NOT spread MTLed contents as if it is an actual translation or encourage people to MTL. This goes for any translated works, not just HSAV. If MTLing this series were more accurate, I’d gladly drop it to provide you more accurate contents. On top of that, the original Author (YiYiYiYi) and I have made this comment before on regard of spoilers, and I hope you guys can respect the original work and author as well. Keep spoilers within the spoiler specific sites. Reason being that the Novel will be different from the Manhua, the Manhwa Author (Wang Yi) has made this comment as well. And that’s all.

As for those of you who are still supportive of reading my translations, thank you very much. In regards of TEDY, it will be updated as soon as possible. Thank you.]


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