It’s The Season of Giving!

How has your year been so far?

In anticipation for the upcoming year, as well as to celebrate this festive season, BBTL is hosting another giveaway!

This time, it’ll be a little different from usual, so take very careful notes.

We have three prizes up for grabs!

First: Official published traditional Chinese version of You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale!

Second: Official posters from the deluxe edition published version of Times of Our Lives!

Third: Official audiodrama keychain of baby Jiang Ting from Breaking Through The Clouds!



THE 2ND GIVEAWAY IS FOR THE KEYCHAIN, AND IT’S OPEN ONLY TO PEOPLE WITH A US POSTAL ADDRESS. If by chance your name is drawn and you do not have a US address we can ship to, you will be disqualified from this draw and we will re-select another winner.

You can participate in BOTH giveaways!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Important Notes:

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Join The Giveaway For The Keychain!
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 a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will end on 1st Jan, 2020 / 12:00AM (GMT +8).

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27 thoughts on “It’s The Season of Giving!

  1. YGMCT is such a whiplash novel. It tackles a lot of emotional and mental issues but also burying it in a lot of humor. It’s really funny, but the serious bits hint a lot at the complexity of the characters – and they are complex, with different motivations, aspirations and faults. They seem like real people, if you go past the tragic comedy of the papapa.

  2. You’ve Got Mail is on of a kind novel that tickles the readers imagination and i love the interaction between the old quail and the general. Im looking forward every week to read the trans. It makes me happy to read the updates especially all the pa pa pa 🙂

  3. I got into the novel because of the smut I’m not lying lol. But, out dear old Wu is so lovely! I mean there’s a lot going on his head about so many things and, maybe I got on his side for his loneliness. I hope he can get over that depression he’s going on. Or, at least, accept how much he is worth and there’s many people who loves him as he is. Hope to see how this story develops on the future!!

    Thank for doing this!

  4. This novel brought a lot of emotions in me. I never enjoyed reading historical danmei due to the limitations modern things but so far, I can say this is my favorite out of all the danmei Ive read. Adviser Wu is so innocent, pure and lovable. Wherea in contrary, General Guan is firm, a jerk and I dont like his attitude most of the time. But as the story progress, their interaction brought so much joy, anger and kilig in me. It feels so real to me that I talk about the scenes with my friends and they thought those characters are real. I feel them. And of course, the smut scenes are my vitamins. One of a kind description. Very vivid. I love imagining.

    Hei Dan Bai did a great job in connection with the readers. I really would love to meet him/her to give my praises.

    Good job Alex for translating. I will be supporting this novel until the very end. Hopefully there will be an English trans to be published officially. 🙂

  5. When I started YGMCT I was surprised by the MC and his attitude towards life, it’s very different from what I’ve read. And the euphemism for dicks sounded like a type of pasta and made me giggle.

  6. I love YGMCT because of Wu Zingxhi! He’s so precious, there’s this emotional connection I relate to as his life story was getting unlaid before us readers. His thoughts, his plans and attitude as to how he would quietly lay to rest in his county. There’s the sting to the heart as to his decision when he would turn forty. Then the rejection and setbacks that came when he picked up the courage to do something naughty. I was actually bawling my eyes at that. Hahaha. So glad that finally with the Pengornisseur, he had an epiphany. This novel was an emotional rollercoaster with a surprisingly amazing dose of smut! I thoroughly enjoy the engaging story thanks to your high quality translations too. I live to see Wu Zingxhi being happy and the novel covers are just so divine~

  7. I like YGMCT cos this is a rare novel with a plain protagonist. I feel like most Chinese novel MCs are all beautiful/handsome then they have this golden finger or golden thigh to cling into, compared to them our MC is very plain, he has his own insecurities but also his own pride and bottomline. I love MC & ML interaction!! ML sometimes can’t understand MC but as readers we are privy to his thoughts (that pergonis drawings were so precious to him QAQ) and of course, there’s the smut!!! Lololol. Anyway, this is one of my fave novels here in BlackBoxTL. Always looking forward to the updates ^_^

  8. I came across YGMCT in a spoiler thread. it was when the thread only had 2-4 spoilers and yet i was completely hooked on the plot mainly Wu Xingzi.
    Wu Xingzi is simply the most lovable MC I’ve ever come across, you cant help but to cheer for him. the comedy is impeccable and even though this is supposed to mostly be a porn novel, the plot characterizations and world building to a certain level was all beyond great. What i really love about this novel is that even though it uses a lot of those danmei/yaoi tropes it really builds a healthy romantic relationship between the two love interests, they actually communicated and let out their thoughts instead of going through the isolation/captivity till love route.
    Haiwang really respects and loves Xingzi and reels himself in so as to not hurt him. Wu Xingzi is one of my favorite characters simply because he acts his age ! He’s pushing 40 so he chases what brings him joy and ignores the rest. He’s really so strong and admirable, the will it took to live on after everything that happened and how much he was betrayed, i don’t know a better man !
    i loved the author’s portrayal of their relationship, till the end Haiwang was Haiwang and Wu Xingzi was Wu Xingzi. They were their own person who came together with mutual trust, respect and love for each other.

  9. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! This is my absolute favorite online translated Yaoi novels! I laugh. I cry. I snicker, snort, and gaffaw. This novel is guaranteed to bring a smile to my face with every chapter I read. I would be so thrilled to have a physical copy!

  10. Thank you for this oppurtunity! Wu Xingzi had quickly become one of my favorite protagonists. He is amazing and I am so happy to see General Guan also realizing what a treasure he has found

  11. Hello,

    I like YGMCT because of the characters and how their relationship is being developed. For me Wu Xingzi seemed, at first,like a simple person but then I discovered that he’s not like that. He isn’t letting go of his past and that is hurting him. And I thought ‘that so comon in real life’. He is so human and I love it, even when my heart cry for him. On the other hand, my first impression of General Guan was like punch first, ask latter jaja. And well he does uses force and his resources but he is much more. Just like WX he suffers and doesn’t want lo let go of Mr. Lu that I think represents the present. Fortunately both
    of the principal characters are growing. And that’s great because that makes a novel a good one. BTW thanks for translating this novel and for the giveaway. Have a nice day 🙂

  12. got my friend to read it and she’s hooked with me! so glad i stumbled across this danmei, truly such a wholesome, funny, endearing story! thank you for all your hard work <333

  13. I like YGMCT, mostly because of the MC. Although he is technically super below the ML in everything, looks, money, position etc., his sheer adorablness (and sexiness, let’s not forget him being a lewd darling :D) just brings the way OP ML to his knees. The fact the MC is too oblivious for any of the secondary characters (and sometimes the ML) schemes to work is just the icing on the cake

    1. To be honest, I haven’t read YGMCT yet… I’m still reading MDZS right now. I wish to read it sooner or later! Thank you for the giveaway~

  14. I love Time of Our lives! It’s such a realistic, sweet, not overly fluffy story! And A Cautionary Tale has the best smexy scenes as well as one of my most favorite MCs! I love both stories a lot, and I am really thankful for Blackbox TL to have introduced me to them! I’m hoping for the books but I really love the posters too! TAT

  15. BTTC, Breaking through the Clouds. Do you know how hyped I got after there was a younger top??? Besides that, the mystery behind the wise, handsome, suave Jiang Ting is an absolute delicacy! Both characters are boss and I really can’t get enough of it. Even if it wasn’t a BL novel, I would have gladly taken up on this novel!

  16. Hehe, with You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale!, the MC being a dense but seductive bottom is enough to make me want to read even MTL. And Times of Our Lives is such a sweet tale of two unlikely characters meeting up with each other, becoming friends, and later lovers. I’m sad that it’s not being translated by BBTL anymore, but I do look forward to the official English translation!

  17. Hi, I just wanted to let you know, uh, for the 2nd giveaway? The twitter following is named @blackbox, not @blackboxtl… I followed both, but you might want to fix that if you can? Anyways, I’m going to rant about my love of Breaking Through the Clouds now. What else to say but ingenious and cunning? The slight suspense at each transition sits there and jumps out at you. It’s a mix of mystery, action, and -my favorite- BL all at once, what isn’t there to like? Leads are great, there’s definite chemistry going on, ugh, there’s no words to describe how great this book is. My vocabulary is too limited…

  18. I started reading YGMCT for the hornees to be honest. A friend recommended it by telling me there was a LOT of smut in it but I honestly wasn’t prepared for what I got instead hahaha!! Ofc the papapa is good but the comedy!!! The dynamics in their relationship is so good and bad at the same time 😂 I admit I haven’t caught up completely but this is an amazing read for when I’m stressed out and just want to relax and let out a good laugh.

  19. I find Wu Xingzi’s character and thoughts/love for the drawings hilarious. Also, YCMCT’s intimate scenes are so detailed and are great to read.

  20. In YCMCT I like how the author came up with the ancient version of online dating/(Grindr?). I found this to be very unique and creative. It is also especially funny to read about Wu Xingzi because of how he isn’t as attached to the general as the general is to him. Can’t wait to continue reading more of the story.

  21. YCMCT is so much fun to read. Never read something similar. It makes me laugh almost every chapter but I’m also very curious how it’s going to play out with Wu Xingzi and Guan Shanjin. The development so far is very promising! I wonder how far Haiwang will go for his little infatuation that we all know is much more than he is willing to accept until now :3
    Another thing I love about it is that I got one of my best friends and my best colleague to read it! We blush, exclaim and/or rage over every chapter 😀 It’s such a pleasure that makes Mondays so much better! Thanks for translating and bringing joy to everyone <3

  22. Why I like YGMCT?
    I like that both main characters are shameless lol
    It’s also interesting to have an older MC, also shou. We don’t have many of those ^^

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