Month: December 2019

YGMCT Chapter 45

Where we learn a little about Guan Shanjin’s past and future.


Here’s Chapter 45 of You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale!


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ISMM Chapter 23

Where we learn that Gu Yiliang is one of the silliest and most adorable men.


Here’s Chapter 23 of I Ship My Adversary X Me!


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Times of Our Lives Update!

It’s just been confirmed that ViaLactea will be publishing an official English translation for 岁月间, which we’ve been translating under the title: Times of Our Lives.


As such, we’re both sad and delighted to say that we’ll be bidding this translation adieu, and removing it from our site. I hope that all readers will wait for the book, which is coming out in 2021, as eagerly as we are!


TOL Chapter 26

Ji Qinyang and Xie Meng’s circle is expanding a little bigger!


Here’s the next chapter for Times of Our Lives!


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CT Chapter 11

I think I can just preface these novels with the background of the xiao-kelians.


It’s the boyband xiao-kelian now!


Here’s Chapter 11 of Chasing Tides!


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BTTC Chapter 19

Are we gonna find out whodunnit?


Here’s Chapter 19 of Breaking Through The Clouds!


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YGMCT Chapter 44

Where we expand our focus towards the side characters as well.

Here’s Chapter 44 of You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale!


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