BTTC Chapter 23

Here’s Chapter 23 of Breaking Through The Clouds!


I noticed that someone else is working on mtl-ing this novel, saying that no one picked it up. To my knowledge, other than someone asking me on discord if this novel has been dropped, to which I replied in the negative, no one else has asked me about this.

Once again, I’ll repeat what I’ve said what I’ve said when I continued where Yudun left off. I’ll work on this novel whenever I can, and I have no plans on dropping this novel.

During the school semester, my updates will be rather erratic, other than the weekly updates of You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale. I’m on a break right now, so you’ll get to see more frequent updates from me. However, I’ll be starting an internship soon, so updates would once again decrease, but not like how it was during the school semester.

I still have about one semester of school to go, so my schedule all the way until next year is still completely up in the air. Again, I’m not dropping ANY of my novels until I make a statement doing so.


2 thoughts on “BTTC Chapter 23

  1. to those doing MTL, to those who don’t mind reading MTL… let them eat cake :p
    you do you & Team You any day 😉 quality over speed for the win!

  2. I really really appreciate you translating this novel so well! The quality of your translation is literally one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading!!! Thank you so much!

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