UNDEAD Chapter 48

Here’s Chapter 48 of Undead!

Warning: NSFW



You may have noticed something different with the chapter. From now on, we’ll be locking all upcoming VIP chapters, and only readers who have purchased the novel on JJWXC will be able to access the translation. To verify that you’ve purchased the novel, we’ll need you to join this discord. There’ll be instructions inside, and you’ll be able to ask any questions related to the verification process there. For those of you without a discord account, you can send us a message through our contact page. However, do take note that by going through the contact page, the response might take a little while longer.

Thank you, and cheers to supporting our dear Huai Shang!

5 thoughts on “UNDEAD Chapter 48

  1. Oh no, i get your choice to support authors, but stopping at the NSFW chapter, considering the tension has been building up for the last chapters, feels highly frustrating 🙁
    Still thank you for the good translation until now.

    1. Yea and if you can’t read chinese you have no chance of reading it. Very sad. I would pay for it but having to do it on a site I can’t read is just impossible.

      1. Hi, many people who are not able to read Chinese have managed to make their purchases.

        There are many guides available in English to purchase on JJWXC, some of which I link here:
        Quick guide to setting up JJWXC account: https://twitter.com/peachiprint/status/1406047358836740098
        Using Paypal on JJWXC: https://twitter.com/peachiprint/status/1406048216974598144

        More detailed guides for JJWXC:

        Along with this guide, you can also browse JJWXC on google chrome and translate the page into English. This information should be enough to help guide you into creating an account and buying novels. You can join the discord mentioned if you have any further questions.

  2. I would actually buy it, if I actually had more then £10 in my bank 👀 oh well it’d been a good run 🥲 loved the story so sad I can’t finish it with the amazing translation 🤙

  3. It was sad to fall in love with the story and have the public translation end so abruptly. I’ve been pestering English publishers for years to license Undead so I can go to a bookstore and buy a physical copy for my bookshelf and I still haven’t given up that hope. (Here’s looking at Seven Seas with their new danmei imprint and Via Lactea Publishing with their pricey but lovely-looking books) Still, if this is all we ever get then as far as I’m concerned Zhou Rong and Si Nan mated, somehow saved the world, and lived happily ever after in my headcanon, while shy omega Ren found an alpha who could bring him out of his shell and give him the love he needs.

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