AD Chapter 4

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Chapter Four

The banquet on Saturday night comes, and all of Shuoxing’s contracted actors and employees arrive on time. Li Luo selects his coolest Lamborghini from the garage, driving over with Deng Liang.


“Wow, the new boss is kinda showy, isn’t he?”


As the car passes the glistening musical fountain, Deng Liang gazes at the extravagant hotel appearing in his sight. He can’t help but exclaim, “I heard it costs almost a million to book a night here. When will our Mr. Luo be so rich…”


Li Luo turns the wheel, parking the car. “Him? Not in this lifetime.”


Currently presiding over the matters at the main hall, Luo Peng sneezes abruptly. He hurries to fish out a tissue to blow his nose. As he turns around, he just so happens to see Li Luo enter.


Li Luo is dressed in a vintage style suit made of velvet the color of wine. More than a hundred diamonds stud the surface of the lapels, their reflection enveloping him in a dazzling light. His shoulder-length hair has been moderately curled to achieve an old-fashioned look. There is not a single stray hair by his cheeks, and the entirety of his breath-taking face is revealed.


All at once, everyone around him fades into the background, no more than a sideshow.


With one hand in his pocket, he walks calmly toward Luo Peng under the eyes of the guests, his chin lifted. “Where is he?”


Luo Peng is a little dazed. Even though he has known Li Luo for years, he is still sometimes astounded by this young master’s heavenly appearance.


Indeed, Li Luo deserves to be called the most beautiful of the entire entertainment industry.


“I’m asking you. Where is he?” Li Luo repeats.


Luo Peng finally recovers. “Huh? Who?”


“The big boss you told me about. Where is he?”


“Oh, oh. He’s not here yet. You probably have to wait a little longer. I’ll introduce you to him when he comes,” Luo Peng finishes and returns to his work.


Li Luo raises his wrist to look at his watch. It’s ten minutes past seven.


Ten minutes late. Looks like this new boss is a show-off who likes to put on airs. Such people usually have little actual ability. With just a handful of money, they think they can do whatever they want to.


If one could really do anything as long as they have money, Li Luo wouldn’t have to worry so much.




A thin voice comes from his side. Li Luo looks over. Holding two glasses of red wine, Lin Cheng hesitates before striking up a conversation with him, “I’m sorry… I didn’t know things would turn out like this…”


Li Luo takes the wine and pats Lin Cheng’s shoulder generously. “Don’t worry. I don’t blame it on you.”


These words aren’t for the sake of feigned diplomacy; they’re the truth. Lin Cheng is the most hard-working one of all the company’s new recruits. Every day, he sweats in the training rooms late into the night. He also shows respect when he sees his seniors, bowing a perfect ninety degrees. There really aren’t any flaws to him. On top of those, he has an honest personality and looks clean and obedient, almost like a lamb. Most of the company hold good opinions of him.


And it’s the same for Li Luo. He has always treated Lin Cheng as a younger brother, often taking care of him. A while ago, Lin Cheng attended quite a popular talent show. Even though he didn’t make it to the debut rank, he still gained a wave of popularity. Right now, his fans have exceeded a million in number. Li Luo even posted on Weibo to congratulate him back then. Who knew their relationship would evolve into such an awkward competition so soon?


“I don’t want the endorsement position…” Lin Cheng bites his lip. “I know I don’t deserve such a good opportunity. You’re the most suitable candidate, Luo-ge.”


“Xiao-Cheng, it’s fine that you’re saying this to me, but you can’t say it to the new boss.” Li Luo scratches Lin Cheng’s nose jokingly. “He gave you the opportunity as a favor. If you tell him this, it’d really make him lose face. Afterwards, you might even be ignored altogether.”


Lin Cheng pauses. Touching his nose, he gradually blushes. “I have quite a g-good relationship with the new boss. He won’t ignore me…”


Li Luo halts.


So Lin Cheng really found himself a sugar-daddy?


“You’re still inexperienced. There are some things that I have to explain to you,” he speaks with a serious expression, “the industry is a mixed bag and there are many temptations, but you have to hold out. Don’t forget your original aspirations. If you want to rise by means of shortcuts, you’ll eventually take a fall.”


Lin Cheng seems as if he only half-understands, nodding. “You’re right, Luo-ge.”


“Be a good boy and you’ll do fine. Keep some distance between yourself and the new boss in the future. He’s not a good person.”


“But I think Mr. Duan is quite nice…” Lin Cheng scratches his head. He still wants to say a few good words about the new boss when he sees Li Luo’s expression change drastically.


“… What did you just say? Mr. Duan?”


“Yeah, that’s right. The Duan family is the one who acquired us. Luo-ge, you didn’t know this?”


“Which Mr. Duan?” Li Luo’s tone sounds a little anxious. “Duan Xingye?”


Lin Cheng shakes his head. “His younger brother, Duan Mingyang.”


Li Luo stares at him with quaking pupils, “Duan Mingyang… Then, the two of you…”


Before he finishes, a commotion suddenly erupts at the main entrance of the hall, with applause sprinkled through it. People seem to be welcoming the arrival of an esteemed guest.


Lin Cheng turns around to see a tall man in a smooth suit approach, amidst the cluster of bodyguards and guests. His features are cold, and not a shred of curvature at the corners of his lips could be seen. A chilling light seems to dwell within his dark eyes, instilling fear into any who dares to look straight at them.


And, right now, the piercing gaze is shooting straight at… Li Luo, who’s standing beside Lin Cheng.


Lin Cheng feels his heart skip a beat. He turns to Li Luo, worried that Li Luo would be frightened by Duan Mingyang’s intense aura.


Yet, Li Luo is smiling.


He has discarded all of his shock from before, his expression changing instantaneously. Presenting a calm, natural smile, Li Luo even greets Duan Mingyang as the latter draws nearer.


“Long time no see.” His voice, however, sounds a little hoarse. “How have you been?”

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