ARTT Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 — The Battle for The Priestess!
Our priestess! No, she’s OUR priestess!

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Dou Kou passionately finished his suavest speech that he had ever made in the entire time he had been playing games, feeling extremely good about himself. He sneaked a glance over at the little friend, wondering if he too was fascinated by his suaveness, only to see Ling Xiaolu desperately pointing at him.

Dou Kou: ?

Ling Xiaolu pointed at his own throat. Dou Kou looked down, seeing the garland of sunflowers still hanging around his neck.

The unparalleled image he had of himself a second ago was immediately discounted. Angrily, Dou Kou yanked the garland off and threw it to the ground, wondering if he should recite his speech again. However, the rest of the people had already moved on, sprinting towards the city gates in high morale.

“Clan leader, are we still going?” His lackeys asked urgently.

Dou Kou swallowed down his sulkiness, giving a wave of his hand, “Let’s go!”




The sounds of people charging Jingzhe City’s gates could be heard, as they gradually increased in volume. People were riding all sorts of steeds and flying mounts, battling pets following behind them, and they ran towards the battlefield, a murderous aura surrounding them.

“Who has the guts to make a move against our priestess?”

“Your priestess? Hah,” the head of the group across them laughed, his tone turning colder. “Ever since Sadia came into existence, she has always been the priestess of our Chunfeng City. No one will be able to snatch her away from us!”

This person was dressed like a knight. Riding a white horse, his expression was aloof, and his name, sparkling in gold above his head, was extremely eye catching in the dark.

“Who is this benefactor called Bei Feng?” Ling Xiaolu asked.

“The most brainless… the most passionate fan of the priestess in the entire server. Apparently, his love for Sadia has reached the stage of obsession.” This person’s deeds were so famous to the point where even Ji Meng had heard of him. “The Priestess’s Knight is a group that he created, and he always considered himself as a knight of the priestess.”

Ling Xiaolu exclaimed, “To play a game to this extent, he can be considered to be obsessed to the point of madness.”




“Bei Feng!” Dou Kou projected his voice across. “Your priestess is getting married, and not dying. If you really like her, should you not be wishing her well?”

A myriad of expressions flitted across Bei Feng’s face, and a moment later, he squeezed a few words through his clenched teeth, “Getting married is even more impossible!”

He raised the spear in his hand, pointing it at Dou Kou. “Honesty!”

A beam of white light shot out, piercing through the night sky, aiming straight at Dou Kou.

Dou Kou did not panic. With a wave of his flag, a golden shield appeared in front of him. “My shield is strong, and nothing can break it!”

The white light hit the shield, and an even more dazzling light appeared. Behind the shield, using the flag as a weapon, Dou Kou counterattacked, “My spear is sharp, and it can break anything!”

“Humility!” Bei Feng pulled his spear back into a guarding stance, transforming Dou Kou’s attack and letting it dissipate into thin air.




From the sides, Ling Xiaolu watched their exchange. With his arms crossed, he was deep in thought. Emmm….

“I’ve discovered, without a bit of culture and education, people really can’t play this game.”

Ji Meng disagreed. “It’s all gimmicks. If your customised casting is so complicated, you will easily forget the words during a PK.”

“Yes, your ‘Roar of Thunder’ is very grounded, very easy to remember,” Ling Xiaolu mocked him.

“It’s still miles better than someone’s ‘I’m going’.”

Ling Xiaolu: …. Hmph!




Ji Meng pulled Ling Xiaolu, who was currently cosplaying as a pig spirit, to one side. Before Ling Xiaolu could react, a fireball slammed heavily on the group, very close to where he was standing.

On the battlefield, someone was chanting the spell to cast a series of fireballs, and the area where Ling Xiaolu was standing was very close to its range.

Although Ji Meng had saved Ling Xiaolu, his expression was not pleasant. “You’re thinking about becoming roast pork? You’re planning on offering up your bounty?”

Each time, when Ling Xiaolu wanted to thank Ji Meng, he would always end up choking on his anger instead. In a spite, he spoke, his words in contrast to what he actually felt, “Sure, performing a bit of charity in such a battle isn’t too bad!”

Ji Meng too harrumphed angrily. “Let me see who would actually dare take up this money!”




Electricity crackled around his hands, gradually spreading from his fingertips to his entire body.

Filled with electricity, Ji Meng opened his eyes abruptly, “The roar of thunder!”

Ten lightning bolts crashed down from the sky, heartlessly landing on the head of the two battling armies. Lightning struck, one after another, and those with low health immediately turned into spirits, while the ones who survived, their health slowly decreased bit by bit. Half of the rival army visibly collapsed right in front of their eyes.

Ling Xiaolu: O口O’|||

Ji Meng too stared at his hands, a little dazed. Ever since he started playing this game, he had buried himself in catching pets and fighting monsters, and never participating in any group wars. Without such an attack, he himself did not realise that he was actually so powerful.




Bei Feng’s breath caught. On their side, their numbers and gear obviously were at an advantage. However, the other side had two benefactors, as well as a team of disciplined, experienced mercenaries, along with the bodyguards of the Commander. There was no way for them to easily break through their defense.

Bei Feng waved his spear, commanding, “Revive!”

The healers started to slowly chant their spells. How could Jingzhe City let go of such a good opportunity? Dou Kou roared, “Cut them off!”

The army changed their targets to the healers. However, the people across them had formed an impenetrable fortress, and they were denied the chance to interrupt them.

Ji Meng saw Ling Xiaolu extending his hands, revealing a pair of weaponised claws. This pair of claws usually looked like a pair of furry, bear claws, but in combat, knives would slide out from them. Having seen that Ling Xiaolu did not have any decent weapons on hand, Ji Meng had bought them yesterday for Ling Xiaolu to play.




“What are you planning?” Ji Meng asked vigilantly.

“I can’t let you be the only one showing off.” Ling Xiaolu gave him a look, signalling him not to worry. Placing his index finger by his lips, his body gradually disappeared into the night.

With the synergy from the buff of the battle flag, in his invisible state, Ling Xiaolu’s speed was even faster. He rushed to the fortress of people, borrowing an enemy’s shoulder and double-jumped beyond them. That person only felt a weight landing heavily on his shoulder, but he could not see anyone.

“Someone has sneaked in!” He shouted. Without thinking, everyone tightened their defense, but Ling Xiaolu had long slipped past them.

“Fog!” This new skill that he had learnt for creating a misty effect on the stage could now come into play. The mist enveloped everyone, causing them to temporarily lose their sight, and the scene descended into chaos.




“What happened?”

“I can’t see anymore!”

“Dispel it! Quickly dispel it!”

Ling Xiaolu jumped on the spot, swiftly turning his body around in the air. His sharp claws swung out, interrupting the healers’ chanting that was about to finish their spells. Those who were not interrupted, Ling Xiaolu decisively leapt forward and clawed them too. In the fog, Ling Xiaolu launched attacks left and right, so nimble as though he was a shadow, and the enemies could not find him at all.

The enemies too finally reacted, casting a trapping spell, “Track and trace!”

Under Ling Xiaolu’s feet, a root grew up. Breaking the speed of light, it shot through the soil, wrapping tightly around Ling Xiaolu’s ankle.

“Dispelling wind!” Another person cast a spell of raging wind, dispelling the fog. Defenseless, Ling Xiaolu was revealed to the enemy’s sight.




“He’s here!”

Seeing that all sorts of skills were about to greet his body, Ling Xiaolu was not in the least anxious. He still had his digging skill!


Before he could say the word “going”, a black shadow shot down from the sky. Ling Xiaolu’s body flew up to the air, leaving the ground.

Ji Meng’s lightning ball followed closely. After hitting the first target, it exploded, dividing into countless little balls, and no one in that area managed to escape.

In someone’s arms, Ling Xiaolu flew across the sky, and wind whistled past his ears. It was only when the other party placed him on the ground did he then manage to see who had rescued him.

“Zhen Jiu?” He exclaimed in delight. “You came!”

Zhen Jiu’s expression could not be seen. He patted Ling Xiaolu’s head, which could be considered a friendly response to his question.




After patting Ling Xiaolu’s head, Zhen Jiu straightened his back, slowly surveying the battleground. Even through his mask, Ling Xiaolu could feel his transcendent pride.

When the invaders recognised who the person was, they were all full of dread.

“Zhen Jiu?”

“Zhen Jiu is here.”

“Why did he come?”

Despite Ling Xiaolu’s sneak attacks, the ones on guard were still at a disadvantage. Although Ji Meng was able to destroy a small group of people with a strike, there were really too many people on the side of the invaders. During this period of time, there were many fighting for Jingzhe City who sacrificed themselves, revived, only to sacrifice themselves again. The amount of time needed for their revival kept on increasing.

Zhen Jiu’s arrival caused the players, whether from Chunfeng City or Jingzhe City, to all quake in fear.

The ones who were in view of that bird mask all retreated unconsciously, “Commander…”




Anxiously, Bei Feng eyed the slowly but continuously moving bridal car of Sadia, and he shouted, “What are you panicking about?! There’s so many people on our side, can we still not defeat one person?”

He motivated the crowd, “Everyone, attack! Whoever can take Zhen Jiu’s life, that person will be a hero!”

Everyone was encouraged. Bei Feng was right. No matter how strong Zhen Jiu was, it would be difficult for him alone to fight against a hundred. If they could kill him, it would be a bragging point for the rest of their gaming career.

With the courage of their companions, the knights raised their weapons and shields. Commanding their battle pets, they charged towards the number one devil feared by all playing the game.

Zhen Jiu shifted his body. In astonishment, Ling Xiaolu watched as this “Zhen Jiu” remained standing where he was, while another “Zhen Jiu” shot through the crowd like a ghost. A moment later, both figures vanished, and in the distance, the real Zhen Jiu floated in the air. From his vantage point, he watched all the targets he attacked falling down.

Ling Xiaolu was completely dumbfounded. The ones who fell were all elite forces of the attacking army. Zhen Jiu was really too strong, so strong that it was terrifying.




In an instant, Chunfeng City lost a large amount of strength. Bei Feng finally realised that to go head to head with Zhen Jiu was not a good idea, and decisively changed his strategy.

“We’ll stop attacking players. Everyone, fire on the NPCs, don’t let a single one off!”

The enemy changed their target, recklessly attacking the escorting guard under  Commander Titus. There were too few NPCs in the welcoming group from Jingzhe City, and they were completely not an obstacle for the invaders at all.

“What to do?!” Ling Xiaolu shouted as he watched as the health of the bodyguards declined rapidly.

Ji Meng ran over, joining him. “Can we heal the NPCs?”

The healers tried, only to fail. “No, we can’t heal them!”




A peculiar feeling surged within Ling Xiaolu’s heart. He jerked his head back, while Sadia’s bridal car slowly made its way past him. She seemed as though she was high above the rest, looking majestic and sacred. Not a speck of dirt seemed to exist on her, and she was completely flawless. Holiness exuded from her body, enough to dispel the eternal night. She was the star in the night sky, the light in the fog, a guide when one was lost, and the saviour in the dark. Ling Xiaolu continued looking back, standing right where he was. Without looking away, he watched as the procession slowly made its way forward, a sort of shock rocking his soul.

Suddenly, he could understand a little of what Bei Feng was feeling.

Sadia, who had been looking at this battle with indifference the entire time, finally raised the staff in her hand, chanting to the sky. Countless golden beams descended onto the injured guards, and a few nearly dead NPCs completely regained their health, jumping into battle again, clearing a bloody path for the bridal car. Under their escort, the procession continued moving forward, and nothing was able to stop them.




Having been inspired, Ling Xiaolu dragged Ji Meng, and both of them rejoined the battle. Along with all the guardians of Jingzhe City, they cleared all obstacles in front of the bridal procession. The flag in Dou Kou’s hand had changed into a weapon, and with a loud yell from him, he slammed his sword into the earth. An enormous crack split the ground, travelling all the way to Bei Feng’s feet. The alarmed white horse whinnied loudly, raising its two hooves into the air.

“Valour!” Bei Feng steadied his steed, chanting away, instilling strength in his army.

Awe-inspiring, Dou Kou stood behind the gulf he created. “No one can make their way through this!”

People charged at him. Ji Meng clasped two hands together. A lightning bolt dealt with two of them, and another two fell down simultaneously, black feathers behind their back.

Countless crows swirled and danced in the air, their wings like carbon, like ink. Their caws sounded like wails, and whether enemies or not, fear ran through them.




Under the fierce attacks, the guards were continuously being killed. Helpless, Ling Xiaolu watched as another guard fell in front of him, unable to get back up.

The fallen soldier reached out, grabbing Ling Xiaolu’s ankle, holding out his sabre to Ling Xiaolu with much difficulty.

“Can… you help me… pass this to the Commander? …”

Ling Xiaolu froze for a moment, before accepting it.


【System】: You’ve accepted a quest [The Last Wish of the Nameless Soldier].


Seeing that Ling Xiaolu had accepted it, the soldier exhaled in relief.

“My entire life… I’ve followed the Commander, experienced many battles, but now, I’ve fallen here…”

His eyes fell on the city gates not far away. “I had thought I would be fighting to my last breath for all citizens and subjects… Who would have thought that it would be for your own, personal happiness…”

“This may not be a bad thing.” The soldier took his last breath. Right until the end, his eyes were still fixed in the direction of the city, and they never closed.




With a heavy feeling, Ling Xiaolu stood up. He was filled with resentment towards a commander that he had never met before.

“We’re here risking our lives for his marriage, and yet he’s hiding in the city, refusing to even appear.”

“Although the higher the level of the NPCs, the higher their intelligence, they are still limited by certain constraints. As long as they are not present in the battlefield, they will not take the initiative to leave the city,” Ji Meng explained.

“So, it means that as long as he comes here, he can join the battle? Is he powerful?”

“Of course. Among all the NPCs on the side of justice, Titus is the strongest. Even a team of a hundred players cannot be his opponent.”

Ling Xiaolu quickly searched through what he understood of the game’s rules, and something struck him. “I have an idea! Zhen Jiu!”

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