ARTT Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 — Heat Booster!
Ling Xiaolu is now overwhelmed!

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An immobilisation curse that came out of nowhere froze Ling Xiaolu right where he was standing. Only then did Ling Long remember that the immobilisation curse was also effective on Ling Xiaolu. It anxiously flapped its wings around him, circling, “What to do, what should we do now? Getting exposed on the first day you enter the game, my salary would definitely be docked!”

Although he could not move his body, Ling Xiaolu’s hearing was not affected in the slightest. He could hear someone walking across the grass and fallen branches nearby, reminding him that his hunter was not too far away.

“There’s… someone…” He had to make a sound to remind a certain creature buzzing about like a headless fly.

Ling Long immediately fell silent. A moment later, he also heard the footsteps, and they were quite near now.

“My GM ability can transport you to somewhere else. However, that violates the game’s convention, so I cannot do that.” At the critical point, Ling Long had transformed into a good, faithful employee.

Ling Xiaolu glared at him hatefully, “Then you… should… think off… something else…”

Seeing that danger was rapidly drawing closer, Ling Long retreated a little in the air. Aiming at Ling Xiaolu, it flew with all its might, slamming him a metre away, and Ling Xiaolu fell hard onto the ground.

Ling Xiaolu hissed in pain. This damned Ling Long, see how I’ll deal with you later!

However, now was not the time to brood over revenge plans. From the corner of his eyes, Ling Xiaolu saw a figure appeared on his right, and instantly shut his eyes pretending that he was unaware of anything.

He heard that person walking closer, coming all the way next to him before stopping. He seemed to be studying the person lying on the ground.

Ling Xiaolu then pretended to be awakened by the noise, contrivedly blinking his eyes open. Ling Long handed him the Best Actor trophy that should have belonged to himself right on the spot.

The first thing he saw was a pair of long legs. These legs were also too damn long, and made people wonder if the legs just started right below the neck. Of course, this also had something to do with the Ling Xiaolu’s view. No matter who laid down, looking up, the length of legs would always be more exaggerated for them.

As the legs stole the show, his face was somewhat obstructed. Ling Xiaolu could only see a full forehead, defined eyebrows and bright eyes. It should be a very handsome man.

This handsome man was dressed in black armour, and the armour was inlaid with gold patterns. The point of an armour was clearly to protect a person’s body, but in this case, a part of the chest was purposely revealed. Ling Xiaolu immediately gave this person an ostentatious label.

Ling Xiaolu looked up even further, and was finally able to see the gold name that represented the legendary benefactors —

— Ji Meng

At last, Ling Xiaolu had met his first benefactor in the game. However, he had not thought that he would be meeting them in such an overwhelming position.

“What are you doing, lying here?” Ji Meng asked.

Ling Xiaolu moved his lips to discover that Ling Long’s collision had cancelled some of the effect from the immobilisation curse. At least he could speak now.

“I’m only taking an afternoon nap. Don’t you feel that having the afternoon sun shining on you is very comfortable?” Ling Xiaolu said lazily.

Ji Meng looked up. The foliage of the forest was thick, providing a thick cover from the sunlight. It made sense if he said he was lying here to hide from the sun, but to bask in the sunlight… He deeply suspected that there was no verification of the players’ state of mind done by the game engine.

Ji Meng looked around his surroundings. He could not find anyone who was more like a human being than Ling Xiaolu in the area, but this person had a green name.

“Oi, did you see anyone with a pink name appear nearby?”

Rude! When you’re trying to get information, shouldn’t you add a “please” in front of your question?! Who is “oi”?!

“Pink?” Ling Xiaolu blinked. “If I’m not colourblind, there’s only two people here right now. One with a gold name, that’s you, and one with a green name, that’s me.”

Ji Meng frowned. “Strange. The radar clearly shows that a human pet is in this zone, but it can’t capture a more accurate location. Is there a bug in the system?”

He tapped at his earlobe, calling out to his exclusive customer service agent.

“I want to report a bug.”

Every benefactor had their personal GM. Ji Meng’s GM had the image of a pretty fairy.

“Hi, may I ask what bug is it? I’ll record it and send it to the respective department.”

Ling Xiaolu tried his best not to move his lips. Speaking in an extremely small voice, he asked Ling Long, “Will she recognise me?”

“From the customer service department to the technical department, there’s no one who doesn’t know about you. Everyone will work together and help hide you, don’t worry,” Ling Long spoke right into his ear.

Ling Xiaolu was relieved.

Ji Meng said, “My radar shows that a human pet has appeared in this area, but I’ve been searching for a long time but I cannot lock down its exact location.”

“Only when you’re within a certain distance of the target will the radar lock down on the position. Your situation may be because you’re not close enough to the target yet.”

“This I know, but I’ve searched everywhere in this zone already, but I didn’t find any suspicious target.”

“This is because the location of the pet is not fixed. It might be when you were searching in the east, he had gone to the west. When you went to the west, he again returned to the east. As such, you can only get his general location, but you’re unable to lock down on it. This could be a possibility.”

Ji Meng’s brows knitted tightly. It was clear that he was unsatisfied with this answer.

“Of course, if you still have any doubts, I can submit a report to the technical department.”

“Forget it, I’ll continue looking.” Ji Meng waved his hand.

“Please feel free to contact me any time you have a question, I hope you have a pleasant time.”

She turned around, winking covertly at Ling Xiaolu before disappearing with a transmission special effect.

When Ji Meng finished his conversation, he turned and realised that the green name player was still lying on the ground, and he had yet to even change his pose.

Ling Xiaolu was extremely bitter. When will the effect of this damn immobilisation curse disappear!!!

“How long are you planning on lying here?”

“Until I’m happy.” Until the debuff you brought upon me ends.

“What are you doing lying here?”

“Napping.” Didn’t I already say it just now?! Do you have amnesia?!

“Isn’t it uncomfortable sleeping in a place like this?”

“What does it have to do with you!”


Oh your ass! =皿=

Ji Meng carefully observed him, but did not find anything suspicious.

“I’ll go look around again nearby.”

“Go go, I won’t send you off.”

He reaction made Ji Meng feel a little strange. He had not been playing this game for very long, but with a bright gold name on top of his head, no matter where he went there would be a group of people running over and asking to be under his care, and the ones without moral integrity would even frenziedly call him “hubby”. This was the first time he had actually met someone so eager for him to leave, and with this, it really successfully captured his attention.

Ling Xiaolu saw that Ji Meng still had not left despite saying so. Instead, he folded his arms, observing him from above, as though he was studying a new, interesting creature. Not knowing if Ji Meng had noticed something, Ling Xiaolu was so nervous that his back was soaked.

After a long time, Ji Meng still did not look like he was planning on leaving. Ling Xiaolu could no longer hold himself back, “Why are you still not leaving yet?”

“You heard what the GM said as well. When I go to the east, the target might be in the west. When I go to the west, the target might return to the east. Looking around like this is not the solution.”

“Then just give up and stop looking!”

Ji Meng shook his head. “No, I should remain here, and wait for him to come here himself.”


What sort of stupid idea is this?!

Ji Meng decided to just sit down next to him. Ling Xiaolu was unhappy.

“I think he won’t jump into the trap himself.”

“You think that this is jumping into a trap?” Ji Meng did not understand his way of thinking. “Since he has chosen to register as a combat pet in the game, he must have agreed to this sort of rules.”

No! He might have been forced! For example, me!

“Although I understand that he might want to have a few more choices, he has never even seen me before, how is he going to make his choice?”

I’ve already seen you! You’ve already been eliminated by me!

“You’re so confident that he’ll choose you? Are you more impressive than Li Zheng?”

Ling Xiaolu used the information he had learnt just now.

“Li Zheng? He came too?” Ji Meng thought about it, “But that’s nothing strange. After all, every benefactor will receive the system notice.”

“That’s right that’ right, so you have no chance. You should quickly give up.”

Ji Meng raised his brow. “How do you know I can’t be compared to him?”

“There’s only one person even better than Li Zheng. Are you the last champion of the Wind and Cloud tournament?”

“I started playing this game late, so I’ve never experienced the tournament. I’ve only heard about this person Li Zheng, but I’ve never seen him before. He doesn’t know me as well.”

“Ah, a newbie? Then your chances are even smaller. Bye bye.”

“You seem to worship him very much. I heard he has many fans, you’re one of them?”

Who is that?! Is he a person or a ghost, I’ve never even seen him before!

“Yes, yes, he’s my idol! My idol would definitely be able to successfully sign a contract with a human pet this year, and compete in the Wind and Cloud Tournament!” He rambled nonsensically.

“Nothing has been signed yet, everything is still up in the open.”

“For all you know, he’s already found him. I don’t think you have any chance now.”

Ji Meng realised something. “Is it that you really want me to leave?”

Thank the gods, he finally noticed it!

“Yes!” Ling Xiaolu answered decisively.

“You dislike me very much?”

Ling Xiaolu bit his lip, not making a sound, as though giving a silent confirmation.

“If I go, your idol will have a better chance? That might not be the case, I’m not the only competitor.”

“No! It’s also because I hate the rich!”

Ji Meng was taken aback. “Li Zheng is a benefactor too.”

“Other than my idol.” Ling Xiaolu hurriedly added.

“So it’s like this…” Ji Meng fiddled with the ring on his middle finger.

This time, you won’t insist on remaining here, right?

“Actually, I’m also not very rich.” Ji Meng changed his tune.

“Too much modesty is also showing off.” Ling Xiaolu said expressionlessly.

“This ring was given to me by someone else.”

“Who is it? How abominable! They’re actually using the evils of money to corrupt you!”

“My uncle.”

“This is too much! Introduce him to me!”

“Why, you want to duke it out with him?”

“I want to personally ask him if he still need another nephew!”

Ji Meng was amused, “Don’t you hate the rich?”

“That’s right! I… want to make friends with the rich, then secretly be hateful towards them! Right! Being two-faced is the high-end way of being an anti!”

Ji Meng laughed, revealing his clean, white teeth. This fellow was pretty good looking when he smiled, but this game allowed for plastic surgery. As long as players paid money, they could look however they like.

“I know, I might not be able to find the target, but I can let the target take the initiative in looking for me.”

“You’re overthinking this.” Ling Xiaolu had a poker-face.

Ji Meng took out a paper bag from his bag. In it was a powder the colour of an egg yolk.

That powder had an amazing scent. Being downwind, Ling Xiaolu could immediately smell it. He sniffed, feeling an immense comfort blanketing him, and even unknowingly shut his eyes and began deeply breathing it in.

However, before he could fully enjoy the sensation, there was a sudden burst of pain in his arm. Ling Long had secretly bit him.

This damned Ling Long, sooner or later I settle all our debts with you! Ling Xiaolu glared at Ling Long.

And there was only a word in Ling Long’s eyes: Pity.

Ji Meng scattered the powder in the air, and the scent thickened.

“What is that?” Ling Xiaolu asked.

“You don’t know?”

“I… I’m a noob, a cute little noob.”

“But you even know Li Zheng.”


Da-ge1, pay a bit more attention to the main point!

Fortunately, Ji Meng was willing to explain it to him. “This is an overwhelmer. There’s the sex hormones of pets in it, and will induce heat in pets. It’s a bait often used to capture pets, but it’s ineffective on players.


Ling Xiaolu did not need to feel it to know that his own adrenal stress index was going through changes. He did not even dare to breathe deeply, afraid of taking in even more of that overwhelm-thing.

Ji Meng waited for a bit, but did not see any movement. He mumbled to himself, “Strange, do I have to increase the dosage?”

If Ling Xiaolu could move at that movement, he would definitely jump up and fight him to death.

He gritted his teeth, spitting out, “You’ve just used an immobilisation curse and froze all the pets. Even if they can smell it, they also wouldn’t be able to come!!”

Ji Meng realised his mistake, “Oh yeah!”

Idiot! As expected, money is the only criteria to be a benefactor, there’s no need to consider their intelligence!

Ji Meng’s eyes grew sharp. “However, how did you know that I just used an immobilisation curse?”

Because I’ve been fucking immobilised by you!!!

“Because the force of the shockwave just now was really too powerful. Even if I wanted to ignore it, I couldn’t!”

Flattery would never go wrong if I don’t know what else to say, right?

“But aren’t you a noob? A cute little noob? You don’t know about the overwhelmer, but you know about the immobilisation curse?” Ji Meng asked.


So, is this person smart or stupid? Ling Xiaolu was unable to decide.

In the end, he decided to pretend to be profound. “Heh heh.”

Ji Meng stared at him. “You don’t look very good. Your face is very red, are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere?”

Uncomfortable, of course I’m feeling uncomfortable. If Ji Meng doesn’t mind, I can enthusiastically perform a live-action moaning right here.

Just now, he had been a little agitated, and spoke a couple more words. His breath accidentally sped up, and now it was as though he had eaten an aphrodisiac.

Seeing that Ling Xiaolu was not speaking, Ji Meng reached out and placed his hand on his forehead.

“It’s very hot, you’re having a fever.”


Dr. Ji analysed him for a bit, and made his conclusion. “The ground is too cold, and you were in the wind while sleeping. You might have caught a chill. I didn’t think that the game would be so realistic.”

Ling Xiaolu who had caught a “chill” was feeling so warm, he wished he could just take off his clothes and go running three rounds in the nude on the spot.

“You should have said that you’re feeling sick and couldn’t stand up. It’s not like I wouldn’t help you up.”

If you’re not here, I also wouldn’t have gotten “sick”, all right?!

Ji Meng reached out to help him. Ling Xiaolu could not move, and having breathed in too much of the overwhelmer, his limbs were weak, and he really looked like a fragile, feeble invalid.

“I… I’m fine… Don’t bother about me…”

“Less nonsense. Hurry up, get up.”

Ji Meng’s finger accidentally slid across Ling Xiaolu’s ear, dragging out a sweet moan from him. Hearing this, the two of them froze simultaneously.

Realising that he had done something stupid, Ling Xiaolu hurriedly groaned a few more times, pretending to be uncomfortable and in pain.

Ji Meng thought that he had probably heard it wrongly. His hand brushed past the back of Ling Xiaolu’s neck, suddenly feeling something out of place there. It felt as though there was something invisible, but when he touched it again, it had disappeared.

Suspicions welled up in him, and he wanted to go closer to examine it carefully. So, like cotton, Ling Xiaolu was embraced in his arms in a very ambiguous position.

The immobilised Ling Xiaolu swallowed. Ji Meng’s handsome face came closer and closer. Looking like this and also being rich, if he did not get burned to death, it was simply a disservice to the fairness of society’s development.

However, Ling Xiaolu was very aware that this was a game. Making himself look like this, he must have spent quite a bit of money. In any case, it was not as though benefactors lacked the money for plastic surgery.

Hold on! What time was it now, why did he care if the other person had plastic surgery or not?!

Seeing that Ji Meng was about to again reach out to Ling Xiaolu’s neck that was flushed due to breathing in the overwhelmer, a beep suddenly sounded, and the person in Ji Meng’s arms vanished completely.

Ji Meng immediately stood up. He pulled out his tracking radar, but other than his own green dot, there was no one else on the map.

Going offline instantly? Ji Meng narrowed his eyes.

This was really a very suspicious person.

Lu Bi, he would remember this name. The next time he saw him again, he would not let him run away so easily.

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