AWM Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

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Qi Zui had only appeared in Yu Yang’s livestream camera view for less than ten seconds, but in one minute, Yu Yang’s livestream room popularity had increased by two million.


[Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah did my hubby appear just now? Is it is it is it? Ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!!]


[I’ve finally seen my husband ah ah ah why is he still so handsome ah ah ah ah ah…]


[Ah ah ah, although it’s in another person’s livestream room, but I’ve finally seen God-Qi ah ah ah ah, so handsome!]


[Hahahaha, what exactly is going on?]


[I suddenly remembered! A few days ago, when God-Qi was livestreaming, he was flirting with a young child, is it Youth?]


[Oh my gosh I found the wrong couple cute, this is the correct one!!!!!]


[Don’t flirt with me Youth!]


[Youth, listen to this older sister! Stay far away from those two old rascals!!!]


[Ah ah ah ah Youth, don’t let strange things be done to you!!!! Do you know you’ve just turned of legal age ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!]


[Did I come late? I’m going to cry! Little God-Yang, can you please call my husband over for me to take a look at him!]


Yu Yang’s face turned bright red, and he awkwardly wiped his face, ignoring the barrage and continuing to queue for a solo match.


On the other side…


Qi Zui’s phone was continuously buzzing.


Qi Zui picked up his phone and took a look, then hung up.


Hua Luo called him again.


Qi Zui picked up the phone, calm, “I’m sorry, the Asian Invitational Cup Preliminary Competition is about to begin, although our eSports teams are considered brothers, I feel that it’s best to avoid trouble, so let’s not contact each other too much during these times, alright?”


Qi Zui and Yu Yang’s seats were too close, and Yu Yang’s microphone caught every single word Qi Zui said, and broadcasted it in Yu Yang’s livestream room.


[Hahahaha God-Hua called? I’m dying of laugher.]


[Hahaha what’s with these two old hooligans using such a formal tone?]


[Aiyo, I can die without regrets now after I’ve heard these two Gods talk on the phone…]


[Listen! That’s the voice of my God-Qi! Whatever he says sounds great! Listen!]


Hua Luo: “… Since when has the Knight’s team and your team considered each other brothers?


Qi Zui nodded. “Mmhm, we are also preparing for the competition enthusiastically, let’s work hard together.”


Hua Luo also saw the barrage in Yu Yang’s livestream room and instantly understood, and felt extremely disgusted by Qi Zui. “Who the fuck is telling you to work hard? Please get disqualified in the preliminary competition, alright? I don’t want to see you and Bu Nana in Busan at all.”


“Mmhm… Alright, I hope that the Knight’s team also has a good result in the preliminary competition,” Qi Zui raised his head to look at the screen. Summarize his statements and sublimate the theme. “May HOG and Knight’s team’s friendship last for a long time.”


“The fuck! Don’t hang up…”




Qi Zui threw his phone to the side.


In Yu Yang’s livestream room, a few passers-by fans were satisfied and had already started to act like they were celebrating the New Year.


[Scatter flowers! Scatter flowers! Hearing God-Qi’s voice through the livestream, satisfied!]


[Hahaha, I’m begging you all to go to Hua Luo’s livestream room to listen, as someone who is watching both, I have exploded from laughing.]


[Satisfied satisfied! The three people I like the most are together!


[Thank you for teaching me the ways, I now know which CP1 to ship!]


[That’s right! The preliminary competitions are about to begin, Youth, will you go? I want to meet you ah ah ah!]


[Youth you definitely must go! I want to send the jacket I bought for you over! Do you know that your current one is really not suitable? Tell me, do you prefer Versace or Burberry?]


[Aiyo! It’s this Saturday right? Can the people who are going please take more photos of God-Qi for me!]


[And photos of Youth too!]


Qi Zui’s feelings felt a lot better, he minimized the livestream page of little Yu Yang and opened the game interface and entered the custom server to continue practicing his shooting.


On the other side, Team Leader Hua Luo who was extremely angry could only scold Qi Zui on his social networking apps.


Hua Luo: Qi Zui are you crazy?!!


Qi Zui: We all know who’s the crazy one here. You insisted on causing trouble and rumours when he’s livestreaming for the first time… aren’t you acting too wild?


Hua Luo: Right now, I’m representing our eSports team to try to give him an invitation from the Knight’s eSports team.


Qi Zui: As the representative of HOG’s Team One, I’m helping him answer. Thank you, there’s no need. Get lost.


Hua Luo: And you didn’t cause trouble? The most I did was send a friend request, what about you? You directly showed your face, aren’t you acting wild too?


Qi Zui: Nope.


Qi Zui maximized Yu Yang’s livestream, seeing the paragraphs about him and Yu Yang in the barrage, he felt extremely good.


Qi Zui: The fans are young and too innocent, they might not be able to tell right from wrong in a moment of folly. I’ll help set down an official CP, to ensure a correct understanding of facts.


Hua Luo…


Qi Zui: I’m practicing my shooting, I won’t talk crap with you anymore.


Hua Luo: I have important things to tell you about.


Qi Zui: I refuse.


Hua Luo: Get lost.


Hua Luo: The Yu Qianxi in your team… you should keep an eye out for him.


Qi Zui: ?


Hua Luo: I can’t tell you as to which team it is, but Yu Qianxi contacted another team’s management in private before.


Qi Zui frowned.


It was just a preliminary competition within the country. HOG and Knight’s teams would definitely appear. Hua Luo did not need to play dirty tricks on him before the competition.


Furthermore, the two had known each other for many years. Although they had always been opponents, in private, their relationship was not bad. Jokes aside, Qi Zui trusted Hua Luo.


Otherwise, he would not tell Hua Luo about Yu Yang and his relationship.


If Hua Luo said that Yu Qianxi was contacting other eSports teams, then that was probably true.


Hua Luo: Are you not giving him enough pay?


Qi Zui: It’s the normal amount.


Hua Luo: A man’s heart is never content… Especially in your eSports team, with two eSports players that rank in the top ten in terms of pay, Yu Qianxi probably doesn’t feel very good seeing you and Bu Nana earn so much every day.


Qi Zui: What does that have to do with me?


Hua Luo: I thought you already know. You recruited Yu Yang, is it really not to take Yu Qianxi’s position?


Qi Zui: … It’s really not.


Hua Luo: The fuck! Then will you die if you let him enter my eSports team instead? You… After Lao Meng and soso2 retired, do you know what sort of days I’ve been experiencing?


Hua Luo: Lao Meng leaving is not something major, there’s still soso, the two of us can hold the fort together. In the past, when Lao Lai3 retired, didn’t you and Bu Nana manage to deal with it?


Hua Luo: And guess what happened in the end? Less than half a year later, only then did soso that asshole finally tell me that he could not do it anymore, and retired too.


Hua Luo: I haven’t stopped participating in training competitions, that’s how we train, but we’re still unable to reach the standards of the team from before.


Hua Luo: If only soso didn’t retire…


Qi Zui looked at the familiar id in the chat, slightly dazed.


Knight’s soso was the same as Qi Zui, a rare player in the eSports circle who did arm aiming4.


There were around two different groups among FPS players, wrist aiming and arm aiming.


For the two methods, the DPI5 was very different, and the exertion of the right hand is also different. To put it simply, the cursors of the players that do wrist aiming are more agile, and a slight movement can allow a large movement on the screen. On the other hand, for the same movement, the players that used arm aiming  needed to control the mouse on the mousepad to make movement with a larger amplitude.


A movement with a larger amplitude can allow for more precision when sniping. Qi Zui specialized in sniping, his flick6 was unmatched till today. If it was different and it was Qi Zui who was against Yu Yang in the solo competition yesterday, then Yu Yang would definitely not be able to join the third floor training room.


Of course, using large movements over a long time would definitely have an effect on the body, such as… Qi Zui instinctively looked down at his right hand, the legendary Right Hand of God.


Hua Luo: When soso retired, I thought, perhaps it was also time for me to go.


Hua Luo: There’re less and less older players nowadays, yet the newcomers aren’t brilliant enough, if it was not for the team, I would really…


Qi Zui quietly looked at the chat and typed: Speak properly, don’t try to act pitiful.


Hua Luo: …


Qi Zui: Don’t try to make me emotional, that doesn’t work. The day soso retired, He Xiaoxu and Bu Nana had originally wanted to buy a car trunk full of fireworks to celebrate, but I stopped them.


Qi Zui: You must remember this kindness I had shown you.


Hua Luo: … For the preliminary competition on Saturday, your HOG team better bring some bodyguards along. I’m not sure if I will have a real-life solo7 with you.


Qi Zui: I’ll be waiting.


Hua Luo: Uhm… Disgusting. Delete this chat history, if I knew that you’re so inhumane, I wouldn’t have wasted time trying to act pitiful.


Qi Zui: Haha.


Hua Luo: Don’t be too happy. Let me remind you again, Yu Qianxi is no longer loyal, so you should take care.


Hua Luo: When you have no one left in your eSports team, I won’t buy any fireworks, I’ll rent an LED board in remembrance of you.


Qi Zui: Don’t worry, it won’t happen.


Hua Luo: Haha? Why won’t it?


Qi Zui smiled and typed…


Qi Zui: The old generals won’t die, and the torch of learning will be passed down from master to student.


Qi Zui pressed on the send button, and forwarded an eSports news article.


[A dark horse appeared surprisingly on a PUBG online solo competition. The 19 year-old newcomer Youth managed to overthrow the Knight’s leader Hua Luo. HOG has gotten a strong newcomer, and with the Asian Invitational Cup Preliminary competition coming up, Youth will participate as a substitute player, with an eastern expedition to Busan8]



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