AWM Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Before we begin, there’s some stuff I need to address, you can skip this if you wish to!
Hello! AWM translator Cherry here. I am aware that another translator has recently picked up this book as well. We were not contacted regarding this matter, and I only found out about it through novelupdates. Rest assured I will be continuing with my translations, though! Regardless of my pace, I will definitely keep at this because I really love this book, so I hope that you guys will continue to support me!
To clarify, I’m not an MTLer, and I am confident in my Chinese language abilities, though of course I still have a lot to learn! I’ve been learning Chinese since young, and am currently studying in China as an undergraduate student majoring in a course taught in Chinese. While my translations can definitely be improved upon, I put in a lot of effort and I can guarantee everything is translated to the best of my ability, and every word treated with care. I did not in any way twist the meaning of the original text or add any other details to it.
BlackBoxTL has multiple translators, and out of all of the BlackBoxTL projects, I’m only TLing AWM. I think everyone can attest to the fact that I’ve been uploading at a consistent speed, and I definitely keep enough chapters in store. I have no intention of abandoning this book, and I definitely will ensure my quality is maintained.
I have no control over others translating the books I am working on, and it is interesting to see others’ interpretations of the same book. I welcome any constructive criticism of my translations as well! If you have any queries regarding my translations, feel free to drop a comment or message, and I will do my best to address your doubts and make the necessary edits! However, I would really like to appeal everyone to refrain from blindly commenting on my TLs. I joined because of my love for translating, and I’m translating AWM because I genuinely like this novel and wish to share it with everyone. With that, enjoy chapter 14!


Edited by Tin


“Can… Can I livestream this?”


Before Qi Zui put on his headphones, Yu Yang asked in a probing manner.


“Hm?” Qi Zui looked at the time displayed on the bottom right hand corner of his screen. It was already 3 a.m. in the morning. “If you livestream at this time, there won’t be many people watching right?”


“It’s fine.” Yu Yang did not care about those numbers and gifts at all. He said in a low voice. “I’m just trying to clock more hours. As soon as I clock sixty hours of livestreaming, I won’t need to livestream anymore this month.”


Bu Nana and Lao Kai tried their best to avoid doing their livestreams, and at the end of the month 1, so as to hit the minimum hours of streaming time, they would do all kinds of things, even switching on their cameras to livestream themselves eating takeaway. This was the first time Qi Zui had seen an eSports player who finished his holiday homework at the start of the holiday2. He was quite surprised, and nodded. “Go ahead.”


Anyway, Yu Yang was playing with Qi Zui, so even if it was 3 a.m., the livestream would still be decently popular.


Yu Yang started the livestream.


Yu Yang looked at Qi Zui as he left the custom server, feeling a little guilty.


Yu Yang was not telling the truth.


He was not simply trying to hit the minimum hours of livestream. It was only because there was the automatic recording function during livestreams. It was rare that he was able to play a match with Qi Zui, so he wanted to record it and copy the file onto his computer so that he could bring it out to look at it when he wanted to reminisce in the future.  


As soon as Yu Yang started the livestream, the popularity of his livestream room instantly hit two hundred thousand, and the barrage immediately started to gather their friends.


[Wow, Youth is starting his livestream! I’ll go and send a message to tell everyone in the group!]


[Blinking sleepily… Youth, do you ever sleep? I saw that your account was online this entire time?]


[There is no such thing as sleep in eSports.]


[Youth, why are you sleeping so late again? Don’t you know that you’re still growing?!!!]


Qi Zui opened the game and turned his head to the side to ask, “At this time… should we go on the American server?”


Yu Yang listened to whatever Qi Zui said. He switched on his accelerator and entered the North American server.


[Ah ah ah ah ah, what’s that sound? God-Qi?!!!]


[It’s late at night, you two…]


[Oh! I knew I was right to wait in Youth’s livestream room. I’ve met my God-Qi again!]


[Ah ah ah ah ah ah God-Qi is here too! What exactly is going on between you two ah ah ah ah ah, my heart is racing…]


Qi Zui opened Yu Yang’s livestream room to take a look. Then he laughed, “I’m playing a duo match with this child for a while. You guys should sleep early.”


He had just finished saying those words when the livestream room exploded again.


Yu Yang, the ‘child’, was a little embarrassed. As if he wanted to hide something, he lowered his head to pick up a cigarette and held it in his mouth.


Yu Yang’s older sister fans3 spammed the barrage, asking him to smoke less. Yu Yang bit on the cigarette and said vaguely, “I won’t smoke… I’m in the training room now, I’m just satisfying my cravings by holding a cigarette in my mouth…”


The game had begun and Yu Yang turned off the livestream assistant that showed him the barrage and focused on the game.


However, there was nothing much for him to focus on. Qi Zui did not really play in the American server on this account, and he had just reached two thousand points4. So to the two of them, this was a fish pond5, and the two of them were bullying the normal players throughout the game, easily winning the chicken dinner.


“Winner winner chicken dinner6!”


After the game statistics page came out, it showed that Yu Yang had eleven kills and Qi Zui had seventeen kills.


There was a whole bunch of “6667.” spammed on the barrage in the livestream room, but Yu Yang could not understand what was so brilliant about that.


“How about…” Qi Zui rotated his wrists, “…we try playing a squad match? There’s no meaning in trashing noobs8, I’m so bored playing that I’m getting sleepy.”


Naturally, Yu Yang listened to whatever Qi Zui said, and changed the squad mode9.


While they were waiting to enter the match, as Qi Zui changed his character’s clothes, Qi Zui thought it over as he said, “You… Do you want to try to be the leader?”


Yu Yang was confused. “The leader?”


“A fragger can lead as well. Furthermore, didn’t Coach Lai have you train your sniping skills too?” Qi Zui’s tone was natural. “How’s your training going?”


“It’s alright, but compared to you… I’m really lacking.” Yu Yang seemed like a bad student that had suddenly been asked by their teacher about their grades, lowering his gaze as he said, a little embarrassed. “I’ll practice more…”


Qi Zui could not help but laugh. “I’m not scolding you, don’t be so nervous.”


“If you don’t know anything, you can ask me.” Qi Zui closed the webpage that had Yu Yang’s livestream room and said, “You’re very brilliant in solo matches. Your thought process is very clear, so it’s not bad if you try to lead. You speak too little during competitions, so you can try to speak a little more, and attempt to be the leader.”


Yu Yang did not understand what Qi Zui meant and said in a low voice. “Aren’t you still here to lead?”


Yu Yang was very clear of his position. He was a fragger. He was meant to protect the leader and the sniper, the one who would focus on the close-ranged fights at any moment in the game, the leader… that was the Team Leader’s job.


Qi Zui said, “You’re a substitute player. You need to be able to take the place of whoever needs you.”


For some reason, when Yu Yang heard what Qi Zui said, he felt especially unhappy in his heard. He said in a moody tone. “But I won’t take your place… I only want to listen to your words.”


Qi Zui felt his heart soften, and he smiled slightly. “Listen to me? Then I’m asking you to properly practice leading now, are you going to listen to me or not?”


Yu Yang was at a loss for words and could only nod his head.


“Furthermore…” Qi Zui felt a little helpless. “Even if you don’t want to lead when you’re playing in a four-person squad, what about when you’re playing duo? In the official competition, during the duo competitions, you won’t take the role of the leader?”


“Duo…” Yu Yang moved his lips a little, wanting to say something but stopping himself.


“Oh wow, cutie10…” Qi Zui raised his eyebrow. “During competitions, you want to play duo with me too? Have you asked for the Banana’s11 opinion on that?


Yu Yang’s face turned red.


There was a bunch of people teasing Yu Yang in the barrage, and there were even anti-fans that were mocking Yu Yang for overestimating himself. Yu Yang felt a little awkward, the cigarette in his mouth as he stiffly said, “That was not what I was thinking of.”


Qi Zui tutted, and entered the game, sighing. “It’s rare that someone doesn’t want to play in a duo with me…”


The match had already started, and it was a squad match, so there were two random teammates. The good thing was that these random teammates did not recognize the two of them. Qi Zui had a notification on steam12, and he opened it.


Youth: … I want to.


Qi Zui was stunned for a moment, then, the corner of his lips started to curve upwards bit by bit.


If it wasn’t for the fact that Yu Yang’s camera was on, Qi Zui would have already gone over to see how red Yu Yang’s face was.


Honest children should be rewarded. Qi Zui thought for a moment and said, “I heard from Coach Lai that you guys have a training match on Saturday?”


Although Yu Yang was the substitute player for Team One, he did not need to play with Team One for the training matches everyday, so Yu Yang continued to play in the training matches with the three people in Team Two.


Yu Yang made a sound of agreement and said in a low voice. “There’s a training competition set up with teams from Japan and Korea. Coach Lai said that there’s no need for me to participate in competitions such as the preliminary competitions. He said there was no need for me to waste a day on it, he had me… had me stay here and train.”


“Lao Lai is really too straightforward…” Qi Zui smiled helplessly. “What about you? Do you want to go?”


Of course, his answer was yes.


However, the livestream was on, and Yu Yang could not say a lot of things that he wanted to say. Yu Yang hesitated for a long time, before he endured his shyness and stiffly said, “Yes.”


“Then go.” Qi Zui opened his parachute and landed. “I’ll give you a day off. I’ll help you inform Coach Lai.”


“Th-Thank you, Captain.”


Qi Zui’s heart stirred. This was the first time Yu Yang had ever called him that.


“Don’t thank me just yet. There’s a condition you need to fulfil first.” Qi Zui opened the map to take a look at the location of the Safe Zone and said, “Switch on your in-game microphone. Let me see you take the lead for this match.”


Yu Yang hesitated. Qi Zui was there, if Yu Yang led…it was one thing to show his very unpolished skills in front of a professional, however, if he made a mistake, it would definitely be extremely embarrassing.


Qi Zui smiled slightly. “Do you not want to go anymore?”


Yu Yang gritted his teeth and turned on his in-game microphone and asked their teammates. “Hello? Are… Are you from China?”


It was a pity, but Yu Yang’s luck had never been good, and the two random players in the team were both Americans.


The two international friendlies did not notice Yu Yang’s uneasiness at all and were very enthusiastic. When they saw that someone had switched on their microphone, they started to greet him.


Yu Yang felt a headache coming on13.


Qi Zui held back his laughter. Yu Yang’s luck was really the worst he had ever seen.


Important T/N: Note that from here on till the end of the chapter, I’ll be leaving the words that were in English in the raw (aka, the stuff actually said in English) in italics, and whatever I translate will be non-italics. This is kinda important for a lot of the plot, so please take note! 😊


The four of them started to loot. Yu Yang started to rack his brains, trying his best to remember the little bit of English he knew. When the safe zone started to shrink, Yu Yang shared his attachments and health supplies with the two random players. He marked a point on the map, and tried his best to say, “Go…Go to the…”


Yu Yang suddenly got stuck.


Qi Zui: “…”


The atmosphere was inexplicably tense, and the two randoms14 were extremely quiet, waiting to listen to the command of their leader15.


Yu Yang held his UMP9 that was fully kitted16, the muzzle of his gun facing his two random teammates, and he stayed quiet for an extended period of time.


“Red… That’s right! Red!” Yu Yang suddenly stuttered and said stiffly. “Go to the red.


The two of them suddenly understood, and nodded their heads, running alongside Yu Yang.


Qi Zui followed the orders as well. He held back his laughter as he followed Yu Yang from a distance that was not overly near and not overly far.


“Wait, Wait for a moment.” Yu Yang saw the flash of a gun moving through the second floor window of the garage that was directly opposite. He frowned. “Wait, wait! The two of you… wait!”


Qi Zui was stunned for a moment, then he scoped in and took a quick glance. As Yu Yang had said, there were people.


Qi Zui laughed. Yu Yang’s dynamic vision was really very brilliant.


However, the two foreign friends did not have eye power like Yu Yang’s, or Qi Zui’s instincts, and they continued to rush forward.


“Eh! Did you hear me?” Yu Yang frowned. “You two! You! Do not move!”


Qi Zui failed to hold it back, and could not help but laugh softly.


The sound of Qi Zui’s soft laughter was clearly picked up by the 7.1 channel monitoring headphones and clearly passed into Yu Yang’s ear. It was like Qi Zui was laughing right by his ear. Yu Yang’s ears turned red, and the little bit of English he had remembered with much difficulty was all gone.


The two foreigners did not know that there were people in the house and wanted to continue heading forwards. Yu Yang had been tasked with the duty of being the leader, so he forced himself to say, “You17! You18 Follow me! Go…go lai fu te19!”


The foreigners had their heart set on going into the houses to loot and did not understand what Yu Yang was saying at all.


“You fucking…” Yu Yang took a deep breath. Qi Zui was still watching, he could not let his teammates die just like that. His voice unconsciously grew louder. “I’m talking to you! You20! Gou lai fu te21! You! I’m asking you to gou lai fu te22, can’t you hear me? There’s someone in the house, can’t you hear me?! Are you going to send express delivery23?”


The foreigners did not understand, and quickly spoke a bunch of things that Yu Yang could not understand.


“Dong te24 speak!” Yu Yang had totally exploded in anger. He said stiffly. “My Captain had said that I’m the leader! Listen to me! I’m asking you to…”


Yu Yang took a deep breath to reduce the fire within him. He calmed down, and spoke clearly, trying his best to get his international friends to understand. “You25!! Gou lai fu te26! OK right?”


It was a pity that the other two still failed to understand and continued to run happily towards the houses.


“You can go to wherever the fuck you want to. You two don’t know what’s good for you.” Yu Yang totally gave up. His face was red as he called for Qi Zui. “Let’s go, those two devils don’t understand English…”


Qi Zui gripped tightly onto his mouse, trying his best to control himself, to stop herself from laughing. He nodded, blatantly lying, “Mm… Yes, I think that the two of them were speaking Spanish.”


“No wonder…” Yu Yang frowned. “They couldn’t even understand English.”


The two American-born people that had been forcefully assigned as Latin Americans were killed by people in the garage, and left the game not long after.


The pent-up feelings in Qi Zui’s heart instantly disappeared, and he tried his best not to laugh as he nodded. “You were quite a good leader. It was a pity that there was a language barrier. How about you try again in the next match?”


Yu Yang was running into the safe zone with Qi Zui and on hearing that, he gave a soft sound of agreement. A moment later, he said in a soft voice, “I didn’t lead well, don’t laugh at me…”


Qi Zui hummed in agreement, then smiled and said softly. “Don’t rush things, I won’t laugh at you.”


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