AWM Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

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T/N: In this chapter, it’s really obvious, so I’m leaving a note here just to make things clear. Please take note that Chinese is kind of like a few other languages, with the feminine and masculine pronouns. I’m aware that English has such terms, but also has gender neutral terms like ‘partner’ as well, but this is just the way they talk in Chinese, they don’t mean to assume anyone’s gender by calling someone another person’s ‘wife’, it’s just how the Chinese language works. It’s common in a lot of other BL as well. Hence, if I were to translate it in a gender neutral way, it does take away the original meaning of the Chinese, so I don’t mean to offend anyone when I translate things directly with the gender implications, just keep in mind that the author isn’t doing this in an offensive way, it’s just how the language works.



After Yu Yang’s watch that was a free gift was exposed in the livestream room, the first person to explode in the HOG base was not Yu Yang, but Bu Nana.


Yu Yang sat at his seat, looking awkwardly at Bu Nana, not knowing what to say.


“Are you even human?” Bu Nana sobbed as he deleted his Weibo posts, “Is it easy for me to follow you through rain or shine1? In the past, when Lao Lai retired, who was the one! Who told me that as long as he was there, the team was there?!”


“When the other teams were taking turns to completely beat us, who was it! Who had said that as long as the two of us were here, the God of War’s team would be successfully established sooner or later?”


“That year, after eating pufferfish, I had thought that I was poisoned. Who was it?! Who carried me from the third floor to the car downstairs in half a minute, and sent me to the hospital in five minutes?”


“That year under the spring rain2!I gained ten catties of weight3 again, and I was PSed4 into pig photos by the trolls, who was it! Who helped me diss the anti-fans on Weibo?!”


Qi Zui frowned in disbelief, looking towards He Xiaoxu, “He’s talking crap right? I helped him diss anti-fans in the past? Was I crazy?”


“You!” Bu Nana pointed at Qi Zui angrily, deleting his last bragging Weibo post, roaring with grief and anger, “You forgot it! You forgot everything! You fucking forgot everything!”


Qi Zui thought about it carefully for a moment but was helpless, “I really don’t remember anything.”


Bu Nana was extremely angry, and He Xiaoxu hurriedly held onto Bu Nana and pushed him back onto his gaming chair, comforting him, “Qi Zui is just saying that, you know? He remembers everything, he remembers everything…”


“That part about me dissing the anti-fans on Weibo was really part of his imagination right?” Qi Zui really could not remember. He looked at Bu Nana, his heart aching, “Did that whole thing hurt you so badly? Why did you start to make up your own stories?”


“You!” Bu Nana exploded and stood up, “You old bastard, today, one of us has to go5!”


Lao Kai persuaded him as well, “Calm down, Nana, calm down.”


“Are you guys going to train or not!” Lai Hua had already acted as part of the audience for a long time and had already been entertained enough. He stood up and scolded, “Why are you crying and making so much noise6? Qi Zui, you too! Can’t you just say that you remember everything?”


Qi Zui resigned himself to his fate, “OK, yes, I did carry you to the hospital before. However, at that time, Nana, you hadn’t developed so much yet7. If you want me to do that now… That’s definitely impossible.”


Bu Nana yelled loudly, angry and upset, this time, no matter who tried to convince him to calm down, it would not work.


Thankfully, Lao Kai was still considered quite calm and found a new way to calm him down, “Why are you angry at Yu Yang? You can just take him as Captain Qi’s child bride8, isn’t it normal that Captain Qi dotes on him? As long as the fat water doesn’t flow to other people’s houses9, it’s good enough.”


Yu Yang: “?”


Lao Kai was very clear about the accounts. “Suppose Captain was like the rest and found an Internet celebrity or some model or something. He would buy a Fendi bag today, a pair of Chanel shoes tomorrow and the day after, he’d give them a sports car. Wouldn’t you be even more upset?”


“If he spends money on him!” Lao Kai pointed to the child bride, “He will repay our Captain in the future! It’s not a loss! And he can be completely loyal to our team and stay here, play in competitions with us. It’s a win-win, Brother Nana! Conservation of energy! No matter how much money is spent, it’ll just be transferred among people10 in our own team, think about it carefully! Think about it more carefully!”


Yu Yang: “…”


Qi Zui whistled a hooligan-ish tune and smiled as he glanced at Yu Yang.


Yu Yang’s ears instantly turned red. He could tell that Bu Nana was not angry at all, these people…


Yu Yang wore his headphones and entered the solo queue in the game. He hesitated for a moment and switched off the in-game sound.


Bu Nana looked at Lao Kai in surprise, and he was instantly distracted from the topic. He could not help but ask, “Does it really cost so much money to date an internet celebrity? But I like the faces of internet celebrities11…”


“I like them too,” Lao Kai patted Bu Nana’s stomach. “However, we don’t have the time now. That’s why this group of gays benefit quite a lot12 when they can find people within the team13, as it’s very convenient.”


Bu Nana looked at Yu Yang and immediately felt that he was quite pleasing to the eye. He sighed, “Forget it, forget it. If it were someone else, I might really be unhappy, but if it’s Youth… Nevermind, anyway, the money wasn’t spent on outsiders. I’ll just take him as Captain’s child bride. Hm… How should we arrange the seniority of this sort of relationship?”


Lao Kai was someone who was particular about this sort of thing, “For Coach Lai and He Xiaoxu, Yu Yang is the wife of their brother, for the two of us, he’s our elder sister-in-law.”


Yu Yang who was wearing his headphones but had muted the game and could hear everything clearly: “…”


Bu Nana accepted it and clapped, “Alright, my elder sister-in-law, I’ll recognize that from now on.”


“If you’re bullied by your elder sister-in-law, is that considered bullying?”


“Not at all!”


“Is spending money for your brother’s wife considered spending money?”


“Not at all!”


“Conservation of energy!”


“Conservation of matter!”


“That’s elder sister-in-law!”


“That’s right~!”


The child bride clenched his mouse. There was a snapping sound, and the mouse barely managed to not shatter into pieces.


The training room was quiet for a few seconds and everyone immediately started to busy themselves with their own things.


Team One’s current common training time is from 12 noon to 7 p.m at night, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., the one hour between 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. was dinner time.


During their precious dinner time, Yu Yang was smoking in the corridor, slightly restless with anxiety as he waited for Qi Zui.


Qi Zui did not practice at night, hence, the timing he ended his pre-dinner practice everyday was later than other people. He didn’t come out until 7.30 p.m. and when he looked at Yu Yang, he could not help but want to laugh.


Yu Yang saw Qi Zui approaching him and hurriedly extinguished his cigarette, awkwardly saying, “Captain…”


Qi Zui casually responded, “Hm?”


Yu Yang did not know what he should say as he touched the watch on his hand…


“I…I know how much this is, I…” Yu Yang began to speak, but hesitated, “I…”


Qi Zui was helpless. The reason he did not tell Yu Yang the price was because he was afraid that Yu Yang would not accept it. Unexpectedly, the truth was exposed in just a day. Yu Yang had only worn it for less than two days, and he already wanted to return it…


“I…” Yu Yang straightened his totally red neck, stammering as he said, “I, I don’t want to return this to you.”


Qi Zui was dumbfounded, “Ha?”


Yu Yang scolded himself for being shameless in his heart and said in a low voice, embarrassed, “I know that I still owe you one million RMB. I will play well in the competition and I will try my best for the solo match in Busan, of course, and I’ll also try my best for the duo and team matches. I will definitely be able to get the prize money. Manager He said that the club will not take a portion of the prize money for this kind of competition, and it will all be given to me. He said that they would even give me additional money, I will save all of it and after two more months, I will get paid the money for the contract signing for the livestream platform. Including my own savings, it should add up to more than one million RMB, and I’m also…”


Qi Zui was in disbelief, “Do you want to buy it from me?”


Yu Yang instinctively covered the watch, “I want it…”


Yu Yang endured his feelings of shame and said in a small voice, “But I can’t afford to buy it now…”


It was true that he could not spend Qi Zui’s money, but it was also true that he really wanted the things Qi Zui gave to him.


Qi Zui lowered his eyes, laughing self-mockingly.


He had underestimated Yu Yang.


How could Yu Yang bear to return his heartfelt gift14?


Yu Yang wanted it, and he also had the confidence that he could earn the money back.


Qi Zui smiled, then pulled up the cuff of his left team uniform sleeve.


On Qi Zui’s left wrist, he was wearing a watch that was exactly the same.


It was just that the strap was not fully studded in diamonds, and was made of blue leather instead.


“The shop assistant said that it is mostly guys that wear your version, and mostly girls that wear my version.” Qi Zui curled his lip and said, “Originally, I wanted to give you the female version, but your piece was more expensive…I cannot bear to give you the cheaper one.”


Yu Yang’s throat tightened and suddenly, he could not speak.


“Do you know why I gave you this to you now? Don’t talk about money anymore if you understand.” Qi Zui pulled down his sleeve and raised his eyebrows, “By the way…don’t mention that one million RMB. My temper is so good now that I can bear anything, but if Lao Lai and Bu Nana find out about it, they’ll probably buy an assassin to go to the NCNC team to kill someone.”


Yu Yang wanted to say more when Qi Zui shushed him and could not help but laugh, “Everyone’s already calling you my child bride…”


When he was teased by others, he could keep a cold face to scare them, but when he was teased by Qi Zui… Yu Yang could only honestly let Qi Zui tease him, red-faced.


Everyone had gone downstairs to eat, and there was no one in the corridor. Qi Zui looked at the staircase below, confirming that there was no one before he turned his head to the side to look at Yu Yang, smiling slightly as he said in a soft voice, “Cutie, come to my house and be my child bride, alright?”


Yu Yang controlled himself, letting Qi Zui say whatever he wanted, swearing in his heart that he would definitely backstab Lao Kai during a round in the training competition at night.


“I’m asking you,” Qi Zui stuffed his two hands into his trousers pockets innocently, taking half a step forward, a smile in his tone, “Alright?”


Yu Yang looked at the watch dial that had been exposed a little on Qi Zui’s left wrist, gritted his teeth and lightly nodded his head.


Qi Zui lowered his head and laughed.


There were only two people in the entirety of the third floor. Qi Zui’s voice was not loud, but it was still able to envelop Yu Yang’s ears, lingering for a long time.


Qi Zui finally realized how good it felt to not act like a human. He walked forward half a step again, “I’m asking you a question. What do you mean by nodding your head? Come on, tell me15.”


Yu Yang raised his eyes, looking at Qi Zui, begging to be let off.


As soon as Yu Yang showed a little weakness, Qi Zui’s heart softened.


“Forget it,” Qi Zui smiled, “Then about what Lao Kai said… that you’ll repay me when you grow up, are you willing to?”


Yu Yang closed his eyes then nodded his head again.


“Repay me with your heart?”


Yu Yang’s cheeks were extremely red. After a long moment, he made a soft, almost inaudible sound of agreement.


Qi Zui took a deep breath, reciting quietly in his heart three times: “I’m a human, I’m not an animal.”


“I’ll stop teasing you now,” Qi Zui did not overdo it. He straightened up and smiled as he said, “Let’s go downstairs and eat dinner.”


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  1. This teasing!!! AHhhhhhh -bites fluff- And Yu Yang: “I don’t want to return it. I’ll pay you for it.” So cute~ Thanks for the chapter

  2. lol he has to remind himself that he’s a human and not an animal so he doesn’t touch and scare him off. I hope they talk about what his limits are.

  3. aaAAA Yu Yang is so cute. He’s slowly gaining confidence,, growing,,,
    Thank you for your fantastic work! I binged all of the chapters tonight and love it so much.
    Just a note- it seems there’s a segment of the raws left in? This piece ⬇️

  4. Thank you very much for the note about the difference in language!! I really appreciate that! I always get so annoyed whenever I see some kind of judging comment when a character gets called a ‘wife’ or ‘Mrs.’ in danmei translations (I’ve even seen some translators do this too in their translator notes 💀) They treated as if it was degrading the character when they were called a ‘wife’, like it was problematic 💀 but they often just don’t understand that the word doesn’t work the same as in English 😭 This is a different language! The setting is not western! The culture is different! 😭 I’ve seen shous calling their gongs wives in other danmeis too! Especially when they’re the one marrying into the shou’s family! it isn’t actually gender specific 😭 Please don’t easily judge other culture if you don’t understand it 😭🙏

    Anyways, as a friend of mine once declared, ‘wife’ is a state of being. it is gender neutral 😂

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