AWM Chapter 34

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Chapter 34



After a short break, the staff came to remind them that they could prepare to enter. Lao Kai pushed the door open and was stunned.


The corridor outside the lounge was full of cameras and reporters. The long corridor was so full that it was hard for even water to flow through the corridor.


Lao Kai muttered, “Wasn’t it… A last-minute notice…”


“If it had been announced when we were in China, this venue might be so crowded with Qi Zui’s fans that it would explode,” Bu Nana instinctively turned to look at Qi Zui, “Captain…”


Qi Zui’s expression was as usual and he called He Xiaoxu to call him over and asked him to deal with it. He went out of the lounge without asking anyone and said mildly, “There’ll be an interview arranged after the competition, I’ll see you later.”


The normally noisy media was unexpectedly quiet today. They did not ask questions and did not get close. The few reporters whose companies had some grudges with HOG were acting out of the ordinary and did not go close to make trouble, they just took photos and videos in silence.


Qi Zui refused to inform people in advance. The media reporters from China received the news relatively late. Many of them came directly after getting off the plane. In the corridor, there was a stack of suitcases with check-in slips tied on them, which crowded the hallway all the way till the floor below.


Xin Ba had never seen this sort of situation before, he was so shocked he was stammering, “If, if they informed in advance…”


“Then there probably will be a need for the organizers to come and maintain order,” Bu Nana was a little nervous, he rubbed his face, “This is already scary enough.”


Qi Zui chuckled, “Brave1.”


Bu Nana knew that Qi Zui was trying to regulate everyone’s emotions, and so he said back with ridicule, “I only have that bit of bravery. Now that you mention it, you’re quite good, hiding it so well, but yet so many people still game… Are you purposely trying to stab my God-Lai’s heart?”


When Lai Hua retired, the club had given advance notice of half a month. However, because Lai Hua was in poor condition during that period of time, his results plummeted and he lost a lot of fans. Taking the blame and retiring was basically in line with what the public wanted. The retirement ceremony was simple and quick, there were only two or three media reporters and only a few fans.


Qi Zui said lazily, “You’re being too polite, my popularity is too high, I can’t do anything.”


“Don’t cry in a moment,” Bu Nana rubbed his neck, “I’m sure I can handle it, don’t embarrass yourself.”


Qi Zui laughed, “Cry?”


No matter what, Xin Ba and Yu Yang were still nervous. So Lao Kai followed their joking manner and seriously recalled before he shook his head, “I’ve really never… From when I was in school and watching Captain competing, until later on when I entered the team and interacted with him day and night, don’t even talk about crying, I have never even seen his eyes turn red before.”


“That’s why we say that he’s an inhumane old beast,” Bu Nana regretted a lot, “I was the only dumb one! At that time, when Captain Lai retired, I cried so much I nearly fainted, even now there is still that ugly sticker pack on the Internet! What about him? At that time, he just gave the media a view of his back, and guess what happened? Captain Lai’s retirement, the news article that was the most popular was that photo of Qi Zui’s back, the second one was the sticker pack of me sitting on the floor and crying, the third was to predict whether our team will wither, the fourth! The fourth fucking one was about Lai Hua’s retirement! Coach Lai was so angry at that time that he ignored Qi Zui and even me for a few days, who did I provoke…”


Xin Ba had still been a little sad at the beginning, however, the more he listened, the more he wanted to laugh now, he was holding himself back. Yu Yang did not manage to hold back his laughter and laughed for a bit, his expression looked a little better.


“My tear glands are not as developed as you guys,” Qi Zui walked in the front, “Crying when you see some reporters come and send me off like a funeral? What’s wrong? I’ve never…”


Qi Zui stopped walking.


Yu Yang, who was following behind Qi Zui entered the competition venue. Yu Yang was stunned and stopped walking as well.


Inside the competition venue, it was packed with fans holding up signs supporting Drunk.


The boy that was standing right in front had completely red eyes, and on seeing HOG come out, he stood up and raised a huge sign.


[Drunk, please don’t retire, alright?]


Qi Zui laughed at himself mockingly, then covered the camera following them with the back of his hand.


When the fans saw Qi Zui, they all got up and raised their signs and banners…


[God-Qi, I don’t care whether you win or not anymore, can you please not retire?]


[Drunk, I’m sorry, I won’t say that you’re being lazy anymore.]


[God-Qi, I’ve liked you for eight years already, I’m not asking you to marry me anymore, as long as you don’t go, alright?]


[Youth is still too young, can you wait one more year for him?]


Yu Yang turned his head away and pushed the brim of his baseball cap to the lowest he could.


Bu Nana quietly looked at the cards outside, as if he had forgotten what he had just said, nothing much had happened and yet, the tears were already flowing down.


“Concentrate on the competition…” Qi Zui did not lose his composure. He looked at his fans, he did not greet them. Instead, he cleared his throat, “Let’s go.”


Yu Yang wiped his face, then followed behind Qi Zui. They followed the employee to walk to the front of HOG team’s seats


Qi Zui understood Korean, he did not want to be disturbed by the Korean commentators. He had put on his soundproof headphones early on, and adjusted his equipment. After that, he quietly looked at the screen, waiting for the game to start.


Yu Yang took off his baseball cap, tied up his hair, and put on his headphones. He did not raise his gaze no matter how the camera swayed in front of him. He focused on checking his computer accessories and adjusting his dpi2.


Bu Nana buried his head and lay down on the table for a while. After a moment, he got up, wiped away the tears on his face, then turned around to discuss and revise with Lao Kai the choice of places to land at for each airplane route.


Ten minutes later, the competition began.


The first round, S City airplane route.


Over the past few days, Lao Kai had carefully studied the landing spots of the teams that were of high rank, he quickly said, “For this route, the Korean MOON team likes to land in places that are very sparse in people, TGC likes to land in P City, Are has a habit of floating over to G City, Knights team likes to go to the Nuclear Power Plant to be aggressive.”


Qi Zui looked at the map and marked a point, “Jump, find a car and go to the containers.”


The four people in HOG jumped off the plane at practically the same time. Yu Yang directly pulled the angle of view to the lowest, striving to land as fast as possible.


Lao Kai opened his parachute early and floated slowly as he reported what he saw, “One team jumped off the plane three seconds ago and went to the uptown area. There’s a team behind us, they might be going to Water Town3 or leaving. Watch out for people trying to snatch cars.”


Yu Yang shook his head lightly, “It’s impossible.”


It was not meaningless for Yu Yang to stay up all night to practice landing, in a way that seemed almost paranoid. He knew every location, every building, every possible vehicle spawn point, there was only a chance of him snatching someone else’s car, so far, no one had been able to snatch a car from him before.


Qi Zui smiled slightly, “Who dares to fight with him on his landing…”


Being tactfully flattered by Qi Zui caused Yu Yang’s ears to turn red. After landing, he got on the car immediately and picked up his teammates in turn.


“The team behind us is going in the direction of Water Town, it’s safe,” Lao Kai was the last to get on the car and let out a breath, “So close, if they were fighting for the landing with us, I might be shot down from the sky again.”


Yu Yang changed seats with Bu Nana. Bu Nana drove the car and the four of them quickly went towards the containers


Yu Yang’s dynamic vision was the best out of the four of them. It was a waste to have him drive. He was armed with a gun and kept an eye on whether there was anyone around them at all times. Lao Kai on the other hand, was responsible for looking out on the other side.


The few of them tried to share Qi Zui’s workload, to reduce the burden on his wrist and strive to let Qi Zui manage to play till the last round.


HOG arrived at the containers very quickly. Aside from Lao Kai, the three of them quickly got off the car and looted the area. On the other hand, Lao Kai just randomly picked up a gun, then put a scope on the gun, keeping watch from high ground to watch the team in the NW direction.


Yu Yang looted very quickly, there was a continuous clicking sound from his mouth and Bu Nana laughed, “Are you a bandit entering the village? Leave some for your brothers.”


“I know.”


Yu Yang ran to Qi Zui’s side and dropped his health supplies and four times scope on the floor, then ran away quickly again.


“…” Bu Nana watched as Yu Yang, who had picked up the first-aid kit in front of his eyes with amazing speed throw the first-aid kit to Qi Zui. He was jealous, “What are you doing? A crow reverse feeding? A lamb kneeling to give milk?”


Yu Yang choked and explained in a low voice, “His hand is not well…”


Bu Nana was angry, “That doesn’t mean he can’t even pick things up, right?”


“It’s none of your business,” Qi Zui opened the map to look at the location of the safe zone, “Stop bullshitting, pay attention to car sounds.”


Lao Kai who was still standing as sentry said, “Don’t worry and continue looting, there’s no one… However, I suspect that there are people who went to the hospital. It could be that they opened their parachute early and floated to G City. If they didn’t manage to snatch the housing area and flee over here, they might go to the downtown area.


Yu Yang could not be sure, “It’s too far… I didn’t hear car sounds.”


“It’s fine,” Qi Zui had been fed very well by Yu Yang, till he was very loaded with loot. Whatever he needed, he had it all, “I’ll watch out, Lao Kai, go look for guns. If you need any attachments, tell us, I’ve gotten the health supplies for you, remember to take fuel.”


Lao Kai agreed and jumped down, and Qi Zui took his place.


“The people from downtown are here,” Qi Zui closed his scope, “Let’s receive our guests.”


Bu Nana jumped back into the bunker, “They walked here? I didn’t hear any car sounds.”


“They walked over, it’s three of them, I’m not sure if there’s a free person4,” Qi Zui lay on the containers, finding a good cover and opening his scope, “Don’t shoot first, I’ll confirm the position, Youth, go from behind.”


Yu Yang went around the side for the containers, preparing to backstab them.


Qi Zui reported the points in turn, and he, Bu Nana and Lao Kai were responsible for watching one person each.


Three seconds later…




Several people shot at the same time. Qi Zui and Bu Nana knocked out one person each and Yu Yang quickly killed off one of them. The other climbed inside the bunker to get cover and revived his teammate.


“The uptown area people are coming down to mediate the fight5, “Qi Zui reminded Yu Yang to pay attention to the position and climbed down, “Lao Kai, don’t move, watch the uptown area.”


As Qi Zui expected, after the uptown people heard the gunshot sounds, they came over.


There was only one point that made Qi Zui quite surprised, they had directly driven a car over.


“Are people mediating fights these days all so arrogant? Is this law enforcement?” Qi Zui ordered Yu Yang to watch the first team of people that were in the bunker, and he retaliated to use a sniper and destroy the tire of the team that came later in one show, “Are they playing so aggressively?”


The team that was here to mediate the fight was forced to stop by Qi Zui. To everyone’s surprise, they did not get off the car to look for a place to hide and instead made use of the useless car that was sliding forward uncontrollably to continue to head in the direction of HOG, it was obvious that they wanted to play aggressively and get into a head-on gunfight.


“Do they not want to live anymore? I don’t understand their plan…” Bu Nana shot a few times at their feet, “Is this a full team?”


“Yes,” Qi Zui judged their position, “Lao Kai, come over and replace me, be careful about being surrounded by them, I’ll go over to where Youth is…”


Out of the four of them, Yu Yang had separated from everyone, there were enemies in the front and back, if he got knocked out, he could not be revived.


Yu Yang was already using grenades to fight with the first team that had hidden in the bunker. Qi Zui asked Bu Nana and Lao Kai to cover him, and he shot his gun all the way over to the bunker, joining Yu Yang.


It was much better with a teammate here, Yu Yang thriftily removed his level three helmet, and said, “Don’t show your head, I’ll directly engage with him… I don’t believe I can’t win against him.”


Qi Zui opened his scope and did a flick with his sniper6, using one shot to land a headshot on one person in the team hidden in the bunker, “Wear it, there’s no need for you to live like that.”


The director’s observer perspective7 was on Qi Zui and the audience could not help but make a lot of noise in surprise.


Yu Yang breathed in lightly. Even though he had played together with Qi Zui a lot, but every time he saw Qi Zui’s flick and headshot, he would still be surprised.


Yu Yang was definitely not as good as Qi Zui in gunfights, he gave his spot up to Qi Zui and threw grenades from behind Qi Zui, in less than three minutes, they managed to kill off the two people on the opposing team.


But at that moment…


“Fucking hell!”


Two kill feed announcements appeared on the screen.


[Are-MURE killed HOG-Banana with a frag grenade]


[Are-MURE killed HOG-Kay with a frag grenade]


“This fucking Are! Fucking hell!” Bu Nana pushed his keyboard away, very angry, “He sold his teammates, holding a grenade and coming over, learning from Xin Ba and dying together with us! I was wondering why they were so aggressive just now, they saw the first knocked out notice in the kill feed, and purposely rushed over for us!”


Lao Kai was in disbelief, not snapping out of it for a long time, “It’s the first round… And they’re already doing this?”


Yu Yang’s expression turned bad instantly.


Are was taking revenge for yesterday.


It was true that Yu Yang did have an aggressive fight with Are to clear the path for Bu Nana and Lao Kai yesterday, however, it was due to the fact that at that time, Xin Ba and he no longer had any chance of entering the top three.


Now, it was just the first round of the competition when Are came up to attack them in a suicidal manner. It was not to win, it was not for any team, it was because they knew that Qi Zui was going to retire today, and they did it in a targeted way to make everyone in HOG die as soon as the game started.


Yu Yang removed his headphones and threw it on the table, wanting to stand up.


“Sit down!” Qi Zui said harshly, “Put on your headphones!”


The referee for the HOG team took one step forward and looked at Yu Yang, vigilant.


Qi Zui did not even lift his head and spoke Korean in a low voice. The referee nodded and went back to standing at his previous spot.


Yu Yang’s lips turned white and his two hands trembled uncontrollably. He felt very ashamed and angry, he took a few deep breaths, trying his best to control himself. He sat down properly and picked up his mouse, putting on his headphones properly.


Bu Nana smashed the table, so angry his lungs were about to explode, “Fucking hell! I…”


“Be quiet,” Qi Zui adjusted his headphones, “Nana, look at Youth’s perspective, Lao Kai, observe mine.”


Bu Nana and Lao Kai were stunned, looking at Qi Zui in disbelief.


“If you don’t want to listen to my orders, leave the game interface, I won’t report it a second time,” Qi Zui said mildly, “Youth, report the numbers of medical supplies in your bag.”


“Three…” Yu Yang clenched his fist, taking a deep breath, trying to suppress the angry fire within him, “Three, three, four.”


“That’s enough,” Qi Zui opened his scope, “They still have three people left, right? Come on…”


“Two on three, let’s see who can kill off the other.”


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