AWM Chapter 35

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Chapter 35



Yu Yang fired a shot, and the trajectory was so off, it was scary.


In his rage, Yu Yang’s two hands were trembling uncontrollably, he was not able to control the spray of the gun at all right now.


Yu Yang took the initiative to shoot at the other party first, but the gunshot was too high, and he did not even hit once. However, it resulted in him losing half of his health due to being hit by the other team.


“Fuck your bloody mother…”


Yu Yang gritted his teeth unhappily, hiding behind cover again.


Yu Yang drank an energy drink and recovered his health. During the four seconds of CD1, he quickly let go of his mouse, the ten fingers on his two hands interlaced and he clenched his hands forcefully. After that, he let go and moved it around a little. In the half a second before the CD ended, he held onto his mouse and his keyboard, then quickly retreated by two steps to hide behind another object, leaving the vision to Qi Zui.


“I didn’t notice before…” Qi Zui flicked his sniper and ruined the level three helmet on one of the Are members, and suddenly switched on his microphone to say, “That you know how to curse…”


Yu Yang was stunned, then realized what he had said just now and hurriedly said, “No, I’ve changed a long time ago, I…”


“I’m not scolding you,” The corner of Qi Zui’s lips slightly curved up, he scoped in to determine the other party’s position, then said mildly, “Why does it seems to sound quite good when I listen to it?”


Yu Yang hurriedly scoped in and shot, removing one-third of the opponent’s health, he felt a little embarrassed for some reason and apologized, “I, I’ll not say it anymore in the future.”


“I already said that I’m not scolding you. The circle is closing, fill up your boost bar2,” Qi Zui drank all of his energy drinks, “Are your hands still trembling?”


Yu Yang’s face already had some color, and he realized that his hands were no longer cold. He stammered, “It’s much…much better now.”


Qi Zui kept the teasing tone in his voice and multi-tasked, staring at Are as he said mildly, “That’s good.”


Only then did Yu Yang realize that Qi Zui was trying to help him adjust his mood.


In the game, Yu Yang’s character instinctively looked towards Drunk.


Drunk repeatedly exposed his head and scoped in to confirm Are’s position.


Yu Yang could not imagine how strong this person’s competitive psychological strength was.


Under this sort of circumstances, he was not distracted by emotions at all and could even multitask and calm the negative emotions of his teammates.


It was really scary.


Qi Zui quickly said, “They have someone wearing a windbreaker who retreated backward, he might want to attack us from the back. I’ve marked it out on the map, watch him, don’t let him get behind us.”


The purpose of Are was very strong. Regardless of their loss, they wanted HOG’s whole team to die. As soon as they got behind HOG, they probably wanted to make Qi Zui die here even if they had to risk getting wiped out themselves.


Qi Zui pursed his lips, “Do you want to play a round where we push the limits?”


Yu Yang’s state had already returned to normal, he scoped in his gun and aimed it, “Let’s play.”


“I’ll knock one out by sniping them, and you can wait till they are two seconds from reviving their teammate to rush them and have a direct gunfight,” Qi Zui narrowed his eyes, “I need you to play a one versus two fight, do you dare to try?”


Yu Yang did not hesitate at all, “You can shoot.”


Qi Zui opened his scope and said in a low voice, “That’s the first plan, the second plan is that if you are knocked out, I can’t revive you, I even…”


Yu Yang changed to a SCAR-L, and did not even think and said, “If I get knocked out, I’ll instantly report the position to you, you can throw a grenade to kill all of us.”


Qi Zui smiled, “Smart.”


Bu Nana was stunned, he said, dumbfounded, “You…You…”


“What do you want to say about me? Do you think that I only know how to sell you3?” Qi Zui flicked his sniper, hitting a headshot, “Go!”


Yu Yang’s assault rifle had been changed to automatic mode4, he repeatedly scoped in, and after confirming that Are was reviving that person, he directly rushed out.


At the same time, Qi Zui changed to an assault rifle and stood up to spray his bullets. The few shots managed to knock out the Are team member that had been forced out from behind cover by Yu Yang. On the other side, Yu Yang circled around the object that had been using as cover and directly engaged in a firefight with the last surviving member of Are. Amid the fight, Yu Yang was shot a few times, his level two vest was ruined, and his health had reached the bottom when the last member of Are was directly killed by Yu Yang’s spray of bullets.


At the same second, the two Are team members that had been knocked out before were directly eliminated.


Are’s whole team was dead.


Yu Yang let out a light breath, as expected, it was really pushing his limits… His forehead was already covered in sweat.


“Beautiful!” Bu Nana switched on his microphone to yell, “Fuck you! Who’s the one whose team killed the other team? Who’s the one who’s teaching the other how to be a proper human? Ah?!”


Lao Kai was not as good at fighting close-ranged, and when he saw Yu Yang’s play, he said, “What a spectacular play! Fucking brilliant!”


Yu Yang started to prone on the ground5 and used medical supplies to recover his health.


“Loot the dead crates6,” Qi Zui collected the inheritance of the Are team, he raised his gaze, looked at the camera in front of him, smiled and said, “?????7.”


Qi Zui had predicted correctly, the director had cut to his point of view right now. As soon as Qi Zui said those words, the audience outside the venue exploded in agitation.


Bu Nana was confused, “What did you say?”


Qi Zui chuckled, “Nothing much… I thanked Are for their delivery.”


Lao Kai did not know whether to laugh or to cry, “Did you really need to say mischievous things like that?”


“Let’s go,” Qi Zui split some of the ammunition with Yu Yang, “Let’s get into the zone.”


In the first round, Are was the first team to be wiped out. Their team ranking was first from the back. HOG lost members in the early-game, and when they were fighting in the final safe zone, it was very disadvantageous. Finally, they could not beat the Korean MOON team and the China TGC team. They ranked third and was fourth in total points.


During the break, Lai Hua’s brows were tightly knitted, his expression solemn, “Are has completely no chance anymore…”


Xin Ba had yet to understand and happily said, “Isn’t that good? Who asked them to play dirty!”


Yu Yang’s thin lips pursed and he said in a low voice, “So they are going to completely become shit stirrers8…”


Xin Ba was stunned, then sat back into his seat, no longer speaking.


HOG was currently in the fourth position in terms of points, which was not considered low. If there was no outside interference, as long as they fought hard in the following games, there was still a chance. However, they were being targeted by a team that was about to be eliminated, so it would become harder and harder to play later on.


Suddenly, there was silence in the lounge.


Yu Yang gritted his teeth, “It’s all my fault.”


“It has nothing to do with Youth!” Bu Nana hurriedly said, “It was because of me and Lao Kai yesterday that he went to clean up Are. If you want to blame anyone, you should blame…”


Lai Hua interrupted Bu Nana impatiently, “No one is looking to blame someone!”


Qi Zui leaned at the side and drank water, his tone was calm, “Are you sure you’re not pursuing responsibility?”


All of the people were stunned, instinctively looking towards Qi Zui.


Qi Zui put down the mineral water bottle and looked at Yu Yang, “Youth, after Nana and Lao Kai died just now, you smashed your headphones, what was the meaning of that?”


Yu Yang’s brain went blank, “I…”


Qi Zui said lightly, “Are you trying to touch the high voltage line9?”


Qi Zui’s to the was not strict, but Yu Yang seemed like he had been slapped in the head by someone. His face was burning and it instantly turned red.


Bu Nana looked back and forth between the two of them. When Yu Yang smashed his headphones and wanted to stand up, he was actually also shocked. However, he still instinctively wanted to make peace right now, “What are you doing? Didn’t Yu Yang do that because of you too? We should discuss the countermeasures properly, why are you suddenly…”


“I’m not talking to you,” Qi Zui ignored Bu Nana. He looked at Yu Yang and continued to ask, “Do you want to touch the high voltage line?”


In the end, the matter with Are was still caused by Yu Yang yesterday. Yu Yang was already feeling ashamed and regretful. Now that he was being held accountable by Qi Zui, suddenly, he felt so bad he could not breathe. Yu Yang placed the mineral water bottle in his hand to the side, and his voice was dry, “Yes.”


Qi Zui frowned, a moment later, he said, “You guys can go out for a moment, I have something to say to Youth.”


Lai Hua hesitated for a moment, but did not say anything more and walked out first.


Bu Nana laughed dryly and said vaguely, “If there’s anything you need, you can talk about it after the game, Yu Yang! Admit your mistake first!”


Qi Zui quietly looked at Bu Nana. Bu Nana instantly admitted defeat and lowered his head as he left.


Xin Ba was the last to leave, he was terrified and closed the door.


The HOG lounge instantly became so quiet it was scary.


Yu Yang’s lips were dry and he instantly felt extremely embarrassed.


Yu Yang was not scared of Qi Zui normally.


He respected and loved Qi Zui. The reason he avoided Qi Zui occasionally was because of his personality. However, he had never been afraid of Qi Zui like the youth trainees and the second team.


However, at this moment, when Yu Yang looked at Qi Zui, who had no smile on his face at all, he was really a little scared.


Yu Yang spoke with much difficulty, “I…I…”


“Only once.”


Yu Yang raised his head to look towards Qi Zui in astonishment.


“The next time…” Qi Zui warned quietly, “If you dare to touch the high voltage line again next time, I’ll definitely scold you in front of everyone.”


Yu Yang froze for a few seconds, and blood returned to his pale lips quickly.


“Control your temper,” Qi Zui unscrewed the water bottle and took another sip. “A referee is standing behind each team, there’s also a recorder between two teams, and there are a lot of cameras staring at you by the side… the moment you left your seat, they can give you a warning and if it’s serious, they can directly ban you from the competition.”


“A single competition doesn’t matter, the main thing is, what about you?” Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang, “If you were impulsive for a moment and it became a violent action, you’ll be banned from competition your whole life, you…”


Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang and smiled lightly, “Do you want to retire with me?”


The rims of Yu Yang’s eyes turned red instantly.


“I…” Yu Yang lowered his gaze, “I was wrong.”


“Don’t use your whole life to pay for a moment of impulse… Alright, let’s move on,” Qi Zui could not bear to scold Yu Yang, and after he finished his scolding, he changed the topic in time, “You weren’t wrong to clean-up Are yesterday. Are wasn’t wrong to come and block us today, there’s no need to keep thinking about this.”


Yu Yang mutters, “It was me…”


“I said, it has nothing to do with you,” Qi Zui sneered, “Anyway… I’m not scared of them either.”


The break was over quickly and the audience returned to their seats.


Bu Nana carefully looked at their faces and said, “Yu Yang, why do you look better after being scolded?”


Yu Yang coughed and shook his head, “No…”


Qi Zui took a tissue to wipe his keyboard and said lazily, “I didn’t scold him.”


Bu Nana looked at Qi Zui in disdain, “You didn’t scold him? It can’t be that you directly punished him physically, right?”


Yu Yang choked.


Qi Zui tapped his keyboard lightly and chuckled, “What you said really matches my heart’s desires.”


Seeing that there was no conflict between the two of them, Lao Kai relaxed and said, “It’s good that there wasn’t any punishment. Should we all change our clothes his round? That fucking team definitely remembered our clothes and will still come…”


“There’s no need,” Qi Zui said mildly, “Let them come… I’ll help rid them of their Internet addiction today.”


Currently, the team was ranked fourth in terms of points, and Are was also targeting them. The pressure on HOG to win the championship was too big. Lao Kai was originally nervous, but when he heard those words, he could not help laughing, “Qi·Career terminator·Drunk, on the last day as an eSports player, you want to take another person away?”


Qi Zui smiled but did not say a word.


Bu Nana wiped his face and growled, “Come on! Let’s go!”


Yu Yang was silent.


In the second round, HOG killed 14 people, Qi Zui killed 4 people, Yu Yang killed 8 people, Bu Nana killed two people, the team was ranked first, and second in the overall ranking.


In the third round, the HOG team met Are team again. Lao Kai was killed and Are was wiped out. HOG was ranked seventh in the game and third in the overall ranking.


In the fourth round, HOG ranked second in the game and second in the overall ranking. There was a difference of 235 points between them and the first-ranked Korean MOON team.


The fifth round.


Bu Nana wiped the sweat that kept coming out on his forehead and his teeth itched with hatred, “If that fucking shit Are team comes over to play suicide again, you guys can go, I won’t fucking pick anything else, I’ll just pick up grenades, don’t they want to play around by suiciding? I’ll play with them!”


Lao Kai frowned, “No, I’ll do it. Even if I die you guys can still get the chicken dinner.”


“What’s the matter? Do you want to take command?” In the situation with a bad point disadvantage, Qi Zui was practically unaffected, “Everything goes as usual, no one is allowed to take action on their own.”


Yu Yang kept pursing his lips. Countless numbers flashed in his mind and he quickly did mental calculations to judge how many kills and what rank they needed to get to overcome the horrible 235 point gap.


Lao Kai was used to being cautious and had to remind Qi Zui, “Captain… MOON definitely wants to camp10 to a high rank, they might be landing at different spots and splitting up to keep a high rank, are we…”


Lao Kai emboldened himself and tried saying, “Are we going to play safe to secure our second place, or…”


Bu Nana realized the problem and slowly said, “The third place is TGC, they are just 75 points away from us…”


“It’s not just them, the fourth place, Fire team, only has a 120 points difference with us, it’s not impossible too,” Lao Kai had to remind everyone, “Actually, we are not stably in the top three. If we die at the start of the match or meet that fucking Are team, perhaps… we might be caught up with by TGC and FIRE, and at that time…we’ll be in fourth place.”


Fourth place was nothing.


Lao Kai said in a low voice, “If we are planning to camp for points, we can follow the method of going two plus two. We can split up and land in a less populated place, even if we meet Are in early-game, we won’t have many losses…”


“Fuck,” Bu Nana gritted his teeth, “It’s one thing to camp for points, but we even have to watch out for that fucking team.”


“Furthermore…” Lao Kai looked at Qi Zui, worried, “Your hand…”


After entering the game, everyone was gathered at the spawn area, Qi Zui gently rubbed his right wrist and suddenly said, “Youth, that time, when you were playing in the online solo competition? Why didn’t you camp for a high rank? Why did you have to fight with Hua Luo?”


Yu Yang who had suddenly been mentioned was stunned, he was quiet for a moment before he said, “In eSports, there’s no such thing as second place.”


Qi Zui smiled.


Both Bu Nana and Lao Kai were silent for a moment before they swore and laughed, “Let’s go!”


The fifth match, it was the Z City-Port N flight path. HOG did not even think and directly landed at the airport.


Are also landed at the airport, and they all died.


The Japanese team landed in the Observation Station11, and they all died.


Two people from MOON, that had separated to camp for a high rank, met HOG in the Eastern large bridge12 and all died.


Lao Kai stared at the kill feed on the screen, quickly calculating the points of the top four teams.


Yu Yang was steadily holding the position as the Kill King this match13, he asked, “What’s the difference now?”


Lao Kai quickly said, “There’s still one person in MOON still camping, without counting the ranking points now, we assuming that we have equal points for now, their team killed one person, so their current ranking is still higher than ours by 145 points.”


While they were speaking, the air drop was about to spawn14, Yu Yang’s eyes shone and he asked in a low voice, “Is there still fuel in the car?”


“Yes,” Lao Kai said unsurely, “You want to… You…”


Because Yu Yang was excited, his voice trembled slightly, “Captain doesn’t have a good gun, he only has a four times scope…”


Qi Zui understood.


Qi Zui nodded, “Go.”


Yu Yang passed Qi Zui his level three helmet and passed his extra bullets to Bu Nana. He threw his extra gun15 and his medical supplied to Lao Kai, driving the car to chase after the air drop.


Qi Zui stood at a high location to help cover16 Yu Yang.


In the five rounds, HOG had continuously been getting Heaven’s Wrath Circles, and every time, they would be harassed by Are. Their luck was already extremely bad, Yu Yang decided to try his luck this round, betting that he could not be more unlucky than he already is.


Yu Yang had made a winning bet this time.


Air drop reward: Big sniper AWM, 20 rounds of magnum17, a fifteen times scope and one adrenaline syringe.


Yu Yang successfully snatched the loot in the air drop before the other teams arrived and drove back quickly.


Qi Zui switched to the AWM and moved his painful right wrist.


The off-site commentator clicked his tongue, “HOG’s Drunk has gotten the monstrous big sniper AWM! The Korean teams were too careless, leaving this sniper to Drunk, this…”


Another commentator was not very optimistic and said, “It’s said that when Drunk uses this sniper, there’s not a single time where he doesn’t get chicken dinner…”


The commentator by the side laughed, “Thankfully, he only has twenty bullets of the magnum that can be used by the AWM. There are still many full teams now. Looking at the situation and calculating, he can only get four heads at most.”


“Around there, but that’s already very scary, their team’s Youth had played aggressively in the airport just now and taken a lot of heads. They are using the advantage of kills to catch up with our MOON team, it’s too risky… The main part of the points comes from the rank in the match, they’re being so aggressive, if they lose in a fight, they might not even be able to get second place.”


“Let’s first wait to see how many kills he can get. Just like what was said just now, there are still a lot of full teams, twenty rounds of magnum, perhaps it would even be very tough to get four kills.”


And Qi Zui managed to get a whole eight kills.


But the last person from the MOON team was still alive!


Without counting the ranking points, there’s still a difference of 65 points,” Lao Kai was already dead and was OBing Qi Zui, “It’s almost the final circle, there won’t be many advantages in getting more kills, and it’ll end up depending on the ranking!”


Bu Nana was so anxious that his eyes were completely red, “Where the fuck is the last person in MOON camping at?!”


Qi Zui’s AWM only had one shot left, Yu Yang suddenly said, “I…I feel that I saw someone in the second floor of the jigsaw house18 in the 45-degree direction19.”


Qi Zui’s heart was moved.


There was only one person left in MOON, so the location chosen would be very careful, camping the whole time on the second floor, it was very possible…


He was the only person left in the team, if he was knocked out, he would immediately be eliminated if that was really the last MOON…


There was only one magnum bullet left…


Bu Nana’s eyesight was not as good as Yu Yang, he asked anxiously, “Are you sure that there’s someone there? There’s only one bullet left!”


Yu Yang hesitated for a moment and nodded, “Yes.”


“Aim your guns, Nana, prepare to get closer.”


Qi Zui changed his position and proned on the ground, opening his scope.


Bu Nana took the risk and moved to the bottom of the jigsaw building and was immediately found, he was directly sprayed with by bullets from another team and knocked out.


“Don’t save me,” Bu Nana gritted his teeth, “There’s no use.”


Yu Yang’s pressure suddenly increased. If the person on the second floor was not from MOON, they would be losing a lot this time…


Bu Nana’s last bit of health decreased and he died. A figure of the person on the second floor flashed by.


The corner of Qi Zui’s lips curved up slightly… He wanted to loot Bu Nana’s equipment.


He was only one person, he needed medical supplies more than anyone else, looking at Bu Nana’s dead crate, it was not possible for him to not try to loot it.


On the second floor, a figure flashed by the window, Qi Zui took note of the time quietly.


The moment that person walked out of the building…


The director changed to Qi Zui’s perspective. The players could not see it, but the audience with the God’s perspective outside of the stadium, and everyone who was watching the competition from the livestream platform could all see and knew very clearly who the person in the house was.


Everyone could not help but hold their breath, waiting to see Qi Zui’s shot…




[HOG-Drunk killed MOON-Honor with AWM]


The HOG fans that were outside the venue and the fans of Drunk had tears in the eyes and roared out crazily. There was no need to continue watching, this competition had already ended for them.


The last member of the MOON team died. MOON was eliminated and lost all possibility of competing with HOG.


And the third ranked TGC team and fourth-ranked FIRE team had far fewer kills than HOG who seemed like they were hacking. The top three positions in the competition would not change anymore.


Qi Zui let go of his mouse and smiled, sighing, “It’s so painful I could die…”


Yu Yang closed his eyes, enduring again and again, but in the end, he could not help it. His left hand left the keyboard and he lowered his head and covered his face.


Bu Nana raised his hand and hammered Lao Kai’s shoulder hard. He sobbed twice, then fell onto his seat, crying in a suppressed manner.


The fifth round, HOG was ranked first, first in kills and HOG’s total score jumped to first place.


The number one was undoubtedly, HOG.


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