AWM Chapter 37

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Chapter 37



The Asian Invitational Tournament was successfully concluded. The six Chinese teams slept for a night after the madness at last night’s dinner. The next day, they packed their luggage one by one and prepared to return to China.


”Champion of the solo competition, runner up for the duo competition, champion of the squad competition…”


In the lobby of the hotel, Lai Hua grabbed Qi Zui, a cheap translator to checkout of the hotel. He Xiaoxu sat on the sofa and drunk tea, settling accounts, “Two champions, one runner-up, one Kill King… based on the exchange rate today, the gold pot is three hundred thousand, the silver pot is two hundred thousand, the Kill King is thirty thousand… It’s only seven hundred thousand in total, without including tax. After working hard for so many days, the prize money is not even enough to pay for the expenses of this trip.”


Xin Ba rarely followed them out for competitions and said, dumbfounded, “This isn’t enough yet?”


“Good question,” He Xiaoxu raised his head and started to settle accounts with Xin Ba, “When we came, our plane seats were upgraded, we need to pay for this ourselves, right? And the hotel room upgrade was also at our own expense, and the food and drinks expenses for these few days…”


Xin Ba laughed dryly, “Actually, there’s no need for these…”


“There’s no need? Did you ask your seniors if they’ll agree? The people in Team One are so delicate. In the recent years, even Lao Lai has become a delicate flower…” He Xiaoxu looked at the Team One members that were all seating on their big luggage’s and playing their phones a distance away, and said helplessly, “These few Young Masters will have to go to the duty-free shops later, and the amount they’ll spend is even more uncountable.”


Qi Zui finished doing the check out and came over. He casually threw the sweets he had taken at the front desk to Yu Yang and asked He Xiaoxu, “What do you mean by uncountable?”


“I’m saying that you guys spend too much,” He Xiaoxu kept his phone and complained for a few sentences, then, he could not help but laugh, “However, since you guys have gotten good results, then you can spend whatever you want. The club isn’t going to take any of your prize money this time. They’ll add an extra fifty percent of the prize money, I’ll transfer the money when we go back.”


Yu Yang looked over on hearing that. He wanted to ask for details but was too embarrassed to open his mouth.


Of course, He Xiaoxu noticed it and took the initiative to say, “We’ll follow the old rules, the prize money will be directly split between team members. Whoever won the prize will get the money, the substitute player will get half the prize money. All the employees will be getting the extra money given by the club, for example, Yu Yang… Without calculating the tax, you will probably get a hundred and twenty or thirty thousand. Thirty thousand from your title as Kill King will be calculated separately and has already been transferred to you.”


“Your Captain definitely gets the most. He will get three hundred thousand just from being the champion of the solo competition. Everyone should continue working hard and try your best to become like Qi Zui in the future,” He Xiaoxu said a few encouraging words and stood up, calling everyone to push their luggage’s out of the hotel and get on the car.


Everyone went to the duty-free shop together to shop.


He Xiaoxu, Lao Kai, and the rest did not have anything to buy. They brought everyone’s luggage to the airport in advance and left the members of the team to walk around by themselves. Xin Ba held a whole list of shopping orders that he had been given by all his aunts and was so busy that he never stopped moving. Lao Kai and Nana went shopping for clothes, and in the time taken for Qi Zui to receive a phone call, Yu Yang disappeared.


Qi Zui sent a message to Yu Yang, asking him where he was.


Qi Zui never waited for duty-free shops to buy what he wants, he would just buy whatever he liked wherever he was. So he followed Yu Yang just to be his free translator but had not expected that he would accidentally lose him.


Qi Zui was worried that Yu Yang would feel anxious because of the language barrier and immediately went to find him after contacting him.


He did not expect that the image he had imagined did not appear, Yu Yang did not have the slightest bit of panic or timidness at all.


He was even very confident.


Yu Yang used his English that was at a level that was so bad it was suffocating, faced the store employee expressionlessly and said, “I want zei si1.”


“Not this. Do you not understand English?” Yu Yang frowned slightly, “I want this wai te2 one, not the bu lai ke3 one… the white one looks nice, the black one doesn’t.”


The shop employee was a young girl, seeing Yu Yang’s handsome and cold face, her face turned red, her temper was surprisingly good and she was inquiring carefully in a low voice


Unfortunately, Yu Yang could not communicate with her. Yu Yang was anxious to finish buying it before Qi Zui came and he hurried her, “Speak English, I don’t understand Korean.”


The girl who had been using English all along and was trying her best to communicate with Yu Yang: “…”


Qu Zui was trying his best to control himself from a distance away so that he would not laugh out loud.


“How many G4 is this?” Yu Yang finally accepted his remarkable ability and no longer used English to torture the store employee. He used his hand actions to get the new model of the phone he wanted, and he was very troublesome, so he motioned with his hands again and said, “I want the one with the largest memory, help me take it.”


The store employee smiled awkwardly, “Come again? Sorry…5


Yu Yang frowned, “I want the one that is the most bi ge6.”


The store employee was desperate and helpless.


Fortunately, Qi Zui came over in time, communicated with the girl in Korean, and successfully got the mobile phone Yu Yang wanted.


As to why he used Korean and not English…


Qi Zui tried his best to hold back his laughter, he’ll just let Yu Yang feel that the shop employee could not understand English.


“Thank…” Yu Yang was a little embarrassed, “Thank you, Captain…”


Qi Zui took out his card and Yu Yang hurriedly said, “I can buy it myself, I just got my prize money.”


Buying a mobile phone would not cost much, Qi Zui nodded, “Alright, you can buy it yourself.”


Yu Yang passed the phone to the store employee, “I want two.”


Qi Zui instinctively looked towards Yu Yang.


Yu Yang lowered his gaze and said softly, “You.. haven’t changed to the new model yet…”


The month before going overseas, HOG had practically become a closed training camp. There was a new model of the phone that had been out for many days but no one had the time to queue up and buy it. Everyone was using their previous phones.


“I saw that your last one was white,” Yu Yang tried his best to act natural, “So… I bought the white one.”


Qi Zui’s heart softened but his mouth was still annoying and made people want to hit him, “Yes, I told you the day before that I quite like the color white.”


It took a few seconds before Yu Yang reacted and realized what Qi Zui was talking about. Thinking about that underwear of his, his face turned red instantly.


Qi Zui smiled and then purposely said in a low voice in front of the female employee, “Thank you for remembering the color I like. I like it very much.”


The female employee packed up the two phones and passed the tax refund form to Yu Yang. Yu Yang’s face was still red and snatched it, then followed behind Qi Zui and left.


Yu Yang still remembered to return Qi Zui’s money. Besides the two phones, he did not spend any more money. On the other hand, Bu Nana and the rest almost maxed out their credit cards. They bought a whole bunch of random, useful, and useless things and only stopped shopping two hours before their boarding time.


After they got on the plane, Qi Zui took out his SIM card from his old phone and put it into his new phone.


Before he lost his signal, Qi Zui received a message coming from the psychological consultant of the team, Xie Chen.


Xie Chen: Youth contacted me.


Qi Zui turned his head to look at Yu Yang who was also changing his SIM card, the corners of his lips lifting slightly.


There were probably a lot of things to deal with after they returned to China.


Yu Yang sat on his seat and changed his phone card. He then switched on his phone and put it away seriously.


Actually, Yu Yang preferred the black phone.


However, he still chose to buy the white one in the end. Yu Yang was too embarrassed to tell Qi Zui that he wanted to have a matching couple’s phone with Qi Zui.


Yu Yang’s thought process was very simple. He wanted to use the prize money he had gotten from his first offline major competition to buy something a couple would use and give it to Qi Zui.


But he had yet to confirm his relationship with Qi Zui. Yu Yang was a little shy to say it directly, so he could only force himself to say that he likes white.


Unfortunately, Qi Zui was not prepared to let him off like that.


Qi Zui sat by himself for a while before he suddenly asked He Xiaoxu, “Does your phone still have signal?”


He Xiaoxu had gone to bed late last night and he was a little sleepy now. He thought that Qi Zui had something to do and opened his eyes blearily, taking out his phone to take a look before he shook his head, “I don’t have signal anymore… Our plane has already taken off for a while, how could I have signal? Do you have something you need to do?”


Qi Zui quietly took out his new phone and let He Xiaoxu have a look at the front and back, shaking his head, “Not really.”


He Xiaoxu used all his strength to blink, then said, “You changed your phone? It’s the new model…”


Qi Zui was waiting for that sentence, he nodded and smiled, “Yu Yang bought it for me.”


He Xiaoxu: “…”


Yu Yang: “…”


He Xiaoxu turned his head angrily, covering his head and going to sleep.


Qi Zui then turned his head to look at Bu Nana, taking out his phone and raising it, “It’s the new model, have you seen it before?”


Bu Nana: “… Drunk, be more normal.”


Qi Zui smiled and looked towards the stewardess walking by. Adhering to the safety-first principle, he wanted to stop her to ask if his newest model white phone needed to be switched off too…


“Captain!” Yu Yang could not stand it anymore and begged for mercy, “Don’t show it to others already…”


Qi Zui did not understand, “What are you embarrassed about?”


Yu Yang’s face was red and he said in a low voice, “Stop…Stop talking about it.”


“When I gave you a watch, you even live-streamed it, when you gave me a phone, why can’t I talk about it?” Qi Zui was in a very good mood. No one knew how happy knowing Yu Yang took the initiative to contact Xie Chen made him, however, it was a pity that he could not share it with anyone. Hence, he could only sit back quietly, “I know, I won’t talk about it anymore… But it should be fine if I post it on my WeChat Moments later when we land, right?”


Yu Yang’s face was completely red and he stuttered, “Any…anything’s fine.”


However, it was a pity that Qi Zui’s new phone did not have a lot of battery, and it automatically turned off a short while after landing.


Qi Zui did not have the habit of bringing a portable charger out. Yu Yang took his phone from him and plugged it into his portable charger, keeping it in his bag.


As usual, HOG went for dinner after the competition to celebrate. Yu Yang made great contributions in the duo match this time and Bu Nana and Lao Kai kept toasting him7. Yu Yang did not reject anyone who asked and drank everything. After he drank a few cups of beer, Yu Yang’s head became a little dizzy.


This dizziness caused him to completely forget that Qi Zui’s phone was charging in his bag.


What happened after, was completely off-track.


After eating and drinking, the employees brought everyone’s luggage back to the base first. The group of them went to a clubhouse they were familiar with to continue their party. Singing and drinking, Yu Yang was drunk and was a little sleepy. He leaned on the sofa alone and pulled out his phone, pulling out the charger cable and held it up…


Yu Yang scrolled through his WeChat Moments, but his mind was still filled with Qi Zui.


Qi Zui during the competition, Qi Zui commentating, Qi Zui accepting his prize, Qi Zui who was injured…


As usual, Yu Yang repeatedly searched through official WeChat accounts that introduced hand injuries and tried to find a reliable hospital.


Yu Yang was extremely dizzy, he randomly shared a few articles, preparing to properly investigate them after he woke up from being drunk…


At the same time, the TGC team’s base.


Hai Xiao who had just finished packing his luggage started to shout, calling everyone over to look at Drunk’s moments on WeChat.


At the same time, in a private room of another clubhouse in Shanghai, Knights, FIRE, Lioness… Those teams that did not win a prize were gathered together, yelling and singing ‘Start Over Again’ loudly. Ye Huo howled for an hour already and could no longer sing, lying on the sofa and looking through his WeChat moments when he suddenly stood up, his expression serious, “Guys… Look at God-Qi’s moments…”


Everyone stopped making noise and groped around for their mobile phones, refreshing their WeChat moments…


Drunk shared ten minutes ago: ‘If you eat more of these things, the small pains and illnesses, even if you don’t want to, it’ll be hard for them to not get well8’.


Drunk shared seven minutes ago: ‘Three actions that’ll let you live till you are ninety-nine’.


Drunk shared six minutes ago: ‘The secret recipe that the old Chinese medicine doctor refused to hand over even on his deathbed, has miraculous effects for hand strains…’.


Drunk shared three minutes ago: ‘Believe in the miracles of modern medicine or believe in returning to nature? Waking up early and lifting your arm has effects that you can’t imagine…’


Everyone looked at Qi Zui’s quiet and magical WeChat Moments and grew silent.


soso shook his head and said bitterly, “I reminded him the year I retired, but he didn’t believe me, look… guys, look…”


Hua Luo was sad, “Speaking of it, I’m only younger than Qi Zui by one year, the next one will probably be me…”


Ye Huo found it hard to understand, “He can’t abandon himself like that, right? Will he eat those strange supplements in the future?”


Bao Liu was not sure, “Is retirement so terrible? He won’t go to bed early and get up early from now on, right?”


soso got goosebumps, “What would he do when he gets up early? Square dance9?”




“Will he play very loud music? The kind that disturbs people…”


“Or will he wear his bluetooth headphones and keep quiet, not fighting with others…”


“I saw Bu Nana’s Weibo. HOG is having a gathering now, they’re all playing so hard, and he shared this…”


“They can play however hard they want, but God-Qi himself is very calm and very controlled.”


“He’s so calm that he shared this…”


“Perhaps he didn’t even drink any alcohol…”


“Perhaps he drank, but he placed wolfberry in his beer…”


“God-Qi is God-Qi, even if he’s retired, he wants to use wolfberry and beer to lead the way for the nightclubs.”


Two hours later, the Chinese, the South Korean, the North American, the European eSports players that had a good relationship with Qi Zui all knew: Drunk was old and he had already begun to share those fake articles about health-care for the middle-aged and the elderly…


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