AWM Chapter 38

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Chapter 38



The next day, the HOG war gods that had finished playing around all night only came out of their rooms one by one at two in the afternoon. Each of them had a hungover look on their face and they were all in a daze as they went downstairs after they cleaned up, waiting to have their meal.


The auntie that took care of them had washed the fruits early in the morning and had placed each of the fruits in separate glass bowls. Everyone had one bowl to themself. When it was placed in front of them, everyone picked up the apples, half-awake and half-asleep as they ate, for a moment, there was only the sound of crunching in the first floor cafeteria.


Qi Zui had woken up half an hour early, a little soberer than the rest. He dug out his mobile phone from a pile of messy coats, scarves, and backpacks.


Qi Zui was thinking about contacting Xie Chen but when he opened his phone, he was met with another surprise.


Qi Zui’s expression was natural as he looked through his WeChat moments and the greetings he got from his friends all over the world, then said mildly, “Did someone touch my newest white phone?”


Qi Zui had drunk quite a lot yesterday, but it was not till the point that he had a gap in his memory. Qi Zui was sure that this was not shared by him.


Everyone continued to numbly eat their fruit, crunching loudly, no one speaking.


Qi Zui sent a simple reply to his parents, using his keyboard to swear that he would not eat health medicine that was not legally certified, and he would not invite some immortal to cast spells on his right hand. He also had no choice but to promise that he would return home this weekend.


Qi Zui threw his phone to the side, and said calmly, “If you admit it now, I won’t lose my temper.”


The canteen was still quiet, everyone’s eyes were devoid of soul as they ate, no one answering.


Only Yu Yang seemed to have been pierced with a needle by someone, and suddenly woke up.


Yu Yang suddenly opened his eyes, slowly raising his head, his movements were extremely light and he slowly took out his phone from the pocket of his pants.


Yu Yang used all of his energy to swallow the fruit in his mouth and opened WeChat, looking at what he posted yesterday—


Absolutely empty.


Then he opened his WeChat moments again, then what greeted him was Qi Zui’s multitude of posts.


Yu Yang closed his eyes, wishing he could swallow his phone…


Bu Nana had finished eating and he pushed the fruit bowl aside, taking out his mobile phone. His gaze was dazed as he murmured, “Enough, there’s no need for you to keep showing off. I know that God-Yang bought you a phone. Lu Xun1 once said, if you show off your love, it’ll die fast…”


Lao Kai shook his head, eating as he corrected, “That was said by Aristotle.”


“Oh, I was confused, it’s fine as long as I got the meaning right,” Bu Nana nodded, habitually opening his WeChat moment, “Can you be more considerate of the feelings of us single dogs? Don’t be like that all day long…The fuck?!!”


Bu Nana’s WeChat moments overlapped with Qi Zui the most2, he saw the page full of likes and asked worriedly, looking towards Qi Zui, his heart breaking, “Captain… You pretend to be so calm on the outside, but you have such complicated feelings in your heart?”


Qi Zui looked at Bu Nana indifferently.


Bu Nana paused and came to a realization. He shrunk his neck, muttering in a low voice, “Whoever who did it, please be more conscious of your actions, don’t drag me into this.”


Qi Zui threw his mobile phone to the side, sticking his two hands into his trousers’ pockets, and counted down, “Five.”








“Captain…” Yu Yang turned around and looked at Qi Zui, mustering up his resolve, “It’s me.”


Qi Zui: “…”


Qi Zui suddenly chuckled. He deleted those rumor-causing articles as he said, “Today, people from the media department of the club will be coming over to film the daily life at the base. I’m not sure how long they’ll be filming, so clean up your things. Don’t wait for the cleaners to sort things out, they won’t have the time to finish it. Those who haven’t showered, please quickly shower…”


Yu Yang was a little uneasy, “I…”


“I won’t allow a second time,” Qi Zui raised it high, then lightly placed it down, “Eat, after you guys are done eating, tidy up your internal affairs.”


It was obvious that he no longer wanted to pursue it.


Bu Nana was extremely jealous and he could not help adding fuel to the fire, “Eh, it’s over just like that?”


Lao Kai had yet to come to a realization. He wiped his hand and stretched out his head to look at Bu Nana’s phone, laughing so much he choked, then, he added to the fire, “You can’t let this go just like this, right? Then should we just randomly play with each other’s phones in the future?”


Yu Yang felt awkward and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry…”


Qi Zui sneered, “Why do you guys care? Does it have anything to do with you guys?”


“How does it not have anything to do with us? If we let everything go like that, then we won’t be able to be managed in the future,” Bu Nana finished eating his fruit, then took advantage of Yu Yang being distracted to take a banana from his bowl, removing the skin as he said, “There needs to be a punishment.”


Lao Kai nodded and said solemnly, “A country has laws, a family has rules, we can’t live without any rules like this, in the long-term, the country will cease to exist.”


Lao Kai suddenly raised the level of the topic, and the atmosphere suddenly became serious.


“Little captain, during the duo competition, I, Bu Nana, owe you a life, I still remember that. but this is a separate matter,” Bu Nana’s expression was serious and he hit the table, “How about this, we are all brother, it’s not suitable to have too serious a punishment, how about you… you kiss Captain-Qi once.”


Yu Yang: “…”


Lao Kai added a condition, “Sit on his thigh and kiss him!”


Xin Ba blushed, excited and anticipating it, “Let’s not… God-Yang is eighteen this year, or is he nineteen? He’s younger than me, it’s not good to do this, right? Is it really alright? Should Captain sit down first? Can you do it by the window? The lighting there is better…”


“You can cause rumors when you’re young?” Bu Nana hit the table, “Quick, quick, quick! We don’t care whether it involves tongue or not, do the action first.”


The corner of Qi Zui’s lips curved up bit by bit, he really could not hold back and lowered his head to smile.


Yu Yang’s face turned completely red, his breathing was obviously much faster than before.


Bu Nana hurried him, “Quick, quick, quick, we still have many things to do today.”


Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang, not feeling very at ease. He was worried that Yu Yang’s illness would act up, and he laughed and scolded Bu Nana a little, before he ended the teasing, “Enough, our phones are the same, and we had yet to create a password to lock our phones. It’s normal, don’t make a fuss anymore, everyone, get out of here…”


“I…” Yu Yang coughed, and said with much difficulty, “I…”


Qi Zui turned his gaze towards Yu Yang.


Yu Yang searched for a cigarette and held it in his mouth. He tried his best to hide his unnatural expression, and tried to calm down and say, “Take it as I owe you that for now.”


Qi Zui could not hold himself back and broke his composure.


Bu Nana and Lao Kai were yelling and wolf-whistling. Yu Yang took his lighter, using the excuse of wanting to smoke to leave the room.


Bu Nana looked at the back of Yu Yang, who was desperately fleeing and tsked, “Aristotle was right, we can’t live without eating dumplings during the New Year, and it’s the best to tease…3 Aiyo!”


Qi Zui threw Bu Nana’s backpack onto his head and smiled coldly, “The heck do you mean by he’s best to tease, I dare you to try to take advantage of him again.”


Bu Nana took the backpack and laughed, “Didn’t we do it for you? How long have you two been like this already? You two are acting ambiguously all the time, what are you waiting for?”


“It’s none of your business.”


Qi Zui got up and went upstairs, contemplating something.


They had just finished a competition and all the eSports teams were still resting, hence, since He Xiaoxu could not manage to get opponents for training competitions, He Xiaoxu decided to just give everyone a holiday. He let everyone do whatever they wanted. It was fine for them to practice on their own, or to livestream, or to tell him and leave the base.


Everyone in the base was lazy and scattered, on the three floors, people were doing all kinds of things at once.


Qi Zui had kept an eye on Yu Yang the whole time.


After Yu Yang had been teased by Bu Nana and Lao Kai, he had apologized to Qi Zui again in private.


Qi Zui knew why Yu Yang was looking at these things. How could he be angry? He did not say anything more, and instead just told him to stop wasting his effort.


Yu Yang did not agree nor did he agree, instead, he just said in a low voice, “How can something be so absolute?”


Sometimes, Qi Zui really did not understand. How could Yu Yang have such great resilience? In his eyes, there seemed to be nothing that was impossible.


Qi Zui knew that his right hand was a ridge in Yu Yang’s heart that he could not get over no matter what, thus, he did not say anything more, and just let Yu Yang be.


The whole afternoon, Qi Zui watched as Yu Yang went to clean up his room.


He cooperated with the media department and filmed a video for a short while.


He went to the balcony to smoke a cigarette.


After he returned, he went on the game, and played solo matches for a few hours, to maintain the feel of playing the game.


After he closed the game, Yu Yang avoided everyone and went downstairs.


A few minutes later, Xie Chen sent Qi Zui a message,


Qi Zui was relieved.


Yu Yang was gone for two hours at once.


Qi Zui, who was outside, looked at the time, not understanding how Yu Yang could sit still.


Qi Zui had never done psychological counseling before. he did not know how the process was and could not understand what they could talk about to keep talking for two hours straight.


Just when Qi Zui began to get worried that Yu Yang had chatted with Xie Chen for so long that they were beginning to have feelings for each other, Yu Yang came out.


His face looked so terrible it was scary.


Qi Zui frowned and returned to his room, giving Xie Chen a call.


“My gosh…” Xie Chen wiped away his sweat and sighed, “I’m dead-tired…”


Qi Zui: “What’s the situation?”


“The details need to be kept a secret, so I can’t tell you, I can only tell you that… the situation doesn’t seem very optimistic.”


“Yu Yang’s situation is more complicated than I thought.”


“My judgment was wrong, he does not have an anxiety disorder in a broad sense, how should I say it…”


“Because of some things that I cannot tell you, he has a misconception.”


“This misconception has hypnotized him for years, making him unable to accept the close contact of others.”


“He was frank enough and said everything… However, when he was communicating with me, he had a huge inner conflict, but he controlled it very well, which surprised me a lot…”


“Because of his childhood experience, he has a very serious negative complex, which was caused by his misconception. I wanted to guide him to feel the reasons for his psychological issues, to gradually relax him and adjust his emotions, but it was useless.”


“He became more worked up instead.”


“You might not be able to understand, to put in simply… I need to use his experiences to guide him in another direction, to let him understand it, to let him accept it. It was alright in the beginning, but when I was trying… to explain another person’s actions and comfort him, he was unable to accept it.”


“He can’t accept that I’m trying to explain the other person’s actions.”


“He didn’t accept that I down-played the past, and he can’t forgive it, and doesn’t want to understand it either… I admit it, if it were me, I would be more resistant than he was.”


“But this is not good for psychological counseling.”


“Youth… he couldn’t let go, so we could not go on. He could not accept my attempt to persuade him and even begun to resist me.”


“So we could only stop for now.”


Qi Zui was quiet for a moment, “So you’re saying that you know what happened to him now, but you can’t tell me, and you weren’t able to help?”


Xie Chen was awkward, “You could put it like that… How about you convince him to find a professional doctor? I’m only a consultant, not a doctor.”


Qi Zui laughed coldly.


“Don’t be worked up, I got some results too,” Xie Chen said hurriedly, “At least now I know his situation, how should I put it… I’ll give you two suggestions.”


“First, find a doctor who’s a hundred times better than me and bring Youth to get treatment, but…with Youth’s situation, you need to be prepared. Furthermore, tell the doctor beforehand to take care when he tried to change his misconception, this would not have much effect on him.”


“The second… You can try desensitization therapy.”


Qi Zui frowned, “Desensitization?”


“Take it slow, start from holding hands, then slowly increase the length of time of hand-holding… The process should take very long, but it’s direct and effective.”


Qi Zui chuckled, “The team spent so much money to keep you here, and you can’t cure his illness and want him to desensitize himself?”


“Captain Qi, you don’t understand the situation at all, alright?” Xie Chen cried out bitterly, “His situation is too special! I’ve never seen someone with a situation as miserable as his… Erm, no, it’s nothing.”


Qi Zui was upset, “What exactly happened to him when he was a child?!”


Xie Chen was helpless, “I’m sorry, this… I can’t help you with it. I can’t tell you.”


Qi Zui cursed.


“But don’t worry,” Xie Chen said tactfully, “At least it’s not the worst-case scenario, that is… the worst-case scenario that I had imagined before this.”


Qi Zui said mildly, “I have nothing to be worried about.”


Xie Chen laughed dryly, “I thought you were worried, worried that he had been… I thought you cared about that.”


“I’m only worried about whether he can get well,” Qi Zui said coldly, “Why do I need to care about happened in the past?”


Xie Chen smiled, “That’s good, anyway… You can consider the second method.”


“Does it matter even if I consider it?” Qi Zui was irritated, “If he doesn’t want to…”


“He’s willing to,” Xie Chen simply said, “I’m sure.”


Qi Zui already lacked trust in Xie Chen, “Are you sure?”


Xie Chen hesitated for a while, “I should be able to say this…er…Yu Yang asked me about something just now.”




“When he went out this time, I don’t know where he managed to buy a bottle of Rush from,” Xie Chen said awkwardly, “He really thinks of me as a doctor, and he thought I knew pharmacology, he asked me… if this affected the urine test or not.”


“Rush…” Qi Zui was dumbfounded, “What’s that?”


“A muscle relaxant and a stimulant…” Xie Chen smiled, embarrassed, “Are you sure you want me to tell you in detail?”


“…” Qi Zui was infuriated. “Where did he find out about that rubbish…”


Xie Chen hurriedly expressed his loyalty, “I said it! That it was best for him not to take any kind of medicine. Although this sort of thing won’t affect the urine test, in the end, it isn’t good for the body.”


Qi Zui hung up the phone.


Yu Yang was in his room, sitting by the window and in a quiet daze.


There was the sound of someone knocking on the door.


Yu Yang took a deep breath and jumped off the window sill, opening the door.


Qi Zui’s expression was extremely bad and he tried his best to control his anger before he said in a deep voice, “Take it out.”


Yu Yang was at a loss, “What?”


Qi Zui: “Rush.”


Yu Yang’s face turned white instantly.


Qi Zui completely sold Xie Chen out, “Don’t worry, he only told me about this… Give it to me.”


Yu Yang was slightly relieved. He hesitated for a moment and opened his luggage, taking out a medicine bottle.


Qi Zui took it and glanced at it, then raised his gaze, “Just this one bottle?”


Yu Yang was so embarrassed that he did not even dare to raise his head, nodding and softly making a sound of agreement.


Qi Zui carefully looked at the description on the medicine bottle, so angry he laughed, “I underestimated you… You’re so young, but you know quite a lot.”


Yu Yang gritted his teeth.


“Youth…” Qi Zui curved his lips, whistling like a hooligan, “You’re pretty wild, you even want to use medicine?”


Yu Yang muttered, “I was just…”


“I don’t care what you’re doing it for, I’m sorry,” Qi Zui used force on his left hand and broke the bottle with his hand, “I refuse to cooperate.”


Yu Yang’s ears and face were red.


Qi Zui grabbed a piece of waste paper from Yu Yang desk and tightly wrapped the medicine bottle up, leaving the room and throwing it into the rubbish bin, “You aren’t allowed to make this mistake again.”


Yu Yang lowered his head in embarrassment.


Qi Zui could not bear to do it in the end and just helplessly sighed, “Don’t keep playing with such extreme things… You’ll see in the future that you don’t need this.”


Yu Yang raised his gaze.


Qi Zui said lazily, “The Right Hand of God is the best relaxant.”


Yu Yang instinctively looked towards Qi Zui’s right hand that was still wrapped in bandages, his cheeks turned red and he was completely speechless.


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  1. So… he was going to roofie himself to get intimate with drunk? Well maybe not roofie but a stimulant.. don’t do that.. 🙁

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