AWM Chapter 43

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Hello! Cherry here, hope that everyone’s doing well! I’m so sorry, but for the next 2~3 weeks, I probably won’t be able to upload chapters… My midterms are coming up and I have to take some time off for revision, but I promise I’ll be right back as soon as midterms are over! Thank you so much for understanding~ This chapter came a bit late because I was revising and lost track of time, but hope that yall enjoy it!

Chapter 43



After the topic of #Drunk retirement#, #Drunk coming out of the closet# took over a lot of the trending lists. In less than half an hour, the situation with Qi Zui and Yu Yang had dominated all the eSports sections on various social media platforms.


He Xiaoxu, who nearly fainted, was given Lai Hua’s wife’s calming liquid and brought back to life. He Xiaoxu had sobered up and opened Weibo, his hands trembling. He had a little bit of delusion left in his mind… Qi Zui only mentioned Yu Yang’s game ID and not his Chinese name. Anyway, the word Youth had a lot of meaning, it could be explained as Qi Zui’s youth, his youthful days, his…


He Xiaoxu looked at the obvious ‘@Youth’ on Qi Zui’s Weibo and almost fainted again.


Qi Zui did not leave him with any way out, completely cutting off the possibility for other people explaining what his statement meant.


That was not the only thing that had happened. After Qi Zui posted the Weibo, he went on his main livestreaming account and entered Yu Yang’s livestream room.


Qi Zui’s main livestream account was a VIP account that the platform had specially provided to him. When he entered any livestream room, there would be a fullscreen special effects announcement, and when Qi Zui entered the livestream room, his announcement covered the page.


Qi Zui started to give gifts to Yu Yang1.


A thousand RMB per present, Qi Zui seemed to not want his money and kept gifting those presents2.


The whole livestream platform started to be spammed.


The barrage from the anti-fans from before was completely cleaned out.


Yu Yang’s brain had crashed from the moment Qi Zui posted on Weibo. He was livestreaming and his camera was on so he did not dare to move or speak, scared that Qi Zui would walk over and have an in-person introduction. He knew how many female fans Qi Zui had and was scared that he would affect Qi Zui’s popularity. He did not want to make it such a big matter and the two of them had yet to get back together. Yu Yang did not have the guts to publicize their relationship. He never expected that Qi Zui, who had a calm expression just now would suddenly make public their relationship in this way.


When Qi Zui sent the thirty-second one, Yu Yang could not stand it anymore and raised his head to say, “Stop… Stop sending me gifts.”


“Why can’t I send it?” Qi Zui continuously pressed on the button to send gifts and smiled, “Shouldn’t you say something, like thanking Drunk-gege3’s gifts or something?”


Yu Yang was anxious, “Thank… no, stop sending gifts…”


Qi Zui stopped for a moment and said, “Switch on your microphone.”


Yu Yang was stunned. He subconsciously felt that Qi Zui was setting a trap for him and hesitated.


Qi Zui smiled and sent ten more gifts.


Yu Yang’s hand movement was quick and he instantly switched on his microphone.


Qi Zui was satisfied and continued to send gifts.


Yu Yang said frantically, “I’ve already switched on my microphone, stop sending…“


Qi Zui smiled lazily, “If I don’t send any gifts, will that group of idiots know that the two of us are for real?”


Qi Zui’s words were clearly captured by Yu Yang’s microphone and passed into the livestream room.


The barrage instantly exploded


Yu Yang quickly turned off his microphone and closed his camera. However, the second before the camera turned dark, everyone saw that Yu Yang’s lips were mouthing: Isn’t it enough that I know?


“You know…” Qi Zui laughed, “Didn’t you know from a long time ago?”


Qi Zui only stopped after he sent ninety-nine gifts.


Qi Zui raised his gaze and looked towards Yu Yang, “I’ve confessed to you twice, haven’t you known my feelings for a long time?”


Yu Yang’s heart swelled and his eyes turned a little red.


“Other things don’t matter, I’m already used to being verbally attacked by those people and won’t get angry, but…” Qi Zui let go of the mouse and said mildly, “They can’t insult your tattoo.”


“When you got that tattoo, both you and I know very well.”


Yu Yang gritted his teeth.


The day before he got his tattoo, Yu Yang had accidentally heard the news about Qi Zui retiring and wanting to hand him the Captain position.


Yu Yang had never thought about wanting to be the Captain and had also never thought that Qi Zui would retire.


Yu Yang had the awkward position of being the ‘ex-boyfriend’, he could not even ask Qi Zui directly when Qi Zui was leaving as soon as he arrived.


Qi Zui lowered his gaze and smiled, “When it comes down to it, I let you down…”


“How did you let me down…” Yu Yang lowered his gaze, “After playing in the Busan competition, I’m already satisfied.”


“The team… I will learn how to properly lead them as well.”




Yu Yang picked up his phone, looking at that Weibo that had tagged him multiple times. He felt a little embarrassed, “Anyway… Everyone already thinks that we are really together…”


“What do you mean?” Qi Zui moved closer to him, testing the waters. He held Yu Yang’s hand and carefully observed his expression, “Do you want… to try it out with me?”


The tips of Yu Yang’s fingers were a little cold and he said, embarrassed, “You threw the medicine away and without the medicine, I’m scared I…”


“…” Qi Zui was powerless, “I’m not talking about that.”


Yu yang shut his mouth, feeling awkward.


“Also,” Qi Zui frowned, “Did I spoil you too much? You’re ignoring what I said? You still want to use medicine?”


Yu Yang said, feeling embarrassed, “I just wanted to try it out and see if I’ll lose consciousness if I use it…”


“But it’s a pity that I have no interest in necrophilia,” Qi Zui said coldly, “I like wilder ones.”


Yu Yang’s face turned explosively red.


“Can you try to accept me?” Qi Zui took hold of Yu Yang’s arm and brought Yu Yang towards him. He thought about Yu Yang’s past and hinted to him in a low voice, “I’m not fierce and I won’t bully you. I won’t let you use any weird medicine, and I won’t let you feel uncomfortable…”


Yu Yang’s breathing started to speed up.


“Let’s go step by step,” Qi Zui let go of Yu Yang’s hand and took a step back, smiling, “At least we’ve held hands.”


Yu Yang controlled his breathing, trying his best to adjust his emotions. He said, somewhat in a trance, “Step by step?”


“Yes, today is the arm, tomorrow could be the shoulder?” Qi Zui sat at his desk and twisted the cap of the mineral water open, gulping down half a bottle. He asked in a gentlemanly way, “Can you accept his kind of practice?”


Yu Yang pursed his lips and nodded his head softly.


The huge burden in Qi Zui’s heart was relieved.


Qi Zui was about to say something else when He Xiaoxu came upstairs.


Yu Yang hid back behind his computer.


He Xiaoxu sipped on the calming heart medicine as he burst into tears, “Qi Zui you fucking…”


Qi Zui felt a headache coming on and escaped in a hurry. He Xiaoxu, who was angry, followed him out.


Qi Zui went to look for the physiotherapist for his massage, locking He Xiaoxu outside. Yu Yang, on the other hand, hid in the training room, using muscle memory in his hand to practice his gun skills. His head was filled with the ‘practice’ that Qi Zui had just talked about.


Yu Yang was slightly excited. He realized that when Qi Zui held his arm just now, he did not suffer too much.


So… desensitization was really feasible.


No one wished for him to be able to have more intimate interactions with Qi Zui than Yu Yang himself.


Yu Yang had not felt warmth since young. Qi Zui’s gentleness was too enticing, and it was like a drug, tempting Yu Yang.


Yu Yang even opened excel unconsciously, wanting to make a plan.


While Qi Zui, who was downstairs was thinking about when he could kiss Yu Yang, Yu Yang had already driven the car to the edge of the city in his schedule.


Yu Yang finished writing out his schedule and hesitated over sending it to Qi Zui.


Yu Yang thought about it while he was training his gun skills in his custom server. He was thinking about it daytime but was still too embarrassed to send the document to Qi Zui.


When the sky started to brighten, Yu Yang deleted the form, his face red, and prepared to go to sleep.


Before he shut off his Internet, Yu Yang opened the forum to take a glance… everyone was discussing the matter between him and Qi Zui.


The fact that they were boyfriends had already been confirmed and Qi Zui’s tattoo in a  more secretive position successfully defeated the rumors about abuse. The forum had already been completely taken over by CP4 fans. Yu Yang relaxed, switched off his phone, and went to sleep.



At the same time, in the old residential area of a small Northern third-tier city, the early risers had already begun their day of work.


A man was wrapped in a somewhat new jacket, his steps weak as he walked downstairs. He strolled to the warehouse in the next street to take over someone’s shift, helping the factory to guard the warehouse.


The other person that was working in shifts with him was a youth. He lived in the same building as the man and everyone in the neighborhood was familiar with each other.


The young man had played games the whole night, his eyes were bloodshot and when he saw someone arrive, he stretched and greeted the other man.


The man acknowledged the greeting and entered, sitting on the chair. He had a larger figure and when he sat down, the chair squeaked.


The man peeked over at the young man’s laptop, asking casually, “What are you playing?”


“PUBG, you won’t know even if I told you about it.”


It was just 6 o’clock and the breakfast stands were not even set up. The boy had wanted to buy breakfast before returning home. He wanted to make use of the Internet in the warehouse to download a few movies and was not in a hurry to leave. He exited the game interface and started to scroll through the forums and posts.


The man had not much entertainment and he could not hold a conversation with the youth. He felt that the young man was in the way and said, irritated, “What’s the use of playing this?”


“Even if I told you, would you understand?” The young man laughed, “Do you know that those that play well can earn a lot of money in one year?”


The man sneered, “What can you do even if you play well? Go to an Internet cafe to watch over the computers?”


The young man could not talk to him and was too lazy to bother with him. He thought of what his parents were gossiping about today and laughed, “Your cheap son watched computers in the Internet cafes in the past and you think that everyone watched computers? Those that play well… come, look at this person!”


The young man randomly opened a post, pointing at the person on it, and said, “It’s him! The one who just retired. His club gives him a contract signing fee of 30 million RMB a year, that’s just the contract signing fee, others… hmph hmph.”


The man still did not believe it. He was stubborn and rude, “What did he do to get 30 million RMB? Did he expose his stomach and be a rich woman’s boy toy?”


The young man laughed, “Boy toy? Tell me, who can afford to keep him as a boy toy? Furthermore, he doesn’t like women either, hahahahaha…”


The man smiled ambiguously, “No man doesn’t like women.”


“Nevermind… I can’t communicate with you, I’ll go and buy some pancakes and fruit, don’t touch my computer!” The breakfast stall had already been set up and the young man picked up his wallet and went out.


The man looked at the person on the laptop screen from a distance. He felt a little curious, and he ignored that young man’s instructions. He walked over and wanted to see how good that man was, being able to earn so much money in one year.


It was a pity, but that post was not discussing the salary. The man could understand all the words in the forum, but when it was combined into sentences, he was completely confused.


The man pulled on the mouse, feeling his interest decreasing. No matter how he looked at it, he did not feel that this young good-looking man was worth 30 million.


The young man returned from buying breakfast. When he saw that man touching his computer, he got angry, “Eh! Eh! What are you doing? Didn’t I tell you not to touch it!”


The man’s temper flared up as well, “A child like you dares to yell at me?! What’s wrong with me touching it?!”


The man’s face was puffy and his nose bridge was dark.  His face turned purple rapidly when he got angry and he looked a little frightening. The young man remembered his mom’s instructions not to provoke this man. He held himself back and did not say anything more. He grabbed his schoolbag and packed up his things.


The man spat and scolded him with a bunch of obscene swearing, and turned to take water.


The young man looked down on this kind of old bachelor who had no skills. He cursed silently. He wanted to leave, however, his movie was almost done downloading and he could only bear with it.


The youth looked down at the download progress bar and sat down, continuing to scroll through the forum.


The man wanted to explode at him. When he raised his gaze and looked over, he was stunned.


“Who’s this?!”


The youth was very annoyed, “Are you finished? Who’s this? Would you know him?”


The man rushed over in a few steps and pointed at the person on the screen, “Why is this… This rascal here?”


The young man was full of disdain, “I said that you won’t understand, you’re calling him a rascal? This is God-Yang! What are you randomly calling him.”


“He’s one year younger than me and has just returned from competing in Korea. The prize money he’s earned is enough for us to pay a down payment here,” The young man looked at the man in disdain, “You’re overreacting because you have not seen much of the world.”


The man muttered, “One year younger than you… born in ‘99… that’s right…”


“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”


The youth’s movie was done downloading and he quickly shut down his computer, carrying his backpack and running off.


The man leaned on the desk in the warehouse alone, and after a long time, he suddenly grinned.


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