AWM Chapter 46

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Chapter 46



Before being questioned by the police for recording purposes, Yu Yang finally realized that he had almost killed Xu Dawei.


“It’s okay, he’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with him at all,” Qi Zui said in a low voice by Yu Yang’s ear, “If you don’t remember anything, there’s no need to talk about it, do you understand?”


Yu Yang nodded, dazed.


Qi Zui and He Xiaoxu were always by Yu Yang’s side.


Qi Zui had been at the scene and He Xiaoxu lied and said that he knew everything, forcefully squeezing his way in.


“We’ll be able to suppress the news about this situation, trust me,” He Xiaoxu stopped his usual girlish tone and lowered his voice to say properly, “We the ones with logic on our side in this situation. It’s fine, if there’s any problem, push it to me and let me deal with them. Don’t meddle with it too much. I’m relying on you two to help me get rich, don’t make trouble for me, don’t ruin your reputation. Especially you, Youth, your reputation is too valuable, do you understand?”


Yu Yang took a deep breath and did not say anything.


Besides the fact that he lost control and strangled Xu Dawei just now, Yu Yang did not do anything that would cause him to be in trouble.


God knows how he managed to put up with it these few days.


Many times, Yu Yang wanted to ask Xu Dawei to come out, drive a car and knock him down, or directly beat him to death, or use his hands to strangle him to death…


Yu Yang was in a bit of a trance even now, he kept having scenes out of his imagination flash by his eyes as if he had actually killed Xu Dawei.


If parallel dimensions existed, if Yu Yang did not meet Qi Zui, perhaps that was what would have happened.


The person who had him since he was young had appeared and did not feel remorse, instead, he wanted to blackmail Yu Yang for money.


If he dared to appear, he was simply seeking death.


Yu Yang would kill Xu Dawei and be punished according to the law.


This was the kind of thing that Yu Yang, who had been making a living in underground Internet cafes since he was young, would do.


But in this dimension, from the start, when Yu Yang had first transferred the first sum of money, he had already given up on the chance of dealing with this scumbag on his own.


He swallowed his anger and dealt with Xu Dawei in a roundabout way.


To get more evidence, he endured his disgust and tried his best to contact Xu Dawei more frequently.


He even lowered his head and borrowed money from Qi Zui because he did not know the law in detail and was worried that he would not be able to get Xu Dawei imprisoned for life this time.


Even He Xiaoxu was secretly surprised, he found it incredible, and could not believe that Yu Yang managed to endure everything.


Yu Yang raised his gaze and looked at Qi Zui who was contacting people outside the glass window.


Qi Zui felt his gaze and turned around.


Qi Zui covered his phone and said a few things to Yu Yang.


Separated by a wall, Yu Yang could not hear anything, but by reading his lips, Yu Yang recognized what Qi Zui was saying.


What Qi Zui said was: Don’t worry.


Yu Yang lowered his gaze and suddenly, tears flowed out.


I could have endured the darkness if I had never seen the light.


After he met Qi Zui, after he met HOG… even though it had only been a short few months, but Yu Yang has already changed.


He could not bear to die.


Yu Yang lowered his head and buried it in his arms, controlling his sobs.


He gave up.


In the long years to come, he would no longer regret that he did not execute that animal himself.


If there was a reason for all sufferings, then these years where he had lived a horrible life was probably for him to accumulate enough luck for him to meet his beam of light.


“There’s no problem, right?” He Xiaoxu discussed with Qi Zui, “That man… he doesn’t have any injuries, right? Just say that I was the one who strangled him, anyway, no one recognizes me. It’s fine even if it’s exposed, I’ll just take it as my minute of fame.”


“There’s no need,” Qi Zui shook his head, “And it won’t be exposed either, I’ve finished contacting people, it won’t be in the news, and there won’t be any media reporters knowing about it. Furthermore… it’s not a major injury, so even if he wanted to check for injuries, there’s no need to be worried.”


He Xiaoxu felt an evil fire burning in his heart and he said cruelly, “He can ask to check for injuries if he can. There’s nothing wrong with him, and even if he had some injuries from the strangulation, I can make it so that they would not find anything wrong with him.”


“Don’t make matters more complicated,” Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang’s back and said mildly, “Don’t ignore his wishes… this situation can be dealt with properly.”


He Xiaoxu sneered, “Of course it can be. He fucking cheated Yu Yang out of almost 3 million RMB, even the police were shocked. Such a big case… Yu Yang’s smart, he knew how to make a big fuss. I went to find out just now, that scum has already spent a few hundred thousand RMB, I’ll make sure to sue him till he rots in prison…”


Qi Zui was silent for a moment, “Fifty-four years old…”


“Choose a ‘good’ prison for him,” He Xiaoxu said coldly, “He can probably be sent to his death, don’t worry, I’ll give him a good coffin and make sure to arrange everything properly for him.”


Qi Zui did not say anything.


Xu Dawei definitely needed to be imprisoned, there was both evidence and witnesses, there were records of the phone calls made, records of the bank transfers, there was even cash from when he was arrested. There was no need for them to do anything, Yu Yang had already arranged everything.


Furthermore, the background of the crime and the purpose of the crime were both clear. The police just needed to do a small check to understand Yu Yang’s past.


The childhood that Yu Yang had hidden for a long time was exposed bit by bit in front of the current team during the process of questioning Xu Dawei.


To ensure that Xu Dawei did not have the chance to defend himself, Yu Yang shared everything he knew.


The wounds he had been covering tightly were exposed one by one, analyzed, and judged.


The other people from HOG had also followed them here. Bu Nana was gritting his teeth loudly, and regretting the fact that he had slept too deeply, why did he come out so late, why didn’t he punch that scumbag a few times before the police came?


Lai Hua had a gloomy face, and contacted his contacts, preparing to ‘make proper arrangements’ for Xu Dawei.


Lao Kai was considered quite calm, he stopped the group of people, “Don’t be too impulsive, don’t show how indignant you are… Youth doesn’t want to let us know.”


Bu Nana was so angry that his lungs hurt, “This scum, is he even a human? Eh, I can’t deal with it anymore… I’m going to explode from anger. Yesterday, when Yu Yang borrowed money from me, I was teasing him, I thought that he wanted to prepare some surprise for the captain, he…why doesn’t he know how to discuss things with us?!”


Lai Hua said coldly, “How do you want him to discuss it with us?”


“Do you want him to tell you guys how pitiful he was in the past?”


“Or do you want him to beg you guys to help him get rid of his previous stepfather?”


“This is a private matter, he’s already an adult, he’s already a man,” Lai Hua sniffed, then said in a low voice, “He needs to deal with it himself, to deal with that scumbag himself.”


Xin Ba’s eyes turned red, he had grown up very well protected and found it hard for him to imagine that there would be this sort of person in this world.


“Everyone, calm down, Youth still has a long way to go, leave such things in the past,” Lao Kai biggest worry was that Yu Yang would be affected, “What Lao Kai was the most worried about is that Yu Yang would be affected, “Thankfully, that scum doesn’t know anything, and did not make much noise on the Internet. Right now, no one knows anything. The police officers do not know what we do for a living either. We’ve managed to hide it from both sides, Captain Qi’s already said that we need to make sure that we keep this situation under wraps. Everyone should stay calm, don’t livestream, and don’t talk nonsense for a few days.”


Bu Nana was so angry his face turned purple, he suppressed his anger and nodded, “Of course.”


Unlike his teammates, Qi Zui had been very calm from the beginning till now.


Qi Zui listened to Yu Yang’s recount of the abuse he had suffered during his childhood as if he1 wanted to hurt himself. Qi Zui did not miss a single word, as if he wanted to carve it into his heart.


Qi Zui thought back to a year ago, that day where he had pushed Yu Yang away and he left without even looking back.


What had Yu Yang thought at that time?


Qi Zui muttered to himself in a daze: How could you bear to do that?


The case was straightforward and there were no doubts. After Yu Yang told them everything, he was quickly sent out.


The amount of money involved in this case was a lot, and the money that had been extorted by Xu Dawei could not be returned instantly. Thankfully, no one minded and He Xiaoxu proclaimed that he was Yu Yang’s boss and a distant relative and stayed behind to help Yu Yang settle the remaining issues.


He Xiaoxu had always been very black-hearted and cruel towards outsiders. Everyone felt at ease and after picking Yu Yang up, they returned to the base.


The whole journey back, no one dared to talk to Yu Yang.


After getting off the car and entering the base through the main door, it was only when he reached the entrance of the stairway that Yu Yang suddenly realized that he had survived it.


“I’m sor…sorry.” Yu Yang’s Adam’s apple moved slightly, “I…”


“I’ll give you three days off,” Lai Hua cut in to speak before Yu Yang finished what he wanted to say. “Rest well, don’t overthink. He Xiaoxu will help you keep an eye on the case. When you’re needed, we’ll send you there, and there will be other people that’ll help you deal with other things.“


Lao Kai nodded his head, “There’s nothing to apologize for, we… are also at fault. We were like dummies, not realizing anything.”


The rims of Bu Nana’s eyes turned red, “You’re the youngest in the whole Team One, but we didn’t take care of you properly…”


Xin Ba lowered his head to wipe away his tears. He could not control himself and cried.


“Everyone else can go and do whatever you need to do,” Qi Zui held Yu Yang’s arm lightly, “I’ll send you back to your room.”


Yu Yang only felt that his feet were on solid ground when he sat on the sofa in his room.


Qi Zui picked up the bat that Yu Yang had thrown on the table and quietly let out a breath of relief.


Qi Zui threw the bat to the side and stood in front of Yu Yang, saying after a while, ”It’s my fault…”




Yu Yang raised his gaze and tried his best to hold back his tears.


“It’s not you, I shouldn’t have come back today,” Yu Yang looked at Qi Zui, his voice hoarse, “I could not bear to leave you…”


Qi Zui’s eyes turned red instantly.


“It’s my fault,” Qi Zui took a deep breath, he had not wanted to say this sort of thing at this moment, but he was too worried, so he could only say, “But this is the last time.”


Qi Zui took a long look at Yu Yang. “Darling, it’s hard for me to fall for someone, so don’t mess with me anymore.”


Yu Yang knew how uneasy Qi Zui had been when he suddenly received the news about Yu Yang this morning, he looked at Qi Zui guiltily, his throat felt blocked and he could not say a single word.


“If something else happens, discuss it with me first,” Qi Zui raised his hand to raise Yu Yang’s jaw and smiled, “We’ve already reconciled.”


Yu Yang suppressed his sobs and nodded his head with all his strength.


“There’s one more thing…” Qi Zui breathed out, “The situation this time was a little high-key and everyone was scared, it’s considered a serious breach of the rules, so don’t blame me, I have to punish you.”


Yu Yang continued to nod his head.


As long as he could stay here, Yu Yang was fine with anything.


“I’ve warned you before not to touch your money for no reason, looks like you didn’t treat my words seriously,” Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang and said mildly, “From today onwards, all of your salary, your reward money, your earnings from doing endorsements… will all be kept by me.”


Yu Yang had tears in his eyes as he nodded his head, he would go along with whatever Qi Zui was saying, and he was willing to accept any punishment dealt to him.


“How long I’ll keep the money for… that’ll depend on your performance.”


“Every month, I’ll give you pocket money, we’ll set it at ten thousand per month for now, and if you need to spend a large sum of money, come and look for me. As long as it’s not something against the law, I’ll give it to you… no matter how much.”


“I’ll handle your money according to the highest interest rate in the market, and when you need it, I’ll return everything to you with the interest.”


“And…” Qi Zui lightly held Yu Yang’s hand and said softly, “Since the money will be controlled by me, the money you give your Mom and your brother every month… will also be paid by me.”


Yu Yang hurriedly raised his head.


Yu Yang understood that Qi Zui was not punishing him, Qi Zui was…


“The few thousand that you give every month, I won’t give more than that, and I won’t give less than that. If there are any accidents, I’ll settle it as well,” Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang gently, “In the future, you do not need to contact her anymore, I’ll do it.”


The tears that Yu Yang had held back for a long time suddenly started to fall.


The shackles that had been on Yu Yang’s heart all the time for many years were suddenly removed and Yu Yang knelt on the ground as if he had collapsed, burying his face in the palm of Qi Zui’s hand and wailing loudly.


“Forget about it, these people will have nothing to do with you in the future,” Qi Zui gently touched Yu Yang’s hair, “I’m here.”


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9 thoughts on “AWM Chapter 46

  1. sometimes forgiving is not always the right answer, letting go and choosing yourself for one could also be the answer.

  2. my heart hurts 😭

    on another note, other than saying it verbally, QZ doesnt really show his love to YY. like i bet this would be the only chapter talking about how QZ reacted to YY childhood abuse. same as the time when YY took a tattoo. the author just glosses on it for 1 or 2 chapters and then on the next chapters, its like YY is being treated like any teenager.

    QZ first reaction is “heartache” “mumbling to himself” but when he talks to YY he goes straight to reality, talking about expenses, etc. like no comfort is given.

    like yeah he tattooed YY ID name on his body and retired but honestly thats it.

    YY, on the other hand (1) tattooed his name (btw no care shown by QZ not even medicine) , (2) was misunderstood one sidedly (no sorry given by QZ, even played the victim), (3) endured not being a pro player for a year to get a chance to go to QZ team, (4) and when he finally goes, he is thrown with heavy responsibility as a captain (not even realizing his dream to play with Qz) , (5) put more effort in their relationship tbh

    like,,, can we please fluff up YY other than teasing him and making him blush because of dirty jokes and halfhearted promises????

  3. For this one, i can’t agree. I’m sorry, but i will state my opinion and hope you understand… For me, QZ actually shown his love to Y through voice and action by doing nothing. Yes, it actually how he express his love.

    First, from the start, we all know that YY has an “illness” and scared to people near or touch him. And, QZ promised that he wouldn’t do anything to YY at all unless YY ready (i mean, just look how much QZ starve for YY’s love but have to endure it because he want YY to feel safe first), even QZ stop YY from using “rush”, if QZ doesn’t love YY at all, he will force himself to YY, but we know the truth that QZ already show his love to YY. This is why he’s so happy went YY finally want to go to psychiatrist, and got a little information about YY + step by step making YY comfortable.

    Second, because QZ cannot and will not force YY, he show his love by flirting, remember when YY think QZ as a gentleman and makes QZ think “he shouldn’t act like human”, they know it actually QZ express himself to YY, and YY want it too.

    Third, i think QZ never treat YY as a teenager except when sometime YY doing something stupid (still love him and will fight QZ over YY tho), he believe in YY more than anyone, because he know that YY can solve his problem himself, but still will protect him and help him.

    Fourth, that QZ buy him watch which is a million, forgive YY in speed (lmao) when YY do something wrong (even tho he will kill other people), bragging about his new phone from YY (which is cute), and that tattoo too

    And a lot of simple thing he do that i canot express it. Dang, he actually do so much just like YY do so much for him, This story is so good because of this, it have a neat flow and slowly but surely the problem but didn’t forget to show their love, they both trying hard for a better relationship!

    QZ and YY are the best partner, they always success to make me jealous

  4. I completely agree! Not everyone shows love blatantly and overwhelmingly. There are people like Qi Zui too whose love language is ‘quiet’ and patient. Flirting aside, how he shows love is already very compatible especially for a person like Yu Yang who struggles to receive affection. Yu Yang doesn’t want pity, and he definitely won’t take overwhelming physical comfort well. Qi Zui always left Yu Yang alone first when Yu Yang’s upset, then when he feels that Yu Yang’s ready, he comes to coax him. He is very good in terms of giving Yu Yang space while always still be within an arm’s length. The only time he physically comforted Yu Yang was bc Yu Yang had totally lost composure and he needed to be physically separated from the stepdad. I think this proves that Qi Zui loves Yu Yang way more than he let on, to the point he could bury his desires and needs aside if it means he could make Yu Yang feel safe. He also understands what Yu Yang needs best. When Yu Yang needs to be deflected from his problems, he joked and flirted. But when Yu Yang stepped a toe out of the line, he confronts him directly. Just for this, Qi Zui is one of my all-time favorite gongs!

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