AWM Chapter 51

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Chapter 51



He Xiaoxu did not wait for the other guy to scold him, after he scolded him, he quickly hung up the phone, smiling coldly as he stroked his hair, “He’s trying to step on us because we are at a disadvantage right now? Interesting…”


Lai Hua’s expression was one of shock, his mouth wide open, unable to speak for a long time.


“Manager He is powerful, Lady He is fucking brilliant,” Qi Zui clapped, expressionless, “I feel that your salary is too much too, do you not want your monthly bonus this month?”


“I don’t want it, I don’t want it! It’s just tens of thousands of RMB, I’m not lacking that amount of money! Anyway, they are going to switch teams and sponsor TGC! If the sponsor stops sponsoring in the future, they’ll say that I didn’t deal with the sponsors properly and offended the manager. I’ll have to take responsibility, and that’ll at least be better than saying that our team cannot make it anymore, and can’t compare to TGC!”


Lai Hua patted his thigh, “That’s right! I thought that it was too embarrassing to lose a sponsor, but when you put it like that, that’s alright! You’re quite smart…”


“It’s mainly for me to vent my anger, I couldn’t stand this scum for a long time already,” He Xiaoxu sighed, “Originally, our relationship was a win-win sort of relationship, it would be best for us to cooperate. Now that we aren’t working together, if you think that our team can no longer make it, if you tell us clearly, we can end the working relationship happily! We’ve already worked together for three years, it’s one thing for them to decide to end our partnership because of some minor changes, why did they have to step on us before the working relationship ends? Why are they insisting on leaving us hanging, delaying my time in finding a new sponsor, they deserve to be scolded…”


He Xiaoxu calmed down and frowned, “Enough. All of you can go off now. I’ll call the headquarters to admit my mistake, I’ll probably be scolded to death, there’s no need for you to stay here and listen.”


Lai Hua tried his best to control his smile and called Qi Zui to leave the lounge.


In the third-floor training room, the few people that had just woken up gathered around Yu Yang.


Bu Nana was wearing spider-man pajamas, carefully hugging his chest. He asked Yu Yang in a low voice, “Manager He, he… Has he finally gone crazy?”


Lao Kai frowned and patted Bu Nana. Bu Nana quickly closed his mouth.


Yu Yang hesitated for a moment and told them everything.


Yu Yang frowned, “I don’t know much about sponsorships or endorsements. In short… we don’t have money? So life might become harder in the future.”


The few of them were silent.


Among the three of them, only Bu Nana had gone through hard times in the team before, however, everyone suffered together, and no one had money at that time, so he did not think much of it at that time.


Lao Kai and Xin Ba had started their career in the heyday of HOG. They had not even thought of the possibility of another team snatching their endorsement.


Xin Ba coughed and broke the silence.


“About that…” Xin Ba said in a small voice, “Do you know about the Sunday team? It’s a team that plays CSGO, they appeared in a flash two years ago and won their first competition. After that, their team started to slowly decline, and in the end…”


“Then, the team could not make ends meet, they could not even pay the wages and they disbanded. The talented people were quickly split between other teams,” Lao Kai said quietly, “Those that were not that talented and had average results… I haven’t heard about them anymore, they probably disappeared from the eSports scene.”


Xin Ba said pitifully, “I’ll just not take a salary from now on, alright? Don’t let me disappear.”


“Stop talking rubbish,” Bu Nana frowned, “We haven’t reached that stage yet.”


Lao Kai shook his head gently, “Don’t be too optimistic… do you think that the big bosses are all philanthropists? If you don’t have money, the morale of the team will be bad. If one team can’t pay you your salary, and there is another team tempting you with high salary contracts, normal people…”


“I’m not a normal person,” Yu Yang interrupted Lao Kai and said mildly, “I have savings, I can pay for my food and other expenses. In the future, if we have to go to competitions, I can buy my ticket myself, there’s no need to upgrade my room, I’ve been through all kinds of things, it doesn’t matter to me.”


Lao Kai felt relieved.


With someone as reliable as Yu Yang here, everything would be alright.


“Me too!” Xin Ba hurriedly expressed his stance, “I don’t need to get my ticker upgraded! My legs are short, and I won’t feel like I’m suffering in economy class! I have savings as well, and when I need it, I can take out some. Anyway, we spend our days in the base training, even if I have money, there are no places for me to spend the money anyway…”


“What rubbish are you speaking? Why would we ask you to pay for it?” Bu Nana patted his stomach, “Besides for Captain-Qi, who else has more savings than me? It’s all small things, the core of a team is its members, no matter how many sponsors there are, can they compete for you? Not to mention the fact that we’ve saved our money. It’s fine as long as we put our heart into training, we can leave these things to the senior management to worry about.”


Yu Yang lowered his gaze and felt more at ease.


Xin Ba’s eyes were full of tears, “I’ll train properly in the future and try my best not to drag the team down anymore…”


Bu Nana patted Xin Ba’s head.


“Let’s all go wash up, I arranged a practice match at two, we can’t be late,” Yu Yang took a look at the time, “We need to switch on our computers at one-fifty, go on.”


Qi Zui, who was leaning against the wall on the stairway had a smile on his face. Then, he went downstairs.


He Xiaoxu finished settling the matter very quickly and went downstairs. The headquarters fined him his quarterly bonus. On the same day, Bu Nana gave He Xiaoxu a Prada bag for men.


“Take it, no need to thank me,” Bu Nana’s plump hand waved, “And don’t ask why either! Just take it away, what else do you want? Speak!”


He Xiaoxu quickly grabbed the bag and looked through the packaging.


Bu Nana blinked and wondered, “Why aren’t you checking for nail marks or cuts? What are you looking for?”


“How could something that came out of the store have any cuts?! Damn it…” He Xiaoxu kept looking around, “Where’s the receipt?”


Bu Nana was awkward, “It’s with me, here…”


He Xiaoxu took it, satisfied, “That’s a lot of money! I won’t be in base this afternoon, I’ll go back and ask for a refund…”


“You’re being so realistic?” Bu Nana’s heart ached as he looked at He Xiaoxu, “We haven’t reached the stage of being short of food yet…”


Lao Kai was truly worried that that day would come, “It might happen… Come to think of it, if our base is taken away in the future, where should we stay?”


Lai Hua felt regretful, “I didn’t think that far when I bought my house. I thought that as long as it was big enough for my parents to stay, it would be enough. If I knew that this would happen, I should have gritted my teeth and bought a big house, we could use that house as a base.”


Bu Nana raised an eyebrow, “How could your house be bigger than mine? My parents are in Hangzhou all year round and never come over. That villa is empty anyway, let’s just stay at my house.”


Lao Kai was originally from this city and when he heard those words, he said, “If you want to compare, my house is even bigger, we even have a smaller house that can be used as a dormitory, if we add it together… Let me calculate…”


Qi Zui who was playing with his phone raised his head and smiled, “Are you guys comparing to see whose house is bigger?”


Everyone: “…”


Xin Ba who had originally wanted to speak swallowed and raised his hands in surrender, “Stop comparing your houses… there’s no one with a bigger house than Captain-Qi.”


The person who ended the conversation lowered his head and continued to play with his phone.


Bu Nana felt a little unhappy, “So what if you have money, is that so great?”


Lao Kai quickly got the signal and raised his head, “It’s that great. Captain-Qi has already bought two houses, right? The house along the river is indeed no smaller than our current base.”


“That’s nothing,” Bu Nana said coolly, “Is it bigger than the house that Uncle Qi and Auntie Qi live in?”


Lao Kai laughed, “You’re quite ambitious, you want to stay in Captain-Qi’s parents’ house?”


“I’m not the one who wants to go,” Bu Nana looked straight at Qi Zui, expressionless. He stretched out a finger, “Tell me, do you want to make the child bride rumor true?”


Yu Yang, the only person who did not take part in the discussion and was making use of all his time to practice his gun skills in a custom server, “…”


Lao Kai added, “I’ve been to the Qi family house before, let me count… we can estimate the dormitory rooms to have standard room size, right? We can’t include the master bedroom, as for the rest… I’ll share a room with Nana, Manager He and Coach Lai can share a room, and there’s a small study room. Xin Ba can sleep there. What about Captain Yu?”


The honest man, Xin Ba was calculating the number of people seriously and got worried, “What about Captain Yu? Where will he stay?”


Qi Zui could not hold it back anymore. He held back his laughter and smiled, “Where? In my room.”


Yu Yang’s gun went off with a bang and missed the target.


Bu Nana and Lao Kai applauded happily, “You deserve it! You deserve it!”


He Xiaoxu looked at Yu Yang carefully and said in a low voice, “He’s wearing headphones, he can’t hear us, right?”


Lai Hua was unsure, “His hearing is very good… but he probably didn’t hear us.”


“He definitely didn’t hear us! Otherwise, he would have glared at us a long time ago, right?” Bu Nana sighed, “I don’t know why, but I’m quite scared of him when we’re training. Yesterday, I made a mistake and missed a shot. After the competition, when we were going over the game again, he called me out alone. He didn’t scold me, but he analyzed the match with me expressionlessly… I don’t know why, but my legs turned to jelly.”


Xin Ba nodded with all his might, “Yes! It’s really strange. God-Yang treats me quite well, but as soon as we team up, I’m scared of him. I keep feeling that if I make a mistake, he’ll hit me on the back of my head.”


Lao Kai said bitterly, “How can you be worse than me? I’m someone with the lowest amount of talent. Every day, when I wake up, I see this person who has the highest amount of talent already awake and having played solo matches for one hour already. Do you understand how shocking it is in contrast? It can be called mental abuse! I keep feeling that he might raise his head to look at me at any time, and ask me ‘How dare you be in the same team as me?’”


He Xiaoxu knocked the three of them on the heads one by one, “If you know, why aren’t you practicing properly!”


“I’m already doing two hours of additional training, if I’m more hardworking, I might die,” Bu Nana sighed, “When we stay in Qi Zui’s house, Youth won’t train so hard right?”


He Xiaoxu could not help but think a little dirty, “Every day after our training ends, he’ll have to go to Qi Zui’s house, hehehe…”


“I suddenly feel that Youth is a little pitiful,” Lao Kai sighed, “He didn’t join the team when the team was doing well, and he even ended up with Captain-Qi…”


Bu Nana sighed, “He! Is the tough captain in the daytime!”


Lao Kai loudly added, “He! Is the child bride who endures embarrassment at night!”


Bu Nana had tears in his eyes as he said in an even louder voice, “He! Is the backbone that holds up our team!”


Lao Kai stood up, “He! Is the lighthouse that lights up our HOG!”


Xin Ba was in a flurry that put down the pillow on his leg. Although he did not know anything, he followed the rest and stood up.


“He! With his thin chest! Blocked the mockery from our anti-fans!”


“He! Used his thin body! To hold up the glory of God’s Right Hand!”






Yu Yang removed his headphones and looked at Bu Nana and Lao Kai coldly.


Bu Nana and Lao Kai were stunned for a moment, and they were so scared that they were crawling all over, hurrying back to their computers.


Bu Nana was in a flurry as he looked for his headphones, whispering, “Who was the one who said that he couldn’t hear us…”


Lao Kai immediately shifted the blame, “Coach!”


“He’s black-hearted, he’s deliberately making trouble for us…”


“It’s also your fault, Nana, why did you recite poetry out of nowhere, it’s one thing if you’re reciting it, but why did you have to be so loud…”


“It’s my fault… I was too loud…”


He Xiaoxu and Lai Hua were trying to hold back their smiles so much that their faces ached, then, they stood up and went downstairs to laugh.


Yu Yang’s face was cold and he took a deep breath. He could not help but glance at Qi Zui and when he saw the smile in Qi Zui’s eyes, his cheeks turned red.


If they went to Qi Zui’s house, he would be like a child bride, getting taken care of by Qi Zui, living in the same place, and eating the same food as Qi Zui…


“Cough…” Captain-Qi calmed down and put on his headphones, saying seriously, “I’ve sent the server and the password in the group. Log in now and prepare for the practice match in five minutes.”


The people in the team immediately said, “Okay.”


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