AWM Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

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Yu Yang lit another cigarette.


He kept looking at his phone every so often, feeling antsy.


If it were any other time, Yu Yang wouldn’t feel this sensitive.


After they had made up, Qi Zui treated Yu Yang very well. Even though they were busy every day, and there were even some days they barely even had time to speak to each other, Qi Zui always managed to use his own ways to let Yu Yang feel his affection and love.


The past half a year was the most peaceful and comfortable period of Yu Yang’s entire life.


Yu Yang should be getting more and more relaxed, but that “joke” Qi Zui made in the club today made Yu Yang remember too much of the past.


He remembered their short romance, the mess he became after their breakup, his constant attempts to contact Qi Zui; he remembered the days he was in pain with no light in sight.


Yu Yang always thought that he was the only one who could not let go.


Yu Yang played around with the couple phone both Qi Zui and he had, waiting in silence.


He did not want to be passive anymore.


Qi Zui was amazing, and Yu Yang wanted to love him with all he had, to comfort him. Training hard and playing his best was what he should do. In private…… Yu Yang wanted to be more forward, to be better to Qi Zui.


It was a pity that Yu Yang had limited experience in that area and he only knew one way. After a year, his way of showing affection was still the same.


Yu Yang flicked the ash off his cigarette.


When they broke up then…… Yu Yang had also sent a similar text to Qi Zui.


Yu Yang looked at the photo of himself he just took. His ears turned a little red and he picked up the remote for the air-conditioner, lowering the temperature by 2 degrees.


He soon finished his cigarette, yet Qi Zui still had not replied to him.


Yu Yang guessed that Qi Zui had fallen asleep, and he was about to send him a good night text when his phone vibrated.


Yu Yang rushed to stub his cigarette out in the ashtray, unlocking his phone to check the text.


Drunk: “Can we not wake up early tomorrow?”


Yu Yang had expected Qi Zui to tease him a little with sexual connotations after seeing the photo, and he didn’t understand why Qi Zui was asking this question instead. He did not know what Qi Zui meant by this, but his heart was beating in quick time despite that. Yu Yang typed–


Youth: “Why…… Why are you asking?”


Drunk: “If you promise to let us wake up late tomorrow, I’ll come over.”


Yu Yang looked at Qi Zui’s text multiple times and his adam’s apple bobbed, he typed–


Youth: “You want to come over? You…… I can wake up early even if you come over, really, it wouldn’t hold back tomorrow’s training, I don’t like sleeping anyway! I don’t have to sleep……”


Drunk: “Do you agree? If not, I’m not going over.”


Yu Yang looked down for a second.


Youth: “I promise, please come over.”


Qi Zui didn’t reply after that.


Two minutes later, there was a knock on Yu Yang’s door.


Yu Yang tried to compose himself before opening the door, and before he could say anything, Qi Zui had already pressed him up against the wall


Yu Yang could not speak at all.


Qi Zui slammed the door closed and turned off the lights.


The pitch-dark room was completely silent. A pin could drop and make an audible sound.


Qi Zui asked in a low voice, “What did you mean by ‘still’ like looking?”


In the darkness, Yu Yang could not see Qi Zui’s expression and he didn’t think Qi Zui would ask this and his thoughts were in a mess, “I mean…… Didn’t you say before…… You said you wanted to look, so……”


Qi Zui replied, his voice low, “You sent me photos like that before this?”


Yu Yang was stunned for a moment, and he nodded after a pause, “I did……”


Qi Zui’s mind was piecing the bits together. Coming to a vague understanding, he continued to interrogate Yu Yang, “When?”


Yu Yang laughed dryly, his nerves shot to pieces.


Yu Yang didn’t think that Qi Zui would be so sensitive. He was the one who wanted Yu Yang’s photos in the first place and it was normal that Yu Yang had sent them over……


Sending his ex nudes after breaking up…… Yu Yang still felt ashamed thinking about it.


He was too fucking shameless……


But Qi Zui had figured out what he had missed out on, and the hand he had on Yu Yang’s shoulder held him firmer, “When did you send them?”


“You……” Yu Yang said with difficulty, “After you left.”


Qi Zui was quiet for a moment before asking, “When I went to North America to compete?”


Yu Yang nodded.


Qi Zui’s hands curled into fists and he was silent for a while.


“That SIM card……” Qi Zui looked down, grinding out in a low voice, “It wasn’t in my phone for three months…… By the time I put it back in, the texts I failed to receive were already long gone.”


Yu Yang replied, wretchedly, “Right, right……”


But Yu Yang did not know this then.


He only knew that Qi Zui did not reply to any of his texts.


Qi Zui’s emotions were a jumbled mess.


After he had returned to China, the condition of his right hand deteriorated and he had been seeing doctors all over the place. He went to more than ten hospitals in a month and he had been frustrated and flustered the entire time. His phone was periodically switched on only when he felt like it, and even if Yu Yang wanted to contact him, it would have been impossible to do so .


If not for Yu Yang giving everything to come to HOG……


Qi Zui closed his eyes. It felt as if someone had shoved something down his throat and he could not speak at all.


Yu Yang felt the change in Qi Zui’s breathing and he pressed his lips together, “It’s nothing, because…… I was going to come look for you anyway.”


Yu Yang said softly, “You didn’t forget me either, right? I…… Mmm.”


Qi Zui lifted Yu Yang’s chin, head lowering to land a kiss on Yu Yang’s lips.


Yu Yang’s eyes widened immediately.


Qi Zui’s left hand was on the back of Yu Yang’s head, cushioning him as he gently grabbed Yu Yang’s hair. With gentle force, he made Yu Yang look up.


Yu Yang was nervous. His lips parted unconsciously, and Qi Zui took the opportunity to attack.


After some time, Qi Zui gently let go of Yu Yang.


Yu Yang leaned against the wall weakly, his chest heaving.


Yu Yang suddenly understood why Qi Zui made him promise that they would not have to wake up early tomorrow.


Being kissed by him like this…… He might not even be able to fall asleep later on.


Yu Yang wanted a moment to catch his breath.


But Qi Zui was not planning to let him off.


Qi Zui turned the lights on.


Afraid that Yu Yang might have a relapse, Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang’s expression carefully, asking in a low voice, “Are you short of breath? Are you anxious? Do you have a reflexive headache?”


Qi Zui asked quietly, “Are you in pain?”


Yu Yang took a deep breath and shook his head.


Yu Yang was actually feeling a little anxious, his breathing wasn’t normal. Qi Zui did not continue kissing him and continued to converse with him in a low voice.


“Where did you take the photo?” Qi Zui asked softly, “On the bed? Did you draw the curtains?”


Yu Yang replied, dazedly, “I…… I did.”


“The photo you sent me previously……” Qi Zui said after a moment, “Did it look as good as this one?”


Yu Yang’s face reddened again.


“The previous time……” Yu Yang replied softly after a while, “The previous time, I was wearing boxers.”


Qi Zui asked, “You pulled them this low too?”


Yu Yang nodded in embarrassment.


Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang with a complicated expression, still harping on the past, “Why are you…… so silly, hm?”


“We had already broken up then, and you still sent me things I could blackmail and threaten you with. Were you not afraid?” Qi Zui said lowly, “Why didn’t you have your guard up?”


Yu Yang pressed his lips together, mumbling, “It would be better if you had come to threaten me……”


Qi Zui’s brows furrowed.


Yu Yang continued speaking, plainly, “Threaten me…… to get back together with you, would you?”


Qi Zui could not hold it in anymore and he leaned down to bite Yu Yang’s lips.


“You aren’t someone like that.” Yu Yang licked his lips, which felt a little sore, “I would give all the blackmail material to you if I could…… You thought I lied to you, but you didn’t take revenge on me. The Goblet of Fire had other events afterwards and the organisers always contacted me……”


“I thought about whether you said anything to them, to get them to make things difficult for me, but…… they didn’t.”


“Everything went smoothly for me after……”


“No one tried to make my life difficult……”


Yu Yang looked up at Qi Zui, “The more you left me alone, the more I thought about you, the more I felt that…… I can’t just let it go that easily.”


And so Yu Yang entered HOG. Now, today, he was the captain of the team.


Qi Zui took a few deep breaths. It was not his fault, Yu Yang was the one who was seducing him incessantly.


Qi Zui made Yu Yang look up with a hand on his chin, saying in a low voice, “Open your mouth.”


Qi Zui kissed Yu Yang deeply.


He only let go after a long while.


Yu Yang’s face was already flushed, but his breathing didn’t get any more ragged. His head was down and he was replaying what had just happened. His heart was beating too quickly and he was nervous, swallowing dryly in reflex.


The corners of Qi Zui’s mouth lifted slightly.


Every small action of Yu Yang’s was reflected in Qi Zui’s eyes.


“Baby,” Qi Zui locked eyes with Yu Yang and asked in a low voice, “What did you swallow?”


Yu Yang was stunned, he didn’t swallow anything?


Yu Yang looked at Qui Zui’s thin lips, recalling the kiss, and he understood at once.


Yu Yang’s face was red to the point it could emit smoke at any moment.


Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang fixated, wanting an answer.


Yu Yang’s legs were about to give out beneath him.


Yu Yang looked at Qi Zui pleadingly, “Captain……”


Qi Zui turned off the lights again.


“I can’t see anything now, you don’t have to be shy,” Qi Zui said softly, “You can come tell me softly, by my ear.”


Qi Zui smiled, “Xiao Gege, what did you swallow just now?”


In the dark, Yu Yang’s face was so red that blood could drip from it any moment, his lips moved a little as he said a few words by Qi Zui’s ear.


Qi Zui still was not satisfied and he forced Yu Yang to rephrase his answer multiple times before letting him off the hook.


That night, when Qi Zui left Yu Yang’s room, he deleted all the alarms from Yu Yang’s phone in front of him.

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