AWM Chapter 73

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Chapter 73


Qi Zui only let go of Yu Yang after a long moment. 

Yu Yang’s breathing was laboured; he leaned against the wall, chest heaving gently. 

He looked at Qi Zui, eyes slightly unfocused, still processing…Qi Zui was back? 

Wasn’t he still doing rehabilitation? How come he was back? 

Yu Yang instinctively glanced at Qi Zui’s right hand. Qi Zui’s hand was hidden in his trench coat pocket and under some gloves, showing nothing. 

“Your hand…” 

Qi Zui gently pinched Yu Yang’s nape, “You were drinking?” 

“I d-didn’t drink that much…” Yu Yang said lowly, “Just beer, not even three bottles.” 

Qi Zui was exasperated, “That’s not that much? Your tolerance is that good?” 

Yu Yang wanted to stand properly; he pressed against the wall with his right hand, but Qi Zui mischievously tugged Yu Yang over by the wrist. Off-balance, Yu Yang found himself pressed against the wall again. 

“You’re drunk?” 

The two of them kept their voices low; the sound-activated lights at the base’s front doors had turned off automatically by now, and all of a sudden, Yu Yang could not see Qi Zui’s face clearly. 

He could only feel that Qi Zui pressed forward a bit more. 

In the darkness, the leg pressed between Yu Yang’s knees applied some force, forcing Yu Yang to spread his legs apart even more. 

Yu Yang’s face immediately flushed red. 

“Keep going.” Qi Zui was basically conducting an interrogation now, “What else did they yap about me? What misunderstanding did you have about me now?” 

“No misunderstanding, they didn’t say anything bad…” 

Yu Yang had some difficulty keeping himself upright in this position. He did not dare touch Qi Zui’s right hand; his long, slender fingers moved hesitantly, placing themselves onto Qi Zui’s waist. 

Qi Zui looked down at the hand that Yu Yang placed on his waist of his own accord, the corners of his lips curving up. 

“They said…” Yu Yang’s heart raced faster and faster. Taking a deep breath, he said, “Every time a fan goes and tries to corner you, you always avoided it, and always…stayed celibate and uninvolved.” 

Qi Zui smiled, “The fans were all pretty young, and didn’t know any better…Yu Yang, don’t you think this situation is a little familiar?” 

Still in a daze, Yu Yang nodded softly. 

After the Fire Cup’s closing gala, the situation was like this too. 

Yu Yang subconsciously tried to explain his actions. “I was still young then…and didn’t get treated…” 

“I can let fans off easier if they’re younger, but not you.” Qi Zui lowered his head and kissed Yu Yang’s lips, “No matter how young you were.” 

Qi Zui, the e-sports gentleman, held his little boyfriend still for kiss after kiss like a scoundrel, letting him go after a long moment. 

Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang all out of breath, satisfied. 

Yu Yang did not only not push him away this time, but was even reluctant to let him go. 

Yu Yang glanced at the surveillance camera at the front door and said lowly, “I’ll go delete the footage later, so the others won’t…” 

“Whoever wants to see can see, it’s fine if news gets out.” Qi Zui pushed the door open, dragging the suitcase in, “I came out of the closet a long time ago, who am I disturbing while kissing my boyfriend in front of my own house?” 

Qi Zui and Yu Yang entered through the front doors, scaring Simba, who was coming downstairs to get more beer. 

With an armful of bottles of beer, Simba hesitantly walked closer, looking at Qi Zui up and down, feeling incredulous. “How much have I drunk…why am I seeing God Qi…” 

They all had a little too much to drink, and Qi Zui was too lazy to go back and forth with a bunch of drunkards and went upstairs with Yu Yang to talk more. 

Yu Yang’s entire attention was on Qi Zui’s right hand and was not in the mood to talk about anything else. Qi Zui had no other choice but to take off his jacket, rolling up his sleeve for Yu Yang to look at. 

Qi Zui’s right hand was still wrapped in some gauze, a few bandages wrapped on top for protection. Yu Yang carefully held Qi Zui’s right hand, looking at it with a frown, head tilted, wanting to look through the gaps between the gauze to see how the scar had been healing. 

Qi Zui moved his arm suddenly on purpose, startling Yu Yang. 

“Don’t overdo it.” Yu Yang did not get angry either, gently holding his wrist with his hands, repeatedly asking, “How come you’re back now? Did the doctor agree to this?” 

“They agreed.” Qi Zui smiled, “I told you before and you thought I was just making you feel better, but the surgery really was very successful. The healing has been going well, and I’ve been doing rehab all day these days. The wound is mostly closed up by now, and the doctor himself said that he didn’t think it would heal this well.” 

Qi Zui glossed over the pain that kept him up at night during the first few days of healing, instead saying easily, “Once it gets better, I’ll have rehab twice a day, and each session is just under an hour. They are worried that things will get stuck together, and also to exercise the muscles. I can just do whatever they instruct me to, and it’s all pretty easy—it’s the same routine every day that I’ll have to repeat for half a month. So I went and had a chat with them…” 

Yu Yang seemed to only half understand, but listened very intently with his entire attention. Qi Zui could not help but reach up and flick his chin, continuing on, “We discussed whether the rehab doctor could come back with me. Of course, I’ll have to go back for a checkup in half a month, and then we’ll discuss the rehab plans for after that.” 

“In any case, it doesn’t impact my post-surgery healing plan at all, we talked about it a few times before they agreed to it.” Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang and smiled, “I missed you too much, so I came back.” 

Yu Yang felt a mix of emotions inside, leaning in close after a moment, gently blowing on top of Qi Zui’s wrist. 

Qi Zui laughed. “The pain is long gone by now.”

“It definitely…” Yu Yang paused, then continued lowly, “Definitely wasn’t as easy as you’re telling me.” 

Qi Zui laughed without saying anything else. 

Qi Zui did not have it that easy, but Yu Yang did not have things all that easy either these days—there was no need to say much else. 

“Are…you tired?” Yu Yang glanced at the time, “Maybe go to bed even if you’re not? Otherwise you’ll have more jet lag.” 

Qi Zui nodded, “Okay, you should go to bed too.” 

Once he was done speaking, Qi Zui blanked. 

Where should he sleep? 

The two of them stood in the hallway. Qi Zui looked at the room with the “Drunk” nameplate, expression complicated, “If I told you I was sincerely wanting to talk to you in separate blankets…would I sound like a big idiot?” 

Yu Yang was also nervous inside, but could not help but smile slightly at that. 

“I…” Yu Yang’s Adam’s apple bobbed, “I’m a restless sleeper…I don’t want to put weight on your hand or something, I, I’ll go back to my own room.” 

Qi Zui sighed, “Nevermind, you stay here, and I’ll go to your room.” 

“Don’t.” Yu Yang said without even thinking, “My room hasn’t been cleaned up, there hasn’t been anyone using it for half a month…” 

“Can’t I just change the sheets?” Qi Zui laughed, “Stingy, are we? What are you hiding?” 

Yu Yang said awkwardly, “I’m not stingy…it’s messy…” 

Yu Yang was not someone who would get hung up over little things, but the thought of Qi Zui going to bed alone in his room that he had not cleaned in half a month just did not rest well with him at all. He said quietly, “You…why don’t you stay in your own room.” 

Qi Zui leaned against the hallway wall like a hooligan, “Hey handsome…you were using my room for this long, and you won’t let me use yours in return. Does that seem right to you?” 

Yu Yang had nothing to say. His ears started to flush red, and he said hesitantly, “I’m not being stingy…” 

“I wouldn’t have wanted to go if you didn’t try to stop me like this.” Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang’s pink ears and laughed, refusing to go into his own room, “What should we do? You’re making me want to sleep in your bed even more.” 

Yu Yang looked at Qi Zui with the look of asking for mercy. 

“You pick.” Qi Zui said wickedly, “Either I sleep in your room, or I stay with you. What do you say?” 

Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang’s conflicted expression and laughed, “What’s wrong with letting me stay with you? You don’t trust me at all?” 

Yu Yang paused for a moment, then said, voice muffled, “I don’t trust myself.” 

Qi Zui grinded his teeth…why wasn’t the World Invitationals still not starting? Why hadn’t the World Invitationals gotten over yet? 

When the competition would be over, they wouldn’t have to worry about cutting into training time, and Qi Zui would most definitely, with Yu Yang, over and over… 

Yu Yang did not know what kind of race car Qi Zui was driving in his head. Worried that he would misunderstand, Yu Yang explained himself despite his furious blush, “Once you’re close to me, I won’t be able to help it, and want you to touch me…I’m worried I’ll…” 

“Okay, okay.” Qi Zui cut Yu Yang off, taking a deep breath, “Stop with the charming for now.” 

Yu Yang shut his mouth and looked away, still blushing. 

“Why don’t we compromise?” Qi Zui said, “I’ll go to your room.” 

After some conflict with himself, Yu Yang nodded in agreement. 

Yu Yang watched Qi Zui go into his room with a blush, and did not go back to Qi Zui’s room until a long moment passed. 

Yu Yang washed up as usual, then laid down in bed. But he could not fall asleep after a long while. 

He sent a few messages to Qi Zui, telling him where the fresh sheets and duvet covers were, where the clean towels were, and after deliberating on it, he added that Qi Zui was free to use and touch whatever he wanted in the room. 

Qi Zui did not respond immediately. 

Drunk: Touch whatever? Can I take some of your underwear then? 

Drunk: …I saw your underwear when I was taking out the sheets, this really was unintentional. 

Drunk: You like the triangle briefs? They’re all like that… 

Yu Yang gripped his phone, furiously shy, not even daring to imagine Qi Zui holding his underwear. 

Drunk: Don’t worry, I didn’t go through your stuff. 

Drunk: In bed now. 

Drunk: I’m sleeping with your bed before I even sleep with you, fuck. 

Yu Yang’s face burned red. He typed out a few words, then thought about it and deleted them. 

Yu Yang hesitated, then typed them back in, and bracing himself, he clicked send. 

At the same time, in Yu Yang’s room, Qi Zui’s phone vibrated. 

Youth: I envy the bed. 

Qi Zui cursed lowly. 

Sometimes, Qi Zui had the urge to tell everyone—about just how soft the empire’s hounddog, HOG’s Captain God Yang, could get when alone with him. 

Soft enough to count as asking to get fucked, even. 

“Just because I spoil you…” 

Qi Zui took a screenshot of the chat history, then thought on it and deleted it with a laugh. 

Qi Zui typed in the chat box. 

Drunk: What are you envious of? 

On the other end, Yu Yang responded after a moment.

Youth: …envious of the bed. 

Qi Zui typed: Why are you envious? 

After another long moment—

Youth: That it’s sleeping with you. 

Qi Zui’s lips curved, and he typed again—

Drunk: String it all together, subject, object, adjective, verb and adverb, no leaving anything out. Don’t type it, send a voice message. 

This time, the wait was a full three minutes before Yu Yang’s message came in. 

A long, twenty second voice message. 

Qi Zui listened to it over and over, wishing he could just swallow Yu Yang whole. 

Yu Yang was so vicious when in competition, so how was it that he would do whatever was asked after some teasing? 

Qi Zui did not want to play with fire here, so he sent one last message to Yu Yang, telling him to go to sleep. 

In the other room, Yu Yang’s phone buzzed… 

Drunk: Remember what you just said, come say it to me after we’re done with the competition…sleep now.


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