AWM Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

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Yu Yang jumped off the plane at downtown G City1.


“Um… Our little Youth is being a little daring this time, isn’t he? With this flight path, G City is definitely full of people,” Commentator A shook his head. “Look… Taking a rough gauge alone, there are already more than ten people dropping at G City. Isn’t it better for him to play it safe at the start with his current ranking? If he’s so impulsive, he could end up getting killed by accident and may not be able to enter the top three.”’


Only the top three in the competition would win a prize.


Commentator B shook his head. “Yes, he probably is only in G City to loot. I saw that he had already found a car just now, he’s probably planning on leaving as soon as he gives a rough search around the area. To be safe, he must definitely avoid directly getting into gunfights with people in the early game.”


In the training room on the first floor, Yu Yang’s lips moved slightly. “… To hell with avoiding conflict in the early game.”


Yu Yang stayed hidden as he watched two people land in the same building. He quickly looted the area he was in, picking up a level two helmet and equipping himself with a SCAR-L before rushing in.


Commentator A and B: “…”


“He… he’s so aggressive? Wherever there’s people, he’ll go there,” Commentator B laughed in a self-mocking way. “Youth, do you not want the prize money?”


“Maybe he wants more than that,” Commentator A smiled. “Youth might want to get first place. To get first place… just having a high ranking isn’t enough. Besides the points he gets from surviving and having a high rank, he also needs to get kills.”


Commentator B laughed when he heard what Commentator A said. “Hahahaha, that’s also possible. After all, he’s ‘Youth’2. Now let’s take a look at the player that we think is most likely to win the competition, Hua Luo.”


The broadcasting director changed the camera view to Hua Luo.


“Ho-” Commentator B made a surprised sound, saying in shock, “Team Leader Hua is also playing very aggressively this match. He landed in the Uptown 3! Then… it’s very possible that he’ll meet Youth in the early-game.”


“The two are separated only by one bridge,” Commentator A looked at the map. “They’re only separated by the sea. Youth, go ask your team leader to give Hua Luo a call.”


Commentator B was surprised. “You seem to be paying extra attention to Youth today? Why are you being so gossipy?”


“No no no, don’t try to twist things,” Commentator A smiled and waved his hands around. “It’s nothing to do with me being gossipy. I just heard a rumor that HOG’s Team One is currently looking for a substitute player, and the recruitment criteria is getting first place in the solo competition today.”


Commentator B made a pose like he was on the phone, and said in a serious tone. “Hello? What happened, Hua Luo? Do you not want to be the leader now? Is it that you finally cannot stand the Knight team anymore? Why are you in such a hurry to enter HOG as a substitute player?”


Commentator A laughed loudly.


While they were talking, Hua Luo, in the Uptown area, had finished looting and gotten two kills.


“Level three helmet and level three vest, a 98k and an M416,” Commentator B nodded. “Hua Luo won’t have much of a problem this match.”


Commentator A smiled and nodded. “He’s almost definitely going to get his place as a substitute player in HOG. Let’s wait for a notice about him changing teams.”


Qi Zui returned to the third-floor training room and sat back on his computer seat.


“Where did you go?” He Xiaoxu looked at Qi Zui from head to toe. “What’s wrong?”


“I went to wash my face,” Qi Zui’s fringe was still a little wet. He quietly looked at the computer screen. “I’m fine.”


He Xiaoxu was apprehensive. “You scared me to death. I thought that you really went to give Hua Luo a call.”


Qi Zui frowned. “Why would I call him?”


“To ask him to throw…” He Xiaoxu coughed. “Throw the game.”


“Don’t look down on my Qi-Ge.” Bu Nana had removed his earphones,just having finished playing a match. He exited the game interface and opened the livestream. “Don’t worry, this match only affects whether Yu Yang can come to Team One. Even if the condition was that Yu Yang would be kicked out of HOG if he can’t get first place, Qi-Ge won’t ask for mercy on his behalf… He’s that sort of heartless old ruffian.”


He Xiaoxu laughed. “Yes yes, my humble position has caused me to underestimate Qi-Ge.”


“You didn’t underestimate me,” Qi Zui looked at the screen, calmly saying, “You’re underestimating him.”


In the game, Yu Yang heard the gunshots from a 98K a distance away. At the bottom right, there was a system notification: [Knight-Flower killed TGC-Yeah with 98k]


Yu Yang saw the kill feed, and his eyes slowly started to light up…


Knight-Flower, that was Hua Luo from the Knight team.


On the third floor, Qi Zui knocked on the table. “Hua Luo hasn’t found a suppressor.”


“What?” He Xiaoxu did not understand the situation at all. “How do you know that?”


Bu Nana gave a vexed look to He Xiaoxu. “And to think you’ve played PUBG for so long. When the broadcasting director changed the camera view to Youth’s view, didn’t you hear the 98k gunshot sound from the side of the bridge near to the Uptown area? And if you look at the kill feed, even a dummy would know that that gunshot came from Hua Luo.”


He Xiaoxu was confused. “What sound? Why didn’t I hear it? Was there a gunshot just now? There was a sound I couldn’t hear?”


“Your ears…” Bu Nana looked at this ordinary player in pity. “Nevermind, take it as I never said anything.”


On the first floor, Yu Yang raised up his left hand to adjust his headphones. He roughly estimated Hua Luo’s position, dealt with the people in the housing area he was in, and found a car. He drove past the crates and stopped the car a distance away, getting off and slowly moving to the entrance of the bridge. Hiding, he quietly waited.


“Wow, Youth is going to snipe Hua Luo!” Commentator A became excited. “As expected, the young youth is aiming for first place!”


Commentator B smiled and said, “But isn’t Youth being a little too risky here? If he ends up getting killed by Hua Luo instead, he might not even be able to enter the top three. Let’s take a look at his equipment…”


“A full-health level one vest and a level three helmet with sixty percent health, a Mini14 and a Scar-L…” Commentator A shook his head. “Just looking at the equipment, there’s a big difference between Hua Luo and him.”


Commentator B said, “I saw that he passed by the crates without stopping to loot them just now. But he doesn’t have the time to loot them either. If he wasted any more time, Hua Luo would have left.”


“It’s a bit difficult… Hua Luo probably can predict that someone wants to collect bridge toll4,” Commentator A shook his head. “If Hua Luo finds out his location, and shoots back instead… hahahahaha, from the experience of the first match, it seems that Youth cannot take on Hua Luo directly.”


Commentator B nodded. “It’s too tough. Furthermore, Hua Luo is used to collecting express delivery, so he should be even more experienced than Youth in such schemes.”


While they were speaking, Hua Luo had already left the city.


As expected, he did not get on the bridge. This river is not wide, so Hua Luo chose to use the bridge as a cover and swam across the river under the bridge.


But Yu Yang’s car that was parked in the opposite direction attracted Hua Luo’s attention. Huo Luo guessed that there was likely someone behind the car, and so he stuck especially close to the bridge as he got onshore on the other side… And he just happened to meet Yu Yang face to face.


This was the moment he had been waiting for!!


Through his 4x scope, Yu Yang aimed at Hua Luo’s head, the center of the scope following Hua Luo’s movement… and shot!


Yu Yang shot three times rapidly, and he managed to hit him twice. However, Hua Luo’s protective equipment was too good, and the mini14’s damage was low. Hua Luo retreated back under the bridge with low health, finding cover.


“Aiya!” He Xiaoxu was extremely nervous. “Such a pity, such a pity. If Youth had a good sniper, then Hua Luo would really be dead by now! Such a pity, such a pity.”


Commentator A also thought that it was very unfortunate. He shook his head and said, “He missed just by a little… But fortunately, Yu Yang’s position is better. If he got in the car now and left first, Hua Luo might not come out to snipe him. If he entered the safe zone first, he is still able to ensure that he gets a high rank.”


Yu Yang found a down-slope and lay on the ground, quietly aiming at Hua Luo’s position.


“Youth has yet to leave!” Commentator B smiled. “He’s even prepared to have a direct gunfight with Hua Luo! Our little Youth seems to have forgotten who caused him to die upon landing in the first round!”


Commentator A said, feeling sorry for Yu Yang. “It would be better if he left first. The safe zone is about to close, and he’s going to suffer the poison effect soon! If he doesn’t leave… there’s a high possibility that what happened in the first round is going to happen again.”


There was still thirty seconds before the safe zone closed. Yu Yang hid behind the slope and consumed a bottle of painkillers, before he opened his scope and continued to camp.


Hua Luo’s head peeked out, and Yu Yang seemed to shoot at the same time. On the other side, Hua Luo flicked his sniper, managing to destroy Yu Yang’s level three helmet in one shot. Yu Yang’s health dropped rapidly and he only had a sliver of health left. He instantly hid himself behind the slope again.


“Don’t directly attack!” Commentator A was anxious on Yu Yang’s behalf. “He doesn’t even have a helmet now. It’s already too late to drive the car and leave .”


Of course, Yu Yang was not planning on leaving. He peeked out from the left side of the hill, and half a second later, as expected, there was the faint sound of someone pulling a grenade pin from the left side of his headphones. Yu Yang quickly moved towards the right and healed up.


A few seconds later, a grenade exploded to Yu Yang’s left side.


“Beautiful!” Commentator B praised. “This grenade dodging was done very well.”


The time taken for the grenade to explode was sufficient for Yu Yang to fully heal up. But without his level three helmet, a single shot from Hua Luo could kill him.


Yu Yang changed his gun to a SCAR-L, and continued to slowly edge towards the right side.


“Youth has changed to an assault rifle, he still wants to play aggressively.” Commentator A was in disbelief. “It’s very rare… to be able to be so calm and steady even in this sort of situation.”


Yu Yang didn’t have any grenades and only had one smoke grenade left. Yu Yang aimed it towards his car, and instantly, the car was surrounded in smoke.


Commentator B quickly said, “What’s he doing now? Has Youth finally realized that he cannot deal with Hua Luo head-on and changed his attack plan to retreat now? But it’s a little late, young man, if you get in the car now, you’re definitely going to be shot at by Hua Luo!”


Hua Luo also changed to an M416. He didn’t even scope-in, and directly used the crosshair to spray5 at the car.


“How could Hua Luo let him escape!” He Xiaoxu was anxious. “If he doesn’t even have the car, it’ll really be over for him, he won’t even get a rank… Eh? Eh!!!!”


[HOG-Youth killed Knight-Flower with SCAR-L]


“Brilliant!” Commentator A was stunned for a second before he smiled widely. “Director, quickly change to Youth’s camera! He didn’t even get in the car at all! We can’t watch the replay now, but it’s very likely that after he smoked out the car just now, Youth didn’t move towards the car. He had stayed on the spot, waiting for Hua Luo to shoot at the car. As soon as Hua Luo did so, he came out from behind the hill and endured the poison effect from the zone as he killed off Hua Luo! Brilliant! Youth was brilliant in this gunfight! He returned the favor from the first match!”


The corner of Yu Yang’s lips curved up slightly, and he took a deep breath. This was his first time smiling after five continuous rounds.


It felt too fucking good!


The safe zone had already closed in, and Yu Yang consumed another bottle of painkillers to reduce the damage taken from the poison effect, quickly running to Hua Luo’s dead crate to pick up Hua Luo’s 98k and his level three helmet.


Hua Luo had a lot of good loot, and Yu Yang instantly gained a lot of good items!


“Good good,” Bu Nana could not help but compliment Yu Yang. “He managed to kill Hua Luo, that old rascal!”


Qi Zui continued to stare at the screen, his fingertips slightly trembling… Hua Luo’s position in this round was 27, he had killed six people. So he got 140 points this round. For Yu Yang to exceed him in total points, he needed to at least get 440 points this round. But that was only Hua Luo. There were three other people ranked higher than Yu Yang.


He Xiaoxu opened the live scoreboard. The other three people that were in the top five positions were still alive, and one of them had already gotten seven kills.


“Hua Luo has been settled, but it’s still tough… He needs to win this round to have the chance of winning the competition. As long as any of the three gets first place, it would be impossible for him.” He Xiaoxu could not help but feel excited as well, muttering, “Good luck Youth, I’ll prepare your computer seat in the third-floor training room immediately.”


Yu Yang finished looting Hua Luo’s crate, and the next safe zone had been decided. He took a look at the map…


“Fuck,” Commentator A laughed. “What kind of horrible safe zone is this! How bad is Youth’s luck!”


Qi Zui heart ached, and his pupil instantly shrank.


There seemed to be some unseen destiny at work, deliberately trying to tease Yu Yang. The safe zone was at M City 6 this time, and it was almost half a map away from Yu Yang!


Yu Yang threw away the rubbish in his inventory, collecting all the medical supplies and quickly headed to the safe zone. If nothing else happened, he was probably going to be the last person entering the safe zone. There were definitely a lot of people camping to kill people running into the safe zone, so he would definitely get into some gunfights on his way to the zone, but…


Yu Yang’s eyes lit up, he was very excited.


So what if it was a horrible zone? So what if he was going to be stopped by multiple people? If he was forced to engage in multiple gunfights, he would engage. So what?


Every time he was caught in a gunfight, as long as he didn’t die, the opponent would have to die.


And he would be able to get one more kill.


Every kill was 10 points, and every 10 points he earned, it would mean that he would be getting closer to Team One.


What Yu Yang was the least scared of was climbing up step by step like that.


The number of people still alive at the top right of the game interface kept changing. 26, 22, 17, 8, 3, 2…


Yu Yang was still alive!


The director’s camera view was moved to Yu Yang again. The commentators had been continuously speaking for a few hours, and their voices were getting more and more hoarse, but they did not seem tired at all. Commentator A spoke quickly, “Now, only Youth and TGC-Caesar who is currently ranked first currently are still alive! The two of them don’t have a lot of health left! Youth has already ditched his 98k and is only left with an assault rifle and a shotgun. It looks like he’s going to continue to play aggressively. Caesar also has a shotgun in hand, and he also has a lot of health supplies. It’s obvious that he wants to try to outheal the zone7! Youth has barely any health supplies left after taking such a long journey into the safe zone! The two of them have only a mere difference of 60 points between them. If Caesar wins this match, he’s going to be the winner of this solo competition! I believe that everyone knows how much the winner gets! I don’t know if Youth will continue to attack aggressively. If he manages to aggressively win and gets first place, he will not only get our first place prize, he will also… ah ah ah ah ah!!!!”




Yu Yang removed his headphones and threw it onto the desk, the rims of his eyes were slightly red, and his chest was rising and falling rapidly.


[HOG-Youth killed TGC-Caesar with S1897]




“God-Youth is so great ah ah ah ah ah!!!!! He’s the number one Wrath of Heaven!!!


“Killing with a single shotgun shot!!!”


“The solo winner of this PUBG competition is HOG’s newcomer, Youth! Congratulations, Youth!”


“Congratulations, Youth!! Congratulations, HOG! Congratulations to your team for recruiting a brilliant player!!! We’re greatly anticipating a HOG Team One with God-Youth!”

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